Self Pleasuring Or So I Thought


I went to bed thinking about my boyfriend Sean. I closed my eyes and thought about him as I drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t have been asleep long when I woke myself up caressing my breasts, pinching and pulling on my very hard nipples.

As I lay there naked, I continued lightly caressing myself. Oh god it felt so good. Using two hands, I cupped one breast between them, squeezing and kneading it. Lingering at my nipple and spending lots of time rubbing it between my finger and thumb, bringing myself a pleasurable painful sensation. I bent my head forward and lifted my breast to my mouth licking around the outer circle of my nipple. The warmth of my wet tongue felt so very good. I eagerly sucked my nipple into my wet mouth, sucking it gently at first and then building myself into a frenzy of intense sucking. The sensation pierced through my cunt like a sharp knife, making it quiver inside and causing the muscles of my pussy to contract.

I continued to suck and bite on my nipple deriving immense pleasure from the erotic feeling it caused. I could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy. I swear, it felt as if my cunt were on fire. As bad as my pussy was in need of attention, I could not abandon my breasts that were giving me so much pleasure. Then I remembered the nipple toy I had bought and I reached over to the drawer next to my bed and brought it out.

I slid the gold cord loop open and then positioned it over and around my hard nipple and then I slid the loop closed. Pulling a little harder on the cord, closing it tighter and tighter around my nipple until it hurt about the same as when I would clamp down on it with my teeth. Feeling the pain threshold was right, I then put the second loop on my other nipple, adjusting the closure of the loop just right, once again allowing the maximum amount of pain and pleasure. With my nipples being satisfied, I could now pay attention to the rest of my body that was so desperately craving attention.

My saturated pussy was aching like crazy, but I still felt a need to caress my upper body. As I ran my hands over the fullness under my breasts, the bottom half of my body was squirming all over the bed. With my knees up and spread wide, I could feel my pussy opening up. The cool air in the room made it feel even more alive. Then my legs stretched out along the bed and spread themselves wide open, my ass arched upward as if there was something there for my pussy to fuck other than the air. I could feel the outer lips of my pussy swell with desire and a need to be touched and caressed. My clit was swollen, but not nearly as much as it would soon be.

My hands continued to caress and knead my breasts and then slowly, lightly began to travel down my abdomen caressing, fondling. With my legs still squirming and the steam pouring from between my legs, I allowed my hand to travel quickly across over my clit, causing a quiver that I felt not only on the surface, but felt deep within my cunt. My finger quickly slid through my pussy lips and straight into my hot creamy hole and out again. My pussy muscles tried desperately to grab onto my finger to keep it inside, but I was too quick. Soon enough, I would appease my hot wet cunt with my fingers as well as other things I had in mind for it’s maximum enjoyment.

My finger now very wet, I spread my juices all over the swollen inner and outer lips of my pussy. Now I allowed pornhub myself the pleasure of sliding my fingers through my silky wet slick lips feeling all the crevices. I wished there were a way that I could run my tongue all over my own pussy. I looked over into the mirror so that I could see how red and swollen my lips were. My sexual excitement had caused them to become engorged with blood. They were so pouty and full. I thought how much Sean would like to see them this way. I thought about how hard his cock would be right now.

I pictured his cock in my mind as I continued to run my fingers through the crevices of my pussy. I could see the ridge of his knob where I loved to run my tongue around. The look of his precum as it oozed out of his cock hole and the way I deftly licked it up savoring that sweet taste he has. How the head of his cock gets when it is so hard and engorged, how tight his balls get when they are so full of cum. All these images are playing in my mind as I get hotter and hotter.

