Tammy , Paul


What is it about the forbidden fruit that makes it taste so damn sweet? That’s what I kept asking myself as I drove to work on a cold December morning, having just dropped off my daughter at my wife’s best friend’s house. My wife was back to work part time, so we shuttled our daughter between a number of sitters, and my wife’s friend, Tammy, volunteered for a shift one day a week. Tammy’s little boy is almost two, just a few months younger than our daughter, so the kids get to play together. We had been busy with this convenient little routine for about six months and it was going well.

I guess I should back up a little bit to give some background to what happened that particular December. Sometime around September, my wife and I were putting dinner together after our daughter was asleep and she mentioned how concerned she was about Tammy. Apparently, Tammy had been feeling pretty lonely and ignored by her husband, who was always working. She started hinting to my wife that her needs weren’t being fulfilled at home, and she was shopping elsewhere. This revelation had my wife extremely preachy that night about the sanctity of marriage and the importance of communication. It just gave me a chubby.

You see, Tammy had been on my little dick-brain for quite some time. She was certainly not the neighborhood hottie, but there was something so undeniably sexy about her. She had this way of making me think naughty thoughts by just walking in the room, even if she wasn’t wearing or doing anything special. I think it was the fact that she was a couple of years older and was a mother, which I find strangely appealing. But that’s a whole separate story. The bottom line was that I had been fantasizing about fucking Tammy ever since I first laid eyes on her, and now that I knew she was good to go, my fantasy was in overdrive.

For the next couple of months, I dropped my daughter off on the way to work once a week as usual. Tammy and I exchanged appropriate pleasantries and I left quickly before my hard-on started to bulge the front of my pants. It was really ridiculous when I thought about it later on the drive to work: she always answered the door wearing laying-around clothes, with her hair pulled back in a quick ponytail and no makeup on. Nothing about her look screamed, “Fuck me!” but that’s all I could think of doing.

Finally December rolled around and the cold weather moved in with a vengeance. One morning I pulled up in front of Tammy’s house to drop my daughter off for the morning. As I came around the car to unbuckle my daughter, my foot slipped off the curb and into a puddle, soaking my foot. I mumbled a curse as I undid the car seat and lifted my daughter out of the car. When we got to the front door, Tammy was already opening it so we didn’t have to wait in the cold.

I stepped into the foyer and undid my daughter’s coat so she could go play right away. It was her favorite day of the week because she had a play pal, so she never wanted to waste time saying goodbye to dad. While I was working, Tammy noticed my wet foot and pant leg. I told her that it would probably just dry by itself, but she began insisting that I should put my shoe by the heater and she could put my sock and pants doeda in the dryer. She would lend me a pair of her husband’s pants and we could have a quick cup of coffee while everything dried. “The kids won’t even bother with us, they’re always so busy playing,” she told me. “OK,” I said, “I guess I can be a little later to work today. I’ll just work through lunch to make up the time.”

“Great,” she squealed as she ran into the bedroom for a pair of her husband’s pants. She reemerged and tossed the pants to me, telling me to get changed in the bathroom while she started the coffee. When I was done, she scooped up my pants and the one wet sock and headed for the laundry room. Once everything was drying and the coffee was poured, Tammy told me to get comfortable in the kitchen. She turned to bounce out of the room and as I sat down I watched her go, keenly aware of the fact that there were no panty lines visible in the snug yoga pants hugging Tammy’s cute little ass. Whether there was a thong or nothing at all under there, my dick was intrigued and my mind was filling quickly with filthy thoughts.

“I just have to go check on something and I’ll be right back,” Tammy announced as she hurried from the kitchen. When she came back a few minutes later, I was looking at the morning paper that I had found on the kitchen table. Tammy’s clothes looked the same at first glance, but I felt like something was different about her. She pulled out a chair at the kitchen table and sat next to me. My cock got a little bit harder knowing that she could have taken the chair across the table, but she chose to be near me.

“Anything interesting happening?” Tammy asked, motioning to the paper with her eyes as she lifted her cup to take a sip of the still steaming coffee.

“Not really, just the usual stuff about wars, murders and corrupt politicians,” I replied in my best sarcastically smug, man-of-the-world voice. I smiled self-deprecatingly and she chuckled, noticing for the first time that I had the paper open to the comics.

“Wow, good looks and a sense of humor…Susan is a luckier woman than I thought,” she purred in a voice that was unmistakably flirtatious.

“Well, I was voted ‘class clown’ in the third grade,” I teased. She leaned back as a fit of laughter overtook her and that was when I realized what had changed since she ran off to the bedroom. She must have removed her bra, because when she arched her back slightly, I could now clearly see the dark circles of her excited nipples as they poked through the fitted pink t-shirt she wore. Her breasts were very small and firm and her nipples were so hard I thought they would tear the fabric to get free.

Tammy caught me eyeing her chest hungrily and I could see from the look that came over her face it was exactly what she had wanted. I realized in that instant that I would soon be faced with a serious moral dilemna. To cheat or not to cheat. In a way, the betrayal of my wife had already taken place in my mind. It was only the physical act that was left.

“Paul, I think you are so great, and I think you and I have a whole lot in common,” Tammy began. “I mean, Susan and I talk about a lot of stuff and sometimes she tells eş değiştirmeli porno me about how strong your sex drive is and how hers just doesn’t keep up.”

