Sins of the Flesh


The good-looking blonde headed into the lady’s room while her boyfriend gassed up the gold Trans Am.

The rugged guy with a short brush cut hurriedly pumped ten dollars worth the high-test into the Pontiac and quickly went to the booth to pay.

Jumping into his car he zoomed out of the station.

The blonde was bewildered when she emerged from the washroom and didn’t see her boyfriend’s car.

“Where the fuck is that asshole?” she said to no one in particular.

I was close enough to overhear, filling the tank on my pickup.

“I think he took off?” I volunteered.

“Wanna get laid?” she asked.

I was taken back by her question.

“What do you mean?” I inquired.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

I gestured for her to get into the cab of my truck while I hurriedly paid for the gas.

As we left the station she explained that her and her boyfriend had been arguing about her flirting with one of his friends before he abandoned her.

She said if he wanted to be a jerk she would show him who would be the looser.

I noticed the hem of her red mini-skirt was well above her knees displaying a lot of her creamy white thighs. Her ample breasts spilled out of the low-cut peasant blouse she was wearing leaving little to the imagination.

“Let’s go to a motel.” She suggested.

By the time we arrived at the Red Rose Motel I had learned the blonde’s name was Joyce and she was the eighteen-year-old daughter of a Baptist minister. Joyce was far from virgin and the curse of her father’s life.

Joyce told me how she had fucked most of the young studs in her father’s congregation and a few of the older ones too, The board of Elders had repeatedly urged Reverend Eaton to control his daughter’s lewd conduct.

I gave the desk clerk fifty bucks and signed in before hurrying back to get Joyce from the truck.

“Room seven.” I said opening the passenger door for her.

I watched her ass wiggling under the tight skirt as I followed her to out room. My cock was already rock hard.

The room was the standard “No-Tell Motel” fare, the tecavüz porno chenille bedspread and tabletop TV bolted to the countertop.

Joyce playfully jumped on the bed as we entered.

“This will do!” she grinned.

In started undressing not wanting to waste a minute before getting my cock into her. I was afraid this dream was about to end.

Joyce casually pulled her blouse out from the waistband of her skirt and hoisted it over her head revealing an overflowing pushup bra. Tossing the blouse aside she reached behind her back to unfasten her bra.

She brought the bra forward with her hands allowing her perfectly shaped perky tits to spill out into my view. Her nipples were the delicate pink of a prize tea rose.

She stood proudly topless before me as her hands went to unfasten her skirt. The skirt fell in a puddle around her ankles revealing she was only wearing a skimpy white thong beneath.

Swiftly she peeled the thong down over her broad hips exposing her smoothly shaven pussy lips.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, as she stood naked before me.

I had been captivated by her strip and stood in awe still wearing my shorts.

Quickly I pulled my shorts down allowing my cock to spring free.

“Not bad! Want me to suck it?” Joyce asked.

This must be a dream, this gorgeous blonde preacher’s daughter wanted to suck my cock?

“Bring it over here,” she said as she sat back down on the edge of the bed.

Cock in hand I approached her.

When she smiled I saw her perfectly aligned white teeth held in position by a set of upper and lower silver braces.

“God help me I’m going to hell!” I thought as she took my cock in her hand.

Her mouth was no stranger to a cock, she took just the right amount of my dick into her mouth before her lips sealed around it. Her tongue began painting my meat with her saliva as her thumb and index finger encircled the base of my cock just above my balls.

Gently she began milking me as she inhaled forming a warm, wet haven around my cock. I groaned üvey anne porno my approval as her head began to bob up and down on my shaft.

What was the proper etiquette, was I to cum in the young girl’s mouth? I felt the beginning of my ejaculation welling-up within me already and knew I had better soon decide.

Would it be more proper to shoot my sticky jism all over her face, messing up her makeup? I decided she would rather drink it.

It seemed like only two minutes had past before my cum was flowing out of my cock filling Joyce’s mouth. I pictured her teeth and braces awash in a sea of my salty brine.

Joyce swallowed it like a pro, he eyes gazing into mine as my sperm rolled down her throat.

“Aaargh!!! That was quite a load.” She smiled as she left my cock.

She opened her mouth wide and let me look to see all traces of my cum was gone into her belly.

“Do you want to eat my cookie while you get it back up again?” she grinned.

It was my turn to bury my face between her widespread legs.

As my face approached her open cunt I caught a whiff of her pungent musk, she smelt like pure sex. Cautiously I inserted the tip of my tongue into her soft pink tissue.

She tasted sharp, like aged cheddar, the unmistakable taste of femininity. My tongue sought her trigger.

Joyce’s clitoris was engorged, standing proudly awaiting the homage of my tongue. My tongue encircled its base and then passed over the tip like I was strumming the string of a banjo.

Joyce emitted a soft moan as I excited her sexuality.

“Oh fuck me, stick your cock in me!” she begged.

My cock had made a remarkable recovery and was ready to report back for duty. Without further delay I climbed on top of the horny young preacher’s daughter.

As I positioned the head of my cock between her smooth labia she pleaded with me to fuck her. One thrust and I entered her fully.

“Oh yes! Yes!” she whimpered as she wrapped her legs around me like an octopus gripping its prey.

I was draw completely into this Jezebel’s snare üvey erkek kardeş porno and well on my way down the road to eternal damnation.

She raised her head and kissed me, he tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I could still taste my sperm on her pushy tongue as it wrestled with mine.

Her fuck hole was still youthfully tight gripping my cock in spite of its excessive use. Her pelvic muscles grabbed my meat wrenching it from side to side as she gyrated under me.

I began pounding my cock deeper and deeper into her in a futile attempt to steady her beneath me. With each thrust she bucked like an injured animal, I was atop of a wildcat!

“Fuck me you pervert! Wait till I tell my daddy what you did!” Joyce squealed.

Her taunts made me more determined to exploit her youthful body.

“You want it bitch!” I said ramming all eight inches of my hard cock into her.

Her cunt betrayed her, as it was hungrily all the cock I could feed it.

“You going to come in me?” she asked. “You better not or my daddy will kill you!”

There was no way I could pull my cock out of her now before I come.

“Are you ready to get pregnant?” I asked as I felt the sperm gushing out of my cock.

Joyce’s orgasm took possession of her body as she writhed under me. She lies there quivering like a convulsing mass of sex as she received my sperm. Her eyes went glassy, she moaned and then they closed.

As the last of my seed drained into her I became fearful I had caused her an emotional overload? As I was looking for signs of life her eyes reopened and she smiled.

“That was great!” she cooed.

In all my days I had never had such a hot fuck as the adolescent preacher’s daughter. I was in love!

I snuggled her tenderly in my arms and whispered I loved her in her ear.

She quickly sat up in the bed, “What did you say that for?”

“I mean it!” I insisted.

“You probably have a girlfriend or wife who loves you, I am just a slut who loves cocks, any cocks!” Joyce implored.

My world crashed around me. This nubile damsel was just a nymphomaniac; it mattered not to her who she fucked!

The following Sunday as I sat with my wife and two-year-old daughter in a pew of St. James church listening to the rector preaching about the sins of the body m mind flashed back to Joyce and the wondrous moments we shared in that seedy motel room.

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