Sensual Massage


Laura is a friend of my wife’s; she and her sisters have known my wife since they were kids. She is a beautiful 30-year-old woman with a Reubenesque body. She is around 5’7″ 140 pounds, has shoulder length sandy blond hair, brown eyes and pouty lips, with large 36DD breasts and a lusciously plump ass. Laura is by no means a fat girl just a big muscular girl.

Laura never seemed satisfied with any man or job. Her latest venture was as a massage therapist and she currently worked out of a hair studio for about a year now.

I had been suffering from tight muscles and a sore back for several weeks and my wife suggested I schedule an appointment with Laura. I had never been to a massage therapist and she said it would feel wonderful and that she was sure Laura would be able to get rid of the pain.

I called Laura and set up an appointment. We agreed to meet several days later at her apartment. Laura suggested I meet her there since I was a friend and not just a walk in client. Upon arriving I felt a little awkward to say the least, I had expected my wife to join me. She had made other plans that evening and told me not to worry that I would be in good hands.

Laura greeted me at the door and I stood staring at her for a few moments. In the background I could see candles flickering and soft music playing, I was a little surprised to say the least. Laura wore the white blouse and skirt combo that you usually see massage therapists wearing in the movies. Hers was more than a little see thru and her large brown nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material.

“You coming in” she asked smiling.

“Oh yeah” I responded stupidly, “What’s all this?”

“Its all part of the relaxation method I use on my clients” she answered.

“Very sexy” I said, “If you used all this on your men, how is it that you never have a steady boyfriend.”

“Maybe I do and they’re not able to satisfy me,” she responded smiling slyly.

“Ok Laura, what do I need to do for this massage,” I said not wanting to push the issue any further.

“First you have to go in there,” she said pointing to the bathroom. “And put this on” she said handing me a towel, “You can leave your shorts on if you want or take them off, your choice.”

I took the towel and headed for the bathroom removing everything. I won’t lie and tell you that I wasn’t more than a little excited by the sexiness of the situation. I was getting a massage from a woman I had known for the past 10 years and had always found attractive, but had never had a bad thought about. I emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped around my waist and walked to wear Laura was standing at a black fold out massage table.

“Here you go,” she said handing me a glass of wine. “To help you release the tension,” she added. I took the glass nervously and quickly poured the contents down my throat.

“Ok, hop up on the table stomach down and put your face thru that hole” she said pointing to the opening.

I did as I was told and immediately felt very silly about the whole thing. As Laura stood at the head of the table from where I lay I began to admire her legs. Starting at her ankles up to her knees and finally to her strong thighs just below where her short white skirt covered. I Noticed the musculature and defined tone of her calves and thighs. “So what kind of massage did you want to get today?” She asked as she ran her hands down my bare spine towards my lower back.

“Ah, what kind are there,” I replied stupidly.

“Well” she said, “I do deep tissue, shiatsu, Swedish, a sports massage and a sensual massage.”

Feeling a little bold and more than a little aroused, I went for broke and said that the sensual one sounded nice.

“Good” Laura said with a little laugh in her voice, “that’s the one I like to give the most.” “What kind of Oil would you like” was her next question.

“You decide” I told her, “your the pro.”

“Ok,” she replied.

I could hear as Laura squeezed the oil onto her hands one at a time. As she did so she would then run her hands and nails down my back, sending electrifying shivers throughout my whole body. Next she moved towards my feet, lifting them up one at a time she began rubbing the bottom of each, gently at first and then with a little more pressure.

“You know all the nerve endings run thru your feet, that’s why I start there” she said, “You could seduce someone just by touching there feet.”

“I can see why” I responded, “That feels great.”

Laura continued massaging both feet. Then began to run her soft, oily hands from my ankles up my calves, over the back of my legs working towards my inner thigh. All in one smooth movement this continued on both legs. Laura then moved to the center of the table. I was by this time in a highly aroused dream state.

“I’m going to raise the towel a little” she said. As she did I felt the cold air hit the exposed lower half of my ass cheeks.

“You have a tight butt,” she said laughingly as her hands began travesti porno to knead my cheeks like dough.

“Thanks” I responded, “I guess that means the aerobics and running are paying off.”

