Show , Tell Ch. 23


I had a restless night. The motel bed was fine, but thoughts of where the affair with Elle would now lead kept springing up in my head. My big problem…? She was a creation of my own making!

It wasn’t that I’d forced any of this on her. Once I found out whom and what she was… it became a matter of suggestion, time, place and luck that had recast her into this “new” woman. In the two years since our affair had actually started, she’d gone from an innocent wife, mother and teacher… and transformed into an exhibitionist, sex toy and, for all practical purposes, a nymphomaniac.

When I’d first met her, she dressed like a pilgrim, had the sexual IQ of an eleven year old and the worldliness of a nine year old! While she’d been very aggressive in her pursuit of me, what she didn’t know about both the strategy of that pursuit and the consequences of getting caught… or worse, succeeding in that pursuit, could have filled a psychology textbook.

Unfortunately, all of the above only contributed to her allure, that innocence a beacon that drew men, and women, to her.

And now…?

As I lay there thinking about this, she was home in her marital bed, her husband off with their son at a baseball tournament, her pussy full of the cum from a man she’d only met earlier this same night! And… if she hadn’t already finished, she would be spending considerable time flushing that cum out of herself, so that she could lick it off her fingers, or whatever tool she’d utilized to do the job.

But, truth be told… all of that thinking and appraisal took about thirty seconds of my time.

The rest of my thinking involved… “What do I do with her tonight?”

With Todd and TJ at the tournament and Kim at her friend Samantha’s house for the weekend, I had Elle all to myself for two nights. Unbeknownst to her, the rendezvous with Dean had been set in place for two weeks. Now, I had no plans for this evening.

Hence… my restlessness.

But, given my imagination and the “new” Elle, I was sure I’d find something exciting and indecent to do.

With a day of beauty planned with her friend Kathy, Elle was booked until after 3:00 PM. With that in mind, I spent a few minutes on my tablet, looking for and then finding a restaurant that seemed promising for that evening, checking to see what time, “2Hot4You,” would open and then looking for, and finding, one more little piece of information before finally checking my email.

Dean had sent me a message, the time stamp indicated he waited all of twenty minutes after we’d left his home, to “plead” for another opportunity to spend time with, “… us.” I was sure that “us” meant Elle, my presence about as welcomed as having Osama bin Laden stop by for a lesson in bomb making!

I wrote back that I was “sure” we could arrange “something” at a future date, but that anything we did too soon would “alert” her to some sort of shenanigans on our part. His reply to that was heavy with regret, but he understood my thinking.

With nothing to do, other than wait for 2Hot to open, I drove to the restaurant where Elle and I often had breakfast, enjoyed a leisurely meal and then drove to see Kat at 2Hot.

Surprisingly, she had nothing new to offer me, her boss having been on a month long “sabbatical,” leaving her with a depleted inventory. We talked about Elle and my recent adventures, the “Dean tryst” of the previous evening getting a, “… you’ve got to be shitting me!” response from her.

I promised to write her a detailed report on whatever we ended up doing that night.

I made dinner reservation and then, with six hours of nothing to do, I drove to my golf course and played eighteen with friends. Rather than go back to the motel, I used the facilities at the club to shower and clean up.

Since I’d, once again, left Elle’s wardrobe selection up to her, I had a drink at the bar and then headed off to meet her.

She did not disappoint.

Somewhere she’d found a seven inch long, black stretch satin mini skirt, with a fully pleated hem. To accent the skirt, she’d worn a black sheer mesh button front top, with loose half sleeves and a scooped back.

I could tell she’d gotten dressed at Kathy’s house because she was wearing the black demi bra she’d bought for another top, the foundation only adding to the classy look of the outfit. Surprisingly, she was also wearing the matching g-string to the bra.

More of Kathy’s influence I was sure.

Oh… and she looked spectacular, the “Day of Beauty” bringing out her natural skin tones, only her eyes and cheeks using cosmetics to further enhance that beauty.

I’d chosen a downtown restaurant for dinner, one where on weekdays after work, the bar would be crowded with young bureaucrats, attorneys, bankers, business men and women. On this evening, the bar was filled with that same clientele, but also with a mix of older and younger couples, on their way to the many entertainment options available in the city.

