Shanti – Seductive Adulteress Ch. 07


“OHHHHHHHHHHH ADI … UHHHHH… OHH uhhhh *hanh* uhh ohh uhhhh oh ma uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhh Adi! OH MA UHH Adi! UHH *hanh* UHHH *hanh* UHH AHH OHHH … fuck me! Fuck me, Adi! *Lele* … *lele* *mujhe* … *hanh*!” Shanti gasped writhed ecstatically.

“C’mon … c’mon, whore … c’mon … take it … take my cock, bitch … *chul* *rundi* *chul* … *lele* … *le* *mere* *lund* *ko* … *hanh* uhhh ohhhh uhhh *hanh* uhhh ahh-uhh-ahh-uhh-ahh-uhh-ahhh-uhhh *hanh* uhhhh *chul* *saali* *rahnd* *CHUL*! … *lele* … *le* *mere* *lavde* *ko* *aur* *bol* – *accha* *lagta* *hai* *na* *rundi*? Don’t it feel good, whore! *Bol* *saali* *rahnd* *BOL*! Tell me! Tell me it feels good, whore! Say it!”

“Yes, Adi, yes … *hanh* … uhhhh *hanh* uhh … *bahut* *accha* *lagta* *hai* … *hanh* uhh … oh yes … oh god yes … it feels so good, Adi! Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes … c’mon … fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck my cunt! *Hanh* uhh ahhhh uhh ohma uhhh *hanh* uhh OHHHHH!” she cried in reply.

Above her, ramming and reaming his cock in and out of her juicy, dripping cunt, Adi, Shanti’s lover and Professor, grunted his pleasure. He plunged his penis deeper into her flesh and chuckled as she cried out in shock and delight. She gasped and panted loudly, her pretty face turned hard to one side, tendons standing out in her lovely neck. Her lips were parted, her eyes were shut and her breath was and ragged. Adi inflexed his buttocks, drew his slowly cock out of her, then drove in again with a savage, spiral thrust, grinding his hips round and round, churning her cunt-flesh with his heavy pestle-cock, mashing her clitoris, probing the innermost recesses of her cram.

Shanti’s back cambered violently and she screamed, her mouth tearing open in yet another ululating love call. Her perfect teeth glistened as her luscious lips, shining with the stickiness of his gunk, drew back in a rictus of unbridled lust. Adi chuckled and drew out and rammed in yet again, even harder.

It was a hot midsummer day and the rickety ceiling fan of his bedroom refused to go any faster. Their bodies streamed with sweat. This was Adi’s most erotic fantasy realized, just she and the Professor, alone at home fucking furiously, no one to bother them. It was wonderful, absolutely heavenly, being fucked like this by her Professor, with no one to disturb them and more than enough time so that he could take her again and again and again. She never seemed to tire of it, no matter how hard he took her, or how often.

The BSc first year results had come out and she was distinction and all *thanks* to Adi and the other Professor who reamed her on that night before the *Viva* and she got all her *results* to her satisfaction. The Woman understood what sex can do to the career and progress in life if figure is maintained and the holes are kept tight clean and hairless. She also understood at a very young age that men loved the dirt hole and she must keep it the most clean and ready for a fuck, Adi fucked many of the women in the campus – his favourite was a nubile Collegewife of another professor who was on a pacemaker and let his wife find her own pleasures and she got it from Adi most of the time. Her name was Radha Acharya.

Shanti lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide, her knees bent. Now Adi slowed his pace, drawing it out to heighten her pleasure and she whimpered, her body arching and twisting and writhing ecstatically beneath him. Her feet were drawn up high and her ankles locked behind his small, taut buttocks and she dug her fingers into the bulge of his biceps as he moved his cock with measured strokes in and out of her body.

He was bent over her on his hands and knees, the muscles in his deep chest cording and standing out with the strain. His buttocks bobbed and rocked up and down steadily between her splayed thighs. As his penis slid in and out of her cunt, her hips bucked rhythmically beneath him in a union of ecstasy. Her cunt was sodden with lust-juice and his cock squelched audibly as it stroked in and out, the sound drowned only by the loudness of their love-cries. His cock was large, over eight inches long and correspondingly thick, rock-hard and burning hot. It throbbed powerfully in her spasm cunt. His balls were big and heavy and low. He smelled dank and sexy.

He took a deep breath, slid deep into her, swung his hips in a gentle circle, mashing her cunt-flesh and making her gasp in joy as his penis probed the deepest recesses of her cunt. Abruptly, he pulled up and hammered down hard into her, hitting a savage, driving rhythm, ramming and reaming furiously into her.

