Sexual Things I Should Not Do

Against Wall

(You are going to visit a forbidden lover… I have not been a lover yet, but you yearn for it and feel that burning within you… You have been chatting with me for several weeks, and in the last couple of weeks have even talked to me on the phone. You have never seen me personally, but you have seen the pictures I have sent you…..) You have come over to my house to surprise me, and you are wearing nothing but a long black leather coat, no shoes, and you have some revealing attire underneath. You can feel the cold on your feet as you walk up to my door. You have driven a couple of hours just to get here, to my door. It all looks just like the pictures I sent you.

You can’t wait for me to command you, to tie you up or do anything that pleases me and you want to obey my every desire.

Under the coat, you are wearing a pair of black silk panties and a leather black bra that cuts just below your nipples. Your round soft breasts are barely contained within the bra. The night air is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and you can see the cold crisp air with each exhale, as you stroll to the front door. With each step, the coat brushes against your body, rubbing across your torso and rubbing across your breasts and nipples, your nipples begin to perk up, and you are already feeling wet with anticipation as you are about to meet the man who has commanded you from over the phone and online. You are ready to ring the doorbell to my house and you feel a slight chill up your spine, goose-bumps run up your back and over your scalp and around your body. You feel your nipples getting even harder from the cold and excitement.

As you ring the doorbell, you can hear me walking to the door… as I slowly open the door I see you and am quite surprised…. You take a step inside, barely inside my house. You speak up and tell me, “I am here to do the things that you told me to do.”

You slowly slide open the coat, revealing your pert nipples and your moist soft spot, as I can see through the silk panties you have on. I say to you, “You know I can’t do anything now. I shouldn’t see you, command you, or touch you.” I get a smell of your perfume and your sensual odors, staring at your breasts and downward, and then my voice lowers a little. “I shouldn’t touch you, feel your soft skin, or taste your mouth, body, or anything.” My voice changes back to normal, “You should not be here to follow my commands.”

I nearly have forgotten that you are nearly naked at my front door, almost afraid that someone will see you, and also hoping that someone will at the same time. I usher you into the house. My own breath begins to quicken. I shut the door as you stand in my front foyer. Your feet are still cold from the snow outside. I can feel the temptation rise within me. I am not sure I will be able to stop myself. You say again, “I want you to command me to do what you want me to do.”

Now that you are in my house, you pull back your shoulders and bounce a little and the coat drops off of your shoulders, the coat hitting the floor, your bounce makes your breasts bounce and sway as your nipples get harder with the hope that I will touch them, command them. I can’t help but stare at your breasts for a moment. I slowly gaze up and down your body. I walk over to you, “I can’t do it. I shouldn’t do it.”, and you reply, “What shouldn’t you do, what can’t you do?”

I lean closer to you, my own shirt barely touching your skin as I come closer to your ear. I lean down a little since I am a few inches taller than you and I whisper, “Alright, I will tell you what I shouldn’t do.” I slowly exhale and my warm breath wafts over your ear, you feel the heat, and your blood responds, your body becomes flush and you can feel you sex spot getting wetter.

Slowly I let my tongue out as I lick the back of your ear, my shirt now touching your torso, breasts and nipples slightly, then I take your ear lobe into my mouth and gently suck it ever so softly, and then respond, “That is what I should not do.” The tingles run through your body and your soft wet spot pulses as I let go of your ear lobe. Since I am a little taller than you, I am 5’8″ and weigh 155 lbs. and not overly muscular, you can still get a sense of my muscles and trim body through the shirt. I stand at my full height on my toes, and gently kiss your forehead, eyebrows, and then your eye lids as you close them and relish in the feeling of my touch, my soft lips touching your skin, my lips being soft and gentle. I say again, “I should not do that as well.”

