Stepping Out of Our Shelter Ch. 02


My lady friend and soul mate, Catherine has been sheltering in place at her home in San Luis Obispo since mid-March. I have been staying with her for a few weeks, except for a quick sojourn up to Santa Clara. Now that businesses are starting to reopen, we are venturing out to other places besides the local grocery store.

Days spent with Catherine have been some of the best ever. I’ve been mowing and pruning bushes in her backyard; for my reward, I’ve been treated to fantastic blow jobs, hand jobs, and lovemaking in just about every room in her house. We haven’t limited our activities to the house alone, we enjoy the privacy of her backyard just as much. Whether it’s in her spa, on the chaise lounge or on the grass overlooking rolling green hills, we enjoy many orgasms everyday. I thought the sex would slow down after a few days of living together, but it’s been the opposite with this five-foot-nine, mature lady.

Catherine is a confirmed nudist and I guess I am too. Her tan body with Double-D boobs is proof. We have been naked more than clothed during the lockdown. Her backyard provides terrific privacy. The last few days, Catherine has been worried that I wouldn’t want to engage in oral sex with her, since she hasn’t been able to keep her regular appointment at the European Wax Center for almost three months. As if I would ever skip a chance to eat her sweet pussy.

To alleviate her concern, I played the part of pussy barber yesterday, and shaved her cunt. This morning I demonstrated once again how I adore the sweet spot between her legs, whether she is silky smooth or sporting a full bush.

We were wanting a change of scenery, so I suggested we spend a week or two at my house in Pismo Beach. The idea came about when Catherine informed me that we had used our last bottle of cherry lube. Rather than waiting for an on-line order, I texted our friend, Lynette who works at the sex shop near my house. I was hoping to use the store’s curb side pickup. Lynette texted back that there is no need for curb side since they received word that they could reopen their business as of last Monday. With this great news, we drove down Highway 101 and have just arrived at my house.

My next-door neighbor, Denise left a note on my door, asking if I could keep an eye on her house and maintain her pool. She is heading to Des Moines to stay with her mother for a couple of weeks. Catherine is bummed because she was hoping to spend some ‘girl time’ with Denise.

Catherine grabs our overnight bags and takes them to the bedroom while I survey the refrigerator. We’ll need to stock up since we are going to be here for the next few weeks. Catherine returns and says she is ready to go. Our first stop is Diamond Adult World to see our friend, Lynette and to buy some lube for our sexual exploits.

I pull the truck into the familiar parking lot and we see people lined up to get into the sex shop. Nonetheless, Catherine hops out and hurries over to the side door. I lock the truck and follow behind. There are six people waiting to get in, each customer is standing on a circle set six feet apart. I see several people stare at Catherine. I assume it’s because she is wearing a short summer dress with spaghetti straps that appear ready to snap from holding up her huge breasts. Big boobs that are not constrained by a bra. Catherine is undaunted.

“Hi everyone. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it great the Diamond Adult World is open again. Our friend, Lynette, works inside.”

If the people in line hadn’t noticed Catherine and her Double-D’s before, they surely do now. Before I can say anything, the side door opens, and two people are invited inside. Hopefully, we won’t be standing out here too long. Four more customers have to enter before it’s our turn. In another minute, a man and lady emerge with big smiles. Two more prospective buyers go in and we move up to the next circle.

In the blink of an eye, we are at the entrance. I recognize Jayne, the regular cashier.

“Hi Jayne. How are you? It’s good to see you and isn’t it great that the store open again.”

“Hi Rob, it’s good to see you too. I haven’t seen you much lately. Lynette will be incredibly happy to see you.”

“Jayne, this is my girlfriend, Catherine.”

“It’s nice to meet you Catherine. Rob is one of my favorite customers, he always has nice compliments for me.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Jayne. Yes, Rob is always telling me how much he loves the ladies at Diamond Adult World.”

“I’m sorry to do this to you both, but new guidelines say we have to check the temperature of everyone who steps inside. I have this laser thermometer that I point at your wrist and get a reading.”

“No worries Jayne. We kind of expect this might be the new normal.”

Catherine and I hold out our wrists for Jayne to take a reading. We both test normal and I ask Jayne if masks are required. She says no they are not and invites us inside.

Once inside, Catherine turns to me, “Little Jayneee is very happy to see you?”