Shanti cried out loudly, her body jerking onto the small of her back with his punishing thrusts, her feet rising up his slippery back. Faster and faster he went, hammering in and out, ram-fucking her cunt, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing powerfully, his cock piston savagely into her.

“Yes yes Ohhhh yes Ohhh uhhh *hanh* uhhh uhh *hanh* uh Adi *hanh* hd abla … *chodh mujhe* … *jorse chodh* … fuck me hard UHHHH OHH uhhh ohhhh uhh OHHhh uhhh OH uhh Ohma uhh Ohma uhh Oh uhh OHH uhh OH uhhh OHmaOHmaOHmaOHmaUHHHHHOHHHHHH!”

“*Le *…* le rundi le *…* le mere lund ko* … take my cock, whore … take it! UNNGHHHHHHHH *hanh* uhhhhhhhh UHH OHHHhhhh UNHHHhh OHHHHhhhh unhhhhhh *Hanh*-*hanh-hanh-hanh *uhh aHHH uhh yeh … take it … take it, whore! Take it all!” he responded.

Her body was flushed, fiery with lust. Her breasts were swollen turgid the nipples nut-hard as rivers of molten lust-heat rippled through her. She rolled her breasts hard under the heels of her palms and groaned, her slender, tall neck craned back, her mouth parted in a wide ‘O’ of unbridled blossom.

The effulgence of bliss on her lovely face was intensely erotic.

He was her first lover at the College and, as she often said, special for that reason, and because his fucking was so exceptionally good. As he gasped and groaned and cried out, he mouthed obscenities, calling her whore and bitch and cunt and the memory of that first fuck together spurred him. She cried out thinly, her body twisting and contorting in a paroxysm of delight beneath him as he reamed his cock deep into her. She loved this kind of fucking, with him treating her as he might a gutter whore, calling her names, and she responded eagerly, bucking and heaving under him, crying out her ecstasy.

She was nineteen when he first fucked her, and already she was a sexy woman in the bloom of youth. She had a lovely oval face with a pointed chin, a slim, straight nose and slightly flared nostrils, small, cutely stuck-out ears. Her face was narrow so that, from some angles, it looked like her cheeks were plump, but even that was really cute. Her cheekbones were high. Her eyes were lovely, large, darkish brown full of magic.

Her lips were light and full and her teeth were white and strong and even, the left incisor slightly chipped an attractive irregularity. She had a dazzling laugh that sparkled in her eyes. She was vivacious and full of bounce and drew people to her naturally. She could have charmed the pants off the devil himself.

Her skin was like gold, smooth and clear, firm as a grape, without a trace of the body hair he so disliked in the women he fucked. Her hair was dark and tumbled about her shoulders or flounced in a sexy pony tail or was coiled up neatly high on the back of her head. Her neck was superb, an exceptionally long, slender, graceful column under her firm, pointed chin. Her arms and legs were nicely turned and slim, with attractive ankles and wrists and slim fingers and toes, beautifully shaped and arched. Her breasts jutted out, full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit. Her belly was firm and flat.

He only really noticed her recently, and it was obvious that she fancied him and wanted him to notice her. She tormented and teased him, giving him fleeting glimpses of her bare, firm belly, her legs up to the thigh, her deep cleavage, the swell of her breasts. Whatever she wore, a *sari* with a blouse, a dress, a *churidar*and *kurta*, the neck was always cut low, so close, so near, he could see the beginning of her cleavage, drawing his eyes down, down where the sexy gold chain around her neck disappeared and those glasses she wore, with the black thread, the rims a delicate burgundy gold that made her eyes look richer and livelier and sexier, especially with the *kajal* augmenting their inner fire.

In the college campus she wore T-shirts that clung to her curves and *kurtas* with low necks and open-necked blouses with just one button too many left open, *saris* slung provocatively with deep scoop-necked blouses from which her breasts swelled, what he wanted, what he wanted was to pull the clothes off her, to squeeze her breasts, get her to open her legs, to shove his dick into her cunt, to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her.

She exuded a raw sexuality that was impossible to ignore. Her face, her body, her walk, her speech, her look – all seemed an open invitation for men – and him in particular – to take their pleasure with her body. But he hesitated. He was banging her roommate, Nandini, and didn’t know how she might respond to the knowledge that he was also humping the younger roommate. But Shanti didn’t let up. She teased him without respite, eyeing him openly, bending too low when he was in front of her so that her blouse or shirt dropped open and gave him an unimpeded view of her breasts. He was a randy twenty-three, good-looking, hard-bodied and thick cocked, with a fair amount of sexual experience, and his hunger got the better of him.

