Speed of Desire


Lucy called me. I was at home reading a book, almost ready for bed when the phone had rung.

“What are you doing?” she asked me when I picked up.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“My friend wants to meet you,” said Lucy enthusiastically. “Can you be here soon?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Just give me some time to get ready.”

“Okay.” She hung up.

Lucy was my girlfriend. We’ve been going out for about a month now, but haven’t done much since we’re working all the time. Plus this was pretty much my first relationship and I wasn’t sure what to do. She was cool with it though.

I put on my blue jeans with a flannel long-sleeved shirt. It had blue and black checkers. I liked it. It was pretty stylish or was meant to be. Maybe I was behind the times? I covered it up with my black leather jacket. I decided to call a cab because I missed the bus. For someone who was trying to be cool, I sure needed a car.

The cab came by and the ride was pretty smooth. There was a no-smoking sign on the window so I couldn’t smoke, but that was fine because I didn’t really smoke. I wanted to. It wasn’t a craving, just a wish, a thought. I wanted to be bad, but I didn’t really.

We finally arrived at Lucy’s house. I paid the fare and knocked on the door. A gentleman always knocks. “It’s open!” she yelled. To my surprise I opened the door. It was dark, but I closed the door and took off my black leather jacket and wiped off my shoes.

They’re all in the kitchen. The kitchen is bright, dishes in the sink, and at the table two people are playing cards: Lucy and some guy. Lucy is wearing an Adidas t-shirt with maroon jogging pants. The guy is wearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans with a studded black belt. I waved nervously, looking around for an extra chair.

A blonde-haired girl wearing a yellow blouse revealing her midriff and tight blue jeans smiled at me. She was standing behind the guy’s chair with her arms around his neck loosely. One of those arms stretched out to shake my hand. Her hand felt smoothly dry, her eyes peering into me softly as she said, “Hi, I’m Lynn, it’s nice to meet you, Ben.”

Lucy growled at the guy, throwing down her cards. “I win again bitch!”

Lynn shook her head. “This is Darren, my boyfriend and don’t be shy, have a seat!” She nodded to the chair beside Lucy that was piled with phone books.

“Okay,” I said taking the books and putting them on another empty chair. Lynn smiled approvingly. I think she had wanted to laugh. I didn’t see what was so funny. I sat down next to Lucy.

“You can come closer, you know,” said Lucy picking up 5 cards for another round. “We’re playing Speed.”

“I think I’ve played that before.” The chair felt stiff and I wanted to put my arm around Lucy. I think she was close to me. She had leaned towards me, so I tried not to get 4 k porno too close because I didn’t want to crowd her.

“Lucy can show you.” Lynn gave a wry smile then kissed her boyfriend on the cheek, watching me from the corner of her eye. I looked away quickly.

“Don’t they make a good couple?” Lucy smiled at the cards in her hand. “So there’s a two down, so you can either put down a—”

I put down a 3, 4, 5, and a 6 all at the same time, and then picked up another four cards.

Lucy gasped. “Guess you know how to play.”

Lynn squeezed Darren’s shoulder lightly.

“Oh my god, Lynn,” whined Darren, “those two are beating me!”

“Well, baby, beat them back.” She kissed him on the lips and I could almost hear the light smacking sound. It sent a shiver through me. I glanced over at Lucy’s face. She was looking at the cards. I saw her lips, light pink. Lynn’s were fiery red. “Can I get you something to drink, Ben?”


“A drink? You look thirsty. Figure while I was getting myself a water, I’d get you something?” She put her hands on her hips, her thumbs inside her jeans. I wasn’t sure if she’d pull them off. I noticed her nail polish, it was light red.

“Sure.” I smiled. “Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome.” Lynn pinched Darren’s side lightly. “Beat ’em real good, real hard.”

Lynn sauntered over to the sink, grabbing two glasses gingerly while I played out the game with Lucy watching over me impressed. The movement of my hands guided the cards deftly, softly. Lucy leaned close to me. I shrunk in my chair. Darren tried to counter. I could feel my throat getting dry. I watched Darren’s eyes to figure out his next move. Lucy glanced at my eyes. I heard a clinging sound. I turned my head and saw Lynn’s face. Her red lips, sparkling eyes.

“Your water, your majesty.” Lynn laughed, and then walked over to Darren, swaying her hips. “How we doing?”

“He’s kicking my ass!”

Lynn took a big sip of water. “Sounds like we have a stud in our midst, Lucy?”

“Shut up Lynn, you’re embarrassing him.”

“Wow, Darren, he won!” Lynn licked her lips together and smiled. “You have an amazing boyfriend Lucy.” Lynn tilted her head slightly, then darted her eyes at Lucy. “Maybe you should…congratulate him.” Lynn gave her a wink.

Lucy shuffled the cards noisily and dealt them for another round of Speed.

“Excuse us, Darren and Ben, Lucy and I are just going to talk.” Lynn glared at Lucy and dragged her from her chair. “We’ll be back. Oh, and Ben, go easy on him. It’s sort of his first time.” She winked.

When they left, Darren picked up his cards. He smiled shyly. “I’m not really good at this.”

“Don’t worry, it’s easy.” I picked up my cards and slowed down for him so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I knew Speed was the name 7 dak porno of the game, but it wasn’t really about how fast you went, it was all about the pacing.

