Serendipity Ch. 36


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity — 36 A geyser in the office

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36 — A geyser in the office

I felt Sam get up EARLY, and she flashed me her sheer thong covered pussy before she headed out the door. I just closed the one eye I had opened and cuddled back under the blanket with my women.

When I actually woke, it was to a different situation than previous days. I had Brittany on one side, and Maria with Maya between us on the other. And there was a large monster crawling up under the covers between my legs! It was going to eat me! I felt it taking my cock down her throat…. MMMmmmmm… Gooooood monster!

Nicole enjoyed herself a bit, feeling me get hard as she swallowed me down. She loved feeling me harden in her throat, and I objected to it strenuously… by putting a hand on her head and encouraging her to do it again.

After she had had her morning tease, she reached up and pulled herself up my body dragging her hard nipples along my thighs and up my chest.

“Mmmmmm, my little chocolate pixie…” giving her a nice kiss with her laying on me. “You didn’t sleep next to me last night?”

“I don’t have to sleep next to you every night.” she gave me another kiss, then scooted sideways on top of Brittany, groping her tits and giving her an even better kiss than I got while grinding pussy to pussy.

I would have watched that for a while but Maya was waking up and announcing it to the world. I rolled over to see Maria pull Maya across to her far tit, then cup the other and look at me. I saw a drop form on the tip of her nipple, she was full enough to dribble all over if she didn’t get some relief.

Oh I guessss, if I realllly have to I could be convinced toooo…. Goooood this is deliciousssss…. Her milk spraying into my mouth as soon as I applied the slightest suction on her tit. Cupping the side of her tit for support feeling the heat from her. Then after I had gone to all the trouble to relieve the pressure on that tit, she shifts Maya over and lets her drink it down. I mean after I went through all the hard part of not letting her milk dribble all over… sheeeesh! Grin…

Since Nicole and Brittany were still cuddling and Maria was still nursing, I decided to get breakfast started. And no ladies I didn’t just pull out the boxes of cereal. I got the pans and the BACON on, LOTS OF BACONNNNNN, making sure there was plenty to go around, I could always eat any extra… The girls came in giving me a bad time about cooking, but quieted down when I got the eggs out and did the four over easy for Nicole and Brittany, then scrambled mine and Maria’s. I popped the toast down as I was doing theirs… thank heaven for four slice toasters!

Not long after breakfast it was back to work for everyone, Nicole on the phone at her computer, Maria and Brittany in their workshops. Maria with a back log of tailoring to do, and Brittany was working on Christine’s wedding ‘dress’. From what I understand it was going to be a silver mesh with lots of sparkles. Only the veil and stockings were going to be material, and the veil was coming off some sort of tiara.

And as much as I wanted to just walk around and ogle women, Jean and Dean showed up and we had the camera and recorders to finish in the sorority house.

After a bit of groping and playing whenever I went by one of the workshops, we had the cameras mounted and connected on that end by lunch, leaving Jean and Dean to do all the final hookups and tweaking in the afternoon. From now on all the extracurricular activities would be captured on tape! The girls were all still trying to get things done, so it was just quick sandwiches for lunch, and then I had to decide what I was going to do.

It had been a week since I’d seen my little pipsqueak, and from the outside it looked like the barn was at a standstill which meant it was going along on the inside, so I decided to check it out. And being the energetic guy I was… I drove over in Brittany’s car…

Things were coming along nicely. The stalls were up and the electrician was working up on some scaffolding, I stuck my head in the office door, and I was amazed! Nice sized office with four desks, well lit, and of course one raised for the little queen… go figure. “So are you getting anything sarışın porno accomplished in here?” I called out.

“DANNY!” she called out turning from her crowd. “I’ll be with you in a second.” I took a look around, noticing some fine craftsmanship. It wasn’t fancy, but it was all nice clean lines and good tight joints.

There was a slap on my ass, and I turned to see my pipsqueak behind me. “So what do you think?” waiving her hand.

