…A house in the mist, somewhere in the mountains…you live there..alone…one evening when there is a rain storm, someone knocks on your door…you open it and there is a girl standing in the door way, she says, ‘um I’m sort of stuck, my car broke down, I need look at her and say, ‘well its raining really hard right now…how would you like to wait a while…then maybe we can do something?’…’sure’, she says…and comes in.

she takes off her rain coat and gives you her umbrella. Once done, she looks around and you motion her to go and sit on the recliner by the fire…’I’ll um get you something warm to drink…you could have called, but I’m afraid the lines are out at the moment, and you could have watched some TV but I’m afraid the cable is also out so I suppose you can only read the newspaper’, you smile and leave…well here we are a stormy night and you’re alone with some girl and there is just the sound of rain and nothing else to stir the silence.

‘Here you go’ you hand her mug of coffee, ‘thanks…um sorry but like can I have a blanket’…you get her one and she snuggles up under it,

after awhile, you notice that she’s gone to sleep, so you leave and go to your room.

An hour later you come back, she is still sleeping you notice…you walk towards her and bend down by her to pick up the coffee mug, as you are about to, you notice in the fire light that the blanket has slipped off her shoulders and if your not wrong they seem to be extremely bare!!!…you quickly look around and notice that her clothes are strewn on the couch, you can see her black lace panties and her bra on top. 😉

‘well…umhm ‘…you turn around and are about to leave when you are tempted to just go and take one long breathe of the scent that lies in those silk black underthings.

You pick her bra up and bury your face in it…it smells of wild grapes and her panties smell of cream puffs…almost delicious!!!, as you are, you hear a rustle and drop what ever is in your hands, and turn around, she hasn’t noticed you at all, the blanket falls off her top and the fire makes a beautiful outline of her breasts and belly, her nipples are erect, her neck is long,..she raises her hands to tie her hair, and then suddenly she stands up and lets the entire blanket fall of her body and stands with her back towards you, close to the fire, she has the body of a medieval woman, plump in all the right places, her ass is nice and round, she is looking closet at the pictures on your wall.

As you step back to leave, she hears you and is startled, she screams and rushes for the blanket…and switches on the light…’um…what the hell, how long have you been standing there!!!!!???’…’not very long…i just…um…I’, ‘WHAT I…??..say something?!’ ‘well I’m sorry but I must admit that I was to dumbfounded or paralyzed to move, it was all quite mesmerizing’…she is quiet and just looks at you, you take her clothes and take them to her, ‘I see, so u like to go to sleep with your clothes off …don’t worry about me, I’m not a dangerous person, although I don’t know if I can say the same about you ;)}…she is still quiet and as she reaches for her clothes…your arms brushes her fingers…somehow now she has for a moment forgotten about the clothes and she is feeling the hair on your arm, you’re quiet, she moves her fingers upwards on your arm and up your sleeve and massages the entire olgun porno length of your arm with her fingers.

You feel the base of your back almost quivering, is it desire? it fear?…now the hand of hers that held the blanket, she makes it available by letting go of the blanket, and before you know it she is standing like a naked child in front of you with the blanket at the base of her feet, you can see the amazing swell of her breasts , her smooth stomach, her deep belly button, a neat shaven pussy, which seems to be hiding beneath everything, her medium sized smooth legs and her feet which look like baby feet.

She steps a little closer and now uses both her hands to massage both you arms, very softly without you realizing, she starts to unbutton you shirt and once done she lets it fall off you shoulders and onto the floor, she moves her hand across your chest and plays with the hair on it, her fingers move towards your nipples, she forces her fingers onto each one and they start coming to life, she looks at you and then lowers her head onto you r chest and starts to lick you nipples slowly with her soft, sharp and ardent tongue, soon her entire mouth rests on each and it almost seems as if she was satiating some hidden thirst, there is this sense of devotion in her actions.

