Stacy’s Weekend


It was Friday and it had been a long week for Stacy, she was looking forward to this weekend. Her friend Jason was coming to spend the weekend with Stacy and her husband Richard.

As Stacy walked in the door, Richard was running out. Richard explained to her that there had been some major problem at the office in California and he had to leave to help fix it. She asked him if she should tell Jason not to come down for the weekend. Richard told her that just because he wasn’t going to be here doesn’t mean she can’t have fun this weekend with Jason.

Stacy had told Richard about her relationship Jason. Richard seemed to understand, but didn’t know how to deal with it. Stacy and Jason had been best friends growing up. Everyone in their neighborhood always thought that they would get married. All through high school they had been there for each other. Then one day Jason decided that he needed to find out what he really wanted before he could marry anyone, even Stacy. Stacy always loved Jason. He was tall about 6′ 2″, with blonde hair deep blue eyes, and a rock hard body. So he went to college almost across the country in Virginia. While Stacy stayed home and went to the local state college.

Stacy and Jason had stayed in touch for the first year, and then just slowly started to quit writing, and quit talking as often, and before either of them knew it, they had completely lost touch. It was then that Stacy had met Richard at a college dance. Richard had been handsome he was about the same height as Jason, he was skinny, and had dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Richard was almost Jason’s exact opposite. Richard and Jason liked to do some of the same things, but everything else was different.

Stacy knew that the only reason that Richard agreed to have Jason come stay with them for the weekend was to make Stacy happy. Jason means a lot to her, and they had been so close growing up. Richard didn’t want to make it seem like it was ok that he can talk to who ever he wanted, and she couldn’t. So he let her have him over. Plus Stacy and Richard had a fairly open marriage. Richard trusted Stacy.

So Richard left, possibly for the whole weekend, or maybe longer. Stacy got ready for Jason coming over. She had cleaned up the extra bedroom, but still had a few things that still needed to be done like dusting, and vacuuming. Plus changing the sheets, and making sure all the junk was out of there.

Just as Stacy finished, the doorbell altyazılı seks rang, it was Jason. When she saw him all, she could do was hug him. It had been so long, and there had been so many feelings between them. Stacy couldn’t talk, she was on the verge of tears. She still loved this man who stood in front of her. Jason was the first to talk. “You look so good, I am sorry that it has been so long.” “Oh Jason, how come we never stayed in touch with each other?” Stacy asked as she finally as she looked up into his eyes. Those deep blue eyes that she use to just get lost in. Jason just looked at her, he didn’t know what to say.

After their hello’s, and explaining why Richard wasn’t there, she showed Jason to the room he would be staying in. The room was a fairly good size, with a queen-sized bed, a dresser, and TV with stand. She left him to unpack, and told him to be ready to go to dinner by seven. Then she went to get ready. She had made reservations at a nearby Italian restaurant.

Stacy and Jason walked into the restaurant, and were seated. As they caught up on old times, and talked of life, they were served. Stacy had fettuccine Alfredo, and Jason had Pasta Primavera. It was almost as if they hadn’t gone nine years without talking, or without seeing each other. Stacy knew that things would never be how they use to, they couldn’t, she was married, and happy. She spent the whole night missing Richard, and Jason knew it.

After dinner they decided just to go back home. When they pulled up, Stacy was surprised to see Richards car. Stacy walked into the house and found Richard in the bedroom. It turned out that the only problem was someone wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing. So he had gotten home as fast as he could, actually he had been waiting in line at the airport, when someone had called him, and told him what had happened.

When Stacy realized he wasn’t leaving she went up to him and kissed him, she had missed him so much during dinner that all she could think of was making love to him. She didn’t care if Jason was in the house and heard them or not. In fact just the thought that Jason might hear made her even more excited. Stacy kept kissing Richard, and slowly to unbutton his shirt, then she pushed it off his shoulders and let it slide to the floor. When she had gotten his shirt off, she undid his belt, then unbuttoned his pants, then slowly unzipped his pants, after anal porno she did this his pant’s just feel to the floor, he had taken his shoes off already, so Richard just stepped out of his pants. Richard was glad that he was able to come home, and that his wife wanted him.

