Sexting Pt. 23-2


This is the second part of latest installment of my series featuring Jennifer and Chip. I decided to write the story from each other’s point of view. Each section is headed with “Told from Jennifer/Chip’s point of view. You should read Sexting part 23-1.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view


Chip and I returned from breakfast and visiting the two wineries and I had a one-track mind. I wanted his cock in my mouth. Chip was trying to have lunch and serve me but all I wanted was his cock. I challenged him to undress and he stripped and got back on the couch. I had my hand on his balls, which kept him under control. I went to work on his cock and made love to it with my mouth. Chip climaxed and I took all of his cum. For what seemed like a half hour I moved his cock from my mouth to my hand. I always kept one of my hands on his balls; another reminder that I was running the show now. I was kissing him when his cock went off covering my hand with his cum. I brought my hand to his mouth and he licked it clean.

I stood and took my clothes off. I was naked in three minutes; it was a pleasure watching him get frustrated. When I was fully naked; I was on top of Chip kissing him. Chip loved to work my breasts over and his hands worked on my nipples and they responded by becoming erect. Chip’s cock started to re-energize. I directed the head into my pussy and I moved to take all of his length.

“You’re like an all you can eat restaurant, you fill me up good,” I said as we settled into an afternoon of lovemaking.

I heard my phone ring; it was in my bag that was in the kitchen. I let it ring knowing that I would get a message. It went silent and I started to concentrate on fucking my husband. His hands were busy massaging my tits, so I started to ride his cock. It was a maneuver that allowed me the most pleasure. Chip’s concentration on my breasts helped with my orgasm. I collapsed and lay on top of him.

Chip got energized and he began to fuck me. I was on the verge of climaxing again when his mouth found mine and we locked into a wet kiss. I felt his lower body tense and then release and I knew that my pussy was inundated with a load of his cum.

Chip was able to disengage and he stood bringing his cock to my mouth and I gladly cleaned his tool of our mutual spend. I felt his hand invade my pussy, and one of his fingers was in my bunghole. My breathing picked up as he found my clit and worked that part of my anatomy over.

“Suck it suck it real hard,” commanded Chip.

I felt his cock slip down my throat, as I coaxed his cock back to attention. Chip’s attention to my clit and my rear entrance caused me to shudder. Even with the negative pressure I was applying he was able to pull his cock out of my mouth. It glistened in the light. He swatted my hands away as I wanted to work on it again.

Chip sat next to me and handed me the wine glass. I took a sip but my hand slipped down to his crotch. He gently removed my hand and kissed me. He stood me up and directed me outside.

“No No No!” I shouted as he pushed me into the pond. My body became on giant goose bump with the cold water. There was another splash as Chip Joined me in the pond.

He swam over to where I was and we started to swim to the other side of the pond. When we reached the other side of the pond we stood and walked over to where the man we found this morning was laying. I sat on the grass and Chip stood in front of me. His cock was rock hard and I again took it in my mouth. The feeling of his rock hard cock in my mouth caused my pussy to drip. I could feel my fluid drip down my inner thighs.

I took his cock out of my mouth; “Why did you push me in the water?” I asked Chip.

“Sorry it was just a spur of the moment idea. I shouldn’t have I am sorry,” he said.

I stood and grabbed Chip and planted a wet kiss on him and turned and ran into the water. Chip was close behind as we swam to the ladder to the deck.

Told from Chip’s point of view

Jennifer beat me to the ladder and climbed out to the deck. She walked into the house and went to the kitchen and looked at her phone.

“Oh crap,” I heard her mutter. She was busy touching the keypad on the phone. I heard bits of the conversation. I heard her give direct orders to who ever was on the line.

“Heads will roll,” she said assuming her command face.

“Someone hesitant to make a decision?” I asked.

“Kiss me Chip make me feel like a woman,” she said.

I moved her back on the deck to enjoy the sun and kissed her.

She took a seat on one of the lounges and I went back in the house and pulled the bottle of sparkling wine out of the fridge. I poured two glasses and brought one to Jennifer.

“I so enjoy sunning myself in the nude and drinking somewhat champagne,” she said.

