Sharon’s First Time Ch. 01


No, this isn’t about my first sexual experience. I’ve gotten several e-mails regarding the start of my sexually adventurous life, so let’s have this be your introduction into my life with my husband.

Let me introduce myself to you once again. I’m Sharon, a now 31 year old married woman. I am an elementary school teacher in a suburban school district in New York State.

My career demands complete discretion but my private life with my husband is something that is often considered an “open relationship.” We have evolved into a lifestyle that is comfortable for us, sexually exciting, and adventurous.

This is a story relating to our life before and after we got married.

I met my husband several years back. He was single, a bit older than I am, and had just recently moved to the town we live in for a museum position. He has a PhD in art history but prior to that he had a successful professional photography career.

I met him through mutual friends and it was somewhat of a fix-up.

Our first date was enjoyable. We talked for hours about all sort of things, things that I was interested and things that he was interested in. I knew little about art and he knew little about elementary education, but I was strongly attracted to him. Maybe it was that he was older and attentive and very easy to talk to, but I found myself being very attracted to him.

Our next date was at the museum he works. It was an opening of an exhibition of classic photographs from the early twentieth-century that he had compiled. It was a fascinating to hear him talk about the masters of photography with such passion and authority. He even gave an introductory lecture a few minutes prior to the opening. It was so unlike the world that I knew. I found myself falling for him more and more.

He was a complete gentleman when it came to our physical relationship. After the first date he gave me a brief peck on the cheek and said, “I had a great time tonight and I’d really like to see you again.” He then invited me to the opening.

After our second date he gave me a more passionate kiss goodnight at the entrance to my apartment. His arms pulled me close and held me just tight enough so I could feel my breasts press against his chest. He smiled and said, “You are a terrific date and I hope you’d like to continue spending some time with me.”

I nodded and said, “I’m enjoying getting to know you as well. You are so different that the guys I usually go out with.” That was true, so true it was almost painful to think about. The usual type of guys I’d meet at a bar or a club would think they were getting some after just offering me a ride home. I’ve had more than one guy try to push my head down to their cock for a blow job.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been sexually active for a number of years. I had my first sex at age 16 with a guy who was 19 and home on leave from the Army. I like sex and the pleasure that it gave me and that I give in return, sharing the pleasure of my body with another man. Over the years I have had a couple of lovers that have taught me to be sexually adventurous. I love new sexual experiences and the excitement of sex with a new partner.

When I decided to become a teacher one of my college roommates told me that I would have to give up my wild ways for the prim and proper ways of a school teacher.

I never fell for that, knowing that I could be adventurous and share my body discretely with just about anyone I wanted to. Yes, there were jealous boyfriends who thought it unusual that I wasn’t faithful to them completely. Guys can sneak around and fuck anyone they can, but women aren’t supposed to act that way.

So after a succession of boyfriends, white, black, and one Asian guy, I realized that I had to find just the right man for me. Who would appreciate me for what I brought to the relationship, but who wouldn’t be jealous if I occasionally shared some meaningless sex with someone other than him. I have been looking for a guy like that for a few years, but the closest I had come in the past was a married guy who only wanted to fuck me and also watch me fuck one of his various friends. Not the makings of a long term relationship.

On our third date we went to a nice restaurant and then he suggested we go back to his studio. He lived and worked in one of the old warehouse buildings in downtown. I was quite impressed with his studio and apartment. It was neat, large, bakire porno well decorated with large windows that faced north. The studio had a large space that he used occasionally for photography projects. The apartment portion of the space was large with beautiful photographs hanging on the wall space and a large gourmet kitchen and a bedroom with a huge bed and large master bath.

He offered me a drink and we sat on his large sofa along the edge of his studio space. He told me about his past, his job, his work. We chatted for at least an hour before I felt him move closer to me. “You are a beautiful woman, Sharon,” he said.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I kissed him back eagerly and pushed my body against his. I felt the heat of his body through my clothes and hoped that he could feel my hardening nipples through his.

About 15 minutes later my blouse was unbuttoned as was his shirt. His hands roamed over my body while my hands did the same for his. His hands caressed my breasts through the thin material of my sheer bra. My hands roamed over his chest and down over the front of his pants. I felt his cock stiffening through the material.

We kissed passionately and I felt myself tingling with excitement. I wanted to fuck this man.

I pulled away from him briefly and stared into his eyes, “Do you fuck a lot of women on this couch,” I asked?

He stared back at me, his hand moving to cup one of my breasts, “Some, but I do my best fucking in the bedroom,” he said.

“A beautiful woman like you deserves the best,” he said. With that he moved back and stood up, extending his hand to help me up off the couch. When I was standing he pulled me close and kissed me deeply.

Moments later we were walking hand in hand to his bedroom.