“Before you jump to conclusions, Jayne sex izle is a nice young lady and Lynette told me she is far too young for this old man.”

“I’m glad I have Lynette on my side. Remember, she was the one who spilled the beans about you being a glory hole stud. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea that I let you wander around here alone. Something tells me I need to keep a short leash on you.”

“I bet we find short leases by the strap-ons?”

“Ew, you are kinky. I like that.”

The store looks much different from my last visit. The product layout has been moved around and there are arrows on the floor to guide us around. My first thought is this reminds me of IKEA. We look around and see Lynette. She sees us and waves us over. Catherine and I follow the arrows to where she is standing.

“Hey, you two, it’s so good to see you. Come here and give Lynette a big hug. Catherine, I love your dress, it’s so summery, and no bra. I hope your boobs don’t pop out. Well, actually I do.”

Catherine steps up and hugs Lynette for several moments. Their big tits squish together, and they kiss each other on the lips. I move in and wrap Lynette in my arms as we share a deep soulful kiss. She snakes her tongue into my mouth.

“All right you two, get a room.”

I break from Lynette as we laugh at Catherine’s comment. Lynette looks very professional in her lab coat. A few customers walk by but pay no attention to the three of us. They are more interested in the vibrators and butt plugs than to give us a second thought.

“Lynette, we are so happy that you are open again and can have people back into the store.”

“I’m happy too, I was missing the personal touch that I love to give our customers. Although, like I said in my text, our mail order and curb-side service were out of this world. I can attest that the shelter-in-place was terrific for lube and vibrator sales. Lots of horny people were quarantined.”

“We’re happy you have weathered the pandemic so well.”

“So, do you notice anything different about me?”

“Your hair is longer.”

“Look closer.”

I move closer to Lynette and examine her from head to toe. Catherine gives her the once over.

“Your lab coat is light pink, you got rid of the old white ones.”

“Yes, you are correct, but there is more, look closer.”

I move my even closer to Lynette and stare at her breasts.

“You got a boob job. Your tits are bigger.”

“Don’t be silly Rob. Lynette did not get a boob job. Her tits have always been a gorgeous Double-D, just like mine.”

“No Rob, I did not get a boob job. Look closer, at my name tag.”

I bend closer to Lynette. I’m using all my will power not to fondle her tits. I look directly at her name tag.

“It reads, Lynette O’Brien, Manager, Diamond Adult World.”

“Yep that’s me, Lynette O’Brian, Manager. M A N A G E R.”

Catherine claps her hands, “Oh, Lynette, that’s wonderful. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you.”

“That is wonderful Lynette. Congrats. Did you finally give that old geezer the boot?”

“Old Easy Ed retired and moved out of state. The owners really liked how I ran the store in his absence. In fact, I invested money in the enterprise and so I am now part owner. The other investors want to remain silent partners, so I am the Managing General Partner.”

“Wow Lynette. That is fabulous. That deserves another hug.”

I wrap my arms around Lynette, and we share another kiss. Catherine takes my place and they kiss again. This time their lips linger for a longer period.

“Hey, who should get a room now.”

The ladies glance over to me and kiss once more. We are so happy for Lynette. I look around and comment how the store looks a lot different from three months ago. It is completely redesigned. Lynette explains that the changes are in part due to new Covid-19 regulations, but a bigger part due to her inspiration and business acumen. I mention the IKEA look.

“Well, the new layout is a result of new regulations. When I read that we had to provide a method for social distancing, I wondered how I could accomplish this because in the past people would wander back and forth and all over the store. I realized we need to direct people in an orderly fashion around the store, and not have them criss-cross back and forth. So, I reorganized aisles and product placement and used arrows like IKEA to move people in one direction. I hope it works.”

“I hope so too. There is definitely a different vibe right now. I guess if someone decides they want to buy something they passed up, they’ll just have to follow the arrows around again.”

“Yes, they will. Another change I made is intermingling items. There is no longer a men’s section and lady’s section. For example, we now have vibrators mixed in with male masturbators. Our purchasing data showed that a lady looking for a dildo was also interested in buying a Fleshlight for her lover. And a couple purchasing a vibrator also needed lube. They are now together in an area and not in separate sections.”

“Lynette, fransız porno you are brilliant. I never would have guessed that sexy naked lady on the beach I met all those years ago would be the managing general partner of Diamond Adult World.”

