Sixth Period Trig Pt. 05


It was Thursday evening and Vickie added something to her normal regiment. She did school work first, correcting papers, planning classes and then went through a rigorous workout. She finished drying off her tight body after a hot shower and slipped into a robe. Vickie next went to her closet and prepared her wardrobe for the following day. Normally, she wouldn’t prepare her clothes the night before. She would just hastily dress herself in the morning and head off to school. But now, everything was different. SIX wanted her to dress sexy. Mary Ellen wanted her to dress with as little as possible but more important, Vickie wanted her students to notice her body.

She stood in front of the open door and gazed at her growing collection of clothes and thought about the previous few days. Tomorrow would prove to have limitations, since, by agreement, it was Mary Ellen’s turn to be the most provocative. Vickie decided on a pair of brown slacks. Since these were new and Pam had suggested them, Vickie figured that she would be wise to try them on first. With her slacks on, Vickie stared at her image in the floor length mirror. The slacks were very tight in the rear and accentuated the round, firmness of her ass. As she turned to get a better look, she knew that a few months ago, she would never dream of wearing such a form fitting pair of slacks, never mind wearing them to school. But she liked the way they looked and she thought Mart Ellen would like them. She knew that SIX would be disappointed because he wouldn’t be able to spy up her skirt with his under the desk camera.

Next, she picked out a cotton sweater that buttoned up the front. It also was tight, not enough to make her look like a street walker but tight for a teacher. She knew there was a danger in wearing something that buttoned up the front because SIX might demand that she undo a button or two or more. She also knew that she would probably comply.

Clothes laid out, she went to bed early in the hopes that tomorrow would arrive quicker.


Vickie again woke before the alarm and quickly showered. She dressed in her planned attire with the only doubt in whether she should wear a bra or not. She tried on her sweater without the bra and modeled in front of the mirror. Vickie decided that if she kept perfectly still, it would be okay without a bra but the slightest bit of walking would cause her breasts to sway noticeably. She decided to wear it.

She sat at her computer and logged onto her e-mail site. There was one message from Mary Ellen.

Dear Teach,

Don’t wear the bra.


Vickie was shocked. How could this girl possibly know what was going on in her mind. Seeing no more messages, she logged off and powered down.

Vickie threw on her coat and headed out the door. She made it as far as her car when she turned around and ran back into the house. She shrugged off the coat and sweater and unhooked her bra. She stuffed the bra into her coat pocket just in case she changed her mind and put the sweater back on.

This time she made it to the car and uttered “Mary Ellen” under her breath. She wasn’t angry with the girl just bewildered at the power that she held over her.


It was only first period and Vickie seriously doubted her judgment in not wearing a bra. On her way to her classroom, she had to walk up a flight of stairs and she never walked so slow in her life. A normal walk made her chest move in such a way that a poor student who passed her going down the stairs fell as he bumped into the girl in front of him. Vickie turned to ask if he was okay and he just stared at her chest. The girl he bumped into wasn’t as quiet. “If you kept your eyes off the teacher’s boobs, that wouldn’t have happened.” The boy’s face turned red and a few of the other student on the stairs snickered. The girl then looked right at Vickie and said “It’s okay. Miss. I think you’re beautiful. Boys are such pigs.” With that remark, Vickie smiled at the girl and everyone made their way to their destination but Vickie walked a little slower. She smiled to herself, knowing that her breasts could cause such a commotion.

During all of her classes, the students were quiet and respectful. Vickie kept her sweater buttoned to the top but she couldn’t help herself in walking around the room, knowing that every student was staring at her chest.

Sixth period finally came and Vickie positioned herself in the doorway, pressed up against the door jamb. This caused somewhat of a traffic jam but Vickie wanted to be close to her students and she actually thought about what it would be like if she was stark naked, in the doorway as her students entered. When a group of about five or six students entered the room about the same time, Vickie felt a hand slide over her upper thigh and against her crotch. There was no way to determine whose hand it was or if it was done on purpose. It didn’t matter to Vickie, she enjoyed the attention.

Vickie waited a while at the door. Mary xhamster porno Ellen was not present and she couldn’t believe that she would miss this opportunity to expose her ample body, especially since she e-mailed her this morning.

