Showing Off Sud


After the workplace fuck, it had become clear to me that Sud had crossed over the line. Before she came to the lab at 5 am in the morning, I knew I would have to push her to do things. She would do everything, but there was this push she always needed to get out of her shell, to push herself out of her comfort zone, her safe practices. But after that day, her spontaneity was enough to convey how she had tied herself to me. Her actions told me how eager she was to please me. Her words told me how aroused she got from my attention.

Until someone found out, I could look forward to absolute bliss of a sex life. It happens very rarely that you find a temporary arrangement which feels permanent and has all the indications of being permanent, and yet is not! In theory, you can walk out anytime you want. What else could a 27 year old single man want?

I had always been fit but not ripped fit. I worked out regularly. In the lead up to the first time I fucked Sud, something had triggered an extra urge to be strong and look big. I had started putting in more effort with higher intensities in the gym. It had been about two months now and the efforts were showing. I was close to graduating, I looked biggest I had been in years and I had Sud. My confidence was sky high.

Why do I talk about this? Because it is funny how even when things are going absolutely fine, your brain wants to get tickled more. It wants more endorphin. I wasn’t in love with Sud, so that endorphin had to come from sexual titillation.

In my apartment, 3 of us were graduating and 1 was in the last leg. What that meant is we rarely saw each other. Everyone was running around trying to finish up either the final paperwork or the work which would let them graduate. My own schedule was totally messed up. I would sometime be home at 2 am and leave at 8 am. Now it had been a week since Sud was in the apartment, and I was sure my roomies would have something to say about it. But somehow, I never ran into them.

Then it happened. One evening, a week from the apartment episode, I was home early. The guys were playing games on xbox. When I entered, they greeted me, I greeted them and then I proceeded to fill my water bottle. I had brought dinner and wanted to enjoy it in my room. Just then roomie

paused the game and shouted.


: Broooooo! Who was that chick!

I was expecting this. So I looked at him and chuckled and said nothing. I started grabbing my plate and cutlery. The rest of them joined in.


: Broooooooo, you gotta tell us man. Who was that!

: Stop smiling you mofo! You have to tell us!

I smiled at all of them and didn’t respond. I cleaned my cutlery and plate.


: Fuck you man! You are smiling! That your new girl?

Me: Chill guys. She is a friend.


: A friend? A friend? Where can I find such friends! I want two of those!

: Broooooo, seriously? Who she?

Me: I told you guys. She is a friend.

: She have friends? You intro me?

I just smiled again.

Me: Sorry bros, can’t help you out.


: Fuck you bro! You sly mofo! We thought you are the biggest nerd and then you land up in here with this knockout.

Me: Language bros, she is a friend.


: Ooooooh. that how you are now? Ok ok, my bad. This girl. All right? Oh by the way, I thought you should know, all the time you were banging her, our bro roomie

was jacking off furiously in his room.


threw a cushion at roomie

and shouted, “fuck you asshole.”

The two of them laughed hysterically. Roomie

was clearly embarrassed.

Me: Well I am glad you all enjoyed. Especially you, roomie

. Now I will go eat my dinner in my room.


: Fuck all of you. All of you, assholes.

He went into his room as well, embarrassed and angry. I chuckled and entered my room as well. I set down my plate on my table and started eating. A thought crept into my head. Bringing Sud over to my apartment and fucking her in presence of my roommates was actually an arousing thought. I could feel my cock respond at the thought. Why did I like it? Was it the dominant inclination? Was it the fact that finally I am bringing a woman over? Was it the fact that I wanted this subtle exhibitionist angle now to keep the juices flowing? The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced, I should do it again.

I felt a massive urge to show off Sud.

I observed myself over the next few days. Was it something I really wanted or was this just a fleeting fantasy? I didn’t say anything to Sud during these days. I observed how the urge grew and clung on. It wasn’t fleeting. It was here to stay. I imagined how these three guys would be talking about us. How they would be trying to find out more about what is happening on the other side of the door. How they must be imagining what Sud looked like naked.

I hadn’t sent Sud the sextape yet. She was pestering me for it. I wanted to find a safe way to store all of it. I had got a new hard drive. I put all the material on it and sex izle encrypted it. Then I removed everything from my phone and just kept the ones from the last day to forward to her.

I texted Sud.

Me: What’s up bombshell?

