Susan and the Professor Ch. 06


Robert’s anger was largely appeased and he looked down on Susan’s pitiful ?gure, tempted to help her up and cuddle her. However, he still felt it necessary to punish her to ensure that she learned a lesson. So, putting aside his merciful urge, he simply said, “Get up, Susan, and come over here.” She struggled to her feet, head still bowed submissively, and followed him to the couch. Sitting down in front of her, Robert commanded, “Ok, raise your skirt!”

Slowly, but not hesitantly, she reached down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist, exposing her pink panties and garter belt and long, dark stockings. This was humiliation piled on humiliation. Obviously this man had seen her naked many times now, and she even had stripped for him like a wanton that ?rst time, but this was different. Forced to expose herself, to lift her skirt against her will, after begging to be spanked was humiliation squared.

She presented a delectable picture, of course, and Robert, no longer angered, was certainly aware of the pulchritude in front of him. Still, he made no overt signs of sexual interest and simply reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. The puffy triangle of pubic hair guarding her cunt – unlike many blondes, her hair was dense and curly enough to hide the cleavage of her cunt lips – tempted him, but, concealing his lascivious interest, he just ordered, “Lie over my knees!” Again, slowly, but without any futile protest or objection, Susan stepped out of her panties, which were around her ankles, and meekly did as instructed, presenting her ass cheeks for punishment. Actually, at that point she was so completely overwhelmed by all that had happened that her submission to Robert’s desires was complete. She really wasn’t thinking, just waiting for orders from her master. She had never abased herself to anyone like this before and she just had no mind of her own. Thus, when Robert’s hand came down on her ass with a resounding “slap,” she made absolutely no effort to struggle or protect herself. She truly was a slave being disciplined, completely under his control.

The spanking was nowhere as harsh as the ?rst time with Robert, but the continual slapping still was painful. Slaps and moans or “ouches” alternated, and Susan did writhe around as it continued, but she made no effort to escape or to evade the blows. As always, the cheeks gradually turned beet-red and became extremely tender as Robert administered a spanking rigorous enough to be remembered and to act as a deterrent in the future. Unlike the ?rst time, however, he was quite aware of the sensual nature of what he was doing and of the bottom on which he was doing it. There was tremendous tactile pleasure in feeling his hand contact Susan’s smooth, silky skin and in the bounciness of the ass cheeks. This time instead of impersonally and angrily in?icting punishment on those cheeks, he paid a great deal of attention to the ass, itself, and to the cunt peeking out below.

Finally, with his cock demanding attention, he deemed the chastisement to be adequate, and, setting Susan on her feet, led her to the bedroom. There, without being told, Susan stripped off all of her clothes, lay down on the bed and, without hesitation, raised and spread her legs. By that time, Robert had also undressed and, with his cock rampart, moved between her legs and entered her with one push. As usual, the combination of being subjugated and spanked had worked its magic, and her cunt was drenched with lubrication. It was a relatively short but my satisfying session of sexual intercourse, both being highly aroused when it began. As his cock pounded into and out of her cunt, Susan put her legs around him, pulling him in deeper with each penetration. Finally, the stimulation caused Robert to reach climax, and he jetted cum deep into her cunt, the extra vigor of his surge inward triggering her orgasm. They stayed, welded together, each trying to get closer, to force the cock in even deeper – and then they collapsed, sated and spent.

Afterwards, they lay there quietly for a while and then, almost as if nothing untoward had happened, went over Susan’s readings and analysis. Of course, a great deal had happened, and as she dressed to leave, she promised meekly to be on time from then on. When told that if she were late, the punishment would be much more severe, she accepted the threat as both real and, oddly enough, as perfectly proper. The humiliating and mortifying begging and the subsequent spanking had chastened her, and had created permanent submissive feelings toward Robert. Thus, she accepted his dominance over her, including his right to discipline her. As she had discovered with Jean and Don, once she had been subdued, the one who did so had real control over her. In any case, the lesson was learned: from then on she was on time or, even, early for meeting with Robert – with one signi?cant exception, as we will see. In addition, others, including Jim, were pleased that, for some reason which they really didn’t understand, she had reverted back to the punctual person she always had been. So once again, a spanking had a salutatory effect.

