You approach the door of your apartment after a long, frustrating day at work. Throughout the drive home your thoughts have been on getting home and calling your loverboy. Your thighs are damp just thinking about this; this and the fact that you purposefully went to work this morning without any panties under your dress. Realizing this kept you at a more aroused state than normal, and now that you are just moments away from the pleasures of your phone, you can feel your juices begin to gush freely.

You slip the key inside the deadbolt and turn it. Pushing the door open quickly, you walk inside and drop your purse on the table. “Something isn’t quite right,” you think. Just as you begin to look around, you hear a familiar voice.

“Hello lovergirl,” I say with a smile on my face and a half-empty bottle of beer in my hand. You find me sitting in your recliner, which is turned to face the door. I am wearing nothing but a pair of boxers with purple handcuffs on them and a smile. Your expression turns to befuddlement as you try to remember giving me a key.

“Don’t I get a welcome kiss?”

You come over to the recliner and lean over to kiss me. I wrap my arms around you and pull you into my lap, my erection tenting the boxers slightly. Our tongues entertwine, and my hands find their way beneath your skirt. My kiss becomes more passionate and eager as I discover your secret with my probing fingers.

“No panties, eh? What a deliciously naughty thought,” I whisper into your ear as my lips begin to suckle at your earlobe. My fingers rub your clit and glide over your entrance slowly as your moans become audible. Pushing inward, my fingers begin to explore your depths while my teeth nibble gently at your earlobe.

“Mmmmmmm…yes, loverboy, I’ve been teasing myself all day. I couldn’t wait to get home and call you.”

“Should I go down to the pay phone and give you a call?” My hand caresses and teases your lips as two fingers pump in and out of your overheated cunt.

“Only if you want to.”

“I think I’d rather stay right here, sexy.”

Placing the bottle of beer on the floor next to us, I help you stand up in the recliner with me sitting in it, your feet on either side of my body. My hands reach up and catch yours, our fingers entertwining as you use me for support. My head dips beneath your skirt and my tongue begins to lick its way up the inside of your thigh. You look down and see an odd bulge beneath your skirt as my head travels ever hd abla closer to your oversexed crotch.

“Mmmmmm…with every single mile I drove today, I dreamed of doing this.” My words are muffled by your skirt, but you feel my desire as my tongue begins stroking your clit with reckless abandon. My chin pushes up into your cunt as I suck and lick your hot little pleasure bump. You begin to lean more and more on my hands as I continue to suck and lick. your fingers gripping mine tighter and tighter.

Your mouth opens, releasing a string of pleasurable groans as my lips grasp your clit and suck on it. I can hear them getting louder and longer, and I know your release is imminent. Giving your clit one last, lingering lick, I lower my head and thrust my face and tongue into your cunt. You squeal softly as my most nimble muscle begins to explore your opening, savoring the taste of your juices as they drip into my mouth. Another cascade of groans falls to my ears as my tongue pushes its full length inside you.

“Ohhhhh…yes….I’m so close,” you say, barely above a whisper, your voice shaky from the pleasure my relentless tongue is imparting on your exposed, vulnerable cunt. My tongue bows to the insistence of a slight ache in my jaw, and I withdraw reluctantly to lick up your slit. Finding your clit erect and swollen, I place my lips around it and begin to suck furiously. My tongue strokes it firmly, batting it back and forth within the confines of my warm, wet mouth. You feel my chin against your opening as your juices flow.

The pleasure of my lips and tongue on you become too much for you to bear, and a loud string of moans escapes your lips. Hearing this excites me to no end. My fingers squeeze your hands tighter as I suck more firmly and lick your clit ever harder. You struggle to control yourself as your climax approaches, your breathing becoming ragged and shallow. My teeth graze lightly over your clit, and that pushes you over quickly. Your groans fill the air as your nectar drips down your cunt and onto my chin and chest. I continue to suck and lick as your orgasm subsides and your knees buckle slightly.

I pull my head from beneath your skirt and help you back to a seated position on my lap. Your wetness makes a moist spot on the tip of my tented boxers. You see your pleasure glisten off my face and chest, and you smile contentedly as I pull you into a wet, sloppy kiss.

“We’re going to have to talk about you not wearing hentai porno panties to work, lovergirl.”

“You enjoyed it today.”

