Team Building Exercise


It was nothing that couldn’t be innocently dismissed. Leaning in a little too close for a little too long. Your eyes always finding mine from across a room. Even the brush of your breast across my arm as you reached past me for a coffee cup. Never anything that I couldn’t explain as overactive imagination. Until now.

Bent low beside me at my desk, peering at the numbers on my screen, I feel your hand settle onto my thigh like a thunderbolt. I realize how close your face is to mine just as we turn together. The kiss is tentative, our eyes open and alert for hesitation. Your lips feel soft against mine and the faint, warm cinnamon of your breath fills my nose. I stand up and we both glance at the open office door. “Where?” you whisper.

Without a word I step to my door, close it gently, and twist the lock. Instantly my arms are full of you and I feel the heat of your body pressed against mine. This kiss is hungry, urgent, and our tongues find each other quickly. My hands slide down your back to rest on your hips and I pull you tighter against me. You moan softly and begin to unbutton my shirt. My hands move over and then under your ass and I squeeze firmly before starting to lift your skirt up. I feel your lips spread into a smile and you whisper “I’ve got a surprise for you” just as my fingers find silky-smooth skin instead of cotton. I cup your naked ass eagerly and growl in my throat.

Your hand slides into my now-open shirt, across my chest, and down my stomach before coming to rest over my swelling cock. You squeeze playfully and the fullness in your hand prompts a delighted grunt of approval. Still cupping your ass, I lift you onto your toes and slide my other hand lower, tracing your round cheek down mobil porno to your inner thigh. The slick wetness that greets my fingers causes my breath to go ragged – you’re already so wet for me! Curling my fingers upward I touch your soft, wet lips and slip between them. As I press my fingers deeper you bite your lip and lower your head to my shoulder with a moan. Your hands are at my belt, pulling frantically as I guide you backwards towards my desk. Lifting you slightly I perch you on the edge, skirt bunched around your waist, and you spread your legs around me. I lean down and take the top button of your blouse between my lips, teasing it open with my teeth. Moving down to the next one I feel your breasts on each side of my face as your hands stroke my back. Button by button I drop lower, until your blouse falls open and you lean back with a sigh as I kiss your stomach.

Gripping your legs under your knees I lift them up and apart and you give a startled squeak. I lower my mouth to your pussy and the heady musk of your excitement fills my nose and sets my blood racing. My tongue plunges deep into you and scoops upward through your juices as your breath shudders as your hands grab my head. I pull my tongue out and slide it lower before spreading out and licking slowly upward over your lips, pulling back just shy of your swollen clit. You push my head down and I ignore the hint, giving you another long, languid lick. With one hand still on the back of my head you lift the other and begin squeezing your breast through your bra, lifting your hips to my mouth with each stroke of my tongue.

I pull my face back slightly to admire your cunt. Your lips are swollen open and I can see your wetness pooling between alman porno them. Your clit is full and proud, aching to be touched. Every fold and swell is slick with your juices. Lowering myself again I turn my head and surround your clit and labia with my lips, sucking them gently into my mouth. You gasp and thrust your hips hard against me, pushing your crotch against my face. I suck harder and slide my tongue over your clit as your pussy rhythmically fucks my mouth. Your hands are both back on my head, pressing my face down hard between your spread legs. I feel you soaking my chin as my tongue moves faster over your ripe clit. Suddenly your body clenches hard and you groan, shuddering, as you cum against my mouth. Over and over you spasm as the waves crash through you, until gradually you relax and I pull my mouth away, wiping my face gingerly on your shaking thighs.

Grinning, I stand up. You lay stunned before me, beautifully disarrayed, as I undo my pants and finally free my straining cock. You smile up at me weakly as I position myself between your legs and, grasping my swollen shaft, I gently rub the head of my cock up and down your slit, coating it with your wetness. You open your legs wider and lean up to grab my hips with your hands, trying to pull me into you. I resist for a moment, teasingly, before my need for you breaks through my control. Pushing forward I watch your lips spread wide around the head of my cock as I slowly press into you. “Yesssss” you hiss as you take me into you, my shaft sinking deeper and deeper. I feel my balls push up against your ass as I finally reach bottom, filling you completely. I pause, marvelling at the sensation of your warm tightness gripping alexis texas porno my throbbing cock, before I pull back again and begin to fuck you.

Grabbing your legs, I pull them up onto my shoulders and lean forward, tilting your hips up to take me deeper as I thrust into you over and over. My balls slap against your ass as our rhythm picks up, and your pussy makes wet, slippery noises around my plunging cock. You reach your hand down between us and slide your fingers down either side of my cock feeling my slick shaft, right where we meet, sliding in and out of you. I grab your hand and lift your wet fingers to my mouth to suck your juices off of them.

I’m fucking you hard and fast now, slamming my hips into you. I can feel you squeezing me, milking me with your cunt. I feel my balls tighten and I know I’m close. You can see it in my face and I hear your hushed, insistent voice “Do it, cum inside me!” In an instant I’m over the edge, my body is shaking and I feel my cock pump the first hard spurt deep inside you. Over and over my body spasms as each thick rope of cum splashes into you. After what seems like ages my balls are empty and I feel my body finally relax. You wrap your arms and legs around me and pull me down to you, feeling my heart thumping through my chest against yours.

As our breathing slows and I feel my cock begin to soften I lift my head and kiss you deeply. Gradually we both become aware of the muted office noises still going on outside the door and you tap my arm and give a nod. I lift myself up and my cock slips free of your pussy, followed by a trickle of cum that slides down your ass onto my desk. You frown, looking around the room, and I grab the tail of my shirt to help clean up. Eventually, clothes adjusted, hair smoothed, we’re presentable. You give me a hard,

fast kiss and squeeze my ass with one hand before opening the door.

“Good meeting!” you say over your shoulder, flashing me a brilliant smile as you walk away.

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