Teacher’s Field Trip


She wore exactly what I had asked her to wear. She had on flip flop sandals, a short denim skirt, and a tight t-shirt. Of course, I told her not to wear panties or a bra.

She crawled into my truck and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning you sexy hunk of man!” She said with a grin.

“Good morning to you too, Ms. Spell.” I replied. “Shouldn’t you be in class right about now?”

“Not dressed like this, I shouldn’t.” she replied as she leaned over a little in the seat and slid the bottom of the skirt up her thigh. I watched breathlessly as her skin was exposed to me, revealing a smooth bare ass under the skirt.

“I’m so excited!” she giggled. “I cannot tell you how long I’ve had this fantasy.”

I gave her a sly grin. “Excited? Prove it.” I said.

By now we had progressed down her street far enough away from her home that she felt brave. She looked around and then turned sideways in the seat facing me.

“Oh, I’m excited.” She said. She pulled her skirt up around her waist and raised her knees in the air, spreading her legs wide. Her hands went down between her legs and spread the lips of her pussy. “Just look at my pussy, and see how excited I am,” she whispered.

It was difficult to concentrate on my driving as I tried to look at her body. At the next stop sign, I gave her a good look. She was surely excited. I could see how flushed her pussy lips were, full with anticipation of what was to come.

As I watched her, she began to slowly stroke her clit. I let her do this for a minute, but then stopped her. “I don’t want you cumming too soon,” I told her.

“Awwwww,” she whined, “I was only doing it a little.”

She reached over to my crotch and felt my hard cock as it pushed against my khaki shorts. She held me for the rest of the drive, alternating with a squeezing and stroking motion until I thought I’d cum right there. I could feel the pre-cum moistening my underwear.

I finally pulled off the main roads into the countryside. I’d grown up in this town and my family had 120 acres of land about 20 minutes from the center of town. I pulled up in front of the gate and stopped the truck.

I turned to her. “I’m going to go unlock the gate. When I come back, I want you to be totally naked. Put your clothes in the grocery bag on the floor. You can leave your sandals on.” I unlocked the gate and pulled it open. As I walked back to my truck, I could see Tina sitting proudly, her breasts clearly on display in the morning sun.

I slid back into my seat and pulled the truck forward. Yes, I took the time to admire her naked body. She is gorgeous, and I just love her smooth skin.

I stopped the truck again so that I could go close the gate. As I slid back out, I grabbed the bag her clothes were in. She watched me through the rear window as I carried the bag to the gate. I closed the gate and locked it. Then I walked over to her side of the truck and tossed the bag of her clothes into the pasture. Now she was naked for however long I wanted her to be….and she knew it.

I got back into my truck, gave her a wicked smile and drove on down the road.

I drove for about five minutes and pulled over to the side of the road. I looked over at her and said, “Here’s where we start walking.” I stepped out of the truck and went to the back to get my bag of supplies. While doing this I heard her getting out and shutting the door.

I walked toward the front of the truck and there she was, leaning over the hood.

“I need to cum.” She stated. “I’m so horny right now I can’t take it.”

She was standing there in front of my truck, her breasts pressed against the warm hood, her perfect ass on display for me.

“Why the hell not?” I thought to myself. “We’ve got the whole afternoon.”

I put my stuff on the ground and stepped up behind her. I pressed my body against hers and whispered into her ear, “You mean, you want me to fuck you right here in the open? In broad daylight?”

“Yesssssss,” she whimpered, moving her hips back, pressing hd porno her ass against my crotch.

I reached under her and cupped her breasts in my hands, teasing her hard nipples. “You mean, you’re so horny because you’re totally naked out here in the daytime that you want me to slip my hard cock into your pussy?” I teased her.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” she moaned softly. “Please do it to me.”

I reached down and pulled my cock from my shorts and pushed against her ass. She immediately arched her back and stood on her tiptoes to allow me easy access. I moved my cock forward until I touched her pussy. She was so hot and wet. I pushed forward and slipped all the way inside her. No preliminaries here. She was in heat and needed to be fucked. I began thrusting hard into her.

She moaned with each forward thrust, our bodies pushing against the truck.

“Reach down and finger yourself, “I whispered roughly as I continued pounding.

She pulled one hand off of the hood and lowered it until I felt her fingers where our bodies were joined. She began rapidly rubbing her finger against her clit.

