She Knows Ch. 08


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About a week later, I was leaving my house when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket.

“Are your panties clean?” Jess asked.

I told her they were, folded neatly and laying on my dresser beneath the pair she left behind.

“Good. Have them on and be at the back entrance to Henry’s office at 6,” she said before hanging up.

Six was going to be tough. I needed to take sports pictures at the high school that afternoon, and the games often went later than that.

I stuffed the panties in the front pocket of my camera bag and left, my mind racing with the promise of interesting evening ahead.

* * *

As I feared, the game ran long. I raced across town and arrived at Henry’s office a couple of minutes after 6.

Jess was waiting inside the back door to let me in, a matching red and black bra and panty set peeking out from under what I assumed to be Henry’s dress shirt.

“I thought you would never get here,” she said. “He had a hard-on when I got here 20 minutes ago.”

She led me into the private bath adjacent to Henry’s office. I dropped my camera bag next to her purse, which was sitting on the floor. I slipped the lanyard that held my press ID over my head and dropped it on my bag before shucking my clothes.

“We’ve got to do something about the way you smell,” she said. “You smell like a man. Henry is expecting a nice, warm female mouth on his cock.”

She produced a small bottle of lavender scented soap from her bag and I took a quick “whore’s bath” using a washcloth I found under the vanity.

I slipped into my panties and presented myself for Jess’ inspection. She reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of perfume. After a spritz to my panty-covered crotch and torso, she took my hand and led me into Henry’s office.

He was sitting on a large leather sofa, a blindfold covering his eyes. In our absence, his cock had flagged a little. Still, half-hard and laying against his leg, I could see it was bigger than that of Jess’ husband. Probably 9 inches hard and twice as thick as my own.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” she said to him.

“Hello, ladies,” Henry said.

Jess put her fingers to her lips, as if I needed a reminder not to speak.

“She’s a little shy,” Jess said as she curled up on the couch beside him, her hand trailing up his thigh and over his dick.

“What is she wearing?” He asked. “Tell me everything.”

“Well, she’s got much smaller titties than I do, so she doesn’t even need a bra,” Jess said as she nibbled at his ear. “And she is wearing the cutest little pair of pink satin bikini panties. They show off her amazing little ass. Would you like to feel them?”

“Yes, please.”

Jess motioned for me to come closer and turn around. I presented my panty-covered bottom.

Jess took Henry’s hand and helped him caress my ass.

“Mmmm. Very nice,” he said.

When I turned around, Henry’s cock was standing at full attention. Jess pushed his knees apart and Henry scooted his bottom toward the edge of the sofa. I knelt between his legs, coming face to face with his erection.

I leaned in and let my tongue trail over his balls before taking a long, slow lick up the length its his shaft.

Henry moaned his approval and Jess cooed with delight.

“Are you ready for her to suck your cock?” she asked.

“Yes, please. I need it. Please suck me.”

Jess took hold of the base of his shaft and I repositioned myself over Henry’s cock. I opened wide and took him into my warm wet hole. When his dick hit the back of my throat, I closed my lips liseli porno around his cock.

“Oh, shit,” Henry said. “Oh, shit.” I took as much of his fat cock in as I could, my lips just brushing against Jess’s hand as she continued to squeeze his shaft. As much as I wanted, I knew there was no way I could risk pushing further onto his rod. The unwomanly choking sounds I was sure to make would be a dead giveaway.

Instead, I increased the suction, and slowly let all but the head of his dick slide from my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his tip, letting the taste of his precum fill my mouth. My own cock, untouched since I slipped into the pink satin, was straining against the fabric.

As I worked his dick slowly, making sure he could feel his head pushing against the roof of my mouth, Jess kept up her conversation.

“Are you enjoying this, baby?” she asked. “I think she likes it, too. You should see her face, she looks so cute with your dick in her mouth.”

“I wish I could see her, too,” Henry said between moans. “I love the way she is sucking my cock.”

As I worked, I glanced up. Jess had pushed Henry’s hand between her thighs and he was stroking her pussy through her panties.

“Ohhhhh. That’s it,” she said. “Feel my wet panties. Watching you get sucked off has me soaked.”

“I want to eat you,” he said.

“Later, baby. I want you to suck and fuck me. But now, you just enjoy your blowjob.”

