Scratching an Itch…


I suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. The empty hotel room was still dark except the ambient street light coming through the curtains. Distant traffic was the only sound.

To awake from my slumber anyway was a surprise, I was typically a deep sleeper. Then I looked down and with a shock realised what had woken me.

There you were.

I was stunned and groggy in equal measure, but I could still recognise you and make out a devilish smile in the low light, together with a long black coat. I went to sit up but… why were my hands tied to the bed?

Your devilish smile grew more as you watched me struggle with what was going on. You had this planned for months…

You’d set your sights on my body months ago. With every occasional glance in the office, every email exchange, every flirtatious instant message, this has been your plan. You hadn’t been fucked in months, and you’d confided that in me – and now it was your time to release all that uncontrollable suspense and pressure that had been building and building. You’d decided it was going to be on your terms, and not only had you snuck in with some silk scarves to tie my hands to the bed when you knew I’d be fast asleep, you’d spent weeks in the lead up to this moment finding exactly the look that showed how hungry you were.

You’d ordered online… the corsets, the french knickers, the thongs, the hold ups… trying on the different colours, materials, textures, trying to find the look. It wasn’t that you didn’t like going to shops for this stuff – but in getting it delivered, you could release the immediate tension you felt when trying it on. Whether or not it was the ‘chosen outfit’, it didn’t matter – the very notion of what this was leading up to meant you couldn’t help but throw yourself on the bed and plunge your favourite toy deep inside your soaking pussy as soon xhamster porno as you’d seen yourself in the bedroom mirror.

And now it was time to slowly unbuckle the belt that was hiding all this from view. As you opened the coat and slipped it off your shoulders, I froze. Even in the dark my eyes could make out every inch of the skin I was desperate to touch, and the areas that were thinly clothed and that I couldn’t wait to explore. You’d chosen ‘classic but oh so sexy’… black holdups, black thong, matching bra. I had never got hard so quick.

You leaned forward to crawl onto the bed, and with every crawl forwards, you slowly pulled the sheets down towards you and off of my body. The scenario already had you soaking wet, but seeing my free cock spring into a vertical, and realising I’d been sleeping naked, made you almost drench that brand new underwear.

You crawled further up my body, with your face tantalisingly close to my dick. I moved my hands wanting to reach out, but of course, powerless to move. You smiled again, and maintaining eye contact, lowered your head to give that hard cock one long, sensual lick, base to tip. I let out some sort of sound, more than a sigh, close to a growl.

But that was all I was getting for now – you had other plans. This wasn’t about my pleasure, you needed my dick inside you.

You kept crawling forwards, and reached forward to the scarves to make sure the knots you’d tied earlier were still tight. Tight enough not to hurt, tight enough to know I wasn’t going anywhere. Then you surprised me, and left me in no doubt who this was all for.

In one swift move, you raised one leg over my head, and spun yourself around with your pussy directly over my face, facing away from me. The situation was driving me crazy, and the lust was intoxicating. I leaned forward, still yaşlı porno restricted from the scarves, but close enough to smell your wetness through the fabric. Before I could ask, you reached down to pull the fabric to one side, and said just a single word.


I did not need the invite. I licked, I thrust my tongue forward, I dived in, I explored, i feasted… you squirmed, you leant back, and reached for your breasts as my tongue did it’s work. You quickly removed your bra, and twisted and tweaked each nipple as you enjoyed the sensations. Then you moved your hips and started riding my tongue, and looked down and reminded yourself what you were also here for.

My cock was glistening in the darkness with the wetness of the tip, and you reached forward to run your fingernails up from the base. I moaned into your pussy which drove you to another level… your fingers wrapped around the base and started stroking slowly, I didn’t think it was possible to be harder but somehow you were still making me grow.

The licking was making you wetter and wetter, my tongue and mouth were already drenched. But you couldn’t resist the dick in your hand anymore, and moved down my body, leaving my tongue wanting more but my mind wondering what on earth you’d do next. You stood up above me, and made sure I was watching as you slowly pulled the knickers down. Once off, you spun round and seductively scrunched up the knickers and forced them into my mouth. They were soaked.

You then shuffled back towards my upright dick. There was nothing seductive about the next bit – your hunger of finally having me exactly how you wanted me took over, and straddled my waist, with my cock sliding straight inside with ease. The feeling almost took your breath away, but quickly you regained control, leaning forward to ensure your nipple aldatma porno landed square in mouth. You uttered your second word.


I licked, sucked, tweaked with my tongue. My teeth and lips clamped down, testing how much you were comfortable with. I knew immediately – your pussy clamped down hard on my cock and soaked it as you moaned and orgasmed on me for the first time that night.

You then sat bolt upright, the orgasm turning you almost animalistic. You’d been waiting for this cock for so long, and lifted your legs up to a squatting position… with hands on my chest you started to ride it, with neither of us being able to believe just how deep it was going. You bought yourself up and down on it, again and again and again. Watching my face contorted in ecstasy, and feeling it getting even more solid, you knew I was on the edge. With the sound of our skin smacking rhythmically, you gave me another command, this time in a tone less commanding, more like yearning, pleading.


I fucking erupted.

You felt the twitch, you felt the cum shoot inside you, filling you. With every blot straight upwards, an even bigger orgasm consumed you as you felt it deep inside. You moaned loudly, not giving a damn who heard, and rode it exactly like you’d want to do for so long.

My balls drained, my thighs soaked from your juices, I wrestled with my constraints and was powerless to how my body was reacting underneath yours. The orgasm finally receded, and my gritted teeth finally relaxed their grip on the fabric still in my mouth… my head fell back onto the pillow.

That was all I remember. I don’t remember you lifting your body off mine, I don’t remember you taking the knickers out of my mouth, I don’t remember you leaving the room. I either passed out or blacked out – I awoke late the next morning, still in the same position, but with my hands free. Red marks around my wrists were my souvenir.

This had been about you scratching that itch, satisfying that hunger. I wondered how long it would be before you wanted more, and headed to the shower to think the night over all again.

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