“What’s the point of this story? Or maybe I should be asking how badly does this story suck? Why do I write this stuff for her when she might not like it, and then she’ll think I’m an idiot?”

He always had these thoughts when he finished a writing project, the moment at which he came close to deleting the file in a fit of self-doubt. But he never did, mostly he figured it was because he was lazy and couldn’t stand the thought of losing all the work that went into it. But he always rationalized away his doubts and his laziness with “Better a shitty story than nothing.” Besides, she did seem to genuinely like them, or least she never let him know that she didn’t.

Someone once said that we all write with a single person in mind, an ideal reader. She was not just his ideal reader, but the raison d’être for his secret writing career. It was, after all, their shared interest in the hobby of adult literature (he snorted a laugh at that – “adult literature”?) that got him started on this. Besides, he liked writing and it provided him with a welcome distraction.

He thought about the start of the story as he walked downstairs to let her know that he was (finally!) finished.

Chapter 1: Writers Block

“Stuck in a rut and parked in front of a computer was no place for a budding novelist. Sometimes the words flowed, sometimes they didn’t, and right now the river was a dry Outback creek bed.

He took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind, get a fresh perspective on things and tap into that distant little well of creativity. He had learned that at times like these the words needed to pulled out of that well like drawing up a bucket of water…”

“Done!” he said to her, holding the papers up for her to see.

She turned around and looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Oh really? And do I get read it?” She walked over to him reaching for the story.

“Not this time,” and he held the papers behind his back as she made a grab for them, letting herself lean against him.

She treasured his stories and the thought of sitting down to read it with a glass of wine, wearing nothing but a robe, made her nipples harden. She pressed them into him, a promise of his reward…if he let her read the story.

“Why not?” she quietly complained, brushing feather-light kisses around his neck.

He gently pushed her back and looked her in the eye, “How about if I read it to you this time?”

Without a word, she stepped straight back, turned and walked away.

“I’ll be waiting upstairs,” was all she said, leaving a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting on the counter.

He lingered for a few minutes in the kitchen, giving her a few minutes of privacy – no easy task in their small house – before he picked up the story and followed her upstairs.

She was waiting for him, reclined in the red bathrobe that he loved, running only to mid-thigh and barely held closed by the belt. With her brown hair spilled over the pillows, he thought again about how lucky he was to be with a woman that mixed her beauty and sensuality together so seamlessly. Relaxed there on the four-posted bed, she was the picture of luxury and comfort. The bed was the only thing in the house on which they had spent any real money. Thick wooden posts carved with detailed patterns of vines that snaked up to melt into the cloudy white canopy, and the deep green bedding sometimes made them feel like they were in a forest. The bed took up most of the space in the room, but that was fine with both of them. When they had moved it in here, he wondered about the size, but she kissed him and asked “Where else would you be in a bedroom?”

She loved being read to. It didn’t matter if was the sports section of the newspaper or from a book he was reading. But this was the first time he had read aloud something that he had written. Her fingers traced small patterns in the cleavage exposed by the loosely tied robe, eyes shut, and she didn’t say a word as he sat on the edge of the bed and started to read the story.

“…He felt gentle hands start to knead his shoulders and leaned back to accept their comfort.

‘You’re so tense,’ his wife sex izle said, ‘No wonder you’re having a hard time getting started today. You just need to relax.’

Her hands worked his shoulders harder, sliding up and massaging his head, her fingers weaving through his thick dark hair. She knew he loved it when her fingernails lightly scratched his scalp…”

He glanced up from his reading and saw her hand had worked its way inside her robe to caress her chest, lightly grazing her skin. Her hard nipples pressed into the light fabric of the robe, leaving two subtle expressions of her arousal.

“…She leaned down and began to kiss his neck, feather light, teasing kisses that raised goosebumps on his skin, her hands slid up and into his shirt, nails skimming his stomach and chest.

He let out a breath and said, ‘This isn’t helping me concentrate,’ but she could tell the protest was less than half-hearted.

‘Let me take care of you, baby,’ she said, letting her lips brush his, her breasts pressing into him. ‘When I’m done with you, you’ll be ready to start again. I promise.”

She slid around and swung one leg over him, and sat in his lap facing him. Her dress hiked partway up her thigh to give her room to sit like this, just uncovering the tops of her stockings held in place by a garter…”

He looked up at the sound of her soft moan. Through the fabric of her robe, he could see her hand gently pinching a hard nipple, her hips slightly pressed up in response.

“Are you going to pay attention?” he asked irritably.

She cracked an eye open and smiled, “Of course I’m paying attention. If I wasn’t, would I be soaking wet and playing with myself?”

