Tabby Gets Taught by Mr. King


Tabby waited nervously outside the teacher’s office. She knew she was in trouble this time. It was the third time this month. She knew Mr. King was nearing retirement, that he was vulnerable to 18-year-old girls fooling in class, but now she had pushed it too far. All she could hope was that he would not insist on calling in her parents.

The door opened and the tall thin grey haired figure of Mr. King appeared. He looked down at the young girl and nodded his head toward the open door with a gruff grunt. Tabby walked past the teacher, brushing his body with her slim frame as she went through the narrow door into the office.

She stood as he followed her in, shutting the door. He let his eyes move over her figure, dressed in the short uniform navy blue skirt and white blouse. Her skirt was tight across her perfect firm butt; it made him smile to himself as he walked past her to his desk.

His face had changed to the grim disciplinarian as he sat at his desk.

“Sit down Tabby,” he said quietly pointing to one of the two old wooden chairs. “You know why you are here don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she replied timidly.

“Well, I think you better tell me,” the old teacher said.

“I was bad in class today sir,” Tabby almost whispered.

“And what was it you did today Tabby?”

“I was disruptive in class.”

“Yes you sure were that,” Mr. King looked hard at her. “You just didn’t want to learn today did you?”

“No sir.”

“More interested in seeing how many ways you could show me your knickers!!!” His voice grew louder, trailing off as he said the word knickers. “Making your friends giggle all the time. And all of it aimed at me.”

Tabby went red. It was true, she had sat provocatively, rolling her skirt up enough to expose her crotch, once she even stood up and bent over to get something from her bag, letting the very short skirt ride up her butt, showing the pretty white lace panties.

“Have you got any explanation?”

“No sir, sorry sir.”

“Shall I call your parents and tell them what you get up to here?”

Please sir, don’t do that.” A wave of panic hit the young student. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Oh, it won’t happen again, you’re right there. But what can I do to punish you and make sure you won’t ever annoy me in class again?”

She looked at the teacher. “Anything sir. Please. Just don’t tell my parents, I beg you.”

“You would do anything if I didn’t tell your folks?” He asked.

“That’s right, anything.” She looked at the teacher with pleading eyes, her voice soft, almost inaudible.

“Why don’t you slip that skirt off then?” He pointed at her little blue skirt.

“What?” Tabby responded as though she hadn’t heard him properly.

“You heard me Tabby. Slip out of that little skirt,” he repeated.

“You dirty old….”

“You weren’t worried about me seeing your knickers in class, so what’s the problem now?” A smile spread on his face. “Of course I could get your folks in.”

“You can’t do this. You can’t rape me in your office and get away with it.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t rape you Tabby. I’m not like that. I think you will do what I want. So what is it to be?”

“Ring my parents. I don’t care. It can’t be worse than your disgusting cock.” She spat the words at him with a clouded, grim face.

“If that’s what you want Tabby, but I will have to tell them about you and those two boys at last years school concert.”

Tabby’s mind ticked over quickly. She had had sex with two senior boys a year ago under the school stage following the annual concert. But she had thought they were alone. How could old Mr. King know?

“You prick!”

“Oh, stop being so dramatic Tabby. You know you are just a little sex kitten. You would fuck any cock you could get your hands on, and probably do. Now how about we stop pretending and you get your skirt off?” He walked to the door and turned the key in its lock.

She sat rigid in the wooden chair as he walked back to the desk. He wheeled the office chair around from behind the desk so he was sitting feet away from her.

“Well? Are you going to get on with it girl? I don’t have all night. Maybe sex izle I should forget it and just call your parents now.” Again he smiled at her.

Tabby moved uneasily and finally stood. She spun the skirt around to give her better access to the button and zip. Slowly the blue material opened and the skirt fell to the floor, pooling around her feet.

“You may as well get rid of those trainers and socks while you are at it,” he said, flicking a finger at her footwear. “Just lean forward nice and slowly.”

A puzzled look crossed Tabby’s innocent face as she bent to undo the shoes. The white blouse blossomed forward, giving Mr. King a view of her 34b breasts encased in the white lace bra. A smile spread on the old man’s face. His hand fell to his crotch where a slight bulge was appearing.

First one trainer, then the other came off, followed by the white socks. To get at them she had to push the blue skirt away. Soon she was sitting upright again, her hands folded in her lap, concealing the lace panties.

“Hmmm,” he said, rubbing the now more substantial bulge in his pants. “Show me your panties Tabby. Go on, give me a show now.”

Embarrassed Tabby withdrew her hands, and then brought them quickly back after she thought he had seen enough. He didn’t say anything, just flicked that bony finger again to indicate for her to move her hands again. She complied.

As he stared hard at her crotch he slowly unzipped the pants, peeling them open. Without getting up he raised his butt and peeled the pants off, letting them fall at his feet. A pair of plain white boxers stretched out with the size of his erect cock. The sight almost made Tabby laugh.

