Surprised By Wife’s Best Friend


Linda and my wife had been best friends since out kids were born over twenty years ago. She was still a very good looking woman, but I never saw much of it because she wore fairly conservative clothing and such. Now that her daughter was living in the house with the new grandbaby, she didn’t get much privacy.

Since her husband was a deadbeat and not around much, I suspected that the only sex she ever got was at her own hand. We never talked about it of course, but I often wondered what she thought of me. I liked to think that some of the subtle things she did over the years indicated she was attracted to me.

Now she lives out in the sticks on a small lake, well away from any neighbors. On one occasion I was headed out to fish on the lake, having a standing invitation, and a day off. She was mowing the lawn when I drove up, wearing a one piece swim suit because it was so hot out. She didn’t need to be concerned about passersby or anything since their driveway was easily a quarter of a mile long through thick woods, making their house and yard well hidden from the main road.

As I drove up it was clear that the strapless top of her suit had ridden down considerably from the bouncing of her c cup breasts, exposing the entire top of her breasts, just barely hanging on by her nipples. It looked like one more bounce and they would both be on full display. She looked as shocked to see me drive up as I was to see her home mowing the lawn.

I drove by her on the driveway as she mowed along it, her eyes looking at mine and my eyes looking at all the skin on display. I continued down the drive and parked by the lake to put my little boat in. She came down to see me only after she had gone in the house for several minutes, returning with a button down shirt pulled on over her suit and her faced flushed.

We chatted amiably while I got the boat ready and then she returned to her mowing while I went out fishing. I couldn’t help but watch her mow as I worked along the shoreline. I noticed her look at me several times when she didn’t think I was watching.

A few months later I was back out again, having changed where I put the boat into the water, now putting it in down by the dam, partly so I didn’t disturb her again like I had. It was a hot Saturday, but as evening approached it was starting to cool down into the low eighties. The sun was just touching the tops of the trees as I slowly and silently worked along the weed bank on the west side of the lake where the shadows had started growing first.

The woods started right at the shoreline and marched unbroken away from the shore for hundreds of yards. The cat tails had a good year, and were easily seven feet tall. I eased my plastic boat silently as I could along the weeds, a few feet at a time, flipping a floating rubber worm into the tiny gaps in the weeds. There was a cut in the shoreline that I moved into. I tossed my worm into a liseli porno gap and got hung.

It happens, but it’s frustrating. It generally ruins the spot for more fishing, but I move silently in anyway. I was right into the edge of the weeds when I first heard it, a gentle moan. I pulled the boat in tighter and looked through the weeds. What I saw was startling.

Lying on a folding lounge chair in a small clearing of the brush and weeds was Linda. She was completely naked, her swimsuit laying on the end of the lounge, one of her hands busy squeezing her breasts and nipples and the other franticly rubbing her pussy in circles. It was the second time I had seen her naked, but this time I was getting a much longer look.

I couldn’t tear my eyes from her, my dick getting harder by the second. She was oblivious to the fact that I was there, and I didn’t want to spoil things between us, so I stayed were I was, not able to move away and not wanting to get closer. I was so close to her that I could smell her aroma, my dick responding inside my shorts.

I quietly used one hand to undo my shorts and pulled them apart, freeing my dick and silently glad I didn’t wear underwear because of the heat. I slowly stroked my rock hard while watching Linda work on her pussy, her flowery lips wet with her moisture and spread wide so I could easily see the entrance to her velvety tunnel. I was tremendously turned on at this point, stroking my dick faster as her moans became more animated.

At this point I should have backed off and respected her privacy. If I had been thinking with my brain instead of my dick, that’s what I would have done, instead I leaned forward to get a better look.

In my mind’s eye I watched myself lose balance and start falling forward. The next thing I remember is standing up in thigh deep water, my shorts floating around my legs, leaving me naked from the thighs up.

Linda also saw me at this point, one hand going across her breasts and the other covering her pussy. My boat was floating away, leaving me little choice but wade out of the water to the shore so I could gather myself together. I stepped through the tall weeds to the shore, water streaming from my body and wet clothes while Linda tried to cover herself by spreading her swimsuit across her body.

She froze in mid motion, partly recognizing who was standing there watching her, and also processing the fact that my soaked shorts were now around my ankles and my hard dick was sticking out like a flagpole, pointing at her. We stood there watching each other for what seemed like hours, but I am sure was only a few seconds. Slowly she allowed her hands to drop from covering her body and pull the material of her swimsuit off to the side. She was sitting on the chair, completely naked, and intentionally exposing herself to me.