“Pretty nice, plenty of space…”

“Nice? It’s four times the size of that little stall we used to cram into, and check this out.” She turned to the raised desk and began walking around it… and came up to eye level with me! I stuck my head around and saw she was on a platform, the desk constructed for someone her height to boot.

“Not bad pipsqueak… got your own throne now do you?”

“Tom, one of the construction guys, did it just for me. You aren’t the only one who likes good things in small packages.”

I came around the side, and Gladys came over to meet me, turning to let me peek down her shirt. I squeezed her ass getting a little moan when I switched cheeks and tried to wiggle my fingers between her cheeks and said, “Naughty naughty flashing the visitors…” then turned to leave with her grinning behind me.

I asked around, and was directed to a middle aged gentleman. “You Tom?”

He didn’t even look away from the molding he was working on. “Yup…” he said eventually.

“Nice work on the desk and platform.”


“I have a similar project I’d like you to take a look at.”

He worked his chisel a bit, then “Like what?”

“Gladys spends some time at the house, and the stools around the island are way too tall for her to get up on, and she doesn’t like having to have help to get up there.”

He stopped, and actually cracked a smile as he finally turned to look at me. “She is an independent little rascal isn’t she?”

“That she is. Is it something you might be able to take a look at?”

He turned back to his work, “We finish around four thirty, I’ll stop over after work.”

“Let me give you the phone number so you can call ahead…”

“No need, I was there for your big speech, my girlfriend is one of your regular visitors…”

“Oh… well I’ll see you later then.” Shaking my head and contemplating what he said, and my not recognizing him…

I came in the front door, and had to stop and look. At lunch Nicole had been wearing her beige satin robe, letting it cover her nipples but with them obviously standing out. But now she was totally naked… if you could consider a bright pink plug in her ass, an equally bright green one in her pussy, and her white fancy collar and nipple shields on instead of her regular collar.

Nicole turned her ass to me a bit more still leaning over the desk instead of sitting in her chair while twisting her upper body letting me get an even better look at her double plug filled bottom while keeping her nipples still in view, flipping her headset phone cord over her shoulder.

I was taking in the sights and my cock went from firm to rock hard in a matter of heart beats.

“Oh yeah, he’s taking a good look right now…”

“I have no idea. He got up before I could get a load down my throat this morning, but it’s been so long since he ravaged my ass….” wiggling her hips a bit.

I peeled off my shirt and dropped my pants and boxers, steeping out of my shoes as I did my pants.

“Oh don’t say that, if he was triplets he could do me all at once…”

“But it feels so good going past my lips and down my throat…”

“On your back on your desk,” I said to her.

“Yes Master,” as she scrambled to turn and roll up on the desk, scooting forward enough to let her head hang over. I smiled as she not only kicked her head back, but stuck her tongue out a little almost begging for me to put it down her throat.

I stepped around the front, walking toward her with my hard cock bobbing.

“OH YES! He’s going to put it in….. ” the rest of that was muffled as I slid into her mouth and down her throat, watching her throat expand as I did. It was almost enough to make me cum right there.

I held my cock in her throat a bit, but pulled back before she would run short of air. Letting the head of my cock rest between her lips while her tongue danced over it, working my cock in and out of her mouth while I reached down and cupped those delicious little mounds.

Listening to her screech and feeling it on my cock when I pulled her nipples up rolling them between my fingers.

I slid back down her throat as I leaned sex hikayeleri forward to grab her thighs, pulling her legs up and wide as I stood back up and out of her throat. Working the head of my cock between her lips after hooking her ankles under my arms and reaching do to play with her clit standing out from under the edge of that green plug.

It took Nicole a few moments before getting her to slide her hands up to my hips to guide my speed, giving that clit a flick every few strokes. Her moans, grunts and screeches were getting louder as I lightly brought my fingers up from her mound toward her chest.