“Show me your butt Tabby, just turn around and bend down,” he was rubbing his hard cock through the boxers.

She stood and turned, bending as requested, leaning her elbows on her bent legs. The sight of this old teacher sitting in his boxers had amused Tabby enough to make her want to tease a little. She wiggled her butt at him. A glance back over her shoulder revealed him exposing his cock, rubbing it up and down.

Now she just gazed at the thick hard cock sliding between his fingers, the head swollen and almost purple with blood. She could see the ridges of veins spiralling around the pink rod as his hand moved over it, pulling the skin tight. The smile went, the wiggle stopped as Tabby stared, mesmerised by the big fat cock. She could feel her panties dampen as she watched him.

“Turn around Tabby, and sit down,” he commanded.

Without a word Tabby obeyed, sitting with her legs slightly apart. All the time she tried not to look away from the cock. His hand continued to slowly rub up and down the hard shaft, rolling around it slightly as he tugged on it. “Play with your self Tabby,” he said softly. “I want to see your thumb on your clit and your fingers in your snatch.”

The brunette obeyed again without comment. The index finger of her left hand found her slit through the white lace and ran up it, forcing the panties into her slit. The material was already damp, a darker patch formed as they soaked up more of her juice. Her hand rubbed across her mound, finding the elastic of the white lace panties.

“Leave them on Tabby,” he ordered.

Her long slender fingers slipped inside the lace. She parted her legs, placing one over the arm of the old wooden chair, making her sink lower in the seat. The thumb of her right hand found her clit, hard and already swelling with excitement. She gently circled it with the thumb, pressing in a little. The pressure produced a little moan.

“Hmmm…. That’s a good girl Tabby, I knew you could do it,” he said, his voice almost kindly in tone.

Now she probed her opening with a finger, parting her juicy pussy lips, she slipped it in. Immediately her pussy contracted on the penetrating finger. She eased a second in. The entire time still rubbing her clit with her thumb, her eyes closed in ecstasy. In and out of her hot pussy she worked her fingers, feeling her pussy grasp them.

Mr King kept his hand on his cock, tugging on it harder now. His eyes never left the girl as she fingered herself, sikiş izle the white blouse framing her belly button. Her face was flushed as she kept going.

“Stop now Tabby,” he called out, stopping his own action.

Tabby looked over, shocked. Her orgasm was close and he was telling her to hold off.

“I want you to do something else now,” he smiled at her. “Now stand up and take off those panties.”

Maybe he was going to fuck her now, maybe he wanted to make her cum at the same time as her and that was why he had made her do that. Whatever the reason she was hot now, and only thinking of that big swollen cock that he was now holding up in front of himself.

Quickly she inserted her thumbs in each side of her panties and slid them down. A small bush of trimmed dark hair was revealed as she held her legs together to get them down. She felt dampness between her thighs as they touched. As she was taking them past her ankles he spoke again.

“Pass them to me please Tabby,” he ordered.

She stood and took the two steps to reach him, her hand outstretched with the wet lace panties. Mr. King took them and looked at the tiny scrap of material. Again he smiled and put the damp panties to his nose. He sniffed them long and hard, cooing as he did.

Tabby was still standing in front of him as he did this. There was something strangely erotic about Mr. King’s actions. He put the panties against his stiff cock and slowly rubbed them over the hard red cock. Then stroking the white lace up and down the hard shaft.

“Kneel down Tabby,” he told her. Again she complied. “Take your panties and tug on my cock, use them like a glove.”

This caused Tabby to smile up at the gentle old face that was now staring down at her. The panties felt damp and smelt musty as she fitted her right hand into them. Wrapping the white lace around his cock she let it slide up and down, watching the swollen head bob around at the top. Every now and then she allowed a stroke to flow over the head, feeling his sticky pre-cum soak into the flimsy panties.

“Ohhhhh….” He moaned softly. Tabby looked into his eyes, feeling her juices still flowing. His cock throbbed in her hand, it felt so hard and strong, not like the old man who sat with his face growing red with the excitement.

Totally captured by the situation Tabby lent forward, kissing the white sticky panties as they slid over his hard cock. Then her red lips parted taking the head of his cock in, she sucked gently, just the head, tasting his pre-cum as the white panties slipped up and down his red cock.

Then she took her head away and licked at the white material as she kept it moving. Mr. King was moaning softly. She brought the lace up to the head, circling over it. All of a sudden he stiffened in the chair, his cock exploded. Huge dollops of cum shooting out into the white lace, spreading through the material like a sticky slick. It oozed onto Tabby’s hand as wad after wad squirted into the panties.

His face was red as she sat back, the soaked panties still in her hand. She let the panties fall to the floor and looked at his face. He was red and was panting lightly.