For Shanti, the waiting was torture, too.

Now that she had Nandini’s blessings, she knew she could have him whenever she wanted. But she took her elder and more experienced friend’s advice seriously and played the game for all it was worth.

The effects were visible: she hentai porno saw the hot lust in Adi’s eyes, the way he raked her body, stripping her in his mind, fucking her, and she stifled the hot lust in her loins, but only just. To have such a sexy man so close by was almost more than she could bear.

She wanted to fling herself at him, feel his cock in her fingers, kiss it, lick it, suck it, have him thrust it into her cunt, her anus, squeeze it between her breasts, wanted to feel the sticky warmth of it on her face and in her mouth and cunt and ass. She watched him constantly, drinking in the sexy beauty of his body, the thrilling rippling of his muscles as he went about his chores.

She loved the sight of his dark, hard body, the cleaved chest, the small, hard nipples, the belly like a slab of rock, the bulging biceps. Her gaze lingering longingly on the bulge between his thighs and she often wondered what his cock would be like, and when she would give herself the chance to see it, suck it, have it thrust inside her. He filled her thoughts, and she tried to fulfil her desire for him by masturbating even more.

When and if she could, she wanted to watch her friend fucking the men in the College, including Adi, and these times were the worst, for she wanted it to be her with them, taking their cocks in her mouth and cunt and between her breasts and in her anus, taking them all, one by one and even two or three together. Still she waited and the tension grew and grew.

When, passing in the corridor, their hands brushed, she thrilled with electric excitement. She tried to get as close to him as possible at every opportunity. She would wait till he was in a helpless position, his arms full of some heavy object, stranded in a narrow corridor. Then she would move forward, they would both hesitate and try and make room for each other to pass. Finally she would squeeze past him.

When her breasts and thighs were against his sides or arms or buttocks, she pressed closer and waited for a fraction of a second more than was necessary her body tingling with arousal, feeling the instantaneous hardening in his crotch, the throbbing of his cock against her flesh. She bit her lower lip prettily, denying herself the chance of thrusting her hands into his shorts.

The first time this happened, Adi was too stunned to react. He knew she had pressed too close, and held her there for too long for it to be a mere accident. He waited for her to do it again, but for several days, nothing happened although she had the chance. Then one day, she did it again quite unexpectedly, and, a few days later, yet again and he knew then that it was only a question of time. He throbbed with excitement. He knew she would be a fantastic piece of ass.

It happened sooner than he had hoped.

It was a hot summer afternoon. Adi was alone at home. Adi was about his chores, when he heard the door slam, and knew that Shanti was home. Her College started early now with exams round the corner, at half past seven in the morning, and she returned in the early afternoon. He knew her routine well by now. She would go into her bedroom and fling her College bag on her desk. Then she’s go into the bathroom, slamming the door, come out after a bit, go to the kitchen for a drink of water and lunch.

Adi had his hands full when she came out of the toilet. He was standing in the corridor, packing a huge mound of linen into a cupboard on the wall. The shelves were high and he was on his toes, with his feet braced with against the opposite wall, his hands stretched up and across the narrow corridor to push the last of the sheets into the cupboard. He had been working for some time, and it was hot. He was stripped down to his shorts and his body glistened with sweat.

She stepped out of his bedroom in his house and into the narrow passage. He looked at her over his shoulder. She seemed to be breathing hard, her lips were parted, her nostrils flared. Her eyes caught him, and he saw the sudden intake of her breath, a glitter in her eyes. She smiled quickly, hesitated and moved forward. He was between her and the kitchen. She had to pass by him.

She hadn’t changed out of her College tunic. It was a grey and white cotton ensemble, with a sash which she had taken off and six buttons down the front. She had opened three of the six. It was one of the old ones and was a shade too short and showed just a tad too much leg.

“Shall I go past?” she asked in a soft, sibilant and utterly sexy voice.

“Go,” he replied, tilting his head toward the kitchen.

She smiled and bent under his outstretched arms. As she ducked, her tunic lapels drooped and fell open and he bent his head and looked down into her garment and lovely cleavage. She had taken off her brassiere. She wore a gold necklace and he could see one entire breast and its nipple, and her belly below. He stifled a gasp.

