Secuction Ch. 08


[The first seven chapters of this story are in the ‘First Time’ category which ends with Nicki getting thrown out of her house by her mother. Nicki had blown up her mother’s chance at a solid relationship after being divorced for five years by disclosing her own tryst with her mother’s betrothed. After being exposed to sex for the first time a short time before; now Nicki can’t keep her knees together. Mandy has shipped Nicki off to live with her father for the remainder of her senior year. So with Nicki fucking and sucking everyone in sight, the continuation of Nicki’s story has been moved to the ‘Erotic Coupling’ category. Read the previous chapters if you are interested in how Nicki got to be here but this chapter is self-contained and will continue from here. ]


Nicki’s mother Mandy was broken hearted. Her pending marriage to Mike had blown up with the revelation that he had had sex with her daughter. Her discovery of this fact was compounded by the scene she had witnessed in her Living Room as a naked Nicki was desperately trying to get Mike to fuck her, again. Mandy reacted impulsively and slapped Mike several times and told him she never wanted to see him again. Mike didn’t attempt to explain. It wasn’t his style. He left and as instructed he never attempted to contact her again.

Nicki is a stunningly attractive eighteen year old girl. She is 5’6″ tall with all the curves in the right places. She kept herself in good shape participating in various athletic programs at her high school. She has very long and wavy light blonde hair. Her unusually large eyes are bright blue. Her nose and full pouty lips complete the package. She wears a C-Cup bra. So, it is little wonder that Nicki would be hard to refuse if she was intent on seducing a man.

She had seduced Mike, her boyfriend Zach’s father, as kind of an experiment to determine if all men were as susceptible to feminine wiles as Zach had been with her mother, Mandy’s advances. When Mike, of all people, succumbed to her charms, she thought they probably were. She knew she had a very small sample size, but she was convinced that she had total power over men. She felt that she could have any man she wanted. As beautiful as she was, she was probably right. She could have any man she wanted; for a few minutes, at least.

After Nicki’s seduction of Mike she maneuvered him and her mother, Mandy, who had been divorced from her father for the past five years, into a searing, hot romance. In the back of Nicki’s mind was the thought that she would always have the leverage on Mike.

Nicki knew she had leverage on her mother as well. She had witnessed her own mother sucking and fucking her boyfriend, Zach on the same night that she was planning to give him a blowjob. It was to be her first. She was a virgin until that night when Zach, after fucking Mandy, took her ‘cherry’.

Nicki loved her mother and she initially welcomed her “assistance” in the development of her and Zach’s sex life. Neither Zach nor Nicki had any knowledge of, or experience with sex. In the process, Mandy became obsessed with Zach’s fat, 10 inch cock and was having sex with him behind Nicki’s back. When Nicki found out, sparks flew between the three of them.

It was at this point that Nicki decided to seduce Mike to see if he could say “No”. He certainly had the physical power to thwart any woman’s advances. Did he have the will-power? Why couldn’t Zach just say “No” to her mother’s advances? ‘Were all men like this?’ She had thought. Her conclusion: “Yes, they were all like that.”

After Nicki’s tryst with Mike, she and Zach and Mandy eventually talked out their issues and all was thought to be forgiven and back to normal. Not even Nicki realized that the seeds of doubt and revenge had been planted to sprout at some future date. Another seed was already sprouting: Nicki’s passion for sex of any kind. In the not too distant future the product of these two seeds would collide and spin Nicki’s, as well as Mandy’s, lives totally out of control.

Mike and Zach’s lives would survive the pull of Nicki’s gravity but that might not be the case for others about to enter her orbit.

Nicki’s spiral into a complete insatiable need for sex began with her first encounter with Lesbian sex. It was with her best friend, Joanne. She was consumed by it. She couldn’t get enough. She adored cocks too. It didn’t matter to Nicki who the cocks and pussies were attached to. This new contact with tits and pussies opened up a whole new world of sex that she had never contemplated before that night with Joanne and Zach.

