Staycation Ch. 04a



It was shaping up to be a fairly mundane afternoon, especially given this morning’s excitement: Our neighbors, Jim and Michelle had come over for a swim, and Michelle had left her bikini top at home. Considering I’d seen her naked last night, and I’d dry-humped her to orgasm while playing with and sucking on her tiny breasts , I could understand why she felt modesty was unnecessary. My wife Tina decided to go topless as well, and then in very short order I went from rubbing sunscreen onto Michelle’s body, to sneaking my hand under her bikini bottoms, to pushing her bottoms to one side and finger-fucking her, to pulling down my bathing suit and slipping the head of my cock into her pussy, hesitating just long enough to give her a chance to stop me if she wanted to.

Unfortunately she did, but as soon as Jim and Michelle left, Tina stripped naked and let me fuck her on the grass next to the pool, so I have no complaints about the morning.

This afternoon, though, it was back to reality: I was helping Tina with her front-yard garden — pushing wheelbarrows of dirt, digging out large rocks, that sort of thing. She’s 1080 porno proud of her garden, and of the fact that neighbors (and the occasional stranger) passing by often stop to take a closer look. I don’t think she realizes that some of them might be stopping to look because she usually gardens wearing short cotton shorts and a cut-off top.

At three o’clock, she said she didn’t need my muscles anymore, and she knew there was a ballgame I wanted to watch, so I should go inside. I switched on the television and saw that there was a rain delay — it was warm and sunny where we lived, but in Chicago not so much — so I decided to take a shower to wash some of the front yard off of myself.

The shower was going at full blast when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Mind if I come in?”

“Of course,” I shouted back.

I heard the door open and close, but I couldn’t see her come in because we have a heavy, opaque shower curtain. I didn’t think anything of it, and continued soaping myself up, paying a bit more attention than usual to my cock, which had had its fair share of stimulation over the past twenty-four hours 2 k porno or so. Then I heard “Mind if I join you?” and the curtain opened up, and Michelle stepped in, completely naked.

Michelle, completely naked.

I instinctively tried to cover my cock — which was now completely erect — then I remembered that only a few hours ago I’d been massaging Michelle’s naked body and then I’d briefly had my cock in her pussy. The memory reduced my modesty, but — not surprisingly — added to my erection.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“Tina sent me inside to find you.”

“Tina sent… oh, she thought I was watching the ballgame.”

“Well, you weren’t. And I heard the shower going, so I came up here, got undressed, and now you’re up to date.”

“But… what are you doing here?”

“Listen, if we’re going to have a long discussion, do you mind lathering me up in the meantime?” She handed me the soap, and I began (as you might have guessed) on her breasts. “I came over because I felt badly about before.”

“You had nothing to feel badly about.”

“I disagree. I encouraged 3 k porno you to put your finger in me, I thrust my pussy at you, and then I got cold feet when you want to, you know…”

“Fuck,” I said, motioning for her to turn around. I started soaping her back as if this were the most normal thing in the world.

“So here I am,” she said.

“I don’t think Tina’s going to be happy about this.”

“Tina doesn’t have to know. I came over here wearing a bikini — top and bottom — and a pair of shorts. When we’re done, I’ll go right out the back door and jump in your pool. Wash away all the evidence that I took and shower and got… fucked.”

I was washing her tight little ass now. “I know you want to,” she said, bending forward, exposing her pussy to me. “That was obvious this morning and, it’s just as obvious now.”

I didn’t just want to fuck her; I needed to fuck her. Last night she’d taken my cock in her mouth, given me one quick suck, and let it go. The morning I’d had my cock in her pussy for a couple of seconds before she ran off. I ran my hands over her hard, soapy nipples one more time, then grabbed her hips and eased my cock into her pussy.

A knock on the bathroom door. “Bob?” Tina said. Definitely Tina this time. “I need a Band-Aid. Okay if I come in?”

I heard the door open, then close again. I froze in place.

Oh shit!

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