I pulled my wet shirt off and tossed it aside, allowing mobil porno her to see as much of my body as she was allowing me to see of hers. I wrapped my hand around my dick and stroked it slowly, aiming it at her while she spread her legs and moved a hand back to her clit, starting to gently stroke it again. I stepped out of my wet shorts and moved slowly to the chair she was sitting on. She lay back down on the chair, putting her feet on the seat and spreading her knees as wide as she could.

I watched her fingers disappear in and out of her pussy, moisture glistening on them as they made gently squishing noises. We hadn’t said a word to each other yet, and I was afraid to. I moved until I was standing over the end of the chair, my hand still sliding slowly on my dick.

I’m not sure either of us really thought about what was happening, it was strictly lust. She lifted her legs from the chair and spread them wide, hooking her heels around my ass and pulling me down toward her. When I was within her reach she put her hand around mine and slowly guided me lower, aiming my dick at her pussy. It was almost electric when the head of my dick touched the moist lips of her pussy. She pulled until I was sitting on the chair, my dick slowly sinking into her.

I groaned quietly as her velvety softness enveloped me, pulling herself down my dick by drawing her body closer to mine with her legs.

“Yes!” she hissed quietly as her pubic hair mixed with mine. I moved one hand to her right tit and my other to her pussy, were I pressed her exposed clit with my thumb. “UH” she grunted quietly as she began to undulate her hips, working herself up and down my dick a few inches. “Oh god” she breathed as her actions increased in pace.

For my own part I couldn’t just sit there. I had dreamt of screwing her for years, and now I had my dick buried inside her pussy. That combined with the exquisite sensations encouraged me to move in time with her, helping pump my dick in and out of her tight sweet pussy.

Between us we were stroking ourselves to the point where my dick was almost sliding out of her pussy before we started pressing back together again. I felt her pussy contract and squeeze my dick as she arched her back, throwing her head back and groaning.

She let go of my ass and spread her legs in a wide V to give me more access to her pussy. I moved my hands from her breast and pussy and used them on the chair to lift myself off the chair slightly, and then started stroking in and out of her with more energy.

She moaned and began squeezing her tits as I pounded into her, our bodies slapping together quietly. I was getting very close, and I didn’t know if she was on the pill anymore or not.

When I felt like was about to blow, I pulled from her wet pussy and pressed the bottom of my dick against her pussy lips and continued to stroke using the tunnel made öğrenci porno by my hand on top and her pussy on the bottom. She moved one hand to mine and replaced it with hers. My dick now was stroking in and out of the tunnel created by her pussy lips and her hand, my head poking out at the end of each stroke. The change in sensation slowed my climax a little, but looking at her tits wiggling around with each stroke was enough to push me over the top.

I pressed my balls tight to her pussy and began spewing a huge load of cum all over her body, shot after shot spraying across her tits and stomach. She wrapped her hand around my dick and stroked the final shots of cum from me, using her other hand to begin rubbing the juice into her body.

It took several minutes to get my breath back, both of us sitting and looking at each other, the lust of the moment changing to recognition of what had occurred. She lifted herself up using the arms of the chair and pulled the back up so she was sitting reclined instead of lying.

“Linda…” I started. But she reached out and put a finger over my lips and shook her head. She wasn’t frowning, but she wasn’t smiling either. We sat there until my dick had softened to its normal size, her legs once again wrapped around me. I moved to get up, but she tightened her grip, encouraging me to stay where I was.

We sat and looked at each other, taking in all the details of each other’s bodies as the darkness fell leaving only the light of the moon illuminating the lake ,woods and us.

Linda finally unwraped her legs and sat up, pulling me close to her, pressing her tits to my chest as she brought her lips to mine. She kissed me seductively, her tongue invading my mouth as she pulled my face toward hers. We kissed that way for several minutes before she slowly broke the kiss and moved to stand up. She allowed me to kiss her breasts, which were at my face level because she was short, only being five foot three, before stepping over the chair and away from me.

She bent over and picked up her swimsuit, and then turned away from me and bent over again, slowly pulling the suit up her legs while giving me as much of a view of her exposed pussy as she could in the dim light.

Once she had her suit covering her butt, she turned to face me and pulled it up over her tits. She stepped into a pair of flip-flops, blew me a kiss and then walked off into the dark.

I collected my thoughts and then found my shorts and shirt and pulled them on. I saw my boat floating half way across the lake and waded in, swimming out to it. Getting in was tough, but I managed by climbing up and over the outboard on the back. I had to explain to my wife why I was wet, and just told her I slipped in the water loading the boat on the trailer.

Since that time Linda and I have never spoken of it. I’m sure she thinks of it on occasion, based on the brief flashes of tit or pussy that I occasionally get from her when she is sure I am the only one that can see. But it has never been spoken of, and probably never will. In the last two years I had hoped for a replay, but that appeared to be out of the question, until last week, but that is another story.

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