Strangers in a Bar


The bar was dark, smoky and loud. Exactly what she needed. Stephanie was feeling excited. Tonight was finally the night. She had made up her mind to fulfill a fantasy tonight. Its one she had had for years, but one thing led to another and she had never been able to make it come true before. Well this weekend her husband was out of town. She was grateful for the break. She needed something new and had been thinking of this fantasy of hers for months.

She went over to the bar and sat down. She wore a pair of jeans, a tank top under a loose shirt and her boots. She wanted to look sexy without being to obvious. And it worked for her. She was confident, she was horny, and she had the man in view. The bartender came over and she ordered. Her voice sounded huskier. The sexual tension in her body came out in her voice, in her mannerisms. He looked her straight in the eye and she stared right back, then licked her lips letting her gaze drift to his lips. The bartender slightly grinned at her and reached out to light the cigarette she had produced. This was the man she set her sights on.

She spent the evening talking quietly to a few friends that had stopped in. A few guys asked her to dance. She accepted once or twice but mainly declined. The bartender would come by and stop and chat. He would ask her about the people she had been talking to, relaying funny stories about the patrons of the bar. They laughed and shared a few looks. As the evening wore on and she had a few drinks she got hornier, once she asked the bartender to watch her drink and she went to the ladies room. Sitting in one of the stalls she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Just a quick hard cum. It was very hard staying quiet.. but she had to. There were other women in the bathroom with her.

When she returned to the bar she felt calmer, not quite as frantic. The bartender came closer and observed her half closed eyes.. Her lazy smile.. that look.. he knew what she had done and smiled. He wondered if he could get her tonight? God he was horny, and knowing that this hot blonde had just gotten off somewhere in his bar made him hard. His cock stiffened and He leaned back against the cabinets where he knew she would notice his bulge. Her reaction would tell him all he needed to know. He watched her eyes…caught her attention and just looked deep.

She caught his gaze and was mesmerized. She let her gaze slide slowly down his body stopping at the bulge pushing against his jeans. Her lips parted slightly and her eyes looked quickly back into his and he knew.. and smiled.

He told her to xnxx wait and he knew she would. She was hot and horny but hell so was he. He glanced over at her and saw she was busy writing something down. He went over and glanced at the paper and barely stifled a moan. She had written him a note.. it read..” I want to lay under you and lick your balls… my finger in your ass.. my body laying in front of you. I want you to be jackin over my tits.. to be reaching down to my nipples and pull them.. to reach down further and slap my pussy… I want to hear you breath harder… to start moaning.. to watch your hips move as you pump your cock… and have you cum over my face…. in my mouth.. it dripping down my chin… onto my tits..” He glanced at the clock.. hell it was close enough to closing time wasn’t it? LAST CALL!!!! Shit get these people out of here!!!!

As soon as the last customer walked towards the door Stephanie was off the barstool and walking up behind him. She stood with her tits pressed into his back as he locked the door. Her hands came around and were pressed against his chest, her fingernails lightly teasing his hardening nipples. She took him by the hand and led him to the back office. When they reached the room he slammed the door and pinned her against the closed door. He had one hand on either side of her head, pressed against the wood supporting himself as he leaned in to kiss her. The light soft bumping of noses quickly turned into kissing, followed quickly by soft bites .. sucking deeply on each others tongues .. to licking his neck .. he bent his knees slightly and licked hers .. Letting his instincts guide him he traced a path down her neck to her collarbone..across her collarbone to her shoulder. He slipped off her blouse. Down the front of her shoulder to her chest ..He pulled off her tank top and bra.. she helped him and the clothes were quickly a forgotten heap.. He licked across her breast to the nipple where he sucked deeply. Pulling the nipple into his mouth he rolled it around on his tongue.. biting it. listening to her increasingly loud moans. When her fingers were buried in his hair pulling his head closer he dropped to his knees. He worked on getting her jeans off and when they fell at her feet he worked at getting her boots off. She stood there in nothing but white bikini panties. He dove at her cunt. Started rubbing his face against the material of her panties licking her pussy rubbing his chin across her clit. She was having a hard time standing and he placed her on the couch, kneeling in front of her.