You don’t know what exactly to say or do, only standing there and experiencing ecstasy is all you can think of. She moves further below after sucking, licking and tugging at you soft nipples which you realize are dark pink and hard by now. making snail tracks over you stomach and sucking deep into your belly button, she turns you around and starts to kiss you allover you back, her lips are soft and warm, and before you know it, she presses her entire front part of the body into your back, her nipples are hard and erect and they press into your back, her belly is sort of sweaty and she rubs it against your back, she rubs her body against you back and then swiftly turns you around and hold you close. now her nipples and your are in direct contact with yours and this amazing hardness against each other is just taking you into some other land, she breathes down your neck and whispers ‘I want to feel you every where and lick each and every place of your beautiful body, I want to be your slave tonight’…you notice the urgency in her voice and hold her back, raising your fingers to her nipples you feel them with your thumb, rubbing them makes them harder and the slight pain causes her to let out a little moan.

You move your hands down her belly and rub the sides of her waist, you move your hands across her back, the muscles are tight but the moment you touch them they seem to melt under your fingers, you move your fingers down her back and can now hear her breathing a little heavily, ‘that feels so good…don’t…don’t stop’…you start to make trails down her back with your fingers, and then move you hands slowly down to her ass, you move your fingers slowly upon the crack, and feel the roundness, you then slowly grab her ass, and suddenly notice that she is actually pushing her back against you…as if she want to feel much more than just your fingers…you start to kiss the nape of her neck and then slowly move down her back, by licking your entire way down, until you come to the crack of her ass, you lick that too, and lick her buttocks, they are smooth and firm…she porno suddenly turns around to look at you, and you hold each other by the fire…kissing, first softly and then long hungry kisses, your tongues fighting with each other, as if you were making love with them, moaning as you kiss, and actually being able to hear the sound of how wet and hot your kisses are in the silence you are turned on beyond imagination…you want to keep kissing her, until she suddenly withdraws her tongue from your mouth and starts to lick your neck, your face, you stand there in awe, and can only sigh.

It feel so good you think to yourself, she licks her way down your chest…paying extra attention to each nipple, licking it, sucking it, holding it between her teeth and lips, ‘i love them hard’ and she flicks her tongue across them and motion you to watch as she looks up at you…then she moves down and sucks your navel…and finally she unzips your pants and helps you out of them…there you are naked standing in front of this strange woman, and so turned on, she kneels between your legs and takes hold of your rock hard dick, she spits on her hands and then starts to rub your dick with your hands, moving back and forth, as she rubs your dick, she takes the head of your cock in her mouth and starts to suck it, she slicks it and kepps kissing it as she rubs your cock…pumping you and sucking you at the same time…she lickc a little pre-cum of your cock head…and starts to pumps you harder, your dick is sooo hard, suddenly she stops, and then takes your entire cock in her mouth, and starts to suck you, as she does, she makes these deep moaning sounds, ‘mm…mm…mm’ is all you can hear her say…you can see that your precum is actually dripping down her mouth, mixed with her spit, she has her eyes closed and is sucking you now like an animal, faster and faster by the minute…you cant help, pushing your slef into her face…wanting to fuck her mouth now…and you feel like ur about to cum…’ah ahh ahhh I’m I’m gona…’ suddenly she stops your disappointed…’wha’…she suddenly opens ur legs wider and starts to lick your balls and start to pumps your cock…you cant believe it…’ohhh…ohh my god…dont dont stop now…yeha suck my nuts, harder…ohhh yeha…!!!!!’…she stops again…you cant seem to understand why she keeps doing that…she motions you to lie down, you spread the blanket on the carpet and lie down on it…she gets on top of you, only her ass is right above your face and your dick is in her mouth…there you go, as she sucks you you can see her glistning pussy hang above your face…and juices are trickling down her thigh…she is as wet as wet can get…