Veronica entered with James glued to her side. It didn’t seem possible but her skirt seemed even shorter and she sat with total indifference as to how little her skirt covered. James took the lull time before class to slightly turn his desk and chat with Veronica. It did not escape Vickie’s attention that James’s hand was on his classmates bare thigh. As he gently caressed her thigh he turned and glanced up at his teacher. Noticing that Miss Roach was looking directly at his hand, he did not remove it but actually moved it higher on Veronica’s thigh as he smiled defiantly at his teacher. Vickie’s eyes went from James’s face to his hand but she said nothing.

Elona walked in and cheerfully greeted her teacher. For the first time, Elona wore a skirt, a very short skirt but was she modestly covered with a pair of shorts underneath.

Jenn smiled at Vickie from a few feet away as she made her way to class. She had her long black hair tied with a ribbon so that it cascaded down her back. She quickly glanced at her teacher’s chest and then said “Good day, Miss Roach. You look very nice today.” Vickie returned the greeting. Still no Mary Ellen.

Vickie decided it was time to take attendance, so she sat at her desk and began checking off names. She realized that it was remarkable how much better her classroom attendance was since she began dressing more sexy and snickered to herself that maybe she could give the staff some inservice training on how to get better response from the students.

She was about to start when she decided that she would check her e-mail first. One message and it was from SIX.

Dear Vickie,

What no skirt? I’m disappointed but you still look ravishing. Undo at least one button on that pretty sweater and if you really want to tease me then go for two.


Vickie used her computer monitor as a shield from her student’s eyes as she deftly undid two buttons. This allowed the slightest amount of cleavage to become visible. She seemed pleased with the view that she provided, as long as she didn’t lean over.

Vickie had just stood to begin her lesson when the door flew open and Mary Ellen rushed inside. Out of breath, the girl apologized for being late. Since Mary Ellen was never late, Vickie just told her to take her seat so that she could begin.

Vickie was amazed by what she wore. Here she was expecting a scantily dressed Mary Ellen only to have her wearing a long knit wrap or sweater that draped well below her knees.

Mary Ellen made her way to her desk and set down her books. She then raised her hand.

“Yes, Mary Ellen.” said Vickie.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Roach. But I had no time to go to my locker. Could I please hang my sweater up in your closet?”

“Oh, okay. But please hurry. I’d like to start my lesson.”

Vickie turned to her board and began putting up a few problems as she waited for Mary Ellen.

As Vickie was just about finished, the classroom was suddenly filled with a collection of groans, wows, whistles and gasps. Vickie turned and her eyes fell upon Mary Ellen and her attire for the day.

She had on black shoes, white, knee highs that stopped three inches above her knee, a tiny plaid, pleated skirt that fell a few inches above her knee highs, a white, buttoned, blouse that was tied in knot so that it revealed most of her flat stomach and a loosely knotted, black tie that hung between her ample breasts.

“Mary Ellen!”

She turned to face her teacher, chewing seductively on a pencil as she thrust her breasts out and said “Yes, Miss Roach?” Her voice was sweet and innocent and in total wonder as to why her teacher would say her name so loudly.

Vickie knew that she was at another crossroad. She knew that she should immediately send Mary Ellen to the office for being improperly dressed in school. She knew that she should send a message to the rest of her class and act upon this impropriety. But she did neither.

“Turn around, Mary Ellen.”

The young girl twirled in place and her skirt floated high as the whole class got a glimpse of her panties.

“Will anyone in class be distracted if Mary Ellen stays?” asked Vickie.

Both Vickie and Mary Ellen waited for a dissenting voice. The tension was broken when Joey said out loud, “I think you should make her take that outfit off.”

The whole class laughed and Mary Ellen drew every eye in the room as she went to her desk and demurely sat down.

Somehow, Vickie was able to teach her lesson despite the craning necks trying to catch a glimpse of Mary Ellen. Vickie gave the problem of the day and went to her desk.

Mary Ellen’s hand shot up into the air.


“Miss Roach, I was just about to start my problem of the day when my yaşlı porno computer froze and I can’t seem to get it to reboot. Can you help me?”

“Of course.”

Vickie went to Mary Ellen’s desk and quickly noticed a hand written message. TELL ME TO USE YOUR COMPUTER.