You begin to reach out to me, to feel my skin, body, and muscles. I feel you moving and I quickly respond, “I did not tell you to move. Be still and do not touch me. Do not move. Only listen to my words and commands as I tell you the things I should not do. If you do not do as I say, I will be very unhappy and you shall know nothing of me anymore.” I slowly slide around you, letting my shoulder and right arm caress against your body, altyazılı seks my silk shirt fleetingly touching your skin. I slide my hand across your tummy and very lightly flick my fingers over your lower abdomen, just above the edge of your panties and it feels like a light tickle and I watch your muscles respond, twitching from the sensation of my fingers.

As I am finally behind you I trail my right hand around your side, you slightly squirm to the side as it tickles and makes you jump from the light touch. I say to you, “Close your eyes now and do not move or make a sound.” It is quiet for a couple of seconds and you hear my footsteps come from behind you. You are not sure where I went, but I was not gone but a second or two. You feel something silky soft slide up your back. I have a black silk scarf with me. I have folded it into a 3 inch wide long scarf. I drape it over your shoulder and let it begin to slide over your front torso and you feel the soft fabric over your skin. It even takes some of your hair with it, feeling it glide with the scarf over your skin.

Again goose bumps ripple over your body where the scarf has trailed over. As the scarf begins to fall to your front completely, I quickly pull it over your right shoulder as you feel the trail of the scarf over your neck. Some of your hair now trails over your chest like single strands of silk thread. I bring the scarf over the back of your head and taking both of my hands I slide it around to your face. You feel the wonderful softness of the silk as it glides over your lips, your nose, and finally resting onto your eyes. I tie the scarf, creating a blindfold. I then gently gather your hair into my hands from each side of your head and pull all of your hair back over your shoulders. I let your hair slide down your back, more goose bumps ripple down your back like bubbles flowing over you.

I tell you, “I don’t want you to see what will touch you or what you are about to touch. I want you to trust me and do as I command, so you will learn of the things I should not do. You will only be allowed to hear my commands, our emotions, revel in the scents around you, feel the things I let you, and delight in the tastes that I want you to taste.” From behind you I get a little closer, you can feel my warm breath over the back of your left ear, as I take in a deep breath my now bare chest touches your back. You can feel the heat from my body and it is nearly overwhelming to you. I command you, “Raise your arms above your head and clasp your hands together and then, Be Still!”

I then take something and begin to glide it down your right arm starting at your wrist. You feel that it is a single point, it feels a little sharp, not quite scratching though, but it is very delicately touching you. You are not sure if it is a knife point, a pen, or a single tip of a pin. You begin to wonder what it is. You have some feelings of fear within you, but mostly excitement as I am trailing this object over your skin. I glide down your arm to the backside of your armpit, and then twirl it down your side ever so lightly. You feel the quiver and twitches of your side muscles from the light touch. I speak softly into your ear, “I should not do this to you.” And I trail off slightly, “And this . . . “I pause but a moment, your mind races as to what is coming next. I flip the object around and begin to glide the opposite end around over your stomach.

You feel the softness of a feather, and you realize you were feeling the tip of the quill from the feather. I glide the feather over your stomach, twirling around and up your torso to your breasts. With your arms raised, your breasts are nearly coming out of the black leather bra. Your breasts are so round and soft while your nipples get harder from the goose bumps and thrill of the excitement. The top of your breasts are exposed from the bra and your nipples as well, especially with your hands raised high in the air with your hands clasped together. I whisper, “I shouldn’t do this either.” As I glide the feather over your breasts and nipples. Your nipples respond, and just as I finish I bring the tip of the quill back to your breasts and take the side edge of the quill and place it just under your right nipple. I press it into you slightly as I lift the quill up. You take a couple quick breaths feeling the quill edge at the bottom edge of your nipple and with each exhale you feel the quill edge rubbing your nipple until it finally pops over your nipple rubbing it hard as it passes over. Your body jumps from the feeling, your breath still quick. I then trail the softness if the feather over your neck and cheek and over your lips. You feel the center of the feather between your lips and I pass it between them. Your lips moisten the feather along its entire length. Finally the feather is gone, but you have wetted it slightly. You hope for what may come next, you are not sure what it may be, but anal porno you hope for more.

