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Teeny Black Bikini

I’ve known Sarah for a number of years now. She’d gone a bit of a challenging start when she got pregnant at 17 but she and Robert decided to get married and make a go of it. Despite working two or three jobs at a time and raising a child, they both managed to make it into college. Robert pursued Business and now worked in the world of investing. Sarah followed her passion and became a teacher. Another child had followed, but they had planned that event and they had a little girl.

They moved into our neighborhood about 10 years ago and Sarah taught at the same school as my wife, Christine. Despite the fact that Sarah was many years younger, she and Christine became great friends and that extended to us spending social time with her and Robert. The girls enjoyed working on school projects together, outings to the spa, shopping, and a couple of vacation trips to Vegas. Robert and I were friendly but weren’t what I would consider friends.

Over the years, we watched Sarah transform from being a slightly unsure girl to a woman of focus and direction. She took night and summer classes to get her Master’s degree and was a real leader in the school. Now, at the age of 38, she was bright, a great mom, devoted teacher, and a beautiful person both inside and out. She stood about 5′ 6″ with long brunette hair and dark eyes.

This past spring, I relented to my wife’s pestering and contracted the installation of a pool and hot tub in the back yard. Christine wanted one for years but I just never felt like we could afford it or I just never got around to it. After it was installed, I couldn’t believe I waited all those years. It quickly became a real focal point for us and for hosting social events – something Christine loved to do. Sarah would often come over, and would bring her children, but Robert always seemed to have something else planned and only visited once or twice.

With the start of a new school year, Christine and Sarah immersed themselves in teaching. Sarah’s kids headed off to college. Our printing business ramped back up and as usual, life outside of work became a little quieter. It was a familiar pattern and one we found satisfying.

Labor Day was upon us in the blink of an eye. Our son, CJ, came from out of town to visit for the weekend and enjoy his mom’s cooking. He was dating a new girl these days, but she was not able to join us. There was a big project on the go at her accounting firm and she was putting in long hours as well as time on weekends. Christine loved having CJ visit. It was great to sit around the dinner table and enjoy family time. We talked about plans for Christmas and the holidays and a potential family ski trip to Colorado.

We planned on dinner at our house then desert with good friends of ours, Steve and Tina Miller. They were a couple we had known for many years and they wanted a chance to visit with CJ before he left. They were fond of CJ and treated him as one of their family. So, after the table was cleared, we jumped in the car for the short drive to Casa Miller.

I barely remember the crash. A drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into the passenger side of our car. CJ was been killed instantly but Christine lingered for a few days before she too, succumbed to her injuries. Thankfully, I suppose, she never regained consciousness. To lose them both was absolutely devastating.

I had suffered severe injuries as well. Family and friends helped out with final arrangements, settling the estate, and a variety of other tasks that needed to be dealt with. I started a physical rehab program hoping it would occupy my time and my mind, but I’m not sure it did either very well. I filed a wrongful death suit against the other driver hoping, I suppose, to claim a degree of revenge and ease my pain. In retrospect, I got the revenge I was looking for but the pain, the loss, was still with me.

As I’m sure many do, I tumbled into depression and self-pity. I stopped going to rehab. I did not go out. I did not encourage visitors. I watched a lot of TV, read a few books, and closed myself in. The financial settlement had left me in a comfortable position so I sold my printing business. I could not keep up with the physical or mental demands nor did I care to do so. Boredom eventually drove me out of the house. I did not venture very far, mind you. I would sit in the porch swing at the front of the house, watch the world go by, and think of better times.

I hadn’t seen Sarah for several months. She called the house a few times to check up on me but I always let it go to voice-mail. One evening, as had become part of my daily routine, I was sitting in the porch swing at the front of the house when Sarah strolled past the house, walking a Spaniel of some kind. She smiled, waved, and came over to talk. She told me it was altyazılı porno the neighbor’s dog and she was the designated walker. I laughed for the first time since… I could not recall.

We caught up on life for a few minutes and she told me she was glad to see me up and around. The dog got restless and she told me he was anxious to continue his walk but before she left she said she hoped she see me out doing more things.