She leaned bakire porno back and placed her feet on his shoulders. His tongue felt so nasty rubbing into her through her panties. When he pulled the damp material aside and his tongue touched her wet pussy she groaned loudly. ” oh god baby” she moaned…writhing against the couch..”oh yeah.. suck my pussy.. c’mon baby.. I know you want to taste that cunt” As soon as he heard the words he rammed two fingers deep inside her wet cunt, fucking her hard. She responded immediately her moans turning into groans her fingers reaching for and pulling her nipples. She moved her hips against his face .. pushing her pussy against his fingers. He could sense she was close.. he kept up the pace.. letting her set the rhythm. Within a few minutes she was cumming.. her pussy was dripping cum down his hand.. he moved his fingers from her pulsing cunt and started licking. Sucking up every drop of her cum.

When her breathing returned to normal she moved from the couch, moving him to sit there. She took his shirt off as he sat down and undid his jeans. His cock was rock hard and already leaking precum. She leaned over his lap letting her hair fall forward. The silky strands covering his thighs. He reached up and pushed her hair back wanting to watch this wild woman devour his cock. She started by licking the shaft, moving her tongue over the ridges of the head. Her lips were sucking, licking sliding over his shaft. She was teasing him. He took his cock and slapped her cheek. “C’mon bitch, you fucking whore, I know you want to suck my cock. You better suck it good or you will pay.” Her eyes widened.. How did he know? This was exactly what she wanted. He stood.. leaned over her and slapped her ass. The sting of the blows she could feel on her pussy. She pushed back and spread her thighs more.. exposing more of her cunt. He got the subtle hint and moved his hand lower. To test the waters he hit her cunt.. lightly.. and the moan he had from her told him what he wanted to know. She wanted it rough.

He stood in front of her and made her kneel in front of him. “Alright slut,” ..He started to say. He leaned down and pinched a nipple. ” She took him into her mouth again and he started to move his hips and ass to the motion of her mouth. Wanting her to take it the whole way in and down her throat. Fucking her mouth as she sucked your hard cock. Fucking it faster and faster, you hold the back of her head so she can not release you. Harder and faster telling her that you want to hear how much she likes sucking bedava porno that fat cock. Saying “I know you want this baby” saying that you want to cum all over her beautiful little face. How you want to watch the cum drip down her mouth and cheeks. She feels you getting harder and your balls beginning to swell.

She knows that you are just about to shoot that load all over her. She opens her mouth for you to pull your cock out and watches you as you stroke it hard and fast moaning and wanting to release it all over her open and waiting mouth. She reaches and starts caressing your balls, starts massaging your asshole. Right as you feel the building tension she slips her finger in your ass. It sends you careening over the edge and the cum shoots out of your cock over her face. You watch as your cum lands over her eyes, on her cheeks and into her waiting mouth. She is fucking your ass and your are moving your hips cumming more and more. Finally you collapse back onto the couch and close your eyes. In a few minutes you hear the door click and she tells you g’bye. As she leaves she is smiling to herself. Her fantasy has come true. A stranger, in a bar, no names, and nasty sex.

Later that night the bartender goes home. As he opens the door he calls out.. Stephanie? He sees one light on in their bedroom. When he opens the door he sees his horny wife, laying on the bed with her toys. She has her vibrator buried deep in her pussy and doesn’t know he is there. He creeps over to the bed and watches her fucking herself. She pushes her hips off the bed unknowingly offering her cunt to him. He leans over and licks her cunt. Her eyes fly open and their eyes meet. She growls and leaps forward ripping off his clothes and pushing him onto his back. His cock is rock hard and standing straight up. She stands and straddles him. Making him watch as she puts 2 fingers in her pussy and fucks it. He groans. She bends her knees and takes his cock deep inside her pussy. She is so wet it slides in easily. Almost instantly she is cumming. Her muscles milking his cock. Her orgasm is hard and very intense, and he barely is able to hold off until he is finished. With a roar you lift her hips and push her to the bed in front of you on all fours. You enter her from behind and fuck her pussy hard.

You start slapping her ass, leaving red hand marks. The sting of your hand is making her next orgasm build. You can feel her pushing against you, wanting you deeper. Right as she starts to cry out you let go.. Fucking her like a man possessed. Slamming your cock into her hard. You explode at the same times she does. You both cum for what seems like hours, and then collapse onto the bed.

As she snuggles into your embrace and drifts off to sleep you think what a lucky guy you are to have a wife who likes to role play…

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