Sex with Alice


She sat on the edge of the bed, her hands folded in her lap. Reaching forward, Robert wrapped a hand around her neck and bent forward, kissing her on the lips as he gently pushed her down onto the bed with his other hand. As their lips played, he used the same hand to unbutton her shirt, and she pulled her arms from it. Beneath it her nipples shown hard through her bra, and he reached for one.

“Robert . .!” but Alice’s protest was cut short by the joining of their mouths once more. As his fingers gently rubbed her nipple, the arm around her neck moved down to remove her bra strap, loosing it. As he pulled away her bra, her bulbous, firm, creamy white breasts were bared. Removing his lips from their current occupation he immediately went to them, taking a nipple between his lips and gently nipping. She moaned, a breathy gasp, calling his name. His hands were quick, and in mere moments more he had removed her jeans, his hand rubbing the leg on its way down. She put both her arms around him and pulled him forward onto her.

Wrapping 4 k porno her legs around him, Alice could feel the bulge in Robert’s pants, and she thrust her hips forward, eager to take him but realizing that her panties stood in the way. She instead busied herself removing his shirt by pulling it over his head and flinging it off the bed with a giggle. She proceeded to wrap her arms tightly around him once more, her breasts firmly pressed against his muscled chest. He pressed his mouth to hers and she conceded, opening her own to allow his tongue to kiss hers. He pulled away, gently biting her lip as he did so, and stared down at her. She playfully clawed at him with one hand, her nails leaving white trails as they coursed down his arm. He cupped her breasts and she thrust her bosom forward. Squeezing tightly he pressed them and released them in his hands as she whimpered.

Remembering the hardness of Robert’s penis, she knew that he would be fervent for stimulation. With her legs still wrapped tightly around him, 7 dak porno she gently pressed a hand against his stomach, and he sat down. She removed her legs, bending them from the knee and sitting on them, and tugged at his pants, finally removing them to reveal his boxers. She could see his rod looking for an exit, and she slid them down, letting it spring forward. Grabbing it with her hand she began to pump up and down, up and down, eventually he grabbed her head and pulled her towards his pulsating dick. She bent over and lay flat on her stomach, bringing her head level with his penis, and she spread her legs wide, with her soft, alluring bottom just a few feet away, just prior to her pussy, which he wanted to pound so hard…

She took his penis in his mouth, her tongue lapping it like a dog laps water from his dish. She brought forth spit and made it wet. Pulling her head away with a wet, slurpy popping sound, she looked up at him with a grin on her face. “Mmmmmm, yummy. Like a lollipop.” And she dove alman porno on it once more, her head bobbing back and forth as she took him in her mouth. The taste of it was pleasant as she was horny and wanted nothing else but to be fucked like an animal.

Then Alice sat up, leaving his throbbing dick to entertain itself as she lay on her back and spread her legs to Robert. He saw her bright pink, throbbing, moist pussy. He sprang forward, hungry for it. As he thrust his dick, now wet with her spit, into her he took her in his arms, and she threw her head back and cried out, her eyes shutting tightly and her legs wrapping around him once more. He thrust in and out, shoving her up against the beds headboard, and pounding her harder then she’d ever been. The tight, wet, satin socket that enveloped his member was where he wanted to spill his oil. He could feel the warmth from the blood rushing to and from her vagina, and it made his dick’s new home like heaven. He pounded again, and she threw her head back, moaning out “Oh-oh-oh-oh” on every thrust, her voice fluctuating from sleazy to shrill and back again. She began to shout it, and he felt her body shudder, and he came, filling her cunt with slick and oily cum. She gasped one last time and relaxed, moving away to show him her cream filled pussy.

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