Zach’s monster cock was nice but it wasn’t enough. From the moment she got home from school, with her mother off on vacation with Mike, she had a steady stream of girls and guys coming in for her to suck and fuck. Multiple guys at the same time; Nicki couldn’t get enough. Lesbian sex in the girl’s bathroom at school when she could find a girl so disposed. She was doeda sucking and fucking guys in the backseats of their cars. She was sucking and fucking guys in the boy’s locker-room. She was ‘in-heat’.

She was forced into telling her mother all about her escapades because so many of them had been in her house where Mandy had a security video system installed that Nicki didn’t know about. Mandy was understanding of Nicki’s problem and was willing to do everything to help her but, Mandy knew that Nicki couldn’t finish her senior year here at this school because of the rumors and talk. Nicki was being called the ‘school pump’.

Mandy decided that Nicki had to leave town and had called her ex- husband and Nicki’s father to ask if she could live with him to finish up school. It would only be six months or so. Mandy had sort of told Nicki’s father about her ‘issues’. She had not provided any details that would have let him know exactly how bad the ‘issues’ were. He had, with some reluctance, agreed with Mandy’s plan. He might come to regret it. He might not.


Nicki pulled all of her Gucci bags out of storage and packed everything she owned. Her bedroom echoed when she was done. She would cry and then would get a resolve and then start crying again. She was bouncing between remorse for her actions and a feeling of denial that she had done anything bad enough to warrant banishment. She only knew that she wouldn’t go back to that school again. Her thoughts of remorse were being over-powered by her need for sex.

Mandy had told her to take the Land Rover and had already programmed the GPS so it would take her right to her father’s front door in Miami, Florida. It would be a two day drive. Mandy confiscated Nicki’s credit cards and gave her several hundred dollars in cash. They both loaded the SUV and awkwardly hugged and kissed each other. Nicki was crying and so was Mandy. Nick said she was sorry.

Mandy said, “Are you sorry for your actions, or sorry for getting caught?”

Nicki looked at the ground and muttered, “Sorry for getting caught.” She couldn’t look at her mother as she opened the car door and slid into the seat. She started the engine and backed out of the driveway. Mandy stood there sobbing as Nicki drove off.

Nicki had already started planning her sixteen hour drive. The GPS had all the plans for where she would drive. She was planning how she was going to get her next sex fix along the way. Two miles from her house she pulled into a gas station and went to the restroom with a small bag in hand.

Nicki stripped out of her clothes and put on her pleated tennis skirt that barely covered her ass. She didn’t put any panties on. She put on a very skimpy bikini top that barely covered her nipples. She looked in the mirror at the reflection of her body and smiled. She put makeup on that ‘slutted-up’ her natural beauty. She fluffed her long blonde hair. She stood back from the mirror and inspected the total package. She was satisfied.

She head for the highway. Once on the interstate she ran her speed up to ninety and set the cruise-control. She knew that the speed would attract State Troopers and she would be pulled over. That was her plan. Cops were mostly men and they couldn’t say ‘no’ to her. She drove along, day dreaming about her plan. She had one hand on the wheel and one shoved into her pussy. It wasn’t twenty minutes on the highway before she reached into her bag on the passenger seat and pulled out a six inch plastic dildo and turned it to vibrate. She was sopping wet and she just pushed the dildo in and left it there, buzzing away. When she rolled into an orgasm she had to concentrate on her driving as she flailed around the driver’s seat. Her feet weren’t needed for driving with the cruise-control on and she spastically flailed forward against the seatbelt and back again.

She had lost count of how many orgasms she had had when she saw what looked like a police cruiser coming up fast in the rear-view mirror. When the blue lights came on she smiled as she slowed down and pulled over into the break-down lane. Her heart was racing. She was either going to jail or she was going to get fucked. The risk was intoxicating.

Nicki was breathing heavily when the trooper stepped out of his cruiser. She watched him approach in the side mirror. He was a young guy. He was tall and loaded down with belts of equipment and gun. Nicki was concentrating on his crotch and could tell it would be right at window level just as she had planned.

When he bent down to look in the window, he was momentarily stunned by her beautiful face and scantily clad body. He recovered quickly and asked for her license and registration. She had them ready and handed them to him. He had to stoop way down to look at her face and compare it to her photo on the license. He could hear an odd buzzing sound so he said, “Excuse me miss. What is that buzzing sound?”