I take the feather and slide it down your torso and you can feel the softness illicit chills over your skin. I glide it down below your navel and then guide it to the right. The soft feathers tickle the front of your thigh and down to your knee as I twirl it over your leg. I then pass the feather over to the left leg and begin to move upward. I twirl it around to the side and then as I reach the top of your hip I glide it back down to the inside of your thigh and I tell you, “Spread your legs shoulder width apart now.” You do as I say without hesitation.

I then glide the feather up the inside of your leg with the feather touching ever so lightly. The soft feather tip reaches your upper inner thigh and touches the outside edge of your panties. I stroke the feather from one side and then go to the other side of the panties and I can see how wet you are. I trace the feather around the edge of the panties a couple of times as I stare at your sweet wet spot. Your panties are glistening with your sweet juices. Now with the quill end of the feather, I place the hard part of the quill between your sweet lips and stroke between them. You can feel the feather getting wet and pressing the silk panties between your wanting lips. I then whisper, “I shouldn’t be doing this either.” And then I take the feather out and toss it to the side with your legs still spread as I stand now in front of you.

I whisper deeply, “There is more that I should not do.” I get closer; you can feel my warm breath on your cheek once more and the heat emanating from my chest against yours. I bend down slightly, seeing that your nipples are still aroused from the feather quill. I place my cheek between your full breasts, caressing your skin with my smooth shaven face, feeling the softness of your skin against mine, going from one side to the other and then I glide down the center of your breasts to your tummy, I can’t even touch the center of your cleavage because of the bra pushing them together. Your breasts are nearly popping out of the bra, my mouth waters at the thought of tasting them; you take a deep breath to feel me against your skin as I glide down. I rub my cheeks over your whole stomach, and as I switch from one cheek to the next you can feel the bristles of my moustache tickle your skin. I place my hands on your hips, holding you gently but firmly as I caress your skin with my face, my nose, moustache, and lips tickling your skin.

I glide back up your torso. I take the tip of my nose as I rise up over your left breast going to the outside. You can feel a warm exhale cover your nipple as I lean to the side to look at it. You take a deep breath, thrusting out your chest in hopes that I will touch it, taste it, envelope it within my mouth to feel its fullness and make you pant with excitement. I begin to twirl my nose around your left nipple, hoping to see the goose bumps on your body rise with the sensually soft touch. My nose touches your skin at the top and rubs over the bra toward the bottom. As I round it each time I get closer and closer to your nipple, and the bristles of my moustache begin to brush against your nipple and I purposefully exhale long hot breaths over your breast. Each circle is so small now that my nose touches the outside of your areole. I finally get close enough that my lips cannot help but touch the tip of your nipple, and then I finally take the edge of my nose and press it against your nipple from the left and move to the side so as to flick your nipple as I pass over it. Your body jumps slightly from the pressure and quick release. Your breast bounces slightly and I then swiftly come back, but this time I let the bristles of my moustache rub over your nipple.

With the next pass my open mouth runs over your nipple while I let the tip of my tongue rub over the tip. I do this a couple of times with you taking quicker breaths with each pass as you feel your body rise and fall from the touch. With each breath you thrust your chest out a little more hoping that I will suck your nipple deep within my mouth. Then I finally stop with my mouth open on top of your nipple. I twirl my tongue around it, and slowly begin to suck it into my mouth, tasting it, flicking it with my tongue. You are nearly panting from the feeling and then I suck long and hard and slowly close my mouth so that my teeth have your nipple at the base, gently but firmly. I begin to pull away from you, tugging at your nipples as it is secure between my teeth and my tongue feverishly rolling around it. As your breath quickens to an almost feverish pace, I finally let your nipple go as it rubs over my teeth.