She was in an equally exciting position. As she bent, her face was kızıl porno on level with his naked belly, his hard torso arched over her. The bulge between his thighs was tantalizingly close, scarce inches from her arm and hand. She looked at it sidelong and bit her lower lip in excitement. So near, so very near, and no one else around in his house, she had come on her biding and he knew she came to get screwed fucked and loved by his cock, and the waiting had gone on long enough. It had to be now.

She froze in place. So did he and stared at her breasts, transfixed. She felt his eyes on them and grew aroused. He could see them swell, saw one nipple harden. His cock began to thicken and she sensed it, saw it and her pulse raced. If she hadn’t made her move, he would probably have flung himself at her and raped her.

There was no need to. She was unable to contain herself. She stopped, turned and straightened between his outstretched arms. She was very close to him, her body almost touching his. Her vision was filled with the sight of his sprawling, deep chest, his hard belly, shining with sweat. She thought it incredibly sexy. Her hands rose and slid slowly up his belly to his chest, and she tilted her face up to his.

“Adi, I want to fuck my Professor, my pussy is wet for my teacher’s hard cock” she murmured softly.

It was all that he needed to hear. He settled on his feet, dropped his arms and held her waist. His eyes locked with hers. Her lovely lips fluttered, parted, her breath was warm and sweet on his face. Her perfect teeth shone. Her hands slid up over his chest to his shoulders. He bent his head toward hers. The first touch was electrifying for both of them. His lips were warm and dry and firm, hers soft and moist, yielding. They met parted, met again, parted, and met yet again, and there was no question of moving apart now. His tongue probed between her lips and she let it into her mouth, sucking on it. He drew her close and her body pressed to his. He could feel the warm prickle of her cunt fuzz through her tunic and knew that she had taken off her panties as well. His hands slid up and cupped her breasts. She stiffened in his arms and he could feel her nipples judder taut.

*Oh god*, she thought to herself, her mind in a whirl. *It’s happening at last*! Her hands tightened about his head, and their kiss deepened and now her tongue met his, communicating her hunger and eagerness. He squeezed her breasts gently, and marveled at their size and weight and fullness and firmness. Her thigh pressed between his legs and she could feel the weight of his erection. No words were needed. Her hands flew to the remaining buttons of her tunic, pulling it open. He slid his hands into it and cupped her breasts. They were warm and lovely and turgid to his touch. He squeezed them yet again, fondling them, rolling the nipples in the hard heels of his palms. She shuddered and the kiss broke and she arched her head, her lips parting as she gasped, her eyes fluttering shut. He pulled the tunic off her shoulders and it slid to the floor with a soft sound.

Sooner than he thought, the lecherous professor, she was naked in his arms, and he thought he had never seen a lovelier woman. Her superb breasts sloped toward long nipples set in dark aureoles. Her belly was flat and firm, the waist nipped in like a wasp’s, and her hips flared to form a perfect cushion for a man’s thrusting loins, and then tapered to long, slender lovely legs. She wore her gold necklace, matching ear-rings, a small diamond finger-ring. On her, thus, in his arms, it was incredibly erotic. He bent his head and when his tongue touched her nipple, she gasped, arching, twining her fingers in his thick hair.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned.

Her body was irresistible. He squeezed the luscious mound in his hand and drew it into his mouth. She cried out, her body spasm with joy as she felt the electric warmth and heat of his mouth and tongue and teeth on her breasts. Flames of lust licked at her loins.

“Yes … UHhhhh … OHHHH!” she went.

He flicked her nipple under his tongue, scraped it across his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Shanti’s head swam with delight. She had never imagined it would feel anything like this. He nibbled on it, rolled it between his teeth, sucked on it slowly at first and then with increasing pressure, and then slowly let it go. Shanti whimpered. He moved to the other breast.

“Adi my Professor bastard!” she gasped, her hands feverish on his head. “Ohhhhhh Adi!”

Her voice, her tone, her fingers in his hair, all excited him beyond measure. He took her hand in his and slid it into the waistband of his shorts. He wore nothing beneath. Her fingertips brushed his pubic hair, touched the hilt of his shaft. Her natural lust overcame all hesitation, and he groaned deep in his throat as her fingers gently encircled his cock, slid down to fondle his balls, slid up and down its length, exploring it with awe.

*My favourite of this season cock!* she thought to herself. *I’m touching my first teacher cock … God, it’s so big … so hard … so hot … so thick how will it ever fit? I’ve got to see it … I want to see it suck it … taste it … I want it … oh god, I want it so much…*

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