Yes. The measurements mentioned in this story are mine. Fierce is what I am.



I am done with work today! I can’t concentrate and I keep having to get out of this stupid chair to stretch my back. It hurts and I can’t function so I’m going home. I made up an excuse for my supervisor and head out.

I leave work and hop into the car that I love and head home. Is there wine in the fridge? Yes. My favorite Moscato. Wine at 2pm on a Tuesday? Yes ma’am!

I being to unwind during the 20 minute drive home and settle into the soft black leather seats while the wind blows in through the open sunroof and tosses my shoulder length hair all around me. I love being me! My skin feels so nice with the breeze caressing it. By the time I park the car in the garage and lock it I’m well on my way to being very, very relaxed.

This stupid briefcase weighs a ton but at least I’m not carrying it in addition to a purse! I drop it just inside the mudroom and head straight for the master suite. The house is quiet and still. My mind drifts as I take off my 2 inch pumps and climb the stairs. I love this house, our house.

I smile as I think of you and where you are. The gym is normally busy on Monday and Tuesday nights. Why, no one can figure out. I wonder if you’re busy but decide against calling you to play hooky. You probably would try to subtly remind me that I wouldn’t be stretching all day if I visited the gym (your gym) more than once or twice a month, lol! Shaking my head I enter the bedroom to see that you’ve made the bed. Surprising.

I strip off my suit in pieces. I’m so used to stripping slowly for you every night that it’s reflex now. Jacket, skirt, shirt, nylons, bra and panties. Being naked is so freeing and relaxing, arousing as well. After so many years of being married it ties my sexuality to thoughts of you no matter if you’re here or not.

I regretfully pull out my violet sports bra and matching boy shorts. Heading into the study I snag my mp3 player from the ledge in the hallway and set it to random.

Feeling the plush slate blue carpet under my toes in this room is always so comforting. I close my eyes slowly and begin. Hands straight up and arch back. My back cracks some and I bend harder. I use the desk to hold on to while using it to increase my backward bend. Slowly stand up straight, exhale, inhale and then bend forward. Wrapping my arms around my knees I hold still. Exhale and stand up straight. I snicker to myself. You’ve never seen me do this. Thick women aren’t supposed sikiş izle to be able to move like this and at 42H-34-48, 5’7 and 240 I definitely qualify for thick!!! Move to sit on the floor and legs straight. Grab my toes and spread my thighs slowly. I relish the burn. I really should go back to the gym.

Elsewhere in the house, you come home and don’t bother with the garage. In the front door and up the stairs you go. Cell phone in your ear you run into the bedroom to get the change of clothes that aren’t in your office. “This happens every day after she does laundry” you think to yourself and even though you know it, you always forget to get a fresh set.

“Clothes on the bed? I finally make this giant lake of a bed and she covers it in clothes?” muttering to myself I pick them up and put them in the chair that “She asked for! Wait a minute… Her clothes? Is she here? Where is she?” I don’t hear anything. I check the shower and the kitchen. Nothing. I walk past the study and there she is. That’s the reason I can’t have a yoga class at the gym. That freaking Camel position gets me hot so fast it’s inhuman!

“I’ll call you back!” I hang up the phone and let it fall out of my hands.

“That small waist and phat booty is so sexy!”

I can see a little bit of her breasts leaking out of the top of that tight purple sports bra. I groan with how much I love those big breasts. She can’t hear me with those stupid ear plugs but damn she’s so sexy. I can’t believe that all of that baby soft milk chocolate skin is mine. Damn, I love her!

I’m sweating and my muscles ache, time to do my last set. Hands up, eyes closed and bend backwards.

“OH FUCK!” That’s unbelievable!”

Stand up stretch forward and down. Wrap hands around knees and hold.

I have got to get inside my wife when she’s like this. How long has she been able to do this? Wait a minute… “Baby!”

Someone is behind me.

I’m pulling out those ear plugs.




“What the heck, you scared the crap out of me!!!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Jerk! Why are you here?”

Somewhat sheepishly I answer, “I live here. Yesterday was laundry day so my gym clothes are here, again.”

“How often do you forget your gym clothes?”

“Nearly every Tuesday after you do laundry on Monday.”

“Seriously?” I laugh out loud.


All I can do is shake my head.

“Baby, how can you stretch your body like that? How could you keep that beautiful sight from brazzers me? I never knew!”