While Elle and I should have been counted in that latter group… her clothing altyazı porno selection and overall appearance put her in a class of her own.

Just her walking into the building lowered the noise level to barely above a whisper. Heads turned as we approached the Hostess stand the girl taking our name and then walking us to our table.

It was one of two in the front window and offered us a view of the city park across the street, as well as offering everyone entering and those at the bar, an unobstructed view of Elle.

It didn’t take long for that to pay dividends.

Three single guys walked in, the first spotting Elle and causing a pileup in the doorway. By the time they’d gotten themselves untangled, everyone in the restaurant, except Elle, knew what had happened. (I will offer the fact that everything that had just happened… was behind her back and that her attention was on the young server who’d just approached our table. She saw none of it)

The three men got their balls busted by the other guys at the bar and they all settled down to ogle Elle, while she impressed the young man who was taking our drink order and handing us our menus.

They both seemed impressed with each other.

In the meantime, the three antagonists had the bartender duplicate our drink order, another round now waiting for us. When our waiter informed us of it, Elle got up and walked to the bar to thank the men, spending a little more time than necessary chatting with them.

Her pirouette as she walked away proved what they had been talking about, the length of her skirt and what she was wearing under it the main topic I was sure.

That was the way the meal kind of went, the boys buying us drinks and Elle going over to the bar to flirt with them.

She eventually ended up sitting with four of them, as I paid the check, their questions about her answered with slowly spread legs. Seems that… when she went to the ladies room the last time, she’d removed her thong, the answers dragged out until all eight eyes were riveted on her perfectly shaved crotch.

None of them were happy when I took her arm and had her say, “Good night,” the rest of their evening, I was sure, spent searching for someone as provocative as she.

My plan, on the other hand, was pretty simple.

“Passions” was the Gentleman’s Club I’d taken Elle to on the day she’d gone to her plastic surgeon appointment and I had my first viewing of her “enhanced” breasts. It was her very first visit to a “Strip Club” and also the day that Elle had gotten her first “Lap Dance.” Jeanne, a girl we’d met at 2Hot executing that task so well that Elle had mentioned going back a number of times. The reason for that night’s visit was the headliner… porn star, Jesse Jane. While I didn’t recognize her picture in the Phoenix newspaper, she was supposed to be some kind of big deal. Given Elle’s new found fascination with ALL THINGS erotic, I figured she might find the girl interesting.

What I hadn’t figured on… was the club full of men who’d figured they’d find her interesting too!

Luckily, Anthony was working that night. He recognized Elle was soon as we walked in, striding over and air kissing her, a fist bump for me. “I thought you worked days?” I asked, slipping him a twenty. “Boss gave me treat,” he replied, giving me a wink, “but we need the extra security tonight too.”

Holding up a finger, he pointed at a spot on the floor, two tables away from the stage. Two younger guys suddenly appeared carrying a table and two chairs. A minute later we were seated, Anthony pointing now at a waitress, the girl nodding and retreating to the bar. A moment later, she returned with a, “split of champagne,” and two flutes. “Enjoy,” Anthony proclaimed with a hearty slap on my shoulder. I ordered two cocktails, the champagne gone after a glass each.

So, where the nearby tables may have been upset with someone new partially interrupting their view of the stage, their view of Elle more than compensated for that slight disadvantage. And since the girl onstage wasn’t up to the standards I figured everyone was expecting, they were all that much more interested in watching Elle.

As she was watching the men watching her, a “hostess” stopped at our table offering “One on One” opportunities to have a picture taken with Ms. Jane. From the publicity photos that were everywhere in the club, Jesse Jane was a very beautiful young lady, with a lovely figure and quite a resume.

Elle didn’t seem that interested in her, if even aware of her existence.

With the club filled with unaccompanied men… she seemed to have other things on her mind.

By this time there was a pretty young girl dancing on the main stage, every chair taken stage side, as were all of the tables I could see. The buzz in the building was palpable and with Jesse Jane’s first performance due in twenty minutes, I figured the dancers working on this Saturday night were going to do okay.

