Silk Panties


We’ve just returned home from dinner, and as I undress, I feel you walk up behind me. Clad only in my bra and panties, I lean back into your embrace. Your strong arms crush me back into you, and you lean down to nuzzle my neck, breathing in the scent of me.

I smile and melt into you. Your skin is warm against mine, and your cotton boxers are slightly cool against my back. I can feel your excitement through our contact, and I look forward to the perfect finish of another wonderful evening spent with you. Your hands roam my torso, running up and down between my abs and my ribcage. Your fingers flutter along, touching my soft, supple skin, teasing me.

I can feel my body reacting to your touch as it always does. The heat inside rises and brings a faint flush to my skin as I sway with you in your embrace.

One hand reaches up to cup a breast, still encased in pink satin. Your fingers explore the silky fabric, pausing for a moment over my nipple, teasing it through the thin material. I know you can feel it hardening in your hand, my breath quickening with my excitement. I arch my back, pushing my breast into you, running my hands back along your sides, feeling your strength behind me.

“Mmmm. I love the feel of silk,” you murmur in my ear. “It suits you so well, as soft and smooth as your skin.”

Your hot breath pouring out with your whispered endearments gives me shivers, making me ache for you deep down in my core. I turn to catch your lips for a kiss, and your hand lifts, holding my face tenderly as our lips meet.

Sweet tenderness becomes deep passion as our tongues entwine, exploring each others’ mouths. Suddenly, I feel you lift me in one smooth motion to carry me to the bed.

Laying me down on the comforter, you stand back looking at me. I smile, wondering what you’re up to. Kneeling down beside the bed, you begin to run your hands over my body as you lean in to kiss me again. I reach out to touch you, and you stop me. Gently but firmly, you place my hand on the bed next to me. I understand, and I surrender to your caresses.

Your fingertips touch every inch of me, running along each rib, trailing down my arm, teasing my inner thigh. Each movement has my skin rising to meet you, anticipating, needing your touch.

Again, your hand strays to my breasts, cupping squeezing, lifting. You look into my eyes and smile. I smile back then gasp softly as I feel your other hand touch me on my silk panties.

There is something about the feel of your touch through silk. So intimate, yet the thin barrier adds a sensation of the forbidden, a softness that is not skin-on-skin contact.

Your smile widens a bit at my gasp, and your arap porno finger begins to slide slowly down the fabric covering me. For a moment you pause at my most sensitive spot, not moving, just letting your finger rest in place, feeling my heat.

Sliding down further, your finger reaches a damp spot, and I bite my lip. Continuing down, your finger pushes the fabric between my moist folds, creating an outline of my lips. Your fingertip moves up and down lightly, feeling the wetness seeping through the fabric. I sigh softly, and raise my hips, encouraging you, offering myself to you.

There is something slightly naughty about the way you love to enjoy me with my underwear on. It’s almost like we’re kids again, and you are touching me through my clothes, hand up under my shirt, ready to retreat in case a parent wanders in.

Your fingers on my nipple begin to move in time with your gentle stroking in my crotch. With each slide, you push my panties in deeper through my nether lips, until I can feel the elastic teasing me in tender spots. I close my eyes and lean my head back, trying to shut out every sensation except your touch.

I feel your hand leave me for just a moment, but you quickly replace it, with your entire hand cupping me, fingers pressing against my lips. You squeeze me lightly, your palm rubbing my clitty. My hips press up into you, and I feel your fingers questing about in my satin-covered folds.

Pressing down, you begin to move your palm back and forth, grinding into me, sending little shocks of pleasure through my body. As your hand rocks on me, I feel your fingers moving about, searching for the edge of my panties. As you find the opening, your slide a single finger in under the material, touching my hot wet lips, eliciting a small moan of pleasure.

Opening my eyes, I see you are still smiling and watching my face intently, gauging my reactions. I smile softly and you wink. My smile widens as I feel you slip your finger deeper into my honey.

My wetness surrounds you, welcomes you. I can feel the satin of my panties rubbing against me and fluttering with each movement of your finger below. Suddenly, you remove your hand from me, and bring your wet finger up to your mouth. You reach out with your tongue to taste my wetness there, then lick it off.


I smile at you.

Reaching down with both hands, you move me a bit, positioning yourself between my thighs. Nuzzling me at my juncture, I hear you breathe in the scent of my arousal.

The tip of your nose teases me, rubbing back and forth along my nubbin as you revel in my femininity. Each movement against my sensitive bedava porno pearl causes my hips to twitch and I can feel my heat growing for you.