Now, for that “signi?cant olgun porno exception.” Susan did reform, watching the time carefully when she was committed to be somewhere at a particular time, and planning ahead so that she would be punctual. Unfortunately, or so it appeared at the time, fate played a nasty trick on her. Daylight savings time came at the end of March, and Susan dutifully went around the house changing the clocks ahead, along with her watch, timers, etc., and, as with most people, was pleased with more sunlight in the evening. That Thursday, there was a noon luncheon for faculty wives, one which Susan mended with a close friend, Sally Coughlin. Susan dressed with care, thinking as she did so, how Robert would be surprised by her relatively dressy attire. Sally drove them to the faculty club, and would deliver her to Robert’s apartment by 2:00 PM. Jim would pick her up at 4:00 PM as usual.

On the way to the luncheon, Susan was quite emphatic to Sally that she must get to Robert’s on time, so Sally simply said, “Ok, honey, you just come over to me when you’re ready to leave and we’ll go right away. I don’t want to stay for a ‘social’ hour with women I hardly know, anyway!” So, everything was arranged. The food was excellent (which was a surprise), and Susan enjoyed talking with several wives that she hadn’t seen since last year. After eating, she kept a careful eye on her watch, ?guring that if they left by 1:45, they would easily arrive on time, even if traf?c was against them. However, as she was happily talking with another ex-school teacher, Sally hurried up, saying, “Susan! Weren’t you supposed to be there at 2:00? I got interested in the conversation and forgot to look at my watch, and, anyway, you were going to come get me when you were ready, so I wasn’t worried. But, it’s after 2:30, so I thought l’d better check!”

Shocked, Susan looked at her watch and, relieved, said, “It’s only 1:30, Sally. I’ve been looking every few minutes.”

“Susan! Look at the clock! It’s 2:30!”

“Oh, my god, my watch is wrong! Let’s go! Oh, good heavens, I can’t believe this!” As they practically ran out to the car and broke several traf?c laws on the way to Robert’s apartment, Susan agonized over the situation. “Gods, I looked at my watch all the time!” Then, “Damn it, I know what happened! I changed my regular watch last Sunday, but I never thought of my dress watch, so it’s still on standard time! Stupid! I never even looked at the time when I put it on! Boy, I’m in trouble!”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Susan! You’re just late – it’s not a major offense! l’m sure he’ll understand.”

Susan didn’t agree with her, but she hardly could say that she was afraid of a painful spanking! “I suppose you’re right, but I do like to be ‘on time.” Just then they arrived, and, waving goodbye as she jumped out, she hurried to meet her fate. As she rushed into the building and rang the bell, she saw the door ripped open, the knob held by a stony-faced, obviously irate, Robert. Her heart sank even further, if that were possible, as he said, “Well, it’s good to see that you condescended to come. I’ve been waiting for almost an hour – if that’s of any concern!”

“Oh, Robert, I’m so sorry! I hadn’t changed my watch to daylight savings time, and I thought that I had plenty of time!” She blurted out her explanation, realizing that she did so that it was extraordinarily weak – daylight saving time had come in ?ve days ago so it might have been a reasonable excuse on Monday, but she had been on time then. In any case, defending herself by saying that she had been careless was not going to work anyway, and she knew that she was in for a spanking, regardless of what she said. That belief was quickly confirmed.

“I don’t care h your excuse is! You were to be here at 2 o’clock, and it’s almost three. Unless something serious happened – and it obviously did not – I don’t care why you’re late! Now, get in the bedroom and take your clothes off.” Susan had a momentary surge of hope that he was only interested in screwing her and that she might escape the expected spanking, but as she entered the bedroom any such illusion was shattered. “Come on, undress and get ready for the punishment I promised you.”

Susan reluctantly unbuttoned her blouse, opened it and shrugged it off her shoulders, revealing her almost transparent bra. Her hands went behind her to unfasten her skirt and, as she removed it, she stood there in the bra, matching sheer panties and thigh high hose. Her nipples showed clearly through the thin fabric of the bra and her blond pubic hair was prominently displayed through the panties. She posed there for a few seconds, and then, reluctantly, reached back and released the bra, permitting her large breasts to spill out, quivering and bouncing, almost with a life of their own. Next, she hooked her ?ngers in the top of her brief panties, lowered them down, and stepped out of them. As she straightened up, she stood there, nude except for her stockings, posing provocatively, still hoping against hope that he would relent and just have sex with her.