Another dancer took the stage, this girl very petite in every way amatör porno except, “Good God…” Elle exclaimed, “look at the size of those things!”

And she was right!

The dancer might have weighed a hundred pounds and if she did, her 42DDDD tits made up thirty percent of that weight. And that is no exaggeration!

“She’s going to fall off the stage if she leans forward,” Elle proclaimed as she started to stand, every guy seated around us turning to look, “and the poor thing will be paralyzed by the time she thirty,” as she informed me that she was going to “the girls room.”

Heads turned as she sashayed through the crowd and comments made, her smile a recognition of those remarks. She even stopped in front on the stage and gave me a look… “Can you believe this?” as the dancer performed off to the side.

Then she disappeared into the bathroom.

I ordered another drink and watched the girl on stage. If it weren’t for her ridicules chest she would have been very attractive… but!

With her set nearing the finish, I looked around for Elle. Since she was the only, non-working female I’d seen, I didn’t think there would be a long wait in the Lady’s Room.

Then I saw her, standing at a table on the other side of the stage, talking with the four men seated there.

The conversation was very animated.

They were talking with their hands and she was talking with her hands. They gestured and she gestured, one guy standing up and offering her his seat, she pointing in my direction and then at herself. Laughing, she waved at them and started walking towards me.

That was when the set ended for the girl with the enormous breasts, the music continuing as she picked her tips up off the stage.

Looking for Elle I spotted her stopped once more, this time at the bottom of the stage, two men engaging her in the same way the other four men had done, Elle bent over, everyone’s hands flying around, the men pointing and Elle pointing.

And… behind her, sitting alone at a table against a wall, an older man, wearing a suit with a bright red tie… had his head cocked to his right and he appeared to be looking under Elle’s skirt.

Naked women on the stages all around him… and he’s acting like a junior high school kid. Thank God men never have to grow up!

Again, she laughed at what one of the men said, stood up and waved to them, now walking quickly back to me

The music stopped and the DJ called out, “… Crystal… main stage… Crystal.”

The young girl was still picking dollar bills off the stage floor, the noise level down to a disconcerting drone without the music.

Again, the DJ… “Crystal… main stage…”

Another pause as the girl with the monstrous chest finally cleared the stage.

One more, “Crystal…”

Some yahoo yelled out, “Crystal… get your dumb ass up on the main stage!”

I then watched Anthony suddenly appear out of nowhere… wading through the tables until he was leaning over the culprit, his face in the guy’s face, a large finger wagging under the idiot’s nose and a strong warning issued through clenched teeth.

Everyone got the message.

I got up to hold Elle’s chair and welcome her back… when I saw what had caused her interrupted journey back to our table.

She’d taken her bra off and, by the way the guy in the suit was looking under her skirt… he’d probably guessed that her g-string was gone too!

She looked fucking awesome… her tits as visible as if she was wearing nothing and every one of the men around us seemed to think the same thing. Adding nothing to her exposure, but everything to her intent, she’d also unbuttoned the top three, of the six buttons on her blouse.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“Yes… why?” giving me a questioning look.

“I was just wondering if you were competing with the dancers?”

“Why would you think that?” still perplexed.

“Well… it took you forever to get back here from the Ladies Room. And from the way you were working the tables, I thought you were either seeing who was more popular or maybe selling yourself?”

That earned me a playful slap on the arm and then, “I only stopped and talked to a couple of guys.”

“I’d say it was seven,” I replied.

“Crystal…” one more time, but then interrupted.

“It was only five… or six,” looking at me.

The house lights dimmed and a spotlight focused on the curtain at the left side of the stage.

“You missed the guy by himself, sitting behind the two guys at the stage.”

She looked in that direction, then back at me, “Who?”

“Suit, red tie… he was looking under your skirt when you bent over to talk to those men… seemed impressed.”

The man saw her looking at him and raised his drink in salute. She smiled back at him.

Looking at me… “Men are such pigs,” with a smile for me too.

The spotlight focused even more, the music started and the curtain parted…

A vision in white stepped onto the stage.

Blond, we could animasyon porno see her blue eyes sparkle from where we were sitting. She danced into the middle of the stage, her movements more liquid than flesh and bones, although her flesh and bones were extremely well put together.

