Student Virgin


I started working in a charity shop over summer in between my first and second year at uni. Mostly the people working there were retired and female. For the first week everything was pretty dull, i sorted donations mostly and collected from some people where people had passed away. By the end of the week I was using the till and it wasn’t too bad.

The next Monday a guy and a girl started. The fella was my age, 20 and the girl had just turned 18. She had dyed black hair past her shoulders, she was a little chubby, small breasts and a pale complexion.

By the end of the week we were all friends. The girl Emma would work with me a lot and I found she was single and had never even kissed a guy yet. We were both assigned to the book sorting and pricing room that afternoon. It was cramped for two people and after that day I felt we had bonded over many things. She wanted to go to uni and wanted to know what my halls were like and how I found living away from home. I invited her to my place as soon as we got into September so she could see for herself.

It got to the end of August and I knew this was my last day. I said my goodbyes to every one but I gave Emma a hug and told her I’d see her next week at my place. She told me she couldn’t wait.


I met Emma at the train station and we walked to my student halls. I let her into my complex and then let her walk into my shared flat first. I told her I was room 4 on the left and again let her walk in first.

She walked in and sat on my bed. She seemed to like it. I took her bag and put it in the corner and we chatted for a bit. I was glad she liked it cause I spent the last two days cleaning my room for her.

It got to about 10pm and I asked her if she wanted to watch a film or mobil porno something. We put one on and we both sat on my single bed with the tv being at the foot of the bed. She was sat on my left and with it being a small bed we were right next to each other. after about half an hour I put my arm round her and she placed her head on my shoulder.

A short while after a sex scene came on our film. I was getting a little turned on from it all and I placed my right arm on her leg. I started rubbing my hand up and down getting higher each time.

She looked up at me through her black rectangular glasses and I couldn’t help but plant a kiss on her lips. We started firstly by kissing softly and then I started to introduce her to my tongue. She really started to kiss back and my hand started moving up her stomach and towards her breasts.

I gave her breast a squeeze through her tight fitted tshirt. I could feel her nipple getting hard even through her bra. I pulled her leg to indicate that I wanted her to straddle me. She got on top of me and we started kissing and groping again. For a girl with no experience she was a massive turn on for me.

I asked her if she had ever had sex, knowing the answer already. She told me rather shyly that she hadn’t. I told her to go in the bathroom and take off her jeans and underwear while I got protection.

I got a towel from my drawers and put it on my bed for the bleeding and then I got a condom from my bedside table.

She came back in still with her top on and her pussy on show. I told her to lay on my bed which she did. I got my jeans off and then my top and was standing naked in front of her. I get between her legs and placed my tongue at her entrance. I started to warm her up but I could taste alman porno that she didn’t need it. I flicked my tongue and started groping her breasts. Her hips started to meet my mouth and I bought her to the first of many orgasms of the night.

I grabbed the condom I left on the side and put it on. I then got between her anxious legs and placed my cock at her entrance. I put the first inch in and waited for her to adjust to me inside her. I put in another inch and started to fuck her with my first two inches. I then pushed a little further in and felt resistance. I asked if she was ready and she told me she was. I forced myself in half way and broke through her virginity. She made a slight squeal so I slowed down a little before I picked up the pace and started to let her feel the full force of my cock inside her. I could feel her enjoyment and how the walls of her pussy were gripping my dick.

I pulled out of her to her disappointment. I gave her a smile and told her to turn around and get on her knees. I then placed my dick at her lips again and pushed in. I knew she would feel it deeper and I pounded her while feeling her tits bounce in my hand.

She started pushing back on my cock and within in minutes she was letting out her second orgasm. I left my erection inside her still unspent and feeling frustrated.

We went to sleep with her having a smile on her face and finally feeling like a woman. We had to spoon because the bed was small and she wasn’t the smallest girl. Her bum was against my groin with only her silky underwear and my boxers between her lips and my dick I knew she’d be getting it again soon.

In the middle of the night I started to stir. I wasn’t used to being in a bed with someone alexis texas porno and I woke up around 2am.

I found my cock was starting to rise and my hand found it’s way to get breast feeling the silky material of her bra under my fingers. My hips were grinding against her arse now with my hands groping her body.

I stifled a moan as Emma wiggled her luscious ass, pressing her juicy bubble-butt right against my tenting groin. Reaching for my hand with hers, she wrapped my arm around her waist, so that I was embracing her while she snuggled back into me.

The closeness of our bodies and the intimacy of the situation were especially intoxicating after the last few hours.

We made out like we were thirsty for each other, tasting and drinking the other’s mouth, slowly at first but getting quickly frantic, our tongues dancing and clashing as our hunger grew the longer and deeper we kissed.

I pulled her knickers down and told her to take her top off. I pulled my cock out and tole her to get on top of me.

Her horny pussy got on me. My cock was lost in her cave and before I knew it she was bouncing on my dick. I turned my bedside light on so I could watch her on me. I took off her bra so I could watch her cute belly and tits giggle as she fucked me.

I pulled her by her straight back hair closer to my so my tongue could find her hard pink nipples. She started moaning as my hips moved up to meet her rhythm. I could feel her floppy left breast against my cheek as I was sucking on her right tit.

It all got too much after she started screaming in pleasure and I let off my cum inside her tight hole.

She collapsed on me and my cock started to soften inside her. She got off me and laid on her back. we eventually fell asleep after a short while.

The next morning she asked how I even got a condom on again last night. I looked at her and laughed that I didn’t the second time and that’s why she felt my load inside her when I came.

She had a shocked expression on her face…

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