Actually, looking at her would have tempted porno any straight man. Large breasts jutting out with virtually no sag, nipples erect, just begging to be fondled and sucked. As always, the mass of blond curly cunt hair at the base of her stomach provided an enticing hint of the pleasures waiting between her thighs. Those thighs, themselves, were firm and supple, seemingly just waiting to be spread for his sexual pleasure. Susan actually found herself ?aunting her body, leaning back and letting her breasts jiggle, her legs parted suggestively, trying to entice Robert to get carried away and fuck, rather than spank, her. That she could think of just being fucked by another man was startling in itself, but it said something of Susan’s fear of a very painful spanking.

In any case, however, such blandishments were unavailing. Robert was not immune to the obvious attractions Susan was offering, and, certainly, his cock was affected by that blatant offer, but, while he was tempted to put her on the bed and take what she proposed, he had other plans for the lovely woman before him. Saying, “Come over here, Susan, ” he led her to what appeared to be a wooden card or game table on the edge of which he had placed a pillow, the whole thing covered by a soft blanket. Susan hadn’t even noticed the setup when she came in, and a wave of fear went through her as he directed her to bend over, placing her stomach on the pillow and lowering her upper body to the blanket-covered table top. Then, taking her left hand, he placed a cloth, Velcro-closed handcuff around the wrist and fastened it to the left leg of the table. He repeated this with her right wrist, leaving her lying ?at, arms drawn out and totally unable to move. More signi?cantly, with her stomach raised up on the pillow, her hips jutted upwards at an angle, the round mounds of her ass cheeks were prominently displayed and defenseless.

Robert ran his hands over the soft ?esh, saying, “Now you won’t be able to get your hands in the way!” Susan was petri?ed, anticipating another unmerciful spanking with either his hand or the paddle he had used before. Robert surprised her, however, telling her, “I have something new for you. Look! I thought that you would backslide before the semester was over, so I ordered this little implement for you.” Turning her head sideways, with dif?culty, she saw a strange apparatus, a kind of whip that looked something like a feather duster, although the feathers were replaced by long straps of what appeared to be cloth. Robert dragged the straps over her bottom, across her shoulders and down her neck to her face. She was pleasantly surprised to feel that the straps, indeed, felt like soft cloth, almost like ultra-suede, although somewhat stiffer. In reality, as she discovered later, the straps actually were leather, a very ?ne, soft doeskin, but, still, what had appeared to be a real ordeal in the offing, now seemed much less threatening.

Robert pulled back and looked at the delectable sight before him. Susan’s ass provided a perfect target for the soft whip in his hand. Pale pink and unmarked, it was like as smooth, soft beach ball. This beach ball, however, was divided in half like a peach, the two halves coming together in the valley between the cheeks and ending at the point that her thighs began, each cheek ?owing smoothly into one of those thighs. Susan’s raised position, however, caused an interruption in that ?ow. Where the division of her buttocks ended, that cleavage continued between plump cunt lips, covered with the blond curly hair, which protruded above the thighs, providing a split oval to complement the round, similarly split ass above. Most people are surprised as to just how prominent a woman’s cunt lips are, how they bulge out when she is bent far over – as Susan was – but it certainly presents a very feminine phenomenon.

Robert slowly pulled the whip along Susan’s back, twitching it as he did so. Then, he lowered it to the ?oor and slowly dragged it up her thighs to her hips. It felt so tantalizing as he did so, that, as he started to do it again, Susan shuf?ed her feet apart slightly so that the strands slithered along her inter thighs onto and through her cunt. It was a very sensuous feeling and her fears of harsh punishment was replaced pleasant feeling of anticipation – of what, she had no idea – but the gentle stroking of the whip was exciting. Certainly she could see no way that such soft material could cause pain. She was in for a surprise!

Robert ?nally pulled the whip away, and, with a ?ick of his wrist, brought the strands down on Susan’s behind. The straps fell across the cheeks and curled around the other side, sending a tingle through her. He quickly repeated the blow further down and, then, began a continuous series of strokes, never hitting the same spot twice in succession. He started at the peak of her raised hips and worked downwards, ending on her upper thighs and then back up. He would hit one cheek, the tips of the straps sneaking into the crevice between, and then move and to the other side. When he reached the base of her hips, the protruding cunt lips received the same treatment. When Porno 64 the whipping began, Susan was titillated by the feathery impact of the doeskin strands, actually raising her hips slightly in anticipation of the pleasant sensation. As the whip continued to rise and fall, however, the enjoyable tingle gradually changed to a much less pleasurable sting.