“I’ve always been able to. I’m too self-conscious to do it in front of strangers at the gym.”

“I’m too homicidal to let you!”

“I wouldn’t. This is way too much booty to be in the air attracting eyes from all over the place.”

“Bend backward towards me while I sit on the desk. See if you can reach my cock with your mouth!”

I can hear your excitement and although I roll my eyes, it turns me on. I want to do this for you but I know it won’t be able to for that long. I stretch back and use your thighs to hold on to and your cock is there straining to reach my mouth. I can get the first 2 or 3 inches in but that’s it. You pull my breasts out of my sports bra and pinch my nipples. I love that but in this position I can’t breathe.

I back off and slowly stand up and turn to face you. You watch my breasts jiggle with freedom and I watch 1/3 of your cock eye me all shiny and angry.

“Honey that was such a treat! Wow! Your talents never cease to amaze me!”

If it were possible for me to blush from your praise, I would.

“Now turn around and do the other one gain. Bend forward and hold your legs like before.”

“Oh, ok?”

“Damn honey, what a world class ass!”

I try but it’s hard to giggle with my diaphragm compressed.

You come up behind me and rub your erection on the crease of my boy shorts.

I know what you are trying to do. You and that big cock have ruined my sexy walk before! You back up a little and drop your pants and boxer briefs the rest of the way then slowly peel my boy shorts down revealing the object of your lust a few inches at a time.

They drop to the floor and I can feel your hands rubbing my bottom then gliding up the back of my thighs over my butt and down my back aiming for the clasp of the sports bra.

You exhale, “Baby, I love your skin! It’s so soft and warm!”

All I feel is that hot cock almost burning a memory onto my skin. I never appreciate our differences more than when we’re making love. At 6’4 and 225, your cock sits on top of my butt when you stand to hold me from behind.

“Babe, despite how much I love feeling you like this, I can’t stay bent over for much longer.”

“Oh, sorry honey! I got a little distracted looking at you. Give me one more minute!”

And with that you hunch down and fit your cock to my drooling honey hole and push inside while holding my hips. My eyes flash wide and you take it slow fake taxi porno for the first few pumps until it’s all in.

“Good grief, you feel even bigger than usual!”

“Damn baby! You feel freaking fantastic!”

He picks up speed and starts going harder and harder. If he wasn’t holding me at my hips, I would have fallen onto my face but this feels so different and amazing at the same time!

After about a minute I can’t do it anymore and stand up slowly. You ease out gently as I stand and now my butt is like a cushion sitting on top of your crotch. You slip out of me and I exhale.

“Wow!” We say the same thing at the same time.

Now I have a special treat just for you.

“Babe, lay down on your back. I want to be on top.” You do as I ask and your cock points straight up.

“Close your eyes and don’t open until I tell you!” You close them because you know that you’re going to be inside of me so what does it matter if for once you can’t see how it happens?

I start doing a split over you and lower onto your cock. You gasp and inhale as my heat envelopes you but you don’t feel my thighs where you normally do. It’s then that your eyes snap open!

“Oh crap! Honey! Damn! Are you serious?! You can do this too?”

“I can’t get closer than about 2 inches from the floor so this will be fun,” and with that I put my hands on your Abs and push myself up and down sexing you.

You run your hands from my calves to clit to breasts and back.

“I can’t believe this! Baby, damn! Wow!”

“I need to cum! Please! Help me! This position takes too much concentration for it to just happen.”

You reach in and stroke me. Those wet fingers know how to play me!

“Oh! That feels soo good! A little faster! Rub it in circles!”

Now I’m bouncing on top of you and you can feel my pussy gripping you harder as I get close to climax. I close my thighs a little and bring in my knees so I’m kneeling over you and trying to make you explode. I lean over you and suck one of your nipples into my mouth. You love my talented tongue and groan harshly while your body ceases up. You grab my hips to push them down while thrusting up and we both detonate. I scream and you grunt over and over.

“Oh, Oh damn! Oh, oh, oh, oh!

“Oh fuck!”


I can’t move. My thighs are burning from exertion and my back is screaming.

Our chests heave against each other. You wrap your arms around my damp back and ask, “Baby, how are you feeling? You almost killed me!”

I snicker, “Not my fault! You started it, I just improvised. You could have left me to my stretching.”

“You know if you came to the gym more often you wouldn’t have to do that so frequently!”

I laugh quietly, “I knew you were going to say that.”

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