“Well, Mr. King, I guess you have punished me now,” Tabby said. “Can I leave now?”

“Not yet young lady,” the teacher said. He seemed to have regained his composure and was sitting up straight in the chair. “We haven’t finished yet.”

“What do you mean? I did what you wanted,” Tabby exclaimed. Her mood was turning. She was no longer mesmerised by the hard cock.

“I want to taste that young pussy now,” he said without hesitation. “Sit up on my desk, now.”

Tabby looked at him. She wasn’t sure what to think. She had just let her teacher jerk off in her panties and now he wanted to eat her pussy. Her pussy was still wet and hot from her own fingering, the desire was returning, just as it was to Mr. King who now sported a hard cock once more.

“Come on girl, I don’t have all day,” the teacher said.

The desk was a large polished wooden one; it was very smooth on her bare butt as she hoisted herself up. There was nothing on the shiny polished surface. Mr. King had prepared türk porno well for this evening.

Mr King moved toward the teenager, sliding toward her on the swivel chair. Her legs were already parted waiting for him. He moved between them, his hands holding her thighs as he buried his face in the warm moist crotch. Tabby moaned lightly at that first touch as his tongue touched her clit. Then he began licking with long hard strokes up her sticky wet slit, ending on her hard swollen clit. Each stroke sent a shiver through the brunette. His tongue plunged into her dripping pussy, his lips sucking at the entrance.

To maintain her balance Tabby lent back on her elbows, her blouse pulled half way up her torso. She moaned again as his tongue flicked the hard clit. One of her hands found her breast and squeezed it sensually, through the fabric of the blouse and bra. She knew she would be cumming soon.

Again he licked her hard across the slit up to her clit, now poking a finger into her pussy, feeling it tighten on her. This was too much for the 18-year-old and her hips bucked a little as her orgasm came like a flood of feeling. Her moans grew louder and stronger. Her pussy clamped down on his finger and her juices flowed.

He pulled back from her, his lips wet with her juice. His hand grabbed one of her dangling ankles and he spun it. She rolled over with it, still lost in the last of her orgasm.

Now she was lying over the desk, her feet only just touching the floor. In a flash he was standing at her rear, his hard cock in his hand. Her orgasm had barely died away when he pushed his cock deep into her pussy. A second wave hit tabby immediately; her pussy clamping the hard cock now buried in her.

“Oh, Tabby, you are so tight,” Mr. king moaned as he eased his cock in and out of her. “So hot and wet.”

Tabby moaned.

“Oh, I want to fuck you Tabby, fuck your tight little cunt,” he was leaning over whispering in her ear. “You want this don’t you tabby, you hot little bitch?”

“Yes, yes,” Tabby replied, now lost in the ecstasy. “Please fuck my pussy, please.”

“I will, Tabby, I will.” His cock pushed in and out, more quickly now, sliding on her wet juices. “Can you feel me Tabby, hard and big in your little hot cunt?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me please.”

The strokes were coming harder and harder now, pounding at her. His balls hitting her butt as he forced himself in. She was moaning with each stroke.

“Shall I cum in your cunt tabby? Shall I? Fill your hot little pussy with my cum? Are you thirsty for that Tabby?”

“Yes, please fill me with your hot cum,” she replied, her breasts forced into the hard top of the desk, the nipples hard.

Still he pumped in and out of her. His cock was huge in her. He had pushed the blouse up her back and was holding her long black hair as he forced it in and out. Her white buttocks wobbling as his balls hit them. His other hand grasped her bra strap, steadying himself.

“Do you want it Tabby? Want my hot cum in your pussy?”

“Yes, yes, fill me, please.”

He let out a low, hard moan and exploded in her. His hot creamy cum erupting into her hot pussy. He collapsed across her back, letting his balls pump themselves dry into her. Then he rolled off her, a dribble of cum sliding from her opening and down her leg.

Quickly he slipped his sticky cock back into his boxers and pulled up the pants. He seemed short of breath as he pulled the chair around behind the desk and collapsed into it.

Tabby climbed down from the desk, a sticky mess in her trimmed pussy hair. She looked at him and smiled.

“Well, get dressed girl,” he said in his teachers voice.

She picked up the skirt, making sure he got a good look at her pussy as she bent down. She zipped it back up and turned to look at him again.

“So you still want to show me your butt eh? Well, for that you better wear your panties home.”

Tabby just smiled. She picked up the disgusting wet panties, sticky with both their cum and slipped them back up her legs. Another dribble of cum slid down her leg. Again she lent forward to put the socks and trainers back on. Once again the blouse opened to allow the teacher to see her breasts in the white lace bra.

“I hope you have learnt your lesson Tabby. Don’t tease me in future and think you can get away with it.”

“I won’t sir,” Tabby smiled back. “I won’t think I can get away with it.”

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