Satisfied, he began to read again.

“…she ran the tip of her tongue across his lips and as he tried to embrace her, she pushed him back into the chair.

‘You just sit,’ she said, ‘this time I’ll do all the work.’

She kissed him harder, her hands holding the back of his head while their tongues flickered against each other. His arms reached out and began to stroke the skin just above her stocking, sliding a bit higher with each caress.

She stood up. ‘Since you can’t just sit back and relax,’ she scolded, ‘I’ll have to make you keep your hands to yourself.’

Her hair was held back with a ribbon that bundled her long blond hair into a pony tail, and it cascaded across her back as she pulled the ribbon out. She stepped off him and took his hands behind the chair, looping the ribbon around them several times before securing a knot.

As she stepped back to look him over, her dress slid back into place. ‘Now do you think you can hold still?’

He nodded -…”

“Oh God,” came a soft moan.

He stopped reading again and looked up. “What?” he asked before he saw that one of her hands had slid between her legs while the other was still on her chest, rolling a hard nipple between two fingers.

His brow furrowed in a mock look of irritation, “Are you going to listen or work your bean?”

“I am listening,” her voice was breathy, “but I can’t help it. You should be glad it has this effect on me.” Her hand continued to move circles between her legs.

“Oh yeah?” he said, “I have an idea,” and he set the story face down on the bed so she couldn’t peek.

In the closest, he found what he was looking for: a handful of her long scarves. Each of them was a different vivid color – red, yellow, blue, and deep aqua- soft and silky. He knew she loved the feel of silk against her skin, the way it slid across her body in the most delicate of caresses. He turned back to the bed and looked down at her.

“Since you can’t seem to sit still…” and he tied one end of the red scarf to her hand, the other end to the bed post. She didn’t resist, but he could see her breathing had accelerated. They had never done this before, but being tied up was something he knew she fantasized about. He used the blue scarf for her other hand, making sure she couldn’t slip free, but that the knots weren’t too tight. He moved to the end of the bed and used the other two scarves to secure her legs. She lay exposed; legs spread in a picture of beautiful alt yazılı porno submission. When he was done, he crawled up the bed, sliding his body between her legs and began to kiss her thighs, first on the front, and then working his way to her sensitive inner thighs. He let his tongue trail across her smoothly shaven pussy, tracing just the edge of the lips. And then he stood up and closed her robe over her.

“Wouldn’t want you to get cold,” he said, “Now you’ll be able to sit still.”

“You’re stopping?” she pleaded, “You can’t stop now!”

“…she stood in front him, slowly moving, swaying, her hands had raised the dress up to mid-thigh so he could see end of her stockings. She let one trail up her legs and quickly disappear under the dress, lingering for moment, causing her to tilt her hand back and take a deep breath.

‘I’m so hot right now, baby,’ she looked at him on the chair, ‘What do you want me to do? Do you want me to fuck you? Slowly, just a little bit at first, feeling your head slide inside me…Or maybe I should blow you? Would you like that, baby, do you want to cum in my mouth?’

She stepped forward and kissed him, working down to his neck, unbuttoning his shirt as she went. Her hands worked ahead of her, sliding his belt off and unfastening his pants, releasing his hard cock into her hand…”

He glanced over the story to check on her. He smiled as thought, “At least she’s still there…” He reached over and slipped his hand under her robe, massaging her breast and lightly squeezing a nipple, drawing a soft moan from her.

“Shall I continue?” he asked.

With eyes still closed, she answered “Keep going.”

“With what? With this?” he said and moved his hand between her legs, running a finger along her wet pussy, “Or with the story?”

She cracked an eye to look at him, “How about both?”

“…she knelt between his legs, his hands tied behind the chair, slowly running her tongue along the shaft of his erection, up and around the head, and back down the other side. Her hand followed her mouth, gently stroking him with a light, teasing touch. She took the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue moving over it, hand sliding up and down his length. She looked up into his eyes.

‘I love it when you watch me suck you off,’ she told him.

She took more of him in, starting to move her head up and down, her hand stroking in unison, twisting as it slid back up. He let out a soft moan, and she could feel him starting to swell. She took her mouth off him and stroked the end of his cock hard and then stopped.

‘You’re not ready to cum yet, baby’ and she moved to position herself over top of him, lowering herself to him again, this time letting her pussy press down on his cock…”

“I need you to fuck me soon” was all she said.

He set the story down and smiled at her. “I don’t think you’re in any position to tell me what to do, are you? Do you want me to finish the story or not?”


“…she let her pussy slide along his cock, and taking in just the head. He tried to thrust into her, but she pulled back, teasing him.