Sud: Heyyyyyyyyy (blushing smile)

Me: How was your day?

Sud: Send me my video!

Me: Wow, that horny, huh? I asked how your day was and all you want is the video.

Sud: I am sorry! I am just so eager to look at it. When can you send it?

Me: I will. Relax.

Sud: Please! I have been asking you for 2 days! Why won’t you just send!

Me: Ask nicely.

Sud: I don’t get it.

Me: What did I ask you first?

Sud: I am sorry. Day was good. I sold another painting today. I am so happy!

Me: Which one was it?

Sud: The daffodils in the wind.

Me: That was a nice one. I am happy for you. So you want the sextape?

Sud: Yes, please.

I enjoyed making her talk about sex.

Me: Why?

Sud: I want to see how it looks.

Me: How what looks?

Sud: How both of us look

Me: No you have to be clearer.

Sud: I want to see how I look when I am pleasuring you.

Me: Is that all?

Sud: And how you look when you are fucking me

Me: And?

Sud: I want to see how getting fucked by you looks like.

Me: Will you be touching yourself when you watch it?

Sud: Yes. Many times. Every time I watch it, perhaps.

Me: What do you want at that point?

Sud: More of that. More of you. I want to be with you, around you.

Sud: Just talking about it with you gets me so wet.

Me: Talking to me gets you wet?

Sud: I don’t know how. There is this switch. You have a switch. When you flick it on, it makes me so wet. I want to be around you.

Me: When does that happen?

Sud: When you have this change, you go from normal to someone else. And when you become that I wet my underwear wanting to be around you.

Me: When I become this someone else, you want to be my slut?

Sud: Yes, a hundred times over. I am gushing right now. I am typing with a hand and my other hand is in my pussy. That is what you do to me.

Sud: I haven’t even seen the video, but I feel like I will rub myself crazy when I do. I am just imagining how we look on video and your face and your body and I am flowing.

Me: I know you will.

Me: Hey, I wanted to ask you, how did you feel about my apartment?

Sud: It was embarrassing to walk out! I knew they heard me. They were judging me!

Me: But what did your pussy say?

Sud: You know what it said. You ploughed it until you sweated out.

Sud: God, your sweat on my back. I can’t describe how I felt. Just those cold sweat drops on my back, I have never felt that sensation.

Sud: When you have to go very hard on me to cum, I feel like I will pass out from all the sensations. When you grab my hair in a bunch and ride me like that, slapping my ass, I could cum just from what your hands do. Just your touch is enough.

Sud: Why do you ask about the apartment?

Me: My friends wanted to know who you were.

Sud: No! Oh my god! They must be thinking I am a whore!

Me: I told them you are a friend.

Sud: What kind of friend moans like a whore knowing there are others present…

Me: My personal pornstar.

Sud: Blushing smile

Me: I want you to come to my place tomorrow evening.

Sud: No! You just told me they asked you about me. That would be so awkward. And embarrassing.

Me: Yes. They did. That is why you will come again.

Sud: But why?! You can come home tomorrow. My husband will return late and kid has his karate class.

Me: Because I want to show you off.

Sud: Oh my god! What do you mean show me off? Are you crazy?

Me: I want them to watch as you enter the room. Then I want to fuel their curiosity with your moans. The more you moan, they more will they want to know what I am doing.

Me: We will be loud and carefree. They will wish, all three of them, they could be me. All of them, all three, will wish they had a you.

Me: They will wish the doors were made of glass and they could see why you were moaning so loud. But they won’t. So they will imagine how we are fucking.

Me: If you sound ecstatic enough, they will wish their partners were you. They will want their partners to be you.

Sud didn’t respond for a few minutes.

Sud: Oh my fucking god. That is so hot. I came just by reading it.

She had sent a short video of her pussy oozing as she rubbed it.

I sent her a picture of my erect cock.

Me: I didn’t. But it turned me on.

Sud: Oh god. I want to swallow all of it right now.

Sud: I can do anything for this.

Sud: You became this aroused thinking about this scene?

Me: Yes. I feel the need to show you off.

Sud: They are not your friends right?

Me: No

Sud: And they will all move out in a few weeks when you graduate?

Me: Yes

Sud: None of them would have any overlap with us, right?

Me: Unlikely.

Sud: sikiş izle Show me off. 🙂

I sent a happy smiley.

Sud: Can I ask you something?