Nicki was looking eş değiştirmeli porno past the trooper’s face at his crotch. She looked up at his face and smiled. She lifted her pleated micro-skirt up to show him the dildo buzzing away in her pussy. She left it there and dropped her skirt back in place. The trooper eyes were flashing back and forth between her face and her lap.

The trooper’s cock surged in his pants and Nicki didn’t miss the movement. The trooper said, “Miss, it’s very dangerous to be driving while being distracted.” He didn’t say anything about what the distraction might be.

Nicki said, “I’m sorry officer. The vibrations of the car made me so horny that I had to do something. This dildo does help but I’m still so horny I can’t think. Do you have any ideas about what I could do about it?” She was obviously looking at his crotch and his cock jumped. He was getting uncomfortable from the restriction of his pants.

Nicki didn’t wait for him to decide what to do about the situation. She reached out the window and unzipped his pants. She reached into his boxer shorts and pulled his cock out. He moved his body closer to the car as Nicki began jerking him off. He groaned from her firm grip on his cock as her hand stroked from tip to balls. His cock was as hard as a steel pipe. Pre-cum was drooling out and Nicki leaned out the window and pushed her tongue out to collect it.

Nicki moved herself up on the seat to a kneeling position and leaned out the window. The trooper had moved himself so his back was to the traffic and Nicki proceeded to push her mouth down over the entire length of his cock. His head rocked back as his cock pushed into her throat. He was helpless. She moaned, “mmmmmmuuuummm,” as she pushed her face up and down his shaft.

Nicki reached down between her legs and pulled the buzzing dildo from her pussy and put the tip on his balls as she continued her full cock blowjob. She wanted his jizz so bad. She rubbed the dildo all over his balls and up toward his anus. That was it for him. He groaned and thrust his hips toward her face and he unloaded his thick, gooey streams of cum into Nicki’s mouth. She greedily sucked it in searching for more.

The trooper expected that she would pull back after she got his load but she didn’t she kept right on sucking his semi-rigid cock. She pulled off and said between her heavy breaths, “I need to get you back up so you can fuck me. I need to be fucked bad.” She went right back down to his balls.

With her skills and the vibrator nosing around his anus, he was rock hard again. He pulled back from her mouth and said, “Miss, please step out of the car. I’ll need for you to come back to the cruiser.”

Nicki smiled and pushed the door open. The trooper had pushed his cock into his pants but he had not zipped up. She moved to the rear door of the cruiser and when the trooper opened it, she slid in on the hard plastic seat. He shut the door behind her. All the windows had black-out film so no one could see inside the car. The trooper went around to the other side and pushed himself in beside her.

Nicki had already stripped her bikini top off and grabbed for his cock again. He had already removed the equipment belts and placed them in the front seat. He unbuckled his pants as she was gobbling his cock back into her mouth. She sucked it back up to full size in no time. He pushed his pants down around his ankles.

Nicki pulled his cock out of her mouth and threw her leg across his lap facing him. She reached down and aimed his cock and sat down hard. She groaned and so did he. She was an animal. She rapidly thrust herself up and down using her legs. She was kissing him furiously and he was returning kisses in kind.

Without warning, Nicki exploded into a massive orgasm. Her vaginal lubrication was flowing out of her and into his lap. She screamed, “OOOOHHHHH MMMYYYYY GGGODDDDD. OOOHHHH FFFUUCCCKK.” She was furiously bouncing around on his cock muttering, “AAHHH AHHHH AHHHH,” with each penetration. Both were gasping for air. The trooper was driving his hips up into her.

After she came down from her orgasm she realized her knees were killing her from kneeling on the hard plastic seats. She pulled off his cock and turned herself around and sank her cunt back down on his meat pole. He was assisting her action by lifting her ass up and down. She rolled into another orgasm that was less intense. Her pussy was grabbing his cock in spasms.

The trooper was getting tired from lifting her up and down and lifted her off his cock. She screamed, “NOOOO. I NEED YOUR CUM.” He lowered her down on the seat and pulled her ass up so she was on her knees. He got on his knees and had to bend right down onto her back. He grabbed her tits in both hands and pushed his cock into her pussy doggy style.

