Taking Care of Business Ch. 04


“Hop in,” Reb said. “I’ll bring you back for your truck.” Reb got in and pulled her skirt up so Ryan could touch her. Ryan didn’t wait to be told. His hand moved to her wet crotch and rubbed as Reb drove. The roads were worse than the drive in so the 5 minute drive took 10 minutes. “This is my friend’s apartment,” Reb explained as they both left her SUV and walked to the door. “I’m house-sitting for her so we will have the place to ourselves.”

Reb let them in the building and, after a short elevator ride, into her friend’s apartment. The door had barely closed before Reb and Ryan were ripping each other’s clothes off and passionately kissing. Reb reached down to find Ryan’s cock was still just as hard and ready as when the guard showed up.

Both were breathing heavy as they broke the kiss. Reb turned and bent over the arm of the couch. “Fuck me hard Ryan,” demanded Reb. He didn’t need to be told twice. He stepped behind Reb, grabbed her hips and plunged his tool deep inside her hot, wet pussy. Reb pushed back as Ryan began fucking her hard and fast. The room was filled with the sounds of their bodies slapping together and their loud moans. This was a raw, savage fuck!

Ryan pounded Reb’s pussy, penetrating with deep, hard thrusts as Reb pushed back against him. His balls slapped her pussy over and over, the soft brown hair tickling him. “Oh yes,” Reb growled, “harder…oh altyazı porno yes, harder…oh God keep fucking me…cum with meeeeee…” Reb let out with a long, loud groan as the contracting walls of her cunt signaled her release.

The contractions squeezing Ryan’s cock set him off. “Reeeeeb,” grunted Ryan as he plunged deep and shot his hot cum deep inside her pussy.

They were both frozen there until they relaxed from the bliss. Reb fell forward onto the couch and rolled over, chest heaving as she caught her breath. Ryan staggered to the couch and sat down next to Reb’s head. Reb looked up and saw his cock had only a slight droop but was still mostly hard. “Damn Ryan,” Reb exclaimed, “does that thing ever go down? I mean, you’ve cum twice and it’s still hard!”

“Do you believe me now what I tell you that you are a very sexy woman,” asked Ryan. “If you weren’t sexy to me, this wouldn’t still be hard.”

Reb blushed, “you certainly know how to make an old gal feel good. But give me a couple minutes and we can go back to the bedroom. I want to see how many times I can make this squirt before it goes down.” Reb couldn’t believe her luck; this would certainly quench the fire in her pussy. She thought it would have been quenched with his tongue and the pounding she just received. However, seeing his cock still hard for her stoked the fire again.

Once amatör porno Reb’s breathing returned to normal and she had strength in her legs, she took Ryan’s hand and guided him to the guest bedroom. She was excited to see Ryan was still ready for action.

Reb pushed Ryan down on the bed, turned her back to him and guided his hard cock into her waiting pussy as she lowered herself. “Mmmmm…” Reb purred as she moved up and down his pole. Ryan reached around and began to pinch her hard nipples. Reb moaned, “oh yeah baby, pinch’em harder.” Ryan did and Reb’s moans turned to squeals of pleasure.

Reb moved a hand down between her legs and began to massage Ryan’s big balls, which were wet with her pussy juice. “God Reb…I like that,” moaned Ryan as he began to thrust up to meet her downward movements. Their bodies had fallen into a mutual rhythm, slowly increasing in speed as Reb’s orgasm was building.

Ryan slowly moved his hand from Reb’s breast, tracing her body as he moved down to her mound. Reb threw her head back and moaned as Ryan’s fingers made contact with her clit. They were cheek to cheek as Reb leaned back against Ryan and began to rotate her hips, grinding her pussy with Ryan’s cock buried deep in her tight cunt.

Their rhythm increased as Ryan stroked circles around Reb’s excited clit. Her orgasm was close. “Yes baby,” Reb animasyon porno moaned, “please don’t stop, I’m almost there…oh don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stoooooooop!!” Reb yelled as orgasm after orgasm pulsed through her body once more. Reb stopped moving as she came on Ryan’s cock but Ryan continued to stroke his cock in and out. He also continued to slowly circle her clit, helping to prolong her multiple orgasms.

Once her orgasms subsided, Reb rolled off of Ryan’s lap and onto her back on the bed. Ryan moved between her legs and once against slipped his throbbing cock deep inside Reb’s cum filled cunt. Ryan moved slowly in and out with long, deep strokes. He bent his dead down and began kissing Reb deeply. Their tongues danced together as Ryan thrust in and out, enjoying the feel of Reb’s tight, wet pussy surrounding him.

He knew he would explode soon. He almost did while Reb was wildly thrashing around on his cock. Ryan quickened his pace as his orgasm continued to build. He broke their kiss and groaned, “Oh Reb…Reb…yes REB!!”

Reb moaned too as she felt his cock swell inside her, “Yes baby, cum deep inside me again, let me feel it inside me.”

With one last deep thrust, Ryan unleashed shot after shot of hot semen. Ryan’s orgasm set Reb off with yet another orgasm. “Yes Reb, yes!!” Ryan felt her orgasm; the velvety walls of her spasming pussy were squeezing his cock, sending shockwaves of pleasure though his sensitive tool.

Once they both came down from their mutual bliss, Ryan rolled onto the bed next to Reb. Reb rolled over and snuggle close, her head on his chest. Ryan slipped his arm around Reb and they fell asleep together.

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