After that, Sarah would pop by semi-regularly just to say hi and see if there was anything I needed in the way of help. It was very kind of her and it was the first positive interactions with anyone in months. A couple of times she invited me to walk with her around the neighborhood but I always declined.

Then she started running.

Evidently, a couple of the younger teachers at her school decided to enter two or three upcoming 10K runs and one of them made a comment about Sarah not being able to keep up. Sarah was competitive. Getting herself through college. Completing her Masters. Buying the house in the nice area of Bellaire. All of those fit into her drive to help provide a good life for her and her little family. All it had taken was for someone to say they didn’t think Sarah could do something and she set out to prove them wrong. So, Sarah was now a runner and she was determined to do it well.

For whatever reason, she decided that I would make a good running partner. When she first asked me to go with her, I basically laughed. I was at least 30 pounds overweight, poorly motivated, and enjoying my reclusive life. She begged, pleaded, and cajoled me into agreeing to at least try it for a couple of weeks. I figured “what the hell,” it wouldn’t kill me.

We started slowly – more for my sake than hers. Sarah would swing by after work, kick my butt to get going, and we would head out. We would walk a bit and run a bit. Sarah pushed and encouraged, goaded and teased. As the days passed, I started to gain more energy until I could keep up with her, for at least most of the way. For Sarah, she had gained a running partner. For me, I gained a trainer and a therapist. I started losing some weight, gained some energy, and started to take a renewed interest in life.

We talked about a lot of things as we ran. Family. Aspirations. Goals. Frustrations. It gave me some insight into the world of Sarah. On the outside, things seemed pretty successful, but her life at home was less and less satisfying. He kids were now away at school and Robert seemed to be working longer hours and showed less interest in spending time with Sarah. Our running time was an opportunity for her to vent, to be a little vulnerable, to distance herself from issues or problems, and just focus on enjoying the moment.

As summer approached and the days grew longer, Sarah started hanging around the house after our run. Many times we would grab a beer, sit on the patio by the pool and just talk. She told me I needed to get busy and clean up the pool and hot tub so she could go for a swim. After the accident, I ignored upkeep on the pool and it was definitely in need of some attention. I apologized for the lack of amenities at ‘The Resort’ and told her she would have to make do with things until management decided to improve the facilities. Sheepishly, after she brought it up, I decided to call a pool company and have them come get it ready to go.

The pool guys arrived bright and early Friday morning and the transformation was amazing! In a few hours, the pool house, the hot tub, and the pool were looking good, the water sparkling, and ready for action.

That evening, I met Sarah on the front sidewalk before we headed out for our run. I didn’t even hint at the fact that the pool was ready. I figured I would save that news as a surprise for her at day’s end. We took a path that included a number of hills and we were both pretty wrung out at the finish. We walked into the house, I grabbed us a couple of beers, and we headed for the back yard to unwind. When Sarah saw the pool, she just turned to me and with a wry smile said, “Well gee, it took you long enough, dumbass.” For some reason, I blushed. We sat and drank beer and dangled our feet in the hot tub and chatted about nothing. After Sarah left, I put on a suit, swam a few laps, and then relaxed in the hot tub for a while. It was the best I had felt, mentally and physically, for a long time.

We added Saturday runs to our routine. We could do more miles and not worry about work the next day. If we went late morning, we could spend more time relaxing by the pool. Swimming. Drinking frosty beverages. Or just doing not much of anything. I didn’t really think anything of it other than Sarah was a great friend to hang out with.

As summer progressed, some kind of change swept through Sarah’s life and we went through a period where she became less talkative. I was not sure if she had troubles at work or at home, but I didn’t want to push the issue. I figured that if she wanted my opinion, she would zenci porno ask. She never revealed what unsettled her but I was relieved when her mood lifted, and her light-hearted attitude returned. She became more free spirited and playful. My friend was back. Whatever was on her mind, she seemed to have resolved the issue and was moving ahead with renewed vigor.