So when everything but his boxers where off, he unzipped the dress that Stacy had been wearing, and let it fall to the floor, while he kissed her neck, she had not been wearing a bra, so when the dress fell her breast were exposed. Richard took them in his hands and gentle massaged them, doing this it made her nipples stick out. He gently turned her around, then took off her panties, then kissed her again, he wanted her, and she wanted him, he started to kiss her with more passion, letting his tongue explore her mouth.

Richard gently pushed Stacy onto the bed, he then started to massage her feet, then he slowly moved to her calves, then to her thighs, he went passed her sweet pussy wanting to tease her, and only lightly touched her stomach, when he got to her breast he gently massaged them, then he took one of her nipples in his mouth. When he did this, she let out a slight moan of pleasure, he played with her nipple in his mouth, he let his tongue lightly graze the top of it before pulling it back into his mouth. He then did the same thing with her other breast. When he let go of her breast he slowly kissed his way down her body. When he got to her pussy he could smell her sweetness, and knew that she was already wet with desire. He kissed her mound, the slowly worked his way to her shaven cunt. He gently took one of her pussy lips into his mouth, then he took the other in his mouth teasing her, knowing that she wanted his tongue deep inside her. He then gently drug his tongue across her clit, and down past her sweet vagina, until he was at the bridge between her hole vagina. Then he slowly went back toward her pussy, this time he plunged his tongue inside of her, when he did she let out a slight scream. Then he moved his tongue to her clit, and gently sucked it in, when he did this she put her hands on his head and pushed in to her.

She was so close she could feel it building inside her, Her eyes were closed and she was about to cum, when she felt someone start to suck on her breast, Richard was still sucking on her clit, which meant Jason had joined them. Between the two men sucking on her, she couldn’t take it anymore and she came anime porno all over Richards face. It took her a few minutes to recover from her orgasm. When she looked up she saw Richard and Jason standing over her. Jason had stripped down to nothing, and Richard had taken his boxers off. Stacy then got on her hands and knees and took Jason’s cock into her mouth, and hungrily sucked it, while she did this Richard came up behind her and pushed his cock into her still dripping pussy, and played gently with her clit. Richard was pumping her in at a steady pace, Jason meet his pace, and started to screw Stacy’s mouth with his cock, while Richard screwed her pussy.

Richard was the first to cum, then Stacy, then Jason. After Richard pulled out of Stacy Jason went behind her and started to eat her out, tasting her and Richards juices mixed together. He gently pushed his tongue inside of her, then pulled it out and placed his tongue on her clit, and went back again, after a minute or two of this Stacy came again. When she came her body became weak and fell to the bed. Richard and Jason then moved her gently to the middle of the bed and put her under the covers. Then they climbed in bed with her, one on each side.

When the woke up in the morning and they were all still naked, and still a little horny they started where they left off last night. Stacy took Richard’s cock in to her mouth and started to suck him and play gently with his balls, Jason then came up behind Stacy and entered her, he started to pump his dick into her slowly at first, but started going faster, and faster, and harder and harder. Until you could hear his flesh slapping hers. Richard, started to gently play with his wife’s clit, he want to make sure she came all over Jason’s dick. Richard was very close to cumming Stacy could feel it, so she sucked harder until she felt his cum shoot into her month. When he had finished he moved out of the way to watch Stacy and Jason. Jason, was still pounding her, he had also started to play with her nipples, he would pinch them and twist them, and as he did Stacy let out moans of pleasure. Soon they were both cumming, and Jason pulled Stacy on top of him, making sure that he empty himself into her.

The day continued in the same fashion, each taking their turn, and each enjoying the pleasure they were receiving. On Sunday morning Jason left, after he had Richard explained to Stacy that he had known that she had always had a fantasy about having sex with two guys at the same time. He had also run into Jason at store a few months earlier. They talked and had come up with the idea for the weekend. Stacy was happy, she had never had so much pleasure in her life. She was looking forward to Jason’s next visit.

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