She gripped my ass and pulled me down her throat, as my fingers circled the outer edges of her little bumps.

Nicole was getting close. I could feel her legs start trembling under my arms. I kept circling her tits, getting closer and closer to her nipples with my finger tips.

When she went to suck me down again, I cupped the outside of her tits pushing them in at the same time I brought my fingers up and pinched and pulled on her nipples.

There were fingernails in my ass cheeks as she rammed me down her throat. She screeched around my cock and clamped her lips down HARD as her body tensed and the plug in her pussy shot out and hit the wall with a LOUD thump.

The next screech and spasm was accompanied by a squirt like a fire hose splashing on the wall.

I started cumming down her throat on the next spasm and squirt. I got two shots down her throat and she reached up and clamped her hand around my cock with her lips around the head as she spasmed and sprayed.

Nicole spasmed and sprayed three more times before flopping on the desk totally drained of energy, her head falling away from my still hard cock.

Well she might have been drained, but I was still ready to go after she cut me off mid orgasm.

I walked around the other side of the desk, enjoying the view of her splayed out. Her body was completely covered in a post orgasmic sheen, with her pink pussy peaking out between her lips.

AND THAT PINK PLUG STILL IN HER ASS! That meant she had cleansed, filling and stretching her belly. I didn’t think my cock could have gotten any harder, but it sure was aching for her ass

I lifted her legs and rolled her to her belly, even semi-conscious she complied with my directions, never having taken her headset off.

“OHHH FUUUUCK!” she exclaimed as I twisted and tugged on the plug in her ass before letting it pop out. Her ass was closing slowly like it missed being filled.

I slid my cock into her dripping pussy, and then right back out and placed it against her ass.

“YESSSS MASTERRRRR…” as I slid deep into her in one stroke.

I grabbed her waist and she grabbed the edge of the desk, her hips hooked on this side.

I pulled almost out, and then began a good hard fuck of her ass, my aching cock thoroughly enjoying her tight ass.

“OH… FUCK… YESSS… FUCK… MY…. ASSS…FUUUUCK… MY… ASSS… MASSS… TERRRRR…. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!…” and she was cumming again. I could feel her ass clench as her pussy sprayed my balls.

I got a grip on her shoulders and gave her two last hard thrusts and began unloading into her ass, feeling it tighten and spasm around me. Everything I had pent up from this morning, everything I had pent up from playing with Gladys, EVERYTHING I HAD PENT UP FROM WATCHING HER SPRAY THE WALLLLLL….. I simply detonated as I collapsed on her back still pumping every last bit I had into her ass….

I have no idea how, but when I opened my eyes we were on the big bed. Nicole was cuddled into my side, I would recognize those small tits and huge hard nipples anywhere. I cracked my eyes to see Brittany with her head on my thigh, gently stroking my cock. I wasn’t limp, but after that session with Nicole I wasn’t very firm either.

Behind her in the chair was Maria nursing Maya, and both of them had the naughtiest grin.

Nicole moved a little, “Please tell me you got that on tape.” She said with a grin not even opening her eyes.

“Yes Mistress,” Brittany responded. Maria just snickered a bit, Maya even gurgled like it was an all girls joke.

“Who were you talking to on the headset?” I asked, my curiosity up now.

Nicole pointed to Brittany and Maria with a grin, her eyes still closed.

I was probably going to say something very witty about then, but was interrupted.

“YOU TWO NEED TO GO INTO THE PORN INDUSTRY!” was hollered from around the corner. Followed soon by Jean with something trailing down her thighs, and then shortly by Dean with a satisfied grin. “That was sooo hot watching şişman porno you squirt the wall, I couldn’t stop cumming. And begging to get your ass fucked…” as she waived a VHS cassette.

Brittany and Maria cheered as Nicole covered her still closed eyes and smiled, “I did not…”

I pulled her hand from her eyes and waited for her to look at me. “Several times, and you almost blasted a hole in the drywall..” grinning at her.