The white sheath she was wearing looked as if it was painted on her, not a seam, pucker or thread showing while displaying her fantastic body. Every seat at the stage was immediately filled, men even kneeling between the chairs for the opportunity to watch her up close.

“God… she’s beautiful,” Elle breathed.

Besides dancing through the curtain, Crystal had yet to do anything… but that didn’t stop dollar bills from flying onto the stage!

When she really did start to dance, I thought to myself, “With this girl dancing here… why would they need Jesse Jane? Crystal could headline any club I’d ever been to!”

Again her movements were hypnotizing, her eyes seemingly on every man in the club and every eye on her.

She was now dancing along the perimeter of the stage, that dance still more liquid that solid, every move coordinating to mesmerize her audience.

Reaching into my pocket I took out a handful of the $1 and $5 bills I’d brought with me. I didn’t need to repeat where I’d told her put the tip money, nor was she surprised when I reached over and unbuttoned two of the remaining three buttoned buttons on her blouse.

Standing, she turned and said, “All the chairs are taken.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied, “someone will offer you theirs.”

Shrugging, she turned again and walked the ten steps to the stage

At least six guys propositioned her, two stood to offer her a seat at their table and one guy pulled out his cell phone and asked if he could take her picture.

A growled… “Hey…” from Tony ended that proposal!

And as I had predicted… one of the reprobates at the stage noticed Elle approaching and rose to offer his seat….

… his reward was a spot over her right shoulder, as he squatted behind her looking down into her open blouse and naked crotch, her tiny mini-skirt having ridden up when she sat down!

Neither of her neighbors to the right and left missed the show either, both now paying 100% of their attention on Elle, rather than Crystal.

A professional… Crystal noticed undue attention being paid to something on her right and turned to find out why.

Elle was impossible to miss, that despite the spotlights shining in Crystal’s eyes. Not one to miss an opportunity, she immediately danced over in front of Elle, the attention of every man in the club now focused on the two of them.

As she stopped in front of Elle, the first song ended… the second starting as Crystal bent at the waist and offered Elle her hand. Looking back at me, Elle’s eyes grew… unsure of how to react.

Crystal quickly solved that by reaching under Elle’s chin and forcing her to her feet.

Every eye on the left side of the stage was now on Elle’s ass, the mini skirt so tight around her waist it didn’t fall down when she stood up!

“She’s amazing.”

Looking to my right… it was the gentleman in the suit with the red tie.

He gestured at Elle’s empty chair… I nodded.

Once seated, he repeated himself, “She really is quite amazing.”

“I agree… one of the most beautiful young women I’ve ever seen… what is she doing here?”

He laughed… “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

With Elle now standing in front of her, Crystal bent close and whispered something into Elle’s left ear. Smiling, Elle reached behind the dancer’s neck and untied the strings that were holding the top of the dress up. With Elle still holding the strings, Crystal slowly stood up, the dress coming off of her until Elle let go, the garment now a puddle at the girl’s feet.

If possible, with the music wailing over the sound system… it got quiet in the building.


With Elle still standing, Crystal bent forward again… swished her long hair in Elle’s face… and then took her face in both hands and kissed her passionately on the lips!

The kiss lingered….

The crowd erupted, money flying onto the stage, as Crystal stood up once more and danced away from Elle.

She stood there… still unaware of her mini skirt’s rebellion, before finally sitting again.

Suit and tie leaned over… “Harold.”

I introduced myself and we watched as Crystal danced on the other side of the stage… where the patrons threw money at her, but insisted that she go back over to where Elle was seated!

“Come here often?” Harold asked.

“I’ve been here a few times,” I answered, “but this is only her second experience with the place.”

Harold nodded, seeming to be digesting my answer.

More money flew as she danced back in that direction.

With her set only two songs long, Crystal knew she couldn’t waste this opportunity. Settling in front of Elle, she sat down on the edge of the stage, placed her feet on the two chairs on either side of Elle… and gave them a shove. The occupants of the two chairs immediately realized why the dancer had done this and moved to clear out a space for Crystal to slip off the stage and then sat facing her, her arms going around Elle’s neck and drawing her hear forward…

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