The trooper must have done this before. He knew exactly how much room he had to work genç porno with. He fucked her that way for several minutes. He had not closed the passenger side rear door when he got in. He was now working himself back out of the cruiser, dragging her along with him. He stood up with his head and body outside the car and Nicki’s ass right there at the open door.

Now that he had some purchase with his feet on the ground, he drove his cock into her pussy. She was screaming her way through another orgasm as he pummeled her. After the current orgasm, Nicki had calmed down and she turned around and said, “Mister Police Man, please fuck my ass.”

He immediately pulled out and adjusted his cock upward. He spit on his hand and rubbed it around her anus. He pushed his cock-head into her and she instinctively tightened her sphincter. She had been fucked there a lot lately so she was able to quickly adjust to his cock. She relaxed and he pushed unrestricted all the way to his balls.

Nicki was pushing back on him as he pushed in. He was thinking, ‘Jesus Christ. What a hot bitch she is.’ He was watching the traffic go by as he thrust his steel rod hard into her ass. She was squealing and flailing around as he held her hips in his hands. She had an anal orgasms and he thought she would crush his cock. When that passed he continued firing his hips into her before he could feel his balls boiling with cum which blew up his cock and into the depths of Nicki’s bowels.


When the trooper had fired his last stream he pulled out of her ass. Nicki spun right around and sank her mouth down over his cock to clean him up and collect any leftover cum from the eye. She didn’t care that his cock had just come out of her bowels. She slurped and sucked.

When she was done she pushed his semi-rigid cock back into his pant. He zipped up and with bikini top in her hand; he escorted her back to her car. She was putting the top on as she walked. Cum was drooling out of her and down her leg. She stopped mid-way and scooped it up and shoved her fingers in her mouth.

With Nicki back behind the wheel, the trooper cautioned her about driving so fast and for driving while being distracted. She smiled and threw him an air-kiss as she drove back out on the highway.

The trooper stood there for several seconds as he watched her drive off. He adjusted the position of his cock in his pants. He shook his head and said to himself, “Holy Shit. Fucking amazing.” He climbed back behind the wheel and picked up his radio mike and called in his location at mile marker whatever and said, “Keep an eye out for a Silver Land Rover driving at excessive speeds. You won’t be sorry if you pull it over.”

Nicki drove around seventy five on cruise-control. She didn’t need to be pulled over right now. She had a satisfied smile on her face.

Three hours later, her speed was back up to ninety again. She actually passed a cruiser and waved at him as she went by. He promptly pulled her over. She was looking back in the rear-view mirror and she could see he was talking into his radio mike with a huge smile on his face. She smiled too. After the obligatory passing of papers, she wound up jerking him off for several minutes and then giving him the most glorious blowjob of his life. After she had swallowed his first load, she continued blowing his cock and it never went soft.

Nicki suggested that they fuck in the backseat of her car. She didn’t like those hard plastic seats in the cruisers. He fucked her pussy and then her ass. She had several bone crushing orgasms. When she felt him getting close to blowing his load she pulled her ass off his cock and spun around to take his load into her mouth. She was surprised at the amount and she was frantically swallowing. Pearly white cum leaked around the edge of her lips. When he was done, she pulled off and opened her cum filled mouth for him to see. She knew guys loved to see their sperm on display in a woman’s mouth.

This trooper watched as she licked her lips to collect any escaped cum. He pulled himself together and got back into all his gear and got in his cruiser and drove off. He never suggested that she drive safely. Nicki sat in the rear seat cleaning her pussy with a towel she brought specifically for this purpose. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and grinned broadly. ‘What a day. It appears that the word is spreading,’ she thought.

Nicki had had enough of fucking in backseats of cars for a while. She drove at the speed limit and thought about her two state troopers. She was ticking off in her mind the differences between these two men and all the boys she’d had over the last week. She smiled and thought, ‘There is a whole world of men out there in front of me.’

Ten hours into her trip she pulled off the highway and found a motel to stay the night. She was looking for one that said “Conference”. She didn’t care what kind. The word just meant there would be plenty of men there. She knew she would have no problem getting a couple or maybe more guys back to her room. She found one and booked a room with a king-size bed.

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