You pull her closer and start to eat her, licking her clitoris, and sucking her numb, both of you are making loud sucking and moaning sounds and are eating and sucking each other like animals…’ yeahhh…oh yeha…fuck me with your tongue…fuck meeee…oh fuckkkkk meeeeeee…ahhh, ohh…mm…mm…’ Both of you stop, you dont wnat to come just yet do you…she now sits on top of your chest, rubbing her wet c,lit on your nipples, your soaked in pussy juice and her mouth looks sore…she slowly inches her self on to your dick nad then starts to ride you slowly…you grab hold of her breasts…and pull the, you tug at her nipples, she throws her head back in ecstacy…’oh yeahh!!!!’, ‘comon baby, fuck me, be my Porno 64 stallion, be my rapist, fuck me , fuck me sore with your hard dick tonite, fuck me so hard, that I cum, and cum and cum all night, dont you stop fucking me, dont you stop puching your dick inside my hole for a single second!!’ and she nnow start to ride you like crazy…’ahh, ahh ahhh ahh harder, yeah harder, herader…oh yeha…oh god, ‘ you can actually hear and see your balls slapping against her cunt, it makes this amazing sound, and the squish sound when your dick enter and levaes her cunt, in and out, in and out, you pull her breasts closer and start to lick them, suck them, and she continues to ride you, you can sense your load building up when you suddely push her offf, you pull her under you, and place your self between her legs, your dick deeep in her pussy…’bitch , I’m going to fuck your cunt until its raw, I’m going to keeping pumpung my hard dick into you…’ you start to grunt and fuck her harder and faster, , at the same time your’e feeding on her breats hungrily, ‘oh…ohhh…oh yeah…dont…oh yeah, dont stop, ohh.ah fuck me …fuck me…ohhh ahhh…mm…fuck me ‘ you pull each other closer, her nails are digging into your back, she has scratched your back and your still grinding into her, until you burst..both of you scream out loud…there is sweat and cum and juice and heat in the rooom, totally exhauseted…both of you still lie together…you look out the window…its still raining out side…you relax for about 5 miutes and then tell her to get up…she does…you ask her to get on her hands and kness…’girl, be my slut…it doggy style time””first she sucks your dick to make you hard again and when your rock hard…you position your self behind her and enter her cunt…oh yeha, your balls slap against her ass…oh yeha, wet and hot, her breast move and shake like bells, you hold her by the waist and start to pump in to her, harder and harder by the minute, grinding your cock in and out of her…oh yeha…’ah …ah…ahhh, your sweet cunt, oh, ohhh,,,,,yeha yeha hhh.a’ and bothof you cum again…before you know it, your racing to the bathroom with her…you turn on the shower, the water is hot, bothof ou stand under it and and kiss each other…you keep kissing, until her hand finds your cock, and she starts rubbing it, o god ur hard again…and guess what you want to fuck her once more…you lift her and she has her legs around your waist, you semi hard dick inside her cunt and you are getting harder as you slowly move inside her…she touches the places where you two are joined and licks the juices off her finger, you keep kissing each other…and you kiss her breasts abd lick the water that collects as it forms a drop on each nipple…she licks your nippples…and you start to pumping her, first slow then faster…o yeha…o yeha…o yeha, the water, the fucking sounds, teh moaning, groaning, a, oh my hot hard man, dont stop fucking me, ur such an excellent lover…ohh your hard dick, I love your body, a…’ and you have your face buried in her neck…mumbling…’ yeha my bitch, my slut…my slave…comon leme me ffel your cunt let meee, a my hard dick, I want ot keep fucking you…you hot horny woman…a’ and then the shower is a mix of orgasmic sounds only as two people fuck each other like wild animals…’a.ohh ohhh a.a.ohhh ohh…fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.harder…ohoh oho oh ohooooooo..ah””and then both of you cum again…

its some tiems in teh morning now…the rain has stopped, she’s lying in bed, naked, next to you…under the satin sheets…you look at her and wish…’ I hope it rains cats and dogs for the next few days’ …

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