“Little did anyone know. Hey, have I got a surprise for you two? You mentioned you needed lube. We have a brand new three-pack of Juicy-Lube that includes vanilla, cherry, and strawberry. I set aside two packs for you, one for your house, Rob and one for Catherine. I hope that will last for the coming week.”

“Very funny Lynette, I’m sure it will last a lot longer. Thank you.”

“And, we just received a new item from the same vendor, neon colored cock rings. Rob, I think neon orange would look stunning on your seven-inch shaft. I can picture your hard cock and shaved balls wrapped in one.”

Lynette continues to fill us in on all the new changes, when a hunky looking male walks up to us. He looks to be of college age.

“Excuse me Ms. O’Brien. A new shipment has arrived at the loading dock. I’ll be back there unpacking and sorting through the merchandise. Holler if you need anything.”

As quickly as he came, he is gone again. We look at Lynette who has a wide grin. Catherine raises her eyebrows.

“Well Ms. O’Brian, do you want to explain that one?”

“What’s to explain. He’s our new stock boy.”

“Come on. That smile means you are not telling us something.”

“Okay, okay. That, my dear friends, is Nathan. Being a manager means not doing physical labor. Before the lockdown, I placed an add in a few local college newspapers looking for a stockroom/janitor employee. I got quite the response, and after sorting through thirty or so resumes, I interviewed seven young men.”

“I bet you interviewed them!”

“No, no, the whole process was above board and legitimate. No hanky-panky until I settled on the top two candidates.”

“Okay, here it comes.”

“Nathan and Dylan were the two top candidates, splendid school marks, prior work experience, excellent letters of reference. So how was I to choose? Well, I guess that’s when things got a little more intimate. Let’s just say they had to pass a physical.”

“Oh, my gawd, Lynette. That is so wrong on so many levels. You’re treading on dangerous ground.”

“I know I may have broken a few laws, but hey, this is a sex shop and they are strapping young men.”

“So, you chose Nathan. How did he impress you?”

“Actually, I couldn’t decide, so I hired both of them. One has an eight-inch cock and the other eats pussy like you wouldn’t believe.”


“Yeah, I know. So, let me tell you about the other major change I made as the managing general partner.”

Catherine and I are still in shock over Lynette’s hiring practices. But the more I think about it the more it doesn’t surprise me. After all, this is the lady whom I first met at Pirate’s Cove, our nude beach here on the coast. My next-door neighbor and I were making love on the sand and she decided to sit fifteen feet from us and masturbate. This was how we first met. This is the lady that asked me to stuff my cock through a glory hole to entertain an out-of-town guest. This is the lady who held my stiff cock and took a picture. She then sent the picture to a female customer. This is who Lynette is.

“Sorry Lynette, but Rob and I are still trying to process your hiring method.”

“Well, you know how Rob is always teasing me that ‘Lynette Loves Her Toys’?”

“Yes, I do. He even wrote a story about it and published it on God knows he’s published practically our entire sex life on that website.”

“Helloooooo, ladies. I’m still here.”

“Well, now Lynette loves her toys and Lynette loves her boys.”

The three of us laugh out loud, drawing stares from other customers in the store. We attempt to stifle our humor, but it only makes it worse. I’m sure we are quite the spectacle. Lynette tries to continue telling us about more changes she has made.

“When the store was closed for three months, I hired a contractor friend of mine and he completely remodeled our video booths. In fact, we expanded and added a third. They are more spacious, with Barcelona chairs for couples to use while they watch on our new fifty-inch flat screens.”

“Lynette, that sounds terrific. So, you’re trying to make it more for couples than horny old men. Did you cover up the glory hole?”

“Oh, heavens no. If fact, we made the hole larger and added padding around the cutout. I want our customers to be more comfortable. So, if you are in the center room, you have two glory holes, one on each side.”

“I guess no social distancing in there?”

“Not really. People will just have to take their chances. We have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes that are 99% effective. Don’t quote me, but I don’t think the virus spreads when sucking a cock. Also, I control access to the rooms, it’s not a free-for-all. We’ve eliminated the tokens, and now you will teen porno use your credit card or tap your cell phone to start the movies and you decide how long you want to watch.”

“That’s very high-tech Lynette.”

