Succumbing to My Own Desire


One of the things I would just love to do if you were coming here to see me after work would be to pull you inside the door as soon as you get here. I wouldn’t even give you a chance to take off your coat or shoes. I would do that for you instead, but not before I got to feel your warm, soft, wet lips against mine, the ones I have been craving all day long. I would then get down on my hands and knees in front of you and untie your shoes, just thinking about kissing you all the way up your legs and taking your thick, rock hard cock in my mouth. But not yet; instead I would take your coat and go hang it up for you. Of course don’t think at all that I will have had my fill of you just because I stopped there. Oh no sweetheart, this is but the beginning, the very spark of the fire.

I am sure you would follow me into my bedroom, where we would be alone, in the warmth and quietness of the room. I would turn around and push you up against the wall, and run my hands all over your body, unable to keep them to myself. However, first I will have to undress you. I would just start by unbuttoning your shirt… and running my warm hands this time all over your bare chest, and through your hair while my wet lips are all over brazzers yours. By this time there would be no question as to whether I would be wet or not my dear, I promise you I would be very wet, my pussy just ACHING and tingling at the thought of your lips all over it, or your huge cock pushing into me. And yet there is nothing I can do about it at this point. I have been like this the entire day, thinking about having you all to myself, teasing myself with this thought all day long. Now that I would finally have you all to myself, I definitely want to make sure we would both enjoy it immensely.

Since you would still have your pants on, I would have to take them off, but the thing is I know deep down that I cannot wait much longer, the passion is building up terribly inside of me. I know how badly I want you, but I refuse to let that be known just yet. So I drop again to my knees, right in front of you, and begin to undo your belt and unzip your pants. I can just imagine the thoughts that are going through your head at this point. I am sure you would be thinking about me wrapping my lips all around your cock, and just the thought that you want it as much as I want to do it would make me terribly hot. cuckold porno But no, I have no intention, my sweet, in doing anything of the sort. Oh no… I have waited the entire day… you are not going to get off that easily.

So I take off your pants and seeing the bulge in your underwear, I couldn’t-simply could not- resist running my hands up your legs and over your balls and cock.

Sensing how I was feeling, you would decide to give me a taste of my own medicine and just throw me onto the bed… and start running your hands all over me, stripping me down. Deep down inside you know that I want you very much, but you refuse to give into that just yet, even though I am completely yielded to anything you may suggest and I can guarantee that by this time I would be completely in your hands. But you would make sure I did not get exactly what I wanted-just yet. You would tease me first, by sucking on my nipples, even biting them gently from time to time, making me cry out, like you are so good at doing. Except that when you make me squirm, I move around so much it makes it difficult I am sure for you to do this, and so you take the rope from me and tie me down so that you can czech porno drive me absolutely wild. Then you would be able to do whatever you pleased to me and I would be able to do absolutely nothing about it. I would be forced to lie there and endure it. And then you would push your warm wet mouth against my pussy, after having teased it with your fingers, making me want to cum so badly, making me want you so deep inside of me. So I would ask you to push yourself inside of me, even if I must stay tied up.

Of course, if you decide to give me what I ask is up to you, but after much coaxing I would hope that you finally agree and just push yourself deep inside of me making me gasp with pleasure. Naturally, you like the idea of me being somewhat helpless and so you keep me all tied up while you thrust your hard, huge cock inside of me.

But, you have other plans for how you want to cum this time. Now that you have me on fire… you decide to tease me and stop. You tell me to get down on my hands and knees again because you want to feel your cock inside of my mouth, you want to feel my lips closing around the head of it… you want to see my head go all the way down and come back up, to feel my tongue circling the head of it. You want to feel me suck with everything I have and you want to cum inside my mouth.

So this way you make sure I have to work very hard to get what I want… and because you have me so incredibly turned on, you know I WILL work for it.

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