Like wild animals we fucked that way for another minute or two until she came, shuddering and moaning as the orgasm rippled through her body. When I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, I quickly thrust in and out rapidly before pulling out. I roughly pulled her around and onto her knees in front of me. She looked up at me with heavy lidded eyes as I pumped my cock until I came all over her chest and neck, my cum dribbling down across her breasts to her belly.

When we caught our breath, I used the paper towels from my bag to wipe away the cum from her body. When I put the towels back into my bag, I saw the handcuffs which gave me an idea.

I had her stand up and hold her wrists out in front of her. I clamped the handcuffs on her and then tied a rope to the handcuffs. I then turned and began walking down the trail into the woods. Like the prisoner that she now was, she followed along behind me, naked, her body shining in the sunlight coming through the trees.

We didn’t need to go too far into the woods as I had already prepared a spot. When we stopped in front of the oak tree, it became obvious to her that this is where I was going to tie her to the tree. She glanced around the area, looking for signs that she could be seen.

“Oh, don’t worry about being seen. It’s way too late for that.” I told her as I guided her to the tree. “If anyone happens to come walking along the trail, they’re going to see your nude body. Maybe they’ll even take advantage of the situation.”

At that point she began to have some doubts, but I lifted her handcuffed hands up until they attached to a hook I had screwed into the tree earlier in the week. I then took the rope and started winding it around the tree and her body. I wound it tight, careful to leave her nipples exposed, but wrapping it to fully put her breasts on display. I left her hips free, but I attached some rope around her ankles, leaving room for her legs to be spread.

I stepped back and admired my work. “Wow,” I told her,” that’s fucking hot.”

“Touch me,” she whimpered. “do whatever you want to me.”

I reached forward and twisted her nipples gently. She let out a soft moan. I dipped my fingers down to feel her pussy and she opened her legs as wide as she could. I couldn’t believe how wet she was, and when my finger rubbed across her clit, she trembled and moaned out loud.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, “what are you going to do to me?”

“Well,” I said, “first of all, I’m going to do whatever the hell I want to. You’re completely naked and tied to a tree. What could you do to stop me?”

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned softly. This was really turning her on.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of spring loaded clothes pins. I held them up for her to see and got another moan from her. It was as if the sight of the clothes pins had an immediate affect on her. Her nipples seemed to swell right in front of me.

I’m japon porno no masochist. I had loosened the tightness of the pins earlier in the week when I was gathering my supplies. She didn’t know that though. I took the clothes pins and teased her nipples with them. I stroked them, bumped them, and finally leaned forward and took each one in my mouth and sucked hard. As I released her sweet nipples from my lips, I placed a clothes pin on them.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she muttered, “Oh wow!”

I reached back into my bag and pulled out a long bandana. I wrapped it around itself and then placed it behind her head and tied it around her eyes. Now she was blindfolded, naked, tied to a tree with rope and handcuffs, and had clothes pins on her nipples.

I whispered, “You should see what you look like right now.”

She whimpered, “Fuck me?”

“Nope,” I replied, but I did reach down and finger her clit again, stopping just before she came.

“Unnnh,” she whined, “don’t stop.”

I laughed cruelly, and then added the final touch to the scene. I pulled out another bandana and wrapped it tightly around her head and mouth, gagging her.

I then leaned forward and whispered again, “You’re totally helpless. You’re blindfolded, naked, and tied to a tree with rope and handcuffs. You’ve got a gag in your mouth and clothes pins on your nipples. Is this your fantasy? Is this what you wanted?”

“MMmmhmmmm,” she said through the gag and nodding her head.

I reached down and fingered her rapidly. She was so hot and wet; it was like nothing I’d ever touched before. She came hard, her whole body shaking and pounding against the tree.

I quickly pulled the clothes pins from her nipples. The rush of blood back into them only heightened the feelings in them.

As she was still shuddering through her orgasm, I whispered, “I’ll be back in about thirty minutes.”

I quickly walked away, leaving her there all alone and tied to the tree.

The next part of the little scenario I had planned out earlier. I walked to my truck, slammed the door and really gunned the engine. She clearly would hear this, and know that I was leaving. I drove off down the road. I knew from experience from being dropped off at this place while hunting that you can’t hear the vehicles for long. I drove about a hundred yards and then turned off the engine.

I quietly got out of the truck and pulled my hunting bag from the woods where I had hidden it. I had chosen some of the earthiest smelling clothing I owned. I wanted to completely mask my scent from her. I knew that the clothes I picked should do the trick. I quickly pulled them on and started back down the trail through the woods.

As I got closer, I made my steps louder, stepping on branches and crushing pinecones. When I got back to where she was, my cock went rigid. How erotic it was to find a woman like that in the middle of the woods.

