Shooting Stars


Wow, more shooting stars. They are plentiful tonight. Looking up through the screening in the top of the tent on a clear summer night. Love these new tents with the screening on the top. Lying on my back staring at the stars.

What Am I doing?? I have much better things to stare at. I am lying on my back in the tent listening to the slurping sounds coming from my waist.

I look down and see the soft blonde hair flowing across my chest. The cute head of hair is slowly bouncing up and down. I feel the soft moist lips around my hard cock, letting it slide in and out of those wonderful lips. She is moving slowly now, but earlier she was rapidly bouncing up and down. My cock feels fabulous inside her mouth. I reach down and hold one of those lovely tits suspended nearby. Her pace picks up again. I strain to hold off. She has been attacking my cock with her mouth for some time. I think it is time she had a break. I grab a knot of hair on the back of her head and start pumping her head up and down more rapidly than she can do it on her own. I am using my hands to fuck her sweet mouth. She loves being used this way.

This is our first night camping this summer. We both love the outdoors. Sex under the stars is our favorite pastime. Eat, Fuck, and Fish. Going to be a great weekend. The lower foothills of the mountains are cool at night. We are camped near a trout spring. We can hear the water cascading off the boulders as it meanders downstream. The only sounds around are coming from our tent. olgun porno Several other tents are nearby in other campsites, but they have retired for the evening.

We plan on doing a little fishing in the morning. Of course there is always a wager about who will catch the most trout. Win or lose, we always enjoy the outcome. It always involves some sort of sexual play.

The long drive up here was tiring. Packing quickly and of course, picking up several last minute things gave us a late start. But, we got here before dark, set up, and got a quick dinner. But, once the sun sets behind the hills, it cools fast and gets really dark. So dark that we can’t see the surrounding trees without a light. So we retire to the tent. That’s really where we want to be at night anyway.

So, I pump her mouth for just a little while to let her know that I am in charge here. Then I make her rise up so I can feel both of those tits together.

“Roll onto your back. Now it’s your turn to look at the stars. Lets see how well you like them.”

She knows what I like. She instantly flips onto her back and spreads her legs apart. She wants a hard piece of meat inside her. I move up and jam two fingers inside her to see how wet her pussy is.

“Kind of feels like you are ready for some fucking. You want me to slam my hard cock inside you little girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, please fuck me hard.”

We love this role playing fantasy. Daddy and his little slut. Now things porno are going to get interesting. I move forward and hold her legs apart as I slide my hard cock into position. I slam in as hard as I can. She jerks as she feels her pussy filled. She begins to moan as I pump in and out. She is looking at me, and then she is looking past me at the roof of the tent. I know she loves seeing the stars as I fuck her.

“You like having Daddy’s hard cock inside you. You like being Daddy’s little slut?”

“Yes, daddy, I will do anything you want. Please fuck me harder. Your cock feels so good.”

I am squatting between her legs shoving my cock in and out. She has a clear view of the tent roof. Shooting stars are flashing across the sky. The weather guys got it right this time. I am fortunately gifted with the ability to last a good while. I continue pumping into her wet pussy. Slow then fast. Back and forth. She loves both.

I flip her onto her stomach.

“On your knees, slut. Daddy needs to hold on to that beautiful ass.”

Yes, Daddy. Do you want to fuck your little girl from behind?”

“Yes, little girl. Get on your knees for Daddy. Show me that fine ass.”

I get up and feel for the wet opening to her love hole. I stab my cock in hard and she winces.

“You like that don’t you little slut?’

Yes, Daddy, I love your hard cock inside me. Cum inside your little girl.”

Not yet, sweet thing. I still got more to give you.”

I slam in and out until Porno 64 we are both sweating. Then I decide that it is about time to end this session. We need some sleep.

You want to swallow daddy’s load tonight little girl? You want Daddy to explode in your mouth?”

“Yes, Daddy. Please cum in my mouth. I love that.”

I leave her on her knees and move around in front of her. I put my hard slimy cock up to her lips and she opens them and swallows my hard meat. I hold her hair on both sides of her head and begin pumping in and out. I don’t go too deep. I don’t want her to gag. I just want to fuck her mouth. I move faster. Now I am fucking her mouth as fast as I was fucking her pussy. This sometimes hurts her, but she loves it. I continue sliding in and out at a fast pace. Soon I can sense the pressure building. I stop as the first pulse explodes into her mouth. I make her swallow the entire load. I pulse several more times. Each shot hits the back of her throat and she instinctively swallows. She likes the feeling of my cock as it swells with each pulse. The feeling is overwhelming. My body jerks from the sensation of unloading in her sweet mouth.

We collapse onto the air mattress. We lay on our backs, cuddling and watching the stars. I stroke her hair and ask, “Are you doing OK Sweet thing?” She just purrs and hugs tighter. We pull the blanket up and gaze at the stars overhead. More shooting stars for our viewing pleasure.

As we drift off to sleep, she says, “Tomorrow is going to be a great day. Good night baby.”

Yes tomorrow will be a great day. We will fish for river trout, lay in the sun, and then she gets a surprise when my buddy shows up tomorrow night. She will thank me when she sees what he is packing.

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