Me: Go ahead

Sud: You become so hard instantly. With the few men I have been with, it took time. And even then they were never this hard all the time. Do you get turned on so much?

Me: I am fucking you in my mind long before you take my cock in your mouth.

Sud: I am rubbing myself again. You fuck me in your mind?

Me: A lot.

Sud: Oh god. You have fantasies about me?

Me: Most of them I make you fulfil. So they are not fantasies. Just predictions for future.

Sud: What is the prediction for tomorrow?

Me: You will walk out of my room, dishevelled, makeup ruined, wrapped in a towel and head for the shower. 3 fans of yours would watch shocked.

Sud: Fuck, fuck, fuck! I can’t imagine I would do this.

Me: And yet.

Sud: You have made me so wild. I don’t even know how I was who I was before you came around.

Me: I am glad.

Sud: One more question. This is weird. But I am puzzled as well.

Me: Ok. Go on.

Sud: My bfs and my husband, for all of them, getting to cum in my pussy was their final level with me. They worked up towards that. Once they reached there, they knew I was theirs.

Sud: You fuck me raw from the day you started. But you never have any desire to cum inside of me. Why is that? You know I am on birth control.

Me: Don’t you know?

Sud: No. It puzzles me. I thought men wanted that.

Me: I would want that, if I needed validation that you belong to me.

Me: I already know you belong to me.

Me: I have made you break your sexual inhibitions. I have fucked you in a public washroom while gagging you with my underwear. You have come to me at 5 am to get fucked at my workplace.

Me: I have brought you over to my apartment and made you moan loud enough to make 3 cocks hard.

Me: You can’t get a satisfactory orgasm without me watching.

Me: You are already mine.

Me: I don’t cum in your pussy because I love watching you eat it. It is more erotic for me to cum on your pretty face, something I can see. And then watch you fetch it all to swallow. That tells me you will do what pleases me.

Me: If I wanted to cum inside your pussy, I would, and I know you would like it.

Me: I don’t need to do anything to know you are mine now.

Sud fell silent for sometime.

Sud: I have no words.

Me: Good. I don’t think you need to say anything.

Sud: Everything you say is true. I can’t cum at all without you, either you in person, or imagining you or you watching.

Me: That makes me

I sent her another pic of my erect dick.

Sud: I can’t sleep if you keep talking to me and showing me this! I have rubbed 3 out in the last hour. I need to get to bed.

Me: See you at 6 pm tomorrow. Wear something sexy and look like we are going to hit a club.

Sud: Blushing smiley

Sud: I will make sure I am worth showing off.


I woke up the next day knowing exactly what I had to do. I would squeeze in work until afternoon. After that I should be at home and make sure everyone was home before I commenced today’s debauchery. I wanted to ensure that the fucking was broadcast. I rarely opened the windows in my room, to keep it quiet and cool. But today, I wanted them open. Opening windows that haven’t been touched in a year is some work. I had to remove a ton of books and papers out of the way. Then I had to find a place to dump it all. Prepping my room took a good 30 mins. With my hobbies and my studies, there was much less room than I needed to store all my stuff. But what the hell, I am gonna mess it up in the evening any way.

Today’s fuck was about show off. It had to be long and high-intensity. I checked on my desensitizer stock. Then I proceeded to the gym and got in a big lunch. I worked for a few hours and then got back early. I texted Sud.

Me: Remember to dress up. I am showing you off.

Sud: You won’t be disappointed.

She sent a few pics.

She was looking absolutely smashing. She wore a tight fitting LBD. The fabric of the dress followed the contours of her body like a second skin. Her assets were augmented to the point of feeling trapped in the dress. Her eyes and lips were made up. She was dressed to slay. My cock sprang up thinking about how she would look with my cock in her mouth and at the end of the evening.

Me: Impressed. Get that body here. I have work to do.

Sud: Package will be delivered as agreed. 😉

Me: Come up all the way directly to my room, door will be open.

Sud: Ok.

This was deliberate. I wanted her to knock and one of my roomies to open the door for her for them to see how hot she was. Things get awkward if I fetch her and they avoid much eye contact. I checked the watch and numbed my cock in advance. I cleaned up my room a bit and left stuff on my study table. I called my roomies to türk porno my room for some bullshit small talk. I wanted them to see how the room was now. The plan was for them to see how it looked after I had Sud over. Why? I don’t know. I went with the flow of this new kink.