“Well, Mary Ellen, I don’t know what’s wrong with your machine. I’ll have to send it to maintenance. Why don’t you use my computer to finish up.”

“Thank You, Miss Roach.” replied Mary Ellen and she made her way to the teachers desk as did every eye in the room.

Mary Ellen plopped down in the teacher’s chair and Vickie knew that SIX, whoever he was, was getting the look that any teenage boy dreamed.

Miss Roach walked around the class and again was beckoned by Mary Ellen.

“Yes, Mary Ellen. Now what?”

“Could you look at this, please. You must have it password protected or something.”

Vickie knew that she should have her computer password protected but never bothered so she didn’t have a clue as to why Mary Ellen was calling her. Standing behind her at the desk, the teacher’s computer screen was filled with the sight of Mary Ellen from the waist down. Her skirt high on her waist gave a clear view of her dainty panties.

Vickie looked down at the desk because Mary Ellen was pointing to another scribbled message. DON’T WALK AROUND THE ROOM. SIX WILL BE AFRAID TO LOG ON TO THE CAMERA.

Now Vickie understood but she was uncertain as to what to do when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” she said.

A male student entered and handed Miss Roach a note.

Vickie took the note and walked around to the other side of her desk before she opened the note, knowing the boy would have a great view of Mary Ellen’s legs and some of her cleavage as she bent down to read the note.

It was from Mr. B.

If it’s no trouble, could I please see Jenn. She needs to finish something.

Vickie could see Jenn as she was bent down and it seemed curious that the girl checked her watch.

“Jenn, Mr. B wants to see you.”

Jenn got up quietly and approached Miss Roach. Vickie handed her the note and Jenn thanked her as she and the boy messenger left the room.

When the door closed, Vickie told the class that she needed to leave for a minute. She knew the class would be well behaved. She only hoped that they all had their clothes on when she returned.

Vickie quietly closed the door behind her just as she saw Jenn enter Mr. B’s room. Vickie knew she wrong but she couldn’t help herself as she wanted to discover what was going on between Mr. B and Jenn.

The corridor was empty as she walked quietly up towards Mr. B’s room. His door had a small rectangular window and Vickie could see Jenn and Mr. B talking as they both stood near his desk. Vickie glanced away to make sure the corridor was still empty and looked back in tome to see Mr. B gently lift Jenn’s chin. She raised on her tiptoes as his lips met hers in a passionate embrace. Vickie was enthralled as she watched. Mr. B raised his hand and placed it on Jenn’s pert breast. Vickie thought that Jenn was protesting when she covered his offending hand with hers but she managed to pull her blouse out of her pants and away from her body, then guided his hand underneath her top. She then covered his hand through her blouse as he gently played with her breast all the while his lips never left hers. Jenn then whispered something into Mr. B’s ear and they moved out of the view provided by the narrow window in the door.

Vickie made her way back to her room with about five minutes left in the period. Before she opened her door, she peeked in her own narrow window. Mary Ellen had the two head turners at her desk, Joey and José. They pretended to be helping when all they were doing was gawking. Mary Ellen didn’t seem to mind. James had made progress with Veronica. He had a finger under her panties and she did nothing to stop him from touching her nakedness.

Vickie opened the door slightly and turned away from her room pretending that she was talking to someone when if fact all she wanted to do was afford everyone time to collect themselves. She entered the room that seemed undisturbed from the moment she left.

The bell rang ending sixth period trig and the students made their way out the door. In early September, the bell always brought a rush as the students raced to be the first out but now the lingered, almost hesitant to leave. Mary Ellen quickly went to the closet and covered her sexy outfit with her long sweater thing and explained to her teacher that she had to leave quickly.

It was a good ten minutes after school when Jenn reappeared at the door.

“I’m sorry, miss. I left a book on my desk.”

Vickie nodded and waved the girl in to get her book, noticing that Jenn’s blouse was pulled out of her jeans.

The girl tried not to look at her teacher and she went to retrieve her book and started to leave the room when Vickie called her, “Come here, aldatma porno Jenn, please.”

Jenn came to the teacher’s desk and stood in front of Vickie, “Yes ma’am.”

“Let me help you, you’re all undone.” and Vickie started to tuck the blouse back into it’s proper place.

“Wait, please, miss”, said Jenn.