I could see her turn her head towards the sounds I was making. I pretended to see her for the first time, so I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared at her for a minute. Then, I slowly walked forward.

She had no idea what was going on. She couldn’t see me but she was still turned on. I could see her nipples standing firm and erect.

I stepped forward. Now she could smell me.

She stiffened. Unsure of herself now, she froze in place, as if it would make her invisible.

I reached forward and pinched her nipples.

She didn’t make a sound.

I reached down and touched her pussy. She clamped her legs shut tight, but I roughly forced them open. She was still wet. I fingered her clit, causing her to jump.

“Heh, heh,” I laughed in a deep, rasping voice.

It seemed to work. She had no idea who this man was in front of her. I’m sure the smell of the hunting clothes helped to mask my scent.

I continued fingering her. She had been so aroused before that her body again betrayed her. She came again, moaning through the gag, and her body pressing against the ropes.

I lezbiyen porno pulled out my cock, lifted her legs by the thighs and slammed into her pussy. I pounded into her like a mad man. I was wearing a camo face mask and I pushed it up against her face as I fucked her.

Her body responded in ways I’d never known her to before. She couldn’t wrap her arms and legs around me, so she did what she could do in the situations she was in. She humped up against me with all her might, meeting my thrusts with violent thrusts of her own.

I gave one final hard, deep, thrust and came. My cum jetted deep inside of her. At the feel of this, she came on her own, moaning loud enough to wake the dead. Thankfully, the gag helped to muffle her loud moans. I quickly pulled out of her and stepped back. I stared at her as her legs fell weakly to the ground, her feet scrambling to support her. I watched her as repetitive tremors rippled through her entire body. She was breathing heavily through her nose and her belly was rising up and down.

I pinched her nipples, causing another deep moan, and roughly ran my hand between her legs, rubbing against her sensitive clitoris. I muttered another deep laugh, and walked away.

I walked off down the trail the way I had come, making lots of noise as I departed. When I was far enough away, I quickly but quietly ran back to my truck. I stripped down bare and had a quick field bath, using baby-wipe type cleansing cloths. I put my deodorant back on, using a bit more than normal, and then put my clothes back on.

I drove back to where she was tied to the tree.

I walked down the trail and as I got closer, I said, “Hey, it’s me. I’m back.”

Again, I was mesmerized by the erotic sight in front of me as she came into view. She had been limply standing against the tree, but she perked up when she heard my voice. I walked up to her and nuzzled her neck.

I whispered, “You look so fucking hot like this. Are you ready to be fucked now?”

“Mmnnhhh,” was all I could make out through the gag, but I could tell she was questioning me as if to say, “again?”

I lowered my pants, hoping and praying that I would get hard again. I had a semi-hard cock, but it would have to do the job.

Having just cum a few minutes earlier, I was able to take my time now. I lifted her thighs and spread them wide and slipped my cock into her.

“Wow,” I whispered, “you’re really wet.”

I slowly fucked her until I felt that old feeling come again.

“I’m about to cum inside of you,” I moaned.

She moaned back and I rapidly pushed in and out of her.

I came again, with obvious less force than earlier. While I was still inside of her, I fingered her clit until she came. She also, came with less force than earlier.

When my cock slipped out of her, I stepped back and zipped up. I then began the process of untying her from the tree.

When she was finally free, she took a few steps forward and hugged me. She was breathing in fresh air and holding me for support. Her arms had grown numb from being above her head.

I picked her up and carried her to the truck. She curled up in the seat of my truck and I wrapped a quilt from the backseat around her.

After gathering up all of my supplies, I climbed back into the truck. She scooted over next to me and quietly said, “Thank you.”

I held her for a few moments and then I drove back to where I had tossed her clothes.

She was worn out, physically, mentally, and need I say, sexually exhausted. I helped her get dressed.

She fell asleep on the drive home. I helped her out of the truck and guided her to her bedroom. I wrapped her in her comforter and told her I’d be back with dinner. I kissed her forehead and walked to the door.

Just as I was leaving the room, she said, “Hey, I know it was you. You went above and beyond the call of duty for me though. I appreciate it.”

“Of course it was me.” I replied. “I told you it was me when I walked up and you knew it was me when I took off the blindfold.”

“Yeah, I know that….I mean, No….not then….but….how did?” she stammered sleepily.

“I’m not sure of what you’re talking about, but I’ll be back soon with dinner,” I said and went out the door leaving her alone to ponder the day’s events.

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