Sleeping Beauty

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He crept up to the door as quietly as possible, determined not to waken her if she was asleep. The door was a few inches ajar, and he pressed his eye to the gap.

‘Great,’ he whispered to himself, nodding happily. She was fast asleep, laying on her side and facing the door. The lightweight summer duvet seemed preternaturally bright in the early morning sunlight, and it contrasted starkly with her lightly tanned skin. It was pulled up to her chest, leaving a tantalising view of the upper slopes of her breasts, and as he watched she turned slightly, a small dream-whisper escaping her lips.

He held his breath as the duvet slipped a little lower and felt a rapid quickening of his pulse as her dark nipples were freed from the cover. For a few seconds he found himself unable to move, captivated by her firm, lithe form. He swallowed hard and eased the door further open, still determined not to waken her, and then stepped softly into he bedroom. He froze on the spot as she gave another whimper, and he thought his heart might explode as she pushed the duvet further down her body, her breasts now completely bare to his eager gaze.

He was still desperately hoping that this wasn’t a prelude hd porno to her awakening when she rolled quickly onto her stomach. He breathed a quiet sigh of relief and crossed to the bed where he first paused to take in the perfect lines of her bare back, before gently easing himself onto the mattress beside her. Praying fervently that he wouldn’t disturb her, but unable to resist, he reached forward and gently stroked her hair where it lay on the nape of her neck. Another quiet noise was all that escaped her and, emboldened, he let his hands drift lower, softly stroking the velvety smoothness of her shoulders and back.

Completely entranced, his hands moved a little more firmly, the stroking becoming closer to a massage, and when she still showed no signs of waking, he finally pulled the duvet down the length of her long legs. Reaching forward once more, he gently kissed her neck behind her ear, and she gave a long sigh of contentment. From her neck, he moved slowly sown the length of her body, hands caressing, lips following with kisses. When he reached her gently rounded bottom, her sighs became a little more urgent, her legs parting slightly as his hand delved between japon porno them. There, he gently slid a finger along her already moist lips, and she groaned softly, apparently still asleep.

Control was no longer his own, and with his free hand he fumbled at the tie of the tracksuit bottoms he wore. As quickly as he could, he pulled the garment down his legs and climbed fully onto the bed, kneeling beside her. Carefully, he slipped his left knee between her legs, and as she opened wider for him, he brought his right knee inside, his whole body trembling in anticipation. After taking a few deep breaths, he leant forward, bracing his weight on his hands, and then lowered himself onto her, his erection already pressing eagerly at its target.

He could scarcely believe that she was still asleep, and as he gently entered her, he realised that he no longer cared. As his member thrust deeper, she gave a long, ecstatic groan and she pushed back at him, her bottom rising as she did so. Gradually, he began to thrust rhythmically, each stroke eliciting a louder and louder groan of delight, and he knew that she had finally woken when she gasped ‘Yes!’ and pulled her upper lezbiyen porno body away from the mattress.

He reached underneath her with one hand and cupped a firm breast, squeezing it gently as he rode her on to the inevitable destination. He could scarcely believe it when he felt a distinct trembling in her stomach, and the realisation that she was approaching orgasm spurred him on. As her gasps and groans grew louder still, he could feel his own climax approaching rapidly, and when the first shudder coursed through her, he released himself to the moment in a silent but violently intense orgasm. Even after he had emptied himself into her, he continued to thrust deep and hard as her own climax shuddered through her.

Finally, her cries of delight subsided to breathless gasps, and she slumped forward onto the mattress, sated and sweating. He remained deep inside her for a minute or so, his own breathing gradually returning to normal, and then gently slid out of her moist warmth.

Silently, he pulled up the tracksuit and climbed gingerly off the bed. He bent forward and kissed the nape of her neck, and as he did so he heard her quietly mutter, ‘God, that was good.’ He smiled to himself and then straightened. After a final, lingering look at her beautiful naked form, he turned and left the room. Outside the house he realised that he hadn’t even asked her what her name was. Or, why her front door had been left so invitingly open that morning.

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