Jenn undid her belt and slid down her zipper and then started to tuck her blouse back in properly. As she was doing this she looked directly into Vickie’s eyes and said, “You’re very sweet, miss. I saw you at Mr. B’s door.”

Vickie started to protest, “I..”

Jenn put a finger to her teacher’s lips. “Shhh, don’t blame Mr. B, miss. It’s not his fault. It’s mine. See, he told me that it was not proper but I kept on insisting, I kept teasing, I kept pushing until the poor man had no choice. Kind of like what you’re doing in class, Ma’am.”

“But, I..”

“Shh.. It’s okay miss. I like it and Mr. B likes it, you like what you’re doing and the class likes it. It’s okay.” she said then turned and left.


Vickie again corrected papers, planned her class, exercised, showered and then stood in front of her closet pondering her next day’s attire. She decided on a rather demure dress. It had a somewhat low, square cut top that provided a view of a little cleavage and fell to a modest two inches above her knees. She knew her definition of modest had changed in the last few months. This would have been rated as too sexy a while ago but now she thought of it as modest.

She scanned her computer for e-mails and was delighted to find one from SIX

Dear Vickie,

What a pleasant surprise having Mary Ellen sitting at your desk. While she is lovely and great to look at, she doesn’t compare to you. I can’t wait for Friday night.


She replied,

Dear SIX,

Thank you SIX, you are so kind. Tomorrow evening it’s your turn to teach me. I think you’ll enjoy being the teacher. I know I’ll enjoy being the student.


She went to bed that night knowing that Friday evening she would further evolve.


Vickie dressed and liked the way she looked. She checked her e-mail and found her usual morning note from Mary Ellen.

Yo Teach,

Let’s drive them crazy. I betcha Elona finally wears a skirt without those ridiculous shorts. She has potential.


As Vickie made her way to school she thought that nothing seemed to get past Mary Ellen.

The day was agony for Vickie. Nothing went wrong it just seemed a long, long time, until sixth period, any ways.

Vickie waited in the doorway, just like she did yesterday and was surprised to see Jenn walking quickly towards the classroom. Jenn wore a skirt and pretty blouse and greeted Vickie with a friendly, “Gooday ma’am”

“Gooday back at ya” replied Vickie.

“I need a huge favor, miss. I need to see Mr. B this period.”

“But Jenn..”

“Today, I’m going to throw the entire Jenn package at him. Think he could refuse?”

Vickie looked at the sexily dressed school girl and said, “How could he possibly refuse. Go get him, Jenn but be careful.”

“You’re the best. miss”, she said and off she ran.

The class started to enter. Mary Ellen won her bet. Elona wore a skirt, knee length and her usual tight sweater emphasizing her pert breasts. Mary Ellen was earlier this time and wore a tight, short black skirt with boots that rose to just below her knees. She also wore a tank top that wasn’t quite long enough to reach the top of her skirt. Mary Ellen wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples poked at the soft material of her top as if wanting to seek attention.

Class went as usual, except for the fact that Mary Ellen asked to be excused with ten minutes left in the period. Vickie handed her a note excusing her and thought nothing of this action.

Vickie got an e-mail from SIX that simply said her couldn’t wait. Vickie responded and told he to be at her window at eight o’clock.

She sent the message and within two minutes, the fire alarms were blaring. As is protocol in this type of situation, the power to computer labs was shut down. Students were told to immediately close up their laptops, leave them on their desks, and exit the building. Since it was late in the day, the students were told to go home and not to reenter the classrooms. They went to their lockers and went home. The faculty was also directed to leave.


Vickie was extremely nervous. It was fifteen minutes before eight and she knew that SIX would be at her window, if he wasn’t there already. She had a very difficult time deciding on what to wear so she went with daring. She remembered the reaction she got from Doug at the mall store where Pam worked. She took a t-shirt and cut off the bottom portion so that when she put it on it barely covered her breasts. She then put on her shortest skirt, the one Pam told her to save for a special occasion. She decided to wear panties and waited. She stood in her room, blindfolded. The key had been placed on the window sill and she waited.

SIX made some noise trying to get the key into the lock and the door opened with a squeak. He closed it gently and she could hear his steps as he entered the room.

“WOW! Look at you.”

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