I gazed at her lovely breasts. I moved next to her on the lounge, and started to play with her. Alternately I kissed her and played with her breasts. Her hand moved to my cock. Her technique caused my cock to come to attention. 1080 porno Jennifer took another sip of the wine and got off of the lounge. I watched her walk into the house. The sight of her moving drove me wild.

Jennifer picked up her phone and quickly dialed some number. She asked questions and listened to the response. She had more questions followed by more listening. She finally put the phone down and moved to the couch, she poured more of the sparkling wine and called to me.

“When I came in; she opened her legs “Mister I need a sucking, and you are the only person that can accomplish that,” Jennifer commanded.

I walked in and got between her legs and brought my mouth to her pussy. She allowed my tongue to enter her. Her lips were bright red and full. My tongue brushed her clit and she jumped every time I found it.

I decided that I would bring my cock to her pussy and see if she wanted intercourse.

“More mouth less cock, darling,” Jennifer commanded.

I moved back and continued to suck on her pussy. I put my arms around her legs and lifted them to my shoulders. My tongue probed the interior of her pussy. I was beginning to feel that she was about to climax.

“Darling, I have changed my mind, more cock, I really need your cock,” said Jennifer.

I moved up and my cock found the entrance to her pussy. Just as I entered I felt Jennifer go off and bathe my tool in her juices. Her arms were around my back controlling my movements. I pumped twice and shot.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

I was pissed from an earlier phone call from the office. One of the attorneys was working a case and just needed to ask a question. I let her know that her question could have been answered by Captain Collins. Chip marched me back out to the deck and we made love outside in the sun.

I took a break and went in and called the office just to check. After satisfying myself that things were under control I called chip into the house and asked him to go down on my pussy. He as a great technique that makes me feel loved. I then decided to have him make love to me. His cock slid into my pussy and I climaxed and I felt him go off.

Chip got me off the couch and we walked into the bathroom. Chip ran the shower and waited for the hot water to appear. He picked me up and put me in the shower. He followed me in and grabbed the sponge and he soaped me down. When he does that he makes me feel special. I rinsed off and we dried off and I put my sweats on to finish drying off.

Chip disappeared but I heard him in the kitchen. He had a large pot on the stove and it was filled with water for soup. This time he wasn’t using some can but following some recipe he was making a home made vegetable. Chip put cut carrots and celery followed by some wide noodles. This would take a while I thought. I found a crusty French bread and started making garlic butter. I split the bread and coated each side and put it the oven. I then prepared a salad using a bag of prepared greens that Chip had bought. I found one of the bottles of wine we bought and opened it and poured two generous glasses. It looked like we were going meatless this evening.

I slipped behind Chip as he was stirring the soup and tried to help him drink some of the wine. It didn’t work but nothing was spilled. He took the glass and poured a generous amount of the wine in the soup.

I sat at the table and tried my best to distract Chip by lifting my sweatshirt and exposing my breasts. He stopped stirring and walked up to me and laid a wet kiss on my left tit.

“That should keep you,” he said.

“You know we have been going at each other hot and heavy, darling. Do you think you will be ready for after dinner maneuvers?”

“I don’t think you need to worry, I handle my end I am afraid that you might sag,” said Chip

Chip placed a large bowl of his soup at my place. I got up and got the bread out of the oven and grabbed my wine.

When we were both settled “To more hot erotic lovemaking,” I said holding the wine glass.

“To more lovemaking whether it is erotic or not,” Chip replied.

Now I had Chip where I wanted him. He would have to talk. We would have this great session and he would nod-off. I peppered him with questions regarding his likes and dislikes. Does he like to go down on me, does he like me to suck his cock? I found out that he enjoyed oral sex. It wasn’t classified information but it was nice to know he liked some attention from my mouth. We held hands over the table.

“Ok Major Smarty Pants what do I do that drives you nuts,” Chip asked as his hand moved under my shirt and found one of my nipples.

“What you are doing now is driving me nuts, but in a good way. All in all you are a good lover,” I said.

Told from Chip’s point of view

I made soup for dinner and Jennifer and I joked with each other. She tried to distract me by raising her shirt exposing her breasts. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that it did distract me. 2 k porno It was an odd meal for us as it was meatless.