My finger pushed into my sweet hot hole again, only this time my pussy refuses to let go of it. It will not let it retreat. So my finger probes the inner recesses of my pussy, feeling the swelling from within. The inside of my pussy is so wet my finger feels like it is swimming, so I slip two more fingers into my hot wet cunt and slowly I begin to finger fuck my cunt. Pushing my fingers slowly in and out of my cunt while my other hand rubs my hard clit. Oh god , it is really swollen and hard now. Slowly I rub the swollen clit, as I rub, it pulses much the same way Sean’s cock pulses when I have it in my mouth. I can feel an orgasm building deep within. My breathing becomes rapid, my fingers are flying over my clit, and the fingers in my cunt become still, all the concentration is now on my clit.

My back is arching, my hips are thrusting upward and my head is thrashing from side to side. It feels as though I can scarcely breathe, I am gasping and gasping and then I hear a sonant of moans. They are coming from me. They are voiceless guttural sounds of pure pleasure. My orgasm continues to build and the melody of moans becomes louder and sweeter, an aphrodisiac for anyone within hearing distance. My clitoris has reached its maximum level of sensitivity and there begins a series of intense waves of contractions ravishing my pussy, heightening my orgasm. I am being carried away, exalted by the pure gratification of it all, my body racked with involuntary convulsions and my moans of pure ecstasy. These sensual feelings and spasms lasted about a minute and then slowly begin to diminish, momentarily allowing me to rest before the next orgasm begins.

Not feeling sated yet, my pussy and asshole envious and feeling neglected, I set out to please them also. Reaching back into the drawer next to the bed I pulled out my vibrating balls and lubricant. Oh god, how I love the feel of these. They were awesome and this was only my second time using them. I also pulled out my favorite and biggest dildo. My pussy was pouring out juices again just thinking about this one.

I hadn’t mastered using two dildos at one time yet, but I was having a great time practicing. I got up onto my knees and faced the mirror. I dipped my finger into the special lubricant and then bent over. I pressed my lubricated finger against the opening and felt it tense and spasm porno 92 with arousal and anticipation. I spread a little on the outer opening of my little pink hole and then slowly slid my finger into it. The sensation it brought was so delicious. My finger lingered there a little while enjoying how the walls of my tight ass felt on my finger. I wondered how it must feel to Sean’s cock when he rammed his dick up into my tight ass. I visualized how he held onto my hips as he pulled my ass back and forth onto his cock. How his balls felt as they cupped my pussy when his cock was rammed into my ass.

The more I thought about it the more I wanted my vibrating balls in my ass. I was still on my knees and my upper body erect. My hole well lubricated now, I took the first ball into my hand and spreading my hole with my fingers I placed the second, third and fourth in. Oh it felt so good. I reached up and tightened the loops of the cords on my tits that had loosened slightly. Oh yes clamping down on my hard nipples again. The balls filled my ass perfectly. Reaching down with my hand I began to rub my clit again, but my pussy was begging for something inside of it. I took the dildo and slowly worked it into my pussy lips and hole. I continued to slide up and down, slowly fucking my asshole and using my hand, moved the vibrator in and out of my pussy. The sensations in my ass and my pussy were awesome. I was wishing I had Sean’s cock to suck on, then all my holes would be full. I knew if Sean were here, I would have all three holes filled. He would be working the balls and the dildo for me as he fucked my mouth with his magnificent cock I would be sucking, licking and nibbling on his cock. Working on him desperately, wanting to feel his hot cum spurting down the back of my throat.

The more I visualized Sean’s cock in my mouth the faster I fucked my ass and pussy. Both toys pumping in and out of my wet holes filling me with delightful sensations. Imagining Sean’s cock pulsing in my mouth, feeling it throb. Working the toys harder now and faster, feeling the painful pleasure. Feeling the swolleness of my holes, how puffy yet how wet they were. All of a sudden the door opened and Sean walked into the room.

I saw him and I could hardly believe my eyes. He just stood there for awhile totally rapt in what he was beholding. His hand moves to his crotch and I could see a bulge appear. Staring at his crotch I continue to fuck myself with my toys. Soon Sean’s cock was out of his pants and standing straight up. My god, it looks delicious. He slide his pants off and walked over to the bed where I was. Then he says, “My god Sue, I have never wanted to fuck you more than I do this very moment. I want to fuck your warm wet mouth first, then your dripping wet pussy.” Sean knew how I love it when he talked to me that way.