Covering me with your mouth, you breathe out a hot breath through my sodden panties, making me shiver with delight. Your tongue laps at me, tasting my juices through the material, and wetting it from the outside.

I squirm under you, the heat from your mouth covering me and the silky fabric sliding against me. Licking harder, your tongue pushes the material barrier deep into my cleft, between my lips, so that I feel the touch of your skin on my most delicate areas.

I arch my back and gasp.

Using a finger, you hook the crotch and pull it off to the side, tasting my juices directly from their source. Enthusiastically you lick my depths, eliciting a small moan from me as I finally feel what my body has been craving from you all evening.

You are pushing your face as far into me as possible, your breath washing over me, you curl your tongue in and out of me, lapping me up.

Pulling back and using the flat of your tongue, you lick me from bottom to top, passing over my clit. I sigh in pleasure and raise my hips to you. Your hands slide under my body, grasping my hips and pulling me closer to you, into your mouth.

Suddenly, you lift my hips up off the bed, resting them against your chest as you kneel on the floor between my legs. You have me helpless and completely open to you as you lick and suckle with renewed enthusiasm.

Something about this position is driving me wild. I can feel the storm building inside my gut as you taste me. Sliding one hand around my leg and over my abdomen, you begin to tickle my clit while you explore my depths. My hips jerk when your fingers reach their goal, and I moan.

Gently at first, but with increasing rhythm, your fingertips circle my clitty, making my hips rock against your chest and face.

“Mmmm. Let go,” you say, lifting your face from me for just a moment. You lower yourself to me again, licking turning to sucking as I buck harder, losing control of my movements.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss!” I cry, as my pussy spasms against your mouth, a tide of pleasure crashing over me. As the first word leaves my mouth, your move your tongue up to my clit, sucking gently and taking me even higher, with wave after wave flowing through me. Your hands are holding me to you, one on my abs, the other fondling my breasts through my silky bra.

As I begin to surface again, You slow your movements, gently lowering me back to the bed. Clambering up onto the mattress, you pull up into my arms, kissing me deeply. I relax, melting into cüce porno you. I wonder for a moment when you took off your boxers, then put it out of my mind as unimportant.

After a few minutes, I raise myself up. Opening your eyes, you glance up at me, and I grin. You smile back and watch as I raise myself to my knees on the mattress. Reaching behind me, I unhook my bra and shrug out of it, tossing it off to the side. I hook my fingers into my sodden panties and slide them off as well, and dangling them from a finger.

I see your eyes drawn to the delicate silk and I smile. I have an idea.

I begin to lightly trail my panties along your body, like I might tease you with a feather. Barely touching you, the soft silk tickling your chest hairs, your nipples, your abs. You half-close your eyes and lean your head back.

As I work my way down your body, I can see the effect this is having on you. Your already stiff cock is growing harder and standing up, jerking as the fabric passes closely on its way down your legs.

Making sure to tease every inch of your body available to me, I begin to focus my attentions towards your hips, swirling around your sex in large circles, watching as you shift and raise yourself to encourage more contact.

Each brush of the fabric against your cock generates a small gasp of pleasure from you. Draping the silk over you, I reach down and grasp you firmly, with the silky fabric between my flesh and yours.

“Ohhhh. Yes, baby. That’s it.”

Starting slowly, I slide my silk-encased hand up and down you, squeezing slightly as I move upwards towards your head, loosening my grasp as I slide back down.

I have never touched you like this before. The silky feel of my panties between my hand and your flesh is amazingly erotic. I know how it feels to be tickled and teased through silk, and I am imagining how it must feel to you.

Using my other hand, I slide in soft circles over your tip, playing with the silk, feeling a small wet spot developing.

As your hips begin to push up harder, I twist my hand as it moves up and down. My palm on your glans is sliding around in soft circles in time with your thrusts.

Your breath is ragged now, and your hands against the covers are clenched, wrinkling the fabric. Your hips are off the bed, and I can feel your cum beginning to boil up from your core.

I increase my tempo, and gather extra fabric around your head as you begin to erupt, catching your load in my panties as you cry out. Spurt after spurt of thick semen is caught in the silk fabric until you fall back onto the bed, drained.

Using every bit of the silk I can, I wipe you as clean as possible, then set my panties aside. Laying down next to you, I curl up in the crook of your arm, pressing my face to your chest, and draping my arm around you. You tenderly kiss my forehead.

Smiling to myself as I hear your breathing slow, I close my eyes and drift off.

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