My face must have turned a dark shade of red and I started to mumble a protest, but Tammy kept talking. “It’s OK, Paul, I want you to know that I understand that frustration, too,” she continued, “because Mike is just like Susan and I’m just like you. I wish Mike would fuck my brains out every night and every morning, but he just isn’t into it very much. I end up taking care of myself all the time just to get through the long dry spells.

“Well, it sounds like you and Susan are closer than I realized,” was all I could think to say in response. “I really love Susan, Tammy, but I have to admit I do get a bit lonely…and I’ve always had bit of a crush on you.”

This time it was her turn to blush. “I wasn’t sure if you felt that way, Paul. I know my body isn’t what it used to be since giving birth.”

“Actually, I think motherhood has been great for you, Tammy. Believe me, all the changes have been very nice to see,” I assured her earnestly. “You are one hot little MILF!” I said with a huge smile and a lascivious wink.

“You know how wet I am right now just thinking about what I want to do with you?” Tammy asked as she reached over and put her hand on my knee.

I reached my hand around Tammy’s neck and pulled her toward my lips. She met me eagerly in the middle.

Our lips opened and our tongues started to intertwine as Tammy shimmied off her chair and onto my lap. She moaned a little as she felt my erection push up against her ass. I was practically salivating at the thought of tasting her pussy.

We kissed like that for a few minutes. It felt so good to have a woman kiss me with that kind of passion, and any thoughts of guilt quickly dissolved. Our hands started to explore each other’s bodies and I knew that this was where I had wanted to be for so long. I could tell from her intensity that Tammy felt the same way. We were releasing a tension that had been building for too long inside us both.

After a minute of having this hot, horny woman grinding her moistening crotch against my hard dick, while my hands were hungrily kneading her cute little ass cheeks, I suddenly realized the tenuous position we were in with the kids just in the next room. I broke off the kiss and stammered something about the kids walking in, but Tammy just kept rubbing herself on me. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “I locked the gate and put on a video. They won’t bother us while we do what we both want to do sooooo bad! I can’t wait for you to be inside me. I need you to fuck me like you’re not allowed to fuck Susan anymore, like Mike used to fuck me before he started caring more about everything else. I want you to fuck me totally in the moment, like it’s your first taste of pussy and you never want to leave.”

I think I was actually getting a little light in the head while Tammy talked. She was saying things that I thought woman never said. I already had her pants halfway down and was squeezing her ass cheeks with all my strength. She never let up the pressure on my bulging genç porno dick, but still she had not unzipped my pants.

Finally, Tammy slid seductively off of my lap onto the floor on all fours in front of me. She reached up and unzipped my pants and tugged off my underwear. My cock stood straight up for just a split second before Tammy took it in her mouth with a satisfied groan that seemed to emanate from her very soul. She sucked deep and hard and one of her hands soon gripped my balls and tugged at them firmly. I was in that moment that I realized Tammy was a very experienced cocksucker. Mike clearly didn’t appreciate what he had on his hands. His loss, my gain.

I don’t know how I managed to not blow my nut in Tammy’s hot mouth that morning, so I just chalk it up to a moment of divine intervention. After a few minutes of the best oral I’d ever had, Tammy backed off my cock and stood up, hooking her thumbs in the waist of her pants. She pulled down her pants to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy that was unobstructed by any underwear. The moisture glistened on her pink pussy lips and I couldn’t wait to lap up those hot juiced.

Tammy hopped quickly onto the kitchen table and beckoned me forward with a wag of her finger and a look of mischief. I moved toward her pussy as if in a trance. Soon I had my tongue deep in her hole and she was squealing softly and grinding her pussy up to meet my tongue. As her movements up and down on my face became more frantic, my tongue brushed her asshole lightly a few times and Tammy moaned even louder. Convinced that I was onto something, I darted my tongue more and more toward her puckered spot. When her first orgasm came, I had a firm lip clamp on her clit, with two fingers inside stroking her G-spot.

As the orgasmic waves subsided, Tammy raised my head and pushed my back on the chair. She quickly slid off the table’s edge and straddled me, hovering her wet hole just above my cock head. “Do you want to use a condom, Paul?” she asked. “I’m on the pill and I’m sure we’re both clean. If you want to use one, I won’t be offended, but tell me right now, because I want to fuck you!”

Not saying a word, I looked Tammy in the eyes and put my hands on her sensuous, slightly rounded hips. Without breaking eye contact, I gently pushed Tammy down until I was buried inside of her. I think it took the breath out of us both, because neither of us seemed to be able to move a muscle. We just stared into each others’ eyes with our mouths open. Finally, I slid my hands under Tammy’s ass cheeks and began lifting her up and then letting her slide back down. I hadn’t fucked Susan without a condom since our second and last child was born more than a year before. It felt better than I remembered to be inside a beautiful, receptive woman without a latex barrier. I think I fell in love that day.

I staggered out to my truck that morning still not believing what had just happened. When I came inside of Tammy, the pulsing of my cock had set off another orgasm for her and she clenched around me so hard I thought I might cry out. Only remembering that the kids were in the other room kept me from voicing the incredible pleasure I was feeling. Tammy thought better of screaming, too, and instead clamped her lips on mine and squealed into my mouth. As our orgasms subsided, our tongues began to touch softly in a long, loving kiss that seemed to last forever. I knew that moment would be with me for the rest of the day. Maybe even for the rest of my life.

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