If someone had been witnessing the activities, it would have appeared innocent, a playful make-believe whipping. Robert’s arm moved without vigor as he continued to ?ick the tendrils over Susan’s posterior, not lashing her, not scourging her – just seemingly caressing her with the soft ends of the strands. But, her rear gradually became pink all over, the pink changing to red and, ?nally, to a burning scarlet. From the top of her hips to her thighs it was as if she had received serious sunburn, one where the sun had only hit her bottom. Actually, this whip was an ingenious device for punishing a misbehaving woman. With a regular whip or lash, as it comes down, the recipient receives a single stroke, devastating and painful, perhaps, but, still, one blow. For that matter, with a paddle or even a hand, each slap is a separate event. With the multi-strand whip, however, each of the twenty straps carried its own little message, and each hit at a different time, having a cumulative effect far beyond the seemingly lack of severity. In addition, the tips of the strands were thicker than the body, each tip imparting a separate snap as it landed.

For Susan, the metamorphosis from that tantalizing tingle, through an unpleasant sting, to an excruciating agony, was unbelievable. As she thought later, it was as if she had suffered an unbearable sun bum and someone continuously slapped it with damp towel. It was like the famous Chinese water torture – each drop was innocuous, but as they hit, one after another, interminably, they could drive a person insane. For Susan, the ?rst twenty strokes were soothing, even relaxing. The next twenty were annoying. After that, the annoyance became a real irritant, then a pain that just went on and on. At ?rst she just lay there quietly, but soon she was writhing around, her bottom moving side to side to try and avoid what now felt like a lash.

Robert was a real expert in this type of spanking, making sure that the whip hit all parts equally, that the color of the skin remained uniform. Even in his anger that she had been so late, he still enjoyed exercising his skills as he made sure that all parts of Susan’s displayed charms were effectively chastised. However, he was not a sadist and the whipping was nothing like the cruel beating administered years ago by the woman, Simpkins. [The Further Adventures of Susan Adams 3.] There was no bruising, no cutting or bleeding, just a carefully applied punishment administered expertly to give a gradual buildup of pain without real damage. However, it might have been dif?cult at the time to convince Susan of the difference.

That hypothetical witness would have noticed another thing. As the whipping went on, the sounds changed. At ?rst, Susan quietly sighed with pleasure as the straps ran over her ?esh. There was a light slap, “Oooh,” slap, “Oooh, slap, Ummmm,”slap… Then, it was just slap…pause…slap…pause…slap…pause… Then, slap, “Ouch,” slap, “Ouch! That stings,” slap, “That hurts,” slap… Susan’s cries became more intense as the pain became more acute. Tears ?owed copiously from her eyes. Soon promises were being made, “Please, Robert, stop’. It hurts! l’ll be on time from now on! I’m sorry! Please stop!” Her cries were ignored, the whip descending on her tender ass with metronome regularity. In some ways, the punishment was much less powerful than that in?icted by a paddle or, even, by a hard hand, but the regularity, the impersonal ?icking and slapping, the stinging, seemed to build up into an unbearable level. Susan began writhing around, clenching her legs together to keep the strands from getting to the tender ?esh of her cunt and between her ass cheeks. Her cries became more pitiful as her courage broke and she began to beg for mercy. “Please, stop, I’ll do anything you want. Please stop! I’ll do anything!”

The only response was a command, “Stay still!” Then, “Stay still or l’ll tie your legs!” Of course, Susan didn’t stay still, her writhing and twisting to avoid the lash was re?ex action and, in any case, she wasn’t really thinking or listening anyway. She never even heard the warning.

Finally, Robert stopped the robot-like motion of his whipping hand, lay down the instrument and, with another pair of Velcro cuffs, pulled Susan’s left leg all the way over to the front left leg of the table and fastened it there. He then pulled her other leg to the equivalent right table leg, secured it the same way, and stepped back to look at her. Now she was spread-eagled over the table, arms and legs locked into place so that movement was virtually impossible. More interesting however, to a watcher, her wide-spread legs left absolutely nothing hidden between them. The cunt lips, which had merely protruded before, now were displayed blatantly, completely open and with every detail graphically visible, even the hole, itself. Above it, in her position, the crease between the ass cheeks was spread just enough for the pink, puckered hole there to be seen. All of this was, of course, surrounded by the crimson-hued hips and upper thighs.

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