Jennifer tried to engage me in a conversation about our sex life. She had complained earlier that I was always napping after intercourse when she wanted to relive the experience.

I was actually sad that our weekend was ending and we both had to go back to work. Jennifer’s job was becoming very stressful and I was worrying that she was burning out. She was bringing the job home and knowing that she was now carrying a weapon just emphasized my concern.

I was covering my fears as I was to busy messing with her breasts. We sat next to each other and my hands were playing with her tits between eating. I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to kiss my wife. I leaned over and my mouth found hers.

We finished dinner and we started to clean up. I had leftover soup and I found a plastic tub that we could bring it home. Everything went in the fridge and we took the wine and went into the living room. I removed Jennifer’s shirt, and we got on the couch.

“You sir are being just a little too forward,” said Jennifer.

I disregarded the comment and pulled my sweat pants off and kissed her. Her hand found my cock and soon it was standing proud. We got in a classic sixty-nine position allowing her to give me head and after pulling her pants down; I gave her pussy a tongue-lashing. Unlike yesterday the weather was clear and the sky and stars were beautiful. Jennifer had my cock down her throat; I was always amazed that she could take my cock down her throat with out gagging.

Jennifer removed my cock from her mouth and indicated that she wanted it in her pussy. I stood and pulled my shirt off and climbed between her legs. Jennifer rose up and kissed me and using her fingers directed my cock into her pussy. My member was enveloped in the warm wet environment, as I slowly pressed forward. I kissed her again and held still just feeling my cock in her pussy. Jennifer started moving her bum up and down to fuck herself. I put my hand on her shoulders and using that position for leverage I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Major Johnson, I want it hard,” said Jennifer

I picked up my pace and continued to thrust in and out. I moved in and felt my cock explode. I settled down on her and kissed her over and over again. I continued to move my cock in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. I wanted to make sure that she had climaxed. I felt my cock engulfed in warm fluid that lubricated my cock and allowed me to move faster.

I eventually lost my erection and I concentrated on staying awake; knowing that Jennifer might want to talk after sex.

“I tell you this many times but you feel great when you are stuffing my pussy with your cock,” said Jennifer.

I kissed her again and slipped down and planted my tongue on her pussy. She jerked when I found her clit. I moved back and observed her vulva, which was pink and fully engorged. I brushed my tongue over her lips and then dove in wanting her to climax again.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

After dinner we worked over each other that culminated with us climaxing at almost the same time. After a few minutes I got up and dressed, I went and got a glass of wine. Chip took the hint and dressed also. We were sitting at the kitchen table. I expressed some reluctance about returning to the Domestic Violence service. I felt that I was fighting a loosing battle. Theses were the same thoughts I had before the Marathon.

Chip pulled his coach and command persona trying to get me to focus. It worked a little bit. We got up and walked out to the deck. There was a stiff breeze and we could see waves being formed. Luckily neither one of us wanted to get wet.

My arm moved to bring him closer and he kissed me. My hand found his cock through the fabric. “Mr. Johnson, is there no quit in you?” I said.

“Say the word, madam and I will back off,” said Chip

“You do that and I will get mad,” I replied.

I continued to manipulate his crotch through the fabric of his sweatpants. In one stroke my hand slipped into his pants and my hand held his toolkit “To paraphrase someone; when I have you by the balls your heart and mind will follow.”

I directed Chip back in to the house. I released his crotch and walked into the kitchen. Chip sat on the couch and I got us two glasses of scotch. I handed the glass to Chip and stood in front of him.

“Are you waiting for an engraved invitation mister?” Chip took a sip of the whisky and put the glass down and then pulled my pants down to my ankles. His arms wrapped around me driving my pussy into his lips. I pulled the shirt over my head exposing my breasts. I finished my glass in three sips and Chip stood and directed me into the bedroom. Chip would not let me take off my pants hobbling my legs. He pushed me on to the bed. I lay with my face in a pillow. I was trying to get my pants off but Chip held on to my ankles. I felt a hand slide 3 k porno up my inner thighs and stop where my legs joined my body. I felt a digit enter my bunghole, and another enter my pussy. Chip’s arm came down across my back pinning me to the bed.

“Major Connolly there will be no more talk of quitting,” Chip said with a commanding voice.