As to not let the other nipple feel jealous from the other’s attention, I take my fingers and perform the same process with a single finger. My finger twirls around your right nipple until it touches the outside of your areole anime porno I then take my index finger and thumb and place it on the outside edge of your nipple. I pinch down slightly and take your nipple between my fingers. I then start twisting and rolling it slightly. I move my fingers based on your reactions, twisting and pinching to increase your pleasure, with a slight touch of pain to heighten the sensation. And again when your breathing is quick and at a feverish pace, I pinch harder with my fingers and begin to pull away from you. Tugging at your nipple and rubbing it at the same time. You take in a deep breath and almost can’t exhale because of the sensation. When you think the excitement just begins to wane, I pull one quick time and release it from my grasp and again whisper to you, “I should not do that either.”

I pause for a moment and you catch your breath and wonder when the next attack will come. I begin gently rubbing your tummy again with the cheeks of my face. I slowly go lower and my hands hold you by the hips. My thumb touching the inside edge of the panties while my fingers wrap around you to your hips and the softness of your ass. I take one hand away as I stop with my face rubbing against the top edge of your panties. I take one hand off of a hip and take a single finger and begin to gently caress your inner thighs as I did with the feather. I slide the finger on the outside of the silk panties, rubbing one side then over to the other. As I switch from each side I rub across the top of the panties. You feel the pleasure and slowly move so that my finger comes closer to your sweet wet sex. You want nothing more than for me to finally touch your lips and clit. I finally take the single finger and rub over your panties, rubbing the outside of your left pussy lip, down to the back side and over to your right one. Now from the top I rub down between your wet lips, pressing the silk panties between them.

Then I release some of the pressure, and I roll my hand. My finger rolls around your panties, onto your skin, and then to the top edge of the panties. My finger is at the edge of the panties. I press a little harder against you and my finger slides beneath the silky wet cloth. I slide my finger down now; your wetness seems to open your lips so easily. My finger glides between them and gently touches your clit. I slide further between your lips, the tip of my finger now touching your sweet hole. I plunge my finger inside slowly, the palm of my hand now rubbing against your clit. I pump a couple of times and then begin to slide out. I press my finger over your clit and rub back and forth. Then with one final movement I flick your clit with the tip of my finger, but not to quickly or hard.

I stand up with my finger trailing over the panties and then to your stomach. You can feel your own sweet wetness on my finger as I trail over your skin. I reach up my other arm and wrap it around your shoulder and to the back of your head. You are still blindfolded and not sure what will happen next. I take my other hand with the finger still wet with your juices and trail it across your lips. You can fully smell your own sex as the moistness from my finger trails over your lips. I then take that hand and gently grab your head. I come closer to you. I give one slow exhale and you can tell I am but an inch from your face and lips. I place my lips to yours and slowly press hard. My body now presses firmly against yours. Your breasts against my chest, I can feel your hard nipples against me.

I slowly slide my tongue into your mouth. I taste your mouth and your sexual juices. I feel the pleasures your mouth has to offer me. Because you are not sure if you should respond with your own tongue and taste the wonderfulness of my mouth and your own wetness you do nothing since I did not tell you to do so. You just taste my mouth, tongue, and yourself and savor in the taste. I slowly slide my tongue back into my mouth, and now only our lips are touching. The emotions are so high. You can feel yourself tremble slightly, and then you realize I tremble as well. You can feel my lips quiver as they are barely touching your lips. I open my mouth slightly and take your bottom lip between my lips. Pulling gently and you still feel the quivering of my lips. I release your bottom lip.

I slowly speak, “I should not do that either.” After a short pause I say, “You know you were very good. You did not offer your own tongue because I did not tell you to. You were very good by restraining yourself. Now, would you say something for me? I want you to say that you are mine and you will obey me. If you do, I will pleasure you even more and if you are really good, I shall let you pleasure me. You say, “I am yours. You alone command me.”

I tell you “Wait a moment my sweet.” I leave for just a moment. You are not sure why I left, but you cannot wait for me to return. I take another scarf and twist it up. I tell you, “Lower your hands and place them behind your back now.” You comply smoothly and quickly. I take the other silk scarf and tie it around your hands behind your back. It is not tight and you know you could easily pull your hands free, but you love the excitement and you want to obey me.

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