“I can’t hold out much longer,” he said. “I’m going to cum.”

Jess’ hand began to stroke the base of his cock, and I worked hard to make the most tongue to dick contact that I could up top. Henry was moaning, and his hips started to buck.

“Come in her mouth,” Jess said. “Fill her little slut throat with your load.”

Henry’s hip lifted from the sofa as the first wave of cum flooded my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh. Shit. Shit. Shit. Ohhhhhh,” he moaned.

I swallowed hard, but I couldn’t keep it all in. I could feel some his load escaping my lips, even as I fought to hang on.

I kept swallowing as his cock flooded my mouth with cum. Henry was lost in his orgasm, a string of grunts and groans coming from his mouth as Jess cooed her encouragement in his ear.

When it finally subsided, I reluctantly let his shrinking dick go. I lapped up a trail of cum that had fallen across his balls before sitting back on the floor.

Jess wasted no time. She pushed Henry over on the couch and planted her snatch in his face.

“My turn, baby. Lick me. Eat my pussy,” she said.

Henry mumbled something that sounded like “Thank you,” from between her thighs.

I took this as my cue to get the hell out.

As I reached the door that led to the bathroom and my clothes, I looked over my shoulder. Jess was grinding her cunt in his face, intent on getting off.

I gathered my clothes and my bag and hurried to my car. My cock was no longer hard, but the precum I had leaked into my panties had soaked through.

* * *

I had just dropped my stuff inside my front door, when my phone buzzed again. It was Tom.

“Jess is out of town until late tonight,” he said. “Wanna come over for a beer?”

I quickly changed my underwear, slipping on a pair of boxer briefs before leaving for my second sexual encounter of the day with the taste of Henry’s load still fresh in my mouth.

As I entered his subdivision, my phone buzzed with a text: “Door’s open. Come on in.”

I found Tom on his couch in front of his giant TV.

“Get yourself a beer,” he said.

“Maybe later,” I said. “I didn’t come here for beer.”

Tom set mobil porno his bottle on the end table, stood and took off his pants.

“Well, come get what you want,” he said.

I knelt before him, leaned in and let my lips trail over the growing bulge in his underwear.

I pulled the cotton barrier away from my prize, hooking the waistband under his scrotum. His cock stood proudly from his torso and as a sign of respect, I gave the tip a kiss.

But Tom hadn’t invited me over to genuflect. He wanted to feel my lips and tongue thrill him before I took his load into my warm, willing mouth.

I put my hand atop his cock and with just the tip of my tongue sticking between my lips, I pressed against the base of his shaft.

With pressure from my hand, I kept my mouth sealed to his dick as I licked the length of his manhood.

“Oh, yeah,” Tom said with a moan. “That’s it.”

I let my hand slip down around the base of his cock, and when my tongue reached his cock head, I shifted my body so I could take him into my mouth. Just as I had done earlier with Henry, I took him inside me, trying not to touch his dick until he hit the back of my throat.

Tom groaned his approval as his hand found the back of my head, holding me deep on his dick. I sucked in sharply, increasing the suction on his shaft while swirling my tongue as best I could.

When the grip on the back of my head eased, I slowly let his dick slip from my mouth, until I felt the rim of his cock head snag against my lips. Tom guided me into a slow, steady pace, leaving me to enjoy the sensations of having the second cock of the day in my mouth.

With my eyes closed, I could concentrate on the way his dick rubbed against the roof of my mouth and the taste of his skin as I worked my tongue on his shaft.

While I was hoping to take my time, working his cock until he could take no more, Tom had other ideas. I could feel his shaft swelling.

“I’m going to cum,” Tom moaned, pushing my head deep onto his dick. With my nose buried in his pubes, he filed my mouth with his load, leaving me to swallow rapidly to take it all.

When he let go, I let his cock slip from my mouth and sat back on my legs. Tom disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a cold beer for each of us.

“Thanks. I needed that,” he said. “Jess has been preoccupied this week.”

I didn’t let on that I might know why.

Tom took a long pull from his bottle, eying me as he did.

“Not thirsty? I figured you might need to wash it down,” he said.

“To tell you the truth,” I said as I climbed up to sit on the couch, “I like the way it tastes and I don’t want to lose it just yet.”