“I can’t really get the tension out unless I do the whole back area, would you mind if I took the towel off you, or are you too embarrassed” she asked mockingly.

“Do what you have to,” I said not wanting to sound uptight.

I raised up allowing her to pull the towel out from under me exposing my ass to plain view.

My cock was starting to come alive but was still neatly buried beneath me getting increasingly harder as the massage continued. What Laura did next came as a complete surprise. I heard the rustling sound of fabric and looked up from the doughnut to see Laura removing her blouse, exposing her huge 36DD breasts to my eyes. That was all I could take, my hard on was pushing deep into the soft foam of the table. As I stared Laura grabbed the bottle of oil and squirted it all over her creamy white tits and caramel colored nipples. Oil running down between the valleys of her enormous globes, she began to massage it all over herself.

I wanted to jump up off the table and grab those monsters and to take one of her pinky finger sized nipples into my mouth.

“Lay down,” she said firmly pushing me back onto my face.

“What are you doing,” I asked not sure of what just happened or was about to happen.

“I’m not done,” she replied. I felt two velvety cushions with little nubs trail over my ass cheeks up onto my back. She was massaging me with her tits and the feeling was more than amazing, it was incredible. She rubbed them up and down the whole length of my body, from my back down towards my feet and back again, stopping to rub them over my neck and head. I then felt her strong fingers start to dig into my lower back and work their way up to my neck and shoulders. Again, she would rub her breasts up and down my body, only to start up again with her strong hands. This continued for minutes, alternating between her tits and hands. Unsure of what to do, I did and said nothing.

“Ok,” she said, “turn over on your back, time to work your front area.”

I was more than a little embarrassed at this point to say the least, my cock was raging like a bull. I wasn’t sure if I was getting the wrong idea, and was a little concerned that the state I was in was going to get me in trouble with my wife.

“I’m a little embarrassed” I told Laura. “I have gotten more than a little aroused with the massage and seeing your tits.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she offered, “It happens to my brother-in-laws and yours too when they get their massages.”

Did my ears hear me correct or did she just tell me that my brother-in-law and her sisters husbands were receiving the same type of massage and the treat of seeing Laura’s magnificent chest.

Reluctantly I rolled over on my back, my cock whipping from side to side, the entire 8 1/2 inches standing erect like a flagpole. I noticed the more than casual look she gave my meat stick. Laura looked my cock over approvingly and I did the same her breasts now that I was able to stare at them unobstructed. Her tight flat stomach made her firm jutting breasts appear larger than they were.

The thing that amazed me was that the size of each tit should have caused them to droop a little but remarkably they stood youthful and proud. Little brown freckles sprinkled all over her upper torso. Her caramel colored nipples were the size of silver dollars, and stood at attention as soon as she saw my thick cock.

“I want you to relax now” she said taking her gaze from my dick and throwing a towel over my face. For me not to see her stare at my dick I thought to myself. Again, I heard Laura squeezing oil into her hands and within seconds her warm oily hands were on my chest kneading my pectoral muscles. Trailing her hands down towards my stomach stopping just above my groin area, occasionally a finger would lightly brush my pubic hairs. I heard her move to where my head rested on the pillow and slowly started working my neck and shoulder area. Occasionally she would run her hands down the length of my arms and in doing so her tits would lightly brush over my face and mouth. I could feel the little nub of her nipples poke my lips through the towel.

I felt my cock twitch with excitement at this new sensation. I thought quickly to myself that if it happened again I was going to flick my tongue out and lick it through the towel. I didn’t have to wait long, again Laura ran her hands down my arms and this time when I felt the nipple on my lips, instinctively I flicked my tongue out to meet it. I heard Laura gasp and back up immediately when she felt my tongue touch her button. OH! OH! I thought to myself, I’ve gone to far and now I’m in trouble.

To my surprise, Laura lowered herself down again, this time pressing more of her boob to my mouth. Immediately I knew she liked what alt yazılı porno I had done, so I did it again. This time flicking it with my tongue and then giving it the lightest nibble.

This light flirtation was keeping my cock in a semi erect state, not completely hard but neither had it deflated, it kind of limped to the left resting along my inner thigh. Once she had kneaded my chest and neck for several minutes Laura moved again towards my feet. Picking one foot up and placing it against the valley of her breasts, she ran her hands over my legs towards my upper thigh and then inwards, stopping below my groin and millimeters below where my semi-erect cock lay.