My wish came true. I turned and positioned myself so that I could suck on Sean’s dick as he fed it to me. I had no hands free. I licked and I sucked the head of Sean’s cock. I felt like I was in heaven. The balls fucking my ass, the vibrator fucking my pussy and my mouth filled with Sean’s cock. I was sucking up all of his precum. So warm, so delicious. My lips tightened on the head of his cock and I sucked on it for all I am worth. Oh god. Then Sean says “Yes, Sue suck it. It is so hard for you. Suck the head” and then he moans ever so softly qiqitv porno as I sucked him. “Mmmm yes Sue, that feels great” “You do that great, I love it when you suck my cock”!! While I was sucking, Sean held onto his balls and massages them as I watch. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, he said to me. “Take the vibrator out of your cunt, I want to fuck you with my cock. Get on all fours for me”.

I took out the vibrator, still holding the balls in position and got on all fours as Sean positions himself behind me. He reached underneath me with his hand and fondly stroked my soaking wet pussy. “Oh Sue, your pussy is so wet. It feels so good in my hand.” I could feel the head of his magnificent cock pushing at my opening. Just teasing my hole a little before entering, making my pussy ache for it. Then he reached down and spread my hole wide, sliding his hard swollen cock deep in side of me with one long swift lunge. I could feel the head slam against the wall. Sean didn’t pull it back, he just left it resting there as I turned the vibrator on the balls. “Oh, My God Sue,!!!! Slowly he fucked my cunt, his cock sliding in and out. Pausing slightly each time he plunged in so he could feel the vibrator against the head of his cock. I said, “You feel so good inside my cunt, you feel so much better than a toy. I love the way you fuck me, I love the feel of your cock in my pussy – Please pull my hair while you fuck me”.

Sean responded with, “I love the way the walls of your pussy wrap themselves around my cock pulling me inside of you.” Oh and my pussy was feeling glorious. Sean’s cock kept sliding in and out of my pussy while keeping a firm grasp on my hair. I loved the feeling of Sean’s control over me while he fucked me. I could feel Sean’s hardness throb in me. Sean took the balls out of my ass and without losing a stroke replaced it with his cock. Soon he was fucking my ass with a real urgency and I knew he would be cumming soon. He moaned softly and then whispered to me, “Cum with me Sue”. My body had been preparing for that all along. I could feel the orgasm building slowly. Sean was fucking me faster and harder now, the sensations building and building inside of me. My moans becoming more and more audible. Oh my god, I could feel the pleasure taking over my body once again. I was arching, bucking, heaving and breathing so hard. Panting and gasping as the sensations continued to build to that place where I would soon explode. The sounds, the words beginning to pour out of my mouth – “Oh god- Oh god yes – God yes, fuck me – Fuck me hard Sean! Fuck me like you have never fucked me before and make me cum hard! Yes, yes, yes!!!”

My body quaking, shaking and convulsing. Simultaneously I could hear Sean’s breathing quicken and his sweet groans of pure pleasure as his cock is about to explode deep in my ass, at the last second he pulled his dick out. I could feel his body jerk with each spurt as he jacked off into the crack of my ass, dripping down onto my pussy and all over the cheeks of my ass. I turned to see him squeeze, with a jerk of his body, the last of his milky white cum. Then he lovingly spread his cum all over my ass and my pussy and we both collapsed onto the bed, side by side facing each other. I licked and sucked his cum covered hand. Our lips met and locked into a long erotic kiss, our mouths and tongues entwined in each other’s mouth. Our sex sweat aroma permeating the room and the taste of our sex was exhilarating. Our sex sweaty bodies clinging to each other, wrapped and entwined in each other, not knowing where one of us begins and the other ends. We are for the moment united together as one.

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