Tom and I watched TV for a bit, shooting the breeze. We’d been sitting there about 30 minutes when Tom turned to me.

“Do you want to suck me some more?”

I didn’t say anything. Instead, I stood and prepared to get between his legs, but Tom stopped me.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

When I was naked, Tom looked me up and down.

“No panties today?”

I smiled, thinking about my afternoon.

“Not today,” I said.

“That’s too bad,” he said. “Maybe I wanted to pull down your panties and fuck your man pussy.”

“Well, how about this: I’ll take my underwear off myself and ride your dick until you fill my ass?” I asked.

“Let’s do it,” he said.

Tom spread his knees and I dropped to mine. I grabbed his cock and began to stroke it as I licked at the base and his balls. As his dick stiffened, I ran my lips up his shaft, doing to suck and lick at the sensitive skin under his öğrenci porno cock head.

“Mmmmmm. Work that dick,” Tom said. “Show me how much you want it.”

I opened my mouth and took him as deep as I could. As my mouth worked up and down, Tom moaned and grabbed the back of my head.

With his hand guiding me, we built a steady rhythm. Tom’s cock head pushed against the roof of my mouth and soon the taste of his precum filled my throat.

“Are you ready to ride this dick?” Tom asked as he held my head still and worked his dick in and out of my mouth.

I nodded a best I could with a mouthful of cock.

Tom released me and I slowly let his erection slip from between my lips.

“There’s a bottle of lube in the master bathroom,” he said. “Go get it.”

When I came back, Tom was laying on the floor, his head propped against the couch. His cock had flagged some, not completely unexpected after the load he’d dropped in my mouth earlier.

I squeezed a dollop of lube into my left hand and began stroking his dick. As I worked his cock with my hand, I removed my underwear and masturbated with my right hand.

My cock stiffened quickly and I slowed my stroking. I didn’t want to cum.

Tom picked up the lube bottle and motioned for my hand.

“Get that ass ready for me,” he said, dropping lube onto my fingers.

An electric jolt shot through my body when my slick fingers rubbed across my rosebud. My sphincter gripped my finger as I pushed it into my ass. I added a second slick digit and finger-fucked my butt as I jerked Tom’s hard cock.

He was ready. I was ready.

I straddled his torso, facing away from him. I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock, pressing it into my ass crack. I slid up and down, letting his dick head brush against my asshole.

I pushed back and his dick head pushed past my outer anal wall. Tom and I moaned in unison. I settled onto his cock, until he was fully inside me.

I leaned forward slightly, grabbing Tom’s calves. As I rose up, most of his shaft slid from my hole. As I rode his dick with long, slow strokes , Tom grabbed my ass, spreading my cheeks, giving him a better view of his cock disappearing into my ass.

“Fuck yeah,” Tom moaned. “Ride that dick.”

I had never been control of having my ass fucked before and I experimented with different angles and rhythms, listening for Tom’s moans as a sign of his approval.

“Turn around,” he said.

As I complied, Tom was looking at my cock. I was limp, my focus on fucking him had taken all my concentration.

“Jerk your dick,” Tom said. “Show me how much you like my big cock filling your ass.”

“I love it,” I said as my hand made my cock spring to life. “I have your cum in my belly and now I want it in my ass.”

“You are such a cock-slut,” Tom moaned. “Work my dick. Earn my load.”

I bounced faster and faster, my hand stroking my own dick as his plowed my hole. I couldn’t last.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh shit,” I moaned.

My ass muscles clinched around Tom’s buried shaft, intensifying my orgasm. My cum shot across his torso. Tom pushed up against me, trying to get deeper in me as he came, too.

“Fuuuuuuck. Yes. Yes. Yes,” he yelled.

As our orgasms subsided, Tom scooped two fingers through the line of my cum that splattered across his body. He reached for my mouth, and I took his fingers in, sucking my ejaculate from them.

With his other hand, he reached for his face. A glob of my load had landed on his chin. He wiped it onto his hand as I let his fingers go and started to apologize.

Tom shook me off. He stuck his finger in his mouth, tasting my cum.

“Not bad,” he said. “Not my thing, but not bad.”

We cleaned up a bit, I dressed and said my good-byes.

When I got to the car, there was a text on my phone from Jess: “Today was great. Call you tomorrow with details.”

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