“That feels great Laura” I said, noticing for the first time how silent we had been up to this point.

“I’m not done yet, soon your going to feel really great” she replied.

I didn’t know what she meant but it wasn’t long before I found out. Soon as she had done my other leg Laura came to the middle of the table and started to massage around my inner thigh and groin area, circling around my cock without touching it.

Laura stopped for a second, I heard a zipper and rustling sound and knew without looking from under the towel, that Laura was removing her skirt. Intrigued and unable to control myself I peeked out and saw that she indeed had removed her skirt and her panties. My cock reacted to the view, waving back and forth in the air. I lay there breathing slowly and shallow as I listened to Laura squeeze a liberal amount of a straw- berry smelling oil on her hands. Again, her hands went back to my groin except this time it went immediately to the base of my cock, as she gripped it I felt a quiver in my stomach and my cock surge in her warm oily hand.

Gripping it with one hand and holding it up gently but firmly, she placed her thumb from her free hand just between my ball sac and began an upward motion causing more blood to fill my engorged cockhead. She was physically manipulating my dick to get harder, it felt wonderful and her thumb pressure made my cock as stiff as steel.

Laura continued stroking my cock when suddenly I felt the rough texture of her tongue licking my cock from ball sac to tip. Stopping to give the crown a little kiss and then continuing over the top back down to the base. I couldn’t take this anymore, I had to see what was going on. I reached up to grab the towel off my face but felt her hand quickly reach for mine, preventing me from removing it.

“Relax and enjoy” she said, releasing her grip on my hand and continuing her slow caressing licks of my rigid member. The licking continued for minutes, this time when she got to the mushroom tip instead of a kiss I felt the wet warmth of her mouth engulf the tip. Slightly moistening the crown, taking me in her mouth deeper with each up and down stroke. Soon she was taking in at least a good six inches of my manhood down the moist tunnel of her throat.

Her hands went up and down on my rock solid pole, occasionally taking the tip into her mouth on her downward stroke. Soon the stroking stopped and I felt her climbing up onto the table. Straddling her legs on either side of my knees, she slowly lowered her body to mine rubbing her huge knockers over my cock. Positioning it between the crease of her mammoth tits she stroked it up and down. This went on for several seconds when I again felt the warm moisture of her mouth engulf the tip of my mushroom.

Laura slowly eased herself up higher on my hips and instinctively my hands went to her hips, helping her position herself just above my crotch. She grabbed my cock and placed it pressing into the valley of her ass cheeks, where it sporadically twitched slapping her crack. Laura reached up and removed the towel from my face, my hands were feeling their way up from Laura’s hips over her ribs to just below each breast. taking one in each hand and feeling its heftiness. Laura looked down at me smiling, having said nothing she asked me if I was enjoying the massage all the while sliding her ass slowly up and down against my cock, causing it to get deliciously close to the warm wet heat emanating from her pussy.

“Very much” I responded, it’s the best I’ve ever had.” This brought a smile to both of our faces having been the only massage I had ever had.

“I’m glad” she said as she lowered her mouth to mine darting her wet tongue into my mouth. We kissed for several seconds my hands fondling her breast squeezing each and pinching each hard little nipple between my fingers. We broke the kiss after several minutes, because I wanted those bad boys in my mouth ASAP. Slowly I lifted my body and knowing what I wanted Laura lowered her tits down to my mouth allowing me to take one then the other into my mouth flicking and nibbling each, Laura began to let out the slightest moans.

“OOOHH! she said. “I like that bite them harder” she told me, which I of course complied with, taking the little eraser tips between my teeth üvey baba porno and tweaking it.

Laura’s wiggling had positioned my cock snuggly between her cheeks and I began thrusting it up and down. Laura again knowing where things were going reached down between us and grabbed my cock, positioning it against her outer pussy lips, teasing it back and forth. Once it was all lubed from the juice flowing from her pussy, Laura slipped it in only allowing the head to push past her inner lips. Again she stopped, my breathing was now ragged and so was hers.

“You want to do this,” she asked.

“OH God yes” was my reply, “Do I ever.”