I entered the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. He moved to a position in front of me and bent his head down to kiss me. I tipped my head back to return his kiss. While he was kissing me, I felt his hands slowly slip my unbuttoned blouse down off of my shoulders. Seconds later I felt his hand skillfully unclasp the hook to my bra and he slipped it off of me as I lay back onto the bed.

He stood by the bed and smiled at me, “Your breasts are as beautiful as you are,” he said. I watched as he slipped his shirt off and tossed it onto a chair near the bed.

I moved to a position where I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He was standing before me and I reached out to pull him to me. I wrapped my arms around his body and pressed my tits against his front. I felt the heat and the firmness of his penis inside his pants. Slowly I pulled back a bit and undid his belt and the button on his pants. My hand grasped the zipper and pulled it down slowly while I looked up teasingly at him.

His pants slipped to the floor leaving him in a pair of briefs with a big bulge. I moved my hands to the waistband of the briefs and slowly pulled them down until his cock sprang free. I wrapped my hand around his shaft feel its heat and firmness. He was as aroused as I was.

Slowly I pushed his cock back against his belly and moved forward to lick the underside of his shaft. His cock was beautiful, not too large, but larger than average (at least the “average” that I had experienced), hot and hard. He moaned as he felt my tongue slide along the underside of his prick.

I licked from his balls all the way up to the head of his prick, then moved slowly back down his shaft. My hand clutched it tightly and I slowly started to stroke him. Slowly I lowered his cock so it was pointing straight at my chest and moved to cup his balls in my other hand.

They were heavy and large. I squeezed them gently as I moved forward to engulf his cock with my mouth. He moaned as I took him deeply into my mouth and started sucking my eagerly as I pumped his shaft.

I felt his hands move to my head. He held my head gently in his hands as I eagerly sucked his cock. “Oh, God, that feels so good,” he said.

I sucked his cock eagerly, flicking my tongue over the ridge of his cock as it filled my mouth. I wanted this man to know that I was eager to please him in so many ways. His cock filled my mouth and eagerly responded to my technique as I pleasured its entire length.

After a few more minutes, I heard him say, “That’s great, but if you continue all you are getting out of this is a brazzers mouthful.” He slowly and obviously reluctantly pulled his cock from my mouth and gently pushed me back onto the bed. He stepped out of his briefs and moved to me, his hands quickly unbuttoning my skirt and pulled down the zipper.

I lifted my hips slightly to allow him to slide my skirt down over my hips. All I was wearing under the skirt was a small lacy thong. “Beautiful,” I heard him say. He dropped my skirt and his hands went back to the thong and pulled it down over my hips. “God, that is so beautiful,” he said as he noticed that my vagina was completely shaved, a reaction I get from most men who actually take the time to notice.

He moved closer to the bed and reached out to gently caress my breast, his hand then trailed down my body, his warm fingers tracing a path along my skin. His touch was electric and I felt my nipples hardening as he continued down. I eagerly anticipated his reaching my cunt. When he did I felt a jolt of electricity as his fingers slowly caressed my labia. It felt good and I opened my legs slowly to allow him access to my tingling pussy. He slowly ran his fingers through the folds of my labia. I was excited and my cunt lips were starting to swell from his stimulation. “Move up a bit on the bed,” he said.

I moved up and he moved onto the bed to a position where his head was between my legs. He lowered himself a bit and kissed my vagina. Seconds later, I felt the pleasure of his tongue start to probe my cunt. His tongue slid deliciously along my slit while he continued to stroke me with his fingers.

Slowly and expertly he opened me with the tip of his tongue and slid his moist tongue along my slit until he found my clit. His tongue circled my tingling clit with precision and he pushed himself further forward and took my clit between his teeth and pinched delicately at my swollen bud.

I moaned loudly as he bit down on my clit for a few seconds, “God, oh God, that feels so good.” He released his bite and swirled the tip of his tongue over my clit. He had done this before, but I didn’t care, because no one had ever done it to me before and I was enjoying pleasure I never knew existed.

He lapped eagerly at my swollen clit, occasionally taking it again between his teeth and would delicately squeeze it between his teeth. He was bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

As he lapped my pussy I grabbed his head and pulled him tightly against my cunt. “Oh baby, oh baby, don’t stop,” I screamed. He needed no encouragement as he continued to pleasure me.

Minutes later I realize I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm, but I didn’t want him to stop. He lapped and pinched for several more minutes, the pleasure within me building. Suddenly I felt an electric-like spasm course through by body and I came violently. My body twitched and spasmed with pleasure as he continued to stimulate my excited clit with his tongue. I twitched violently as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. I came for what seemed like forever.

After my orgasm, he moved along side of me on the bed and rolled over on his back. “That was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced,” I said looking over at him.

“I am glad that you enjoyed it,” he said putting his arm around me. His warm hand found my breast and cupped it gently.