“And we have the tape to prove it.” Jean added, waiving the tape in her hand.

“OH GOOOOOD…” and rolled to bury her head in my shoulder.

I grinned and kissed her forehead, I didn’t have a choice since she wouldn’t let me raise her head. I looked at Jean standing there with her pussy flowing down her thighs. “You look like you need a shower.” I said while I stared at her thighs.

Jean gasped, and then pointed to Nicole. “It’s all her fault..” and turned grabbing Dean who was trying not to laugh to haul him off to one of the showers.

The girls giggled as Nicole tried to hide in my shoulder a bit, then finally broke out giggling herself. We drug ourselves out to the kitchen, the girls getting another chuckle as Nicole sat down on the plug in her ass with a squeak. We were so out of it neither of us remembered one of the girls plugging her after I made my deposit, much less getting to the living room.

Maria put some leftover pizza in the oven to warm and headed around the corner with Maya. We chatted a bit about the upcoming Halloween party, the girls being very vague about costumes, but the discussion of how to hang bells on every ones nipples had my attention.

Maria reappeared with Maya in a towel. After putting her in the carrier, she pulled her pumps out sighing in relief as they extracted her milk. She had no more started when the doorbell rang.

Brittany raised an eyebrow not expecting anyone, but still answered it naked since who ever it was had a gate code. “Hello?”

“Hello Brittany.” I heard a mans voice say.

Brittany’s eyes went wide at the man recognizing her, and Maria looked worried leaning over the counter with the pumps doing their job.

“In here Tom,” I hollered out.

Brittany opened the door all the way letting him in, and Maria was reaching for the power switch on her pumps.

“Relax ladies, Tom is one of our members.”

“Oh,” Brittany said, Maria wasn’t so sure.

“Actually my girl friend is your regular member, I’m just the plus one part of the time. Maria,” he nodded to her. “Nicole,” nodding to her as well putting Maria a little more at ease.

He looked down at one of the stools, turning it and leaning it back. “This what you were talking about?” I nodded to him, “Yea I can see her problem with them.” he turned and looked a bit. “Can I take one with me?”


“Thanks.” And picked it up to put over his shoulder. He stopped a bit and looked at Maria with her pumps. She was starting to feel a bit self conscious, “That looks like it’s hard on your back.”

“Uhhh, kind of…” she responded. He nodded and headed out the door.

The girls were all laughing, and Nicole finally asked. “What was that all about?”

So while Maria finished pumping, put her stuff away, and dished up the pizza I relayed the events of visiting Gladys, minus the ass squeezing and looking down her shirt. I continued with the follow up story with Tom about the stool. That got me ‘the look’ from the girls so I assume I did something right.

“So where did you two wander off to?” I asked Maria.

“Over for Maya’s bath.” She responded and went back to eating.

“Why over there?” Okay, I guess that was a ‘dumb guy’ question from the looks the girls were giving me.

“It’s the only big sink Master.” and rolled her eyes, giggling with the rest of the girls.

I looked at her for a few seconds, making a mental inventory of our bathrooms and sinks. Sure enough, all the bathrooms were showers not tubs, and all the big sinks were doubles except the one in the other house. We are going to have to do something about that.

We retired to the big bed and the TV, the girls finally finding something not too objectionable to me. I was half watching and half thinking over the baby bath thing. I didn’t have a ‘plan’ so to speak, but we’ll have to see what I could find at the surplus shop.

After a while they actually found a decent movie to watch. We curled up, and just like the other night, Sam came strolling in, shedding clothes on the way in and up to the shower.

Freshly washed, grinning, and drying her hair we heard all about her trip back even though we didn’t understand half of what she was talking about. We let her grin and ramble a bit. Once she had it all out she curled up and we all called it a night.

For those of you that have stuck with me on this series, thank you. And don’t forget to scroll down a bit further to vote, it is appreciated. But remember… it is a series!

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