“Good,” and with that Laura lowered herself ever so gently completely taking my cock deep into the depths of her womanhood.

“OOOHH GOD, YOUR SO BIG! moaned Laura stifling a scream as her ass rested against my balls. My cock ached to explode inside of her, it took us a few seconds to regain our composure. Once the sensation had subsided slightly Laura lifted herself up and then lowered herself again. I allowed Laura to fuck herself on my dick for a few minutes while I hungrily devoured her breasts with my mouth and hands, coming up occasion- ally to tongue wrestle with her. I knew that at the pace Laura was work- ing my prick that it would not be long before I came. I wanted to thank her for all she had done, so regretfully I grabbed Laura’s ass cheeks and slowed her pace, stopping to lift her off me. Rolling off the table I helped Laura onto her back, sliding her down towards the foot of the table. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and immediately lowered my mouth to her wet pussy.

Inserting several fingers into Laura’s pussy I began to slowly finger fuck Her. Laura let me know she was enjoying this by moaning and wiggling her ass cheeks. Lowering my mouth to her hot cunt, my tongue found her clit. I began to lick the length of her pussy, stopping only to tease the clit with an occasional suck and nibble. Laura was moaning even louder, “OOOHH YESSS, SUCK MY PUSSY OOOHH YEEEHHH, OOOHH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD, BITE MY CLIT, which I obligingly did.

I had now regained my composure and had to have that pussy. I lifted Laura’s legs and positioned my cock to her pussy lips. I pushed the head in slightly just inside her outer lips and stopped, “You want more” I asked.

“Yes you tease,” she said reaching around to grab my ass cheeks. Pulling me in quickly she forced my cock deep into her womb. I began a slow steady thrust in and out, ever so gently trying to prolong the moment. Laura had other ideas, wrapping her legs around my waist, Her strong legs and thigh muscles began pulling me in faster. Trying to match her thrust for thrust, I was almost there and knew it would only be minutes before I came. I reached down and began to rub Laura’s clit faster and faster, I wanted us to cum at the same time.

It was after several more thrusts when I felt Laura start to shake and her legs tighten around me that I knew she was Cumming. Mine followed soon after, cum shooting deep into Laura’s pussy coating her vaginal walls. We stayed in that position for minutes while Laura’s contracting pussy milked my cock for all it was worth, my cock happy to oblige.

“Lay down” Laura said, “I want more.”

Cooperatively I did as I was told and hopped back up on the table. Laura dropped down between my legs taking my dick in her mouth and began licking and sucking me clean. My cock hadn’t completely gone limp yet and was now being revived by her expert oral talents. It wasn’t long before my dick was at full attention.

Laura told me to get behind her and obediently I did as I was told. Lining Myself up to her pussy, Laura reached back and squeezed oil down the crease of her ass. Taking my cock in hand she placed it against her brown puckered asshole. I had never butt fucked any girl before in my life and was more than open to this new experience. Slowly I began to push against her tiny brown anus, taking my cue from Laura as she pushed back against me. Little by little, my cock began to stretch her sphincter ring open and as my bulbous head popped past it the rest of my rod easily slid in. “Fuck my ass, please, Fuck my ass good and hard moaned Laura as my balls came to rest against her pussy.

“OOH YEA! BABY, I AM GOING TO FUCK YOUR ASS” I responded getting into the mood. As soon as I was comfortable and in control, I began to thrust into Laura’s ass softly at first and then quickening my pace. As I pumped her behind Laura leaned against the table, my balls slapping her pussy on the downward thrust.

“OOOHH YESSS, FUUUCK THAT FEEL’S SOOO GOOD” Laura began to yell louder. Meanwhile I had one hand on Laura’s waist and gently fondled one of her tits with the other. I pounded Laura’s ass for several minutes, not imagining that I would be able to last this long, the tightness of her sphincter ring rubbing against my cock sucking me for all I was worth.

Laura had started to climax and was now trembling beneath my thrusts, feeling the pressure starting to increase in my balls meant that I was soon to follow. After several more deep hard thrusts, my cock erupted. Pulling it from Laura’s ass sent jets of warm white goo shooting up in the air, spraying onto Laura’s back and hair. Tiny rivulets running down between her ass cheeks.

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