“It’s gets better. I have switches up by the register that unlock the doors and I can override the system and turn the movies on and off, shorten or lengthen the time, adjust the sound and lighting. So, I control the entire environment. We’ll sanitize the rooms between visits. I want our customers, especially couples to feel safe.

“That is impressive. And you did all this in less than three months?”

“What can I say, my contractor friend is a genius, he set it all up.”

“And did the two of you christen the new rooms?”

“Rob, don’t ask personal questions, Lynette is our hostess, mind your manners. So, did you?”

“I paid for all of the materials, Sean was paid union scale plus expenses, and yes we did. Catherine, you would love his cock. So thick and he knows how to use it. The Barcelona chairs are really comfortable for fucking. Which brings me to my next surprise, I have reserved the center room for you two. Stay as long as you like, I set the movie time to unlimited.”

“Lynette, you don’t have to do that. We just came in to buy some lube and to visit with our best friend.”

“Nonsense, you two are my best friends and my best customers. Besides, I want your unbiased opinion on the new setup. I need some real-life reviews for the next marketing campaign, so it’s not entirely free. And before you ask Rob, you aren’t getting paid for your feedback. Well, in monetary terms anyway. Catherine come here; I want to show you something.”

Lynette grabs Catherine’s hand and pulls her to the next aisle. The rack of push-up bras and thongs gets my attention. I see the girls looking at vibrators.

“I want to show you a new vibrator Catherine. I don’t think I showed it to you during your last visit. It’s called the J-Vibe. It comes in a lot of different colors: lime green, neon orange, pink, purple and sky blue. A color for every taste.”

Lynette grabs the neon orange box and opens it. The vibe is a solid two inches in diameter with a super smooth hard rubber nine-inch shaft. The last two inches of the tip bend for added pleasure. Lynette slides her fingers back and forth along the smooth sides. The liner notes on the box say that the variable speed and patented J-tip will have you squirting every time. She hands the vibe to Catherine.

“Don’t you love the color; it matches the cock ring I picked out for Rob. I think you’re going to love this sliding along your wet pussy. The liner notes say you’ll be squirting every time.”

“I don’t know Lynette; nine inches is a bit too much for me to handle. I learned that with a real nine-inch cock at a nude beach up in Oregon. I can only take seven inches max. And, besides, I have no trouble squinting, my pussy is always wet. Rob knows exactly what I am talking about.”

“Well think about it. I use a J-Vibe all the time. The secret is the last two inches where the tip bends. It hits my G-Spot perfectly and I have to say, my orgasms are dynamite.”

I meander over to the girls and catch the last few sentences of their conversation. Something about squirting and dynamite orgasms. Lynette winks at me and reminds us that the center video room is open and waiting for us.

“Oh gawd, Rob and I are going to love this. Come on sweetheart let’s explore this new room and Lynette can get back to her managing. We love you Lynette, thank you.”

“The middle room is unlocked. I’ll have your lube three-packs ready when you are done exploring unless you’d like them now.”

“You can keep the lube by the register, we’ll pick them up later.”

“I’ll grab the orange neon cock ring too and put it with the lube.”

Catherine grabs my hand and pulls me through the back curtains. We make sure we follow the arrows on the floor. We see Nathan in the back-office sorting through the new arrivals. I open the door of the middle video room and let Catherine step inside before me. The door closes and locks automatically as we get our first glimpse of the remodeled video room, it’s no longer just a booth.

“I love the Barcelona chair. The leather is so soft, and the square tuck and roll provides a lot of cushion. No wonder Lynette said it was great for fucking. Look Rob, there is room for three people. Do you think Lynette will join us?”

“That would be my fantasy, but I think she may be too busy with the store just reopening. Take a look at the new glory hole, Cath. Wow, the padding is super soft, I bet two cocks could fit through this hole.”

“Now, that would be my fantasy Rob. Come sit with me, let’s watch some movies.”

Catherine reclines on the chair and grabs the remote to scroll through our choices. She asks me what I want to watch. I tell her my favorite subject. She knows what that is.

“Let’s see, threesomes with big boob MILF’s. Wow, there are a lot of videos under this heading. Come on over sweetie and watch with me.”

I don’t need to be asked twice. I scoot next to Catherine and we kiss as she queues up several videos. I reach over and slide the straps of her summer dress off her shoulders. Her Double-D’s pop out from the bodice and swing free.

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