We slept until early morning. When I awoke he was still asleep, but I could tell that he, like most men, was to awake with a major erection. I slid down and engulfed his cock with my mouth and sucked him eagerly.

He awoke with a smile. “Good morning,” he said. “Oh, did I wake you,” I asked?

“Pleasantly so,” he said.

“Are you telling me that this is the first time you’ve been awakened by having your cock sucked,” I said.

“I didn’t say it was, but your talents and eagerness make it even more pleasant,” he said.

I went back to sucking him eagerly for a few more moments. I wanted this man to know that I was experienced at giving pleasure and that I appreciated his talents at giving pleasure.

A few minutes later he pulled his cock from my mouth and pushed me over on my back on the bed next to him. He kneeled on the bed and moved to a position between my open legs. “Your body is so beautiful, I need to make love to you,” he said.

Saying that, he reached over to the nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled dede porno out a condom. He opened it, put it quickly on his penis, and then moved forward. He grasped his cock in his hand and moved its head over my excited cunt lips. The heat of his cock excited me even more.

“Oh, God, yes,” I said softly as the head of his cock parted my labia and he slowly penetrated me. He was slow, my cunt was moist and he slid in easily. We both moaned with pleasure.

He pushed himself into me completely. Holding himself up on his arms He looked directly into my eyes and smiled. “You are so hot and tight,” he said.

I clenched the muscles of my vagina tightly around his shaft, “You are so thick,” I said, “it feels so good.”

His cock wasn’t the largest I had ever had, but he was slow and I could tell that this was not about getting laid, but about pleasing me. He felt good inside me and with each slow deep thrust his cock filled me completely. His shaft scraped over my throbbing clit with each stroke. He was stimulating me like no other man had before. He was a talented, careful, and deeply exciting lover.

I wanted the pleasure of his cock fucking me to last, but after a few minutes I felt myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. “Oh, God, yes, yes, give it all to me,” I said as he continued to fuck me eagerly.

I don’t know if it was his sensing my orgasm or just his own enjoyment of the sensations of my cunt eagerly caressing the full length of his cock with each thrust, but soon he started pumping more vigorously.

Seconds after he increased the speed of his thrusting, I felt my orgasm start to build. After several more powerful thrusts, I felt my cunt constrict around his prick and the first wave of my orgasm sweep throughout my body.

Almost simultaneously, I felt his cock throb and felt his balls twitching against my swollen cunt lips as he pushed himself as far into me as he could and moaned, “Oh, yes, God, Sharon you are one great fuck.” He continued to shoot his load deep into me, his cock covered by the condom he put on earlier.

After we had both enjoyed the pleasure of our orgasm, he slowly pulled his cock from me. He excused himself and went to the bathroom. I heard the water as he washed hic cock after removing and disposing of his condom.

He came back to be and lay next to me, his arms wrapped around be.

“Can I ask you a question,” I said?

“Sure,” he said.

“What is with the condom,” I asked. “Most guys just want to fuck.”

“I did that out of respect for you,” he said. “You don’t know my sexual history, so I thought I’d be respectful. You just gave me a very special gift. You gave me your body for our mutual pleasure.”

“Like I said, most guys just want to fuck me,” I said.

“I can see why,” he said, looking me over as I lay there nude in his bed.

“You are a very good lover,” I said, “I am sure that you can imagine that I’ve got a bit of experience myself. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.”

“Not at all,” he said, “I have learned a lot from the relationships I have had in the past, and I am sure you have also. This was great for both of us, at least I hope it was as pleasing for you as it was for me, and you do things differently than anyone else I have ever had sex with. That cunt of yours is pretty hot and tight, and I like the way you can clamp down tight around my dick. It is very encouraging.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Yes, it was exciting for me as well. You are a slow, caring, and gentle lover. I have never had a simultaneous orgasm with a lover before. We must be on the same wavelength in some way.”

“I had a great time with you, but I really have to get going,” I said. “I have several things I need to do today.”

“Please, please stay and shower before you leave,” he said, “I love looking at your body and it will be hard to let you go.”

“Ok, I’ll shower and clean up before I go, but leave the cameras in the studio,” I said.

“Promise,” he said, “but I do hope that sometime in the future you’ll let me show you my work. Perhaps after you see it, I’ll be able to convince you to pose for me.”

“I’d love to see your work,” I said, “but I thought I saw your work at the museum.”

“That was my curatorial work,” he said, “before that I was a photographer. Still like to think I haven’t lost my skills in that area. I just need the proper muse for inspiration.” “You can be my inspiration.”

I got dressed and he drove me home. Along the way, I was mulling over in my mind what it would be like to be the inspiration to this man. He excited me both physically and mentally. My body was alive with anticipation.

More to come, I promise…

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