Tasting Your Masculinity


I was so grateful to hear that you’d be traveling on business to my area. We’d had a few brief calls since our first coupling, but I was so eager to see you again.

When I reached your hotel, you were in the hall waiting for me. “There’s that smile,” I said with a thrill in my voice. I bit my bottom lip, feeling shy, but you reached an arm out and to my surprise kissed me in the hall.

We entered your hotel room and before I knew it, you were kissing me. Your hands were on my waist and their warmth reached me through my sweater. I was wearing high heels b/c I wanted to look sexy for you, but I quickly became dizzy. Between leaning my head back to reach your mouth and the spiky heels, my wooziness became a problem. I had to stop and take my shoes off so I’d be more stable, but the 9 inch height difference between us was even more evident. I was so turned on, I wanted to climb you like a tree.

You reached inside my leather blazer and ran your hands up and down my rib cage over my tight sweater. This ticklish caress was making me crazy. My arms were around your neck, but I wanted to touch you more. I released your neck and you removed my blazer, looking admiringly at my chest. I was grateful you were a “boob man” because those are definitely the best features on my figure.

I was rubbing my hands slowly across your shoulders and murmuring something about your blue, blue liseli porno eyes when you asked me to take my sweater off. I was anxious to get it off because I wanted skin-on-skin contact with you. Also, I had bought the most gorgeous bra and panties especially for this tryste. I couldn’t wait for you to see me in them.

As I was taking my sweater off, you took your shirt off. Your skin was smooth and your chest and arms captured my attention. While I was lusting after you, your eyes were very openly admiring my breasts in the the push-up bra with the beautiful embroidery accents. You drew your hand from my shoulder down my arm and I shivered. This made my breasts quiver and my nipples tighten, which clearly pleased you tremendously. Your hand moved to my collarbone, tracing along it making me shiver even more. The excitement in your eyes multiplied.

I took my pants off and you watched with eyes that were both lazy and alert. I couldn’t resist being in your embrace any longer. I went up on my toes to press my body to you and to feel the skin of your arms and chest against me. I could smell your fresh masculine scent and I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on breathing it in deeply. The feel of your flesh pressed against me as you reached down to press my hips was intoxicating.

As we pressed closer and kissed deeper, I could feel your hard cock mobil porno through your pants. Suddenly I couldn’t bear for you to be clothed any longer and I reached for your belt. Soon you were naked and I pushed you down on the bed. I was still in my bra and panties, but I didn’t want to take them off yet. I wanted to stay in my sexy underwear while I sucked you.

Your cock was red and throbbing and hot in my hands. I rubbed the head gently, carefully, knowing how sensitive your penis can be. I was on my knees between your legs and was enjoying looking in your eyes while I was stroking your erection. Feeling your arousal in my hands made me feel powerful. I loved the idea that I could make you this excited.

I slowly lowered my mouth onto your cock, tasting your delicious masculine flavor. Exactly the way I remembered it. I wanted to suck you so hard, but knew that would be too much so soon. I started out slowly stroking you and sucking you carefully. You were murmuring encouragement, “Oh yeah, keep going!” I looked up and your brows were furrowed, concentrating on the pleasure while you watched me work your dick.

I started out with very limited inhibitions, but quickly lost even those. I wanted your whole cock in my mouth, even if it pressed against the back of my throat. I wanted to taste your balls and kiss your thighs.

When I returned öğrenci porno to your throbbing dick, I set into a rhythm that seemed to please you. You continued to encourage me and ran your fingers through my hair, moving it aside so you could see my mouth on your engorged cock. With one hand I caressed your balls.

I continued with a steady rhythm, looking up without stopping, and could see your face become more intense as we made eye contact. I could tell by the tone of your voice that your orgasm was approaching. I caressed your balls more as your cock went even more rigid in my mouth. I was so wet and excited at the idea of bringing you to climax. I wanted to take you to the very edge and watch your world explode inside your head.

My tongue moved carefully across the flat part of of the underside of your dick as I was bobbing up and down. I could tell the movement of my tongue was pushing you to the limit. As you moaned, I saw your face tense and your whole body trembled. I could feel your cock coming in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed. The swallowing motion caressed my tongue against the sensitive underside while it also pressed the head of your magnificent cock against the soft roof of my mouth. As I swallowed more and more, your body trembled and I knew you had no control over yourself while I milked every last drop out of you. Knowing how sensitive an orgasming dick could be, I sucked very, very gently as your orgasm was ending, wanting to prolong it just one more spurt.

Your moans and sighs of appreciation were gratifying. I had spent weeks looking forward to turning you on and sucking you. I knew my turn for pleasure would come soon.

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