Sud arrived on time. She knocked on the main door of the apartment.

I had kept my door open to hear the interaction. Roomie

was in the living room. He got up to open the door and was surprised.

Sud: Ummmm, I am looking for…


: Hey! Hi again! Wow, you are … Wow! You look good! He is in his room. You guys going out tonight?

Sud: Hi. I think so. So is he…?


: Yeah yeah he is in, come in.

I could hear the sound of Sud’s heels move towards my room. Roomie

shut the door and shouted.


: Dude, your friend is here.

I got up and walked to my room’s door and leaned on it.

Me: Hey you.

Sud was blushing like a teenager in love. Her head was tilted downward.

Sud: Hey.

I took a brief moment to admire this beauty. She looked gorgeous, decked up like this. Through the corner of my eye, I caught roomie

totally checking Sud out. He was casually scanning her. I was leaning on the door frame. Sud was standing just a few feet away from me.

Me: You look hot.

She blushed and made eye contact for a few moments. She was blushing red.

Me: You ready?

Sud looked confused.

Me: You ready?

Sud: Yes

Me: Come in.

I kept my volume loud enough for roomie

to register everything but soft enough to not look overly staged. As she was walking in, I placed my hand on her lower back and let it fall to her plump ass. I gently squeezed it while guiding her into the room. All of this, in plain view of roomie


I feigned ignorance of his presence and walked in following her. I gently tapped the door to swing it towards the closed position. But it wasn’t strong enough to close it completely. The door rested on the frame, without being completely shut. It was intentional.

Sud walked in a few steps and stood facing the window, away from the door. I walked up close behind her and held her by the waist. A hissing sound escaped her lips as I placed my mouth on her neck. I kissed gently.

Me: You look beautiful.

Sud: Thank you.

Me: You knocked this out of the park.

Sud whispered: I am glad you think so. All this is for you.

She reached back to grab my head. I started nibbling her ears. She was hissing again. One of my hands reached into the dress from the bottom. I encountered very silky lingerie. I slipped into them and started playing with the clit. A moan escaped her lips.

Sud: Oh god. Yes. Please. Yes.

While nibbling her ears, I took the rare bite of her neck. I didn’t want to leave marks in exposed areas. But the hormones were driving me crazy. My fingers were now making very wet sounds from her pussy. She heard this.

Sud: What do you do to me baby? I am so fucking wet.

Me: You are.

I rubbed my fingers vigorously while biting the lower part of her shoulder, the parts which could be hidden by her normal at-home clothes.

Sud moaned loudly: Oh god, please don’t take it out. Ahh ahhha haaaaahhhh

I quickly turned her around to face me. Her eyes were rolled upwards. She looked like she was in a trance. My fingers were still impaled in her. She was buckling towards me to give me more access. I held her body at the back with one hand and with the other, I was digging her out. Only the whites of her eyes were visible under this assault by my fingers. I was supporting her weight with my hand. She had let go almost completely, barely using her muscles to stand herself up. I had thrust in 2 fingers and was doing all kinds of motions I could inside her pussy.

Sud: Oh god oh god oh godddddddd. Don’t stop. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Fuck yes.

It was driving her crazy. Sometimes she would draw away from my fingers and sometimes into it. Her breathing was heavy. She didn’t have the control to even open up her eyes. She came hard right onto my fingers. Her small body shuddered and shivered as the wave subsided. My fingers were sloppy slimy wet now. Then she opened her eyes and fell onto my chest. I let her breathe and compose herself.

Sud: Do you think he is hearing?

Me: I am sure he is.

I stepped away from her and around, positioning myself just behind her. She could now see the door. She was hissing from the motion of my fingers in her.

Sud: The door… The door. It is not… it is not completely shut.

Me: I know.

She moaned loudly as I intensified the fingering assault.

Me: You can go close it when you are bothered by it.

There was a very small gap between the frame and the door. Just a few millimeters or so. I don’t know what could be seen from outside. From inside, I could just see the patterns of light coming through change, when someone walked by or stopped.

Me: Do you want to close it?

Sud: It will be… awkward …now. I think …I think…it is almost… shut.

She was talking in between her moaning. It was sounding incredibly erotic. I grabbed her neck with one hand and dug out her pussy with the other.

Sud: My god, oh my god, I have never been fingered like this. Your hand is so big.

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