He won.

“I won, I won!” screamed Darren enthusiastically.

“Yes,” I replied, “yes you did.” I was happy to have given him the satisfaction.

“Screaming already?” asked Lynn waltzing back to the kitchen, swinging her arms.

“I won Lynn!” Darren raised his arms in celebration.

“Good for you, Darren, but I hope you didn’t beat him too hard.” Lynn put her arms around Darren from behind and kissed his cheek. “After all, you’ve just met.” She whispered something in Darren’s ear. “So, Ben, Lucy and I were thinking about heading to the basement. It’s more cozy down there.”

“Sounds cool,” I replied.

As soon as we got to the basement, Lynn turned on the light, and then Lucy jumped onto the loveseat and lay down on it. Darren sat on a cushioned chair and Lynn sat on his lap. I stood at the bottom of the stairs, taking everything in. Darren’s hand was snug on Lynn’s waist while she nibbled on his ear.

I proceeded to the loveseat and sat on the little space provided for me. Lucy dumped her feet onto my lap. She had taken off her sneakers and was wearing white sport socks. I started massaging one of her feet and noticed Lynn giving me a small smile of encouragement.

Lucy sat up. “Let’s you and I go upstairs.”

“Upstairs?” I wondered what would happen. Would Lucy slam me against the wall, rip my clothes off, fall down her knees and suck at my cock as if savoring every last morsel of a Popsicle? Or would she lie on the bed, naked, blow kisses in the air, arch her hips, squirm, impatient for my mad stabbing embrace? I was growing a bit nervous and I think I was growing a bit hard.

“Yeah,” she said sighing. She walked up the stairs and I followed her. She stopped in front of the back door. “Ben, I like you and you’re a really nice guy and all, but I need something more. I don’t even think you’re interested in me.”

“But I am!”

“Yes, but you haven’t held me or put your arm around me. I don’t think we should see each other anymore. It’s better we’re just friends.”

I spent the next couple of hours walking the dirty streets, looking at cars driving by or couples going to movies. I decided to head home. It was late and there was nothing and no one to do. A wasted evening. I didn’t even feel like reading. I thought I would crawl into bed and do nothing.

When I came home, I opened my door and noticed it wasn’t completely dark. I closed the door. Candles were lit and from the light outside I could see a figure move towards me. Her hair was down, blonde, and she wore a red gown.

“Hi,” I said, then sighed. “She broke up with me.”

“I know,” said Lynn sadly. alman porno “What can I say? She’s a bitch. I had to find you to make sure you were okay.” Lynn kissed me lightly on the lips and took off my leather jacket. I heard it slide to the floor. Her eyes glistened. “I thought I could ease the pain.”

“I haven’t really done…”

“That’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” She held my hand, pulled herself closer to me, and then whispered in my ear “promise.”

My hand reached inside her gown. She untied it to make it easier for me. I felt her breast. It was soft, delicate, luscious. “I want you.”

“I know.” Lynn unbuttoned my shirt.

I slipped it off and took off the rest of my clothes, watched her biting her tongue lightly as everything was coming off. I was about to take off my boxers but she stopped me.

“Wait, you eager boy! Not out here.” She laughed, and then led me into the bedroom, closing the door quickly with her foot. “Lie down, sweetheart, I got something to show you.” The light was on and I saw her body when she snapped off her gown and threw it on the floor.

I lay on the bed and she knelt beside me. The next thing I felt was her mouth on my cock. “Oh god!”

“Am I going too fast?”

“God no.” I looked at her, tears in my eyes. I licked my lips.

Her hand felt my cock, it was hard, throbbing. She tasted my cock again, sucking on it.

“Yes!” I groaned as her other hand felt my balls, her mouth and hand working on my shaft. I wanted to cum right there. I didn’t care if it was in her mouth or on her hand, it felt too good. She stopped and lay beside me. I looked at her confused. Lynn smiled and guided my hand into her. I understood. I probed deeper with my fingers and felt her wetness. I kissed her lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, tasting me, wanting me.

“I want you inside of me, baby. Think you can do it?”

“I want to do it.”

“I want you to fuck me good.” “I want to fuck you good.”

Her hand felt my cock again, stroked it lightly. She was on her back and I settled in between her legs. Her legs opened more as she guided my cock into her soft, wet pussy. I pushed myself into her, feeling her matching my thrusts. I pushed faster, faster…

“Oh god, yes!”

“Yes, Ben! Oh, yeah, baby! Cum for me baby, you can do it, baby!”

I gave one last cry and felt myself pouring into her. I thrust hard. Her face was flushed and her body felt hot. I rolled off her after I was spent. I think I might’ve fallen asleep because when my eyes opened she was smoking beside me.

“May I?” I asked bashfully.

“Of course, you bad boy.”

I puffed the offered cigarette and coughed. “I’m okay.”

She smiled and took back the cigarette.

“That was so good, Lynn.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

I sighed, almost exhausted. “It was incredible.”

She ashed out her cigarette in an ashtray. “Hope it wasn’t so incredible you’re ready to pass out.”

“No,” I laughed.

“Good, then we’re ready for round 2.” She smiled and put her hand on my cock.

“Oh fuck, I am ready for round 2!”

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