Her hands on his shoulders, she said ‘I’ll fuck you when I decide,’ and kissed him, letting their tongues mix against each other.

She ground herself on him, not letting any more of him enter her. She could feel him swollen under her and knew he would finish soon if she let him.

She whispered in his ear, ‘Do you want to cum now?’


She let his cock slide all the way inside her, holding it there for several seconds, moving her hips on him just enough to keep him on the edge of orgasm, and then she stood, enough so that only the swollen head was still in her. She fucked him like this, his cock swollen, his orgasm building closer each time she let him enter her.

‘I’m going to cum…’

She stopped and let him slip out of her, ‘Not yet,’ and stepped back from him…”

“Don’t stop again,” she complained.

He put the story down anyway and stood up, “I’ll be right back,” and left the bedroom.

She could hear him downstairs, the sound of ice dropping into a altyazılı sex izle glass, and then his footsteps back up the stairs. He had a drink with him, “probably a bourbon and ginger ale,” she thought, and two tall, slender candles. These he lit and set on the table next to his side of the bed. Taking a drink, he resumed the story.

“…She stood in front of him, flushed, her blond hair disheveled around her shoulders. As much as he wanted to cum, so did she, but this was for him.

‘You never told me how you wanted to cum, baby, so I’ll decide for you,’ and she knelt again between his legs.

She lowered her mouth on his cock, taking him all the way in and slowly back out, her tongue moving continuously on him. She heard him moan and looked up.

‘Baby, I’m about to cum, too,’ she said, and started to rub circles around her aching clit with two fingers.

Her other hand stroked his cock the way she knew he liked it, her mouth following, lingering for a few seconds when just the head was engulfed to stroke the sensitive end of the shaft with her hand, and then back down. She could feel him building quickly and started to move her head and hand faster. Her fingers rubbed her clit harder, periodically sliding deep inside her pussy, and she could feel her own orgasm building.

‘Oh, fuck, baby, I’m going to cum. Oh God,’ she moaned, this was enough to put him over the edge

‘Me too,’ was all he could say.

She took her mouth off of his throbbing cock and stroked him, letting him cum in her open mouth, her own orgasm grabbing her whole body…”

He put the story down and looked at her, “Well?” he said.

“If I said I needed to cum right now, would that answer your question?”

He turned to the candles and said, “It might, but I don’t think you’re ready to yet.”

She heard the ice clink in the glass as he took are long drink, and then he turned, candle in one hand. He held it over her breasts, tilting just enough for a single drop of hot wax to fall on her nipple.

She moaned as he followed the wax with an ice cube from his mouth. She pulled against the scarves that held her down.

“Too much?” he asked.

“No,” she said, “Keep going.”

He tilted the candle again over the over nipple, letting several drops spatter on her breast, ice following immediately after to harden the wax. He moved it down her body, hot wax and then ice on her stomach, and then her thighs. He trailed a piece of ice along her pussy, letting it tickle the heat of her swollen clit with its coldness. Her back arched and she moaned.

“You’re driving me crazy,” she hissed.

In response he knelt down and let his tongue run circles around her engorged clit, flicking across it, keeping the pressure light. He knew by the sounds of her moans that she would cum soon if he kept this up.

“Since you haven’t told me how you want to cum, I’ll decide,” he said, standing up and walking to the closest. He came back with a short, thick, purple vibrator, her favorite. He turned it on low and let it rub against her clit before sliding it in. Holding it inside her, he bent forward again and pressed his tongue against her clit, rubbing large circles on it.

She started to moan loudly now and strained at the scarves that held her down, her hips lifted off the bed as he ground his tongue on her, the vibrator working deep inside her. He knew by her sounds that she would cum soon, and started to slide the vibrator in and out.

“Ok, I’m about to cum, oh fuck…”

The candle in his other hand, he reached up and let a few drops fall on her chest, leaving them to cool slowly on her skin. The combination of the story, the wax, his tongue, and the vibrator sent her over the edge. Her orgasm hit her and she let a single long moan before her breath caught. He could feel her pussy tighten, and he started to work her toy back in and out of her, prolonging her pleasure, her moans louder now. He let a few more drops of wax hit her chest.

“I’m going to cum again…” she gasped.

He kept his tongue working until she said, “Oh my God, you have to stop, I can’t take any more,” and he slowly stopped his tongue and let the vibrator slide out of her. She sat still for a minute more, bathed in pleasure, her breathing slowing down. He untied the scarves and she sat up to look him the eye.

“You are so in for it, mister,” she told him.

He smiled. “I can’t wait.”

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