“No Sir no more talk of quitting,” I responded.

He released me and I turned over to face him. Just as I was beginning to focus, he presented his cock to me. I tried to grab it but he kept my hands away. I opened my mouth and he inserted his cock. He pinned my arms against my body but I used my tongue work his cock over. He released me and stood next to the bed. His body stood at the military attention stance with his cock standing at a right angle. I sat up and grasped his member.

“This is a little more civilized Major,” I said.

“Yes Ma’am,” chip responded.

I lay back on the bed; “Major Johnson, would you do me the honor of making love to me?”

We both laughed as Chip moved between my legs and brought his cock to the entrance of my pussy. He inserted just the tip and kissed one of my breasts. I felt a little more enter and again a kiss on the other breast. He slid a little more in, and then I felt him bottom out. He kissed me. Waves of pleasure rolled over me as he moved his tool in and out. I climaxed flooding his cock with my fluid. He kissed me again. He picked up the pace and I felt him explode.

“Don’t you pass out Major, I want…” It was me that passed out. When I came to Chip had tucked me into bed and shut down the house for the night. He was sleeping next to me but we were both naked and I am sure that we would make love later.

Told from Chip’s point of view

I admonished Jennifer about letting her self-doubt daemons rule her as I held her captive on the bed. She allowed me to make love to her and after I climaxed in her pussy she passed out.

I spread the sheets over her and walked around the cabin I brought the various glasses to the kitchen, locked the doors and shut off the lights. I then slipped next to her in bed. My hard-on was lodged in the crack of her ass.

I surrendered to sleep and didn’t wake until I felt Jennifer slipping on top of me. Her lips met mine and she inserted her tongue in my mouth.

“I feel something hard, should I do something about it?” Jennifer asked.

Now our rolls were reversed; she pinned me to the bed. She lifted off of me and then directed my cock into her pussy.

“I love it when I have you in my power, you become a real wuss,” said Jennifer.

“Watch who you are calling a wuss, Major Connolly,” I replied.

In fact I was in her power and would do anything she said because I know what could happen if I fought her. She road my cock and I snuck a finger in her ass, which caused her to move faster.

“Don’t even think about invading my ass darling,” It was at that time that I forced two more fingers in her bunghole, which caused her to explode. Her mouth found mine and we kissed.

“Wash your hands, now,” commanded Jennifer.

I reluctantly got off the bed and went in to the bathroom. I ran water in the sink and lathered my hands and rinsed off. There was a hand towel and I dried my hands. I was about leave when Jennifer blocked my passage.

“Just checking,” she said, and planted a kiss on my face. Her hand slipped to my cock coaxing in back to life. I looked at the clock on the counter and saw that we only had a few hours left in out weekend. I was determined to make the most of the time remaining.

I took her arm and directed her to the bed. My hand slipped down to her pussy. I was determined to bring her off with my hand. Jennifer slipped down to the bed and squirmed as I massaged her cunt. I leaned down and kissed her but continued the pressure on her pussy. Jennifer climaxed and covered my hand with fluid. I replaced my hand with my cock and started to fuck my wife. I was so keyed up that I went off quickly. I was pissed at myself for going off that quick.

Jennifer wiggled out from under me and decided to invade my bunghole she found my prostate and started to massage the area. This was a new experience for me and my cock responded. Jennifer’s mouth captured my cock and the feeling of my tool in her mouth and a finger in my ass was a novel experiment. She pulled out of my ass and grabbed my balls. Jennifer really began to suck and I felt more blood rush to my cock. I felt two fingers invading my ass with my cock imprisoned in her mouth. She started to bite my member with light touches of her teeth. I finally lost control and shot several volleys of cum. Jennifer again applied negative pressure draining me dry.

“When you are available again, I want a traditional fuck; me on my back you between my legs, your mouth on mine,” said Jennifer when she came up for air.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

I got up and washed my hands after exploring Chip’s bunghole. I gave him an ultimatum that I wanted a traditional fuck; but I knew that it would be awhile before he could perform. I went back to the bed and we became slithering snakes. Chip began to get sleepy. I kept waking him up. I still wanted my full missionary fuck. I am afraid that Chip was getting irritated,

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