“Yes, I enjoyed it immensely. But not wearing panties makes you a naughty girl, and naughty girls have to be punished. Right?” You feel me pinch your ass gently and know that I have plans.

“I guess…”

“Now that that’s settled…” I help you out of my lap and stand from the recliner. You can see the bulge in my boxers as I gather my bottle of beer and lead you into your bedroom. You see a long, flat pillow on the floor a couple feet from your bed frame and a silk necktie hanging from the nearest leg. You kneel down on the pillow and place your hands around the leg as you suspect I want you to do.

“I’m glad to know that my naughty lovergirl is so…cooperative this evening.” I kneel down next to you and tie your hands securely to your bed frame. I slip my boxers off and dangle them off the edge of the bed frame as well. You squirm slightly against the restraints, knowing that I am behind you, hard and ready.

“I stopped on the way up today and bought you something. I think now is the best time to introduce you to it.” You turn to see what I have, but you cannot see it. Instead you feel something small and hard rubbing against your still-moist lips. I turn it around and around against you, rubbing every surface against your wetness. Then I slowly spread your ass cheeks and push the new toy inside. You feel something small enter your ass, but it widens rapidly to the point of stretching your asshole to new limits. You begin to moan as I turn it on and you feel the vibrations of your new buttplug spreading throughout your body.

I step back for a moment and enjoy the sight in front of me. I watch your eyes, fixating on the black and purple boxers in front of you, yet glazing over slightly from the pleasure. I salivate over your breasts, pert and lovely, as they dangle freely. I lick my lips as your ass gyrates slowly, loving the feel of the plug buzzing in your nether hole. Crawling closer, I take a swig of my beer and begin sliding the cool glass over your body. The cylinder caresses every inch of your helpless breasts as I twirl it around skillfully. The glass then slides between your legs, teasing the insides of your thighs as you tense up from the pleasures you are experiencing.

I place the beer bottle down with an audible clink and begin to stroke and caress your ass cheeks. Then kızıl porno my hand leaves and I crack your ass firmly with the palm of my open hand. “Naughty girls need to be spanked; don’t you agree?” You feel my hand smack your beautiful round butt again roughly, leaving a red mark that I enjoy immensely. You moan your agreement as I begin tapping the buttplug with my fingers, urging it in and out ever so slightly.

You feel yet another smack on your ass from my hand. I can see the wetness oozing from your parted cunt lips, and your aroma thrills me. I lean down and whisper, “you know this is going to hurt me more than it does you.” To reinforce this, I grasp my visibly swollen cock and caress it against your dangling, erect nipple slowly, letting you feel me throb next to you.

My attentions return to your ass. My hands alternate the sting of firm, warm spanks on your inviting butt with gentle taps on the buttplug and caresses of your wetness. Your moans and groans fill the small bedroom as I drive you to distraction, and I begin to spank you harder and faster. I want to watch you cum for me like this, and the vibrations and the sting have you sooo close.

I cannot hold back any longer. With one last, forceful spank on your butt, I slide between your legs and thrust my cock deep inside your open, inviting pussy quickly. This sudden intrusion pushes you over the edge. You clamp down on my erection as you cum powerfully, your body spasming as I begin to fuck you relentlessly. I know my arousal will keep me from lasting long. Grabbing your hair and pulling you back as your body stretches, my throbbing prick pounds in and out of you with short strokes. My hips thrust me in harder and faster, as my cock explores your depths. Your body never gets the chance to come down from its orgasm; my cock holds you there on the threshhold as I fuck you.

“Does my naughty little lovergirl love to be used like this? Does she love having her ass spanked and her hair pulled? Does she want her loverboy to shoot his cum deep inside her pussy?” You groan as I say these words, your cunt squeezing down on me as I thrust forcefully in and out. I cannot stand the pleasure any more, and in a fit of incomprehensible moans and groans I explode deep inside you, filling your canal with hot, sticky cum as I shudder behind you, attempting to regain my breath.

After a moment of relaxation, I gingerly remove the buttplug and turn it off. Sliding up to untie your hands, I gently caress you against me. Helping you off the floor, we stand up and collapse onto your waiting bed, your sweaty skin sliding against mine lewdly. Our hands caress each other lazily as we kiss slowly, wetly. I lean up to lick your ear teasingly.


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