Summer Heat


It was a summer BBQ, complete with a keg of beer from the nearest brewpub. It was the same pub that he had gotten the stout from that he’d brought to their first dinner together.

Strange, he thought, as he pulled out the full rack of ribs (“an autopsy”, as they’d been calling them for years) that he’d had soaking in beer and sauce overnight, how cooking food was such a major part of their relationship. A gloriously scented cloud of steam rose as he slapped the autopsy onto the grill.

A few friends were sitting on the porch, drinking beers and laughing. She’d set the stereo up in the window, and The Bouncing Souls were playing Lean on Sheena. All in all, it was essentially the perfect summer day.

The screen door banged as she knocked it open with her hip, bringing out a pie she’d obviously JUST taken out of the oven. The scent of sweet, hot peaches mixed with the smell of seared pork and barbeque sauce. Her yellow polka-dot top was snug and cropped, showing off her tanned waist, and her navy blue skirt clung to the curves of her ass.

He went and claimed a seat for himself on the porch, and pulled her easily into his lap. Her arms went around him as comfortably as if she’d been doing it all her life, and her ruby lips pressed a soft kiss against his cheek. The sunlight glinted gold in the red of her curls, and he buried his face in her neck. The air was filled with music and the laughter of friends, and her hair was filled with the familiar scent of her perfume.

The summer evening passed like a dream, and the air stayed hot and grew heavier. A few drunken friends remained, playing horseshoes and laughing loudly in the yard. His arms once again pulled her warm, sweaty body against his, and he scooped her up against himself. He stumbled, dizzy with the beer and the heat. She laughed as he carried her to her room, depositing her unceremoniously upon the bed, before flopping down beside her.

Immediately she was tangling her fingers in the hem of his shirt, tugging it up and pressing her hands to the hot skin beneath. Their lips met, and he tasted both the sweet tang of the pie and the bitter porno izle bite of hops from the beer.

There was a fine sheen of sweat over both their bodies, which made their clothes peel off in a sticky manner that made her grimace, and then laugh. Her laughter quickly turned to a gasp as his hot wet mouth ran over her hot wet body, from her shoulder down to the side of her breast.

“You’re salty, baby.” He laughed, before enveloping the soft peak of her right nipple. He sucked it hungrily, his fingers tugging on the left, and then twisting it firmly, coaxing a groan out of her throat.

“Mmm… yeah, honey…” her hands pulled on his hair, and then kneaded their way down. The tenseness in his neck was quickly melted away, as he suckled on first one nipple and then the other. He moved up, kissing her deeply as he grabbed both her breasts at once, pushing her back firmly against the bed, and shoving his hips against her.

Her legs opened easily for him as she sucked on his lips as hungrily as he’d been at her sweet tits. He groaned into her mouth, pushing up her skirt and grabbing her thighs. He shoved her legs open even farther, til her knees were almost pressed against the bed. Her thighs were damp and hot, and he could feel the moist heat radiating from her pussy.

She was already trembling as he pushed the soaked crotch of her panties out of the way, shoving his fingers deep into her sopping twat as he moved his other hand up to roughly grab her tit again, his tongue working against hers, captivating her mouth and pussy both at once.

He worked his fingers in and out inside her tight pussy, twisting and shoving them forcefully. She was moaning loudly against his mouth, and he felt her first orgasm shuddering deep inside of her. He withdrew his dripping fingers, working the tips of them back and forth over her clit, loving the feeling as her legs wrapped around him, her hands grabbing desperately at his back as she trembled.

He pushed himself up on his hand and knees, breaking the kiss and watching her gasp, using the weight of his body to try and limit her thrashing. He’d amatör porno learned that if he didn’t keep ahold of her somehow she’d end up throwing herself right off the bed.

“I want to suck your cock.” She gasped, shaking and shuddering beneath him, her eyes wide, her eye makeup smudged with sweat. He growled, licking his lips.

He withdrew his hand quickly, so suddenly it made her whimper, and grabbed her around the waist, rolling onto his back. She was briefly flustered at her sudden role on top, but quickly spun around, undoing the fly of his jeans at record speed, and stuffing his cock down her throat the moment she had the confined organ released from its sweaty trap.

She moaned, near delirious, her eyes fluttering as the scent of him overwhelmed her, and the flavors of flesh filled her mouth.

He grabbed the fabric of her skirt, twisting it around his fist and pulling her pussy to him. He buried his mouth in her hot, wet pussy, roughly tonguing her clit. Keeping a solid grip on her skirt, he slapped her ass hard, and then ran his fingers down her ass crack.

It was wet with both sweat and pussy juice, and he pushed four fingers at once into her pussy. She gave out a muffled scream, choked as she was on his cock, and he pulled them out, and then shoved them back in again, as he sucked her clit. He lay back on the pillow, staring at her pussy as he twisted his fingers in her. It was red, stretched and swollen, radiating heat.

Holding the twisted fabric of her skirt tightly, he pushed his fist firmly and insistently at her entrance. As she started to come, screaming and choking herself violently on his cock, he had to grab her even more tightly against him, sucking hard on her clit as he shoved his fist in to her pussy.

He lay back again, watching his fist buried in her pussy, as he pushed her up and down on his cock. He forced her down harder onto it, feeling her face pressed against his pubic bone, his heavy cock deep in her throat.

She moaned desperately, trembling and twitching, feeling each knuckle of his hand as it thrust inside her, anal porno feeling herself pouring pussy juice. Her head spun, and she pulled her head back, desperate for air. She sucked in a deep breath through her nose before she was thrust forward again, his cock choking her once more, by the strong fist thrusting in her pussy.

She lost track of everything, screaming and shoving herself onto his cock and his fist at once, the closest she’d ever been to double penetration. He held her tightly against him, holding his hand perfectly still inside her, groaning at the frantic choking and sucking on his large cock.

“Fuck… baby… goddamn…” He murmured. “Yeah… fuck yourself with my fist.” She pushed herself back onto his fist, pushing herself up on her hands and knees, and slowly rocking back and forth, wailing, as she had to release her mouths hold on his cock.

“FUCK!” He quickly shoved her back down onto it to muffle her screams, and then carefully wiggled his hand free of the hot, clutching muscles of her pussy. He pulled her off his dick and rose onto his knees, shoving her face-first into her pillows and spreading her ass checks.

She lay limply, breathing heavily, trembling and whimpering as he played with her asshole. He shoved two fingers in and she moaned lowly into the pillow. Her ass was so hot it almost felt like it was burning his fingers. He worked them in and out for just a moment, and then grabbed her hips, lifting her ass up to him and burying his cock in it.

The heat was overwhelming, pulsing around his cock, and he cried out. “Oh, fuck, yeah, baby girl, your ass is so hot… oh, fuck…” She was sobbing and moaning into the pillow as he fucked her ass, pumping his dick in and out of her tight hot asshole. He reached around her hips with one hand, dipping his fingers into her dripping pussy, and then rubbing his slick fingers hard and fast on her clit.

She screamed, shaking, as another orgasm over took her, and he fucked her ass as hard as he could, groaning and releasing his load as her tight hole clenched his cock so hard it almost hurt. He collapsed, exhausted, her body trapped beneath him as she shook and shuddered.

He rested his sweaty forehead against her sweaty back, breathing heavily and listening to her muffled moans, as her beautiful tanned body quaked in orgasm beneath him.

He loved the summer.

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