Sometimes men can be slow on the uptake about things. I was no exception. It took me a while to notice, but the running toned Sarah’s body. She was fit and lean and she was taking efforts to show off her new style. Instead of the baggy shirts and gym shorts she had started with, she would show up in sleek, form-fitting running outfits. She brought swim suits to the house and at first, they were reasonably conservative – the ones that don’t embarrass the wearer or any observers. However, I guess I started paying attention when she began popping out of the pool house in cute and revealing bikinis.

Her conversations also took a turn towards the more risqué and flirty to go along with the swimwear. It seemed like she was searching for topics that were racy or scandalous and she tried her best to embarrass me. For example, the topic came up of a recent news story where a high school English teacher was charged with seducing one of her students. Sarah coyly asked me if that wasn’t most boys’ dream. Without really thinking, I winked at her and said, “Well, if they were as hot as you, definitely.” She smiled and casually said, “Well, if they were as handsome as you, they might just get their wish.”

The next day, Saturday, she arrived for our late-morning run as usual. We took one of the easier running trails and caught up on news, work, scandals, and trivia. When we got back to the house, I grabbed some snacks, a couple of drinks, threw on a swimsuit, and headed for the pool area. Sarah disappeared into the pool house to change. When she stepped out into view, my mouth dropped open. Her swimsuit was one of those men dream about. It seemed to consist only of three small triangles of liquid black body paint. I just stared as she made her way to one of the chaise lounges, dropped a towel and bag beside it, and seated herself.

With a coquettish tone, she turned her head toward me and said, “Oh, Pool Boy, could you fetch me a drink?”

I’m not sure exactly how long I stood there open mouthed, but I snapped out of my reverie when she repeated her request. “Hey, Pool Boy, I asked you if you could fetch me a drink.”

I decided to play along and assumed my best Pool Boy persona. I grinned and said, “Yes, Ma’am. Right away, Ma’am.”

I believe she was pretty satisfied with the reaction she had elicited from me, but part of me wanted to go smack her on the ass for being such a tease. I shuffled my way to her lounger and put the snacks and drinks on the small table beside her.

“Will there be anything else, Ma’am?” I inquired?

I swear she giggled before she languidly waved me away and said, “No, if I need anything, I’ll let you know.”

The sight of her tight body in that tiny bikini put me into a state of arousal. I decided to jump in the pool and swim a few laps to cool down. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be wandering around the deck or sitting in a chair with the front of my swim trunks bulged out like a horny schoolboy. My dick was starting to calm down when Sarah called, “Oh, Pool Boy. Could you give me a hand, please?”

I made my way up the pool stairs, sidled over to Sarah’s lounger, and asked, “Yes, Ma’am, what can I do for you?”

She was now lying face down on the lounger. The strings holding the top of her bikini were undone. As I came up beside her, she simply pointed to a bottle of sunscreen on the table beside her and said, “Well, the sun is awfully hot today and I don’t want to burn, so I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to spread some sunscreen on me.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the moment. Here was my running buddy asking me for what was kind of an intimate favor. Maybe all she was doing was asking me to put some lotion on her, but in the outfit she was wearing, there was a lot of exposed area that would need lotion. Part of me was like “hell, yeah!” but part of me was unsure of how to proceed. It seemed we were about to change the dynamics of our relationship and I was somewhat caught off guard. I definitely wanted some clarification before I made any wildly incorrect assumptions or missteps.

“Well, Ma’am” I said trying not to sound flustered, “we do try to honor all client requests here at The Resort. And I’m certainly capable, but … uh, I think I need a little more information under the current circumstances. Could you help me understand the context here? …The rules of engagement?” Breaking character I said “Sarah, I’m not sure it would be altogether proper for me to sit and rub lotion on you. Are you sure you want me doing this?”

She rolled over and sat up – holding her little bikini top in place with one arm. With aldatma porno her other hand, she removed her sunglasses and stared intently into my eyes.

“Jake, I have come to some realizations. I like my professional life. I love and am proud of my children. Robert and I are together but not really together. His interests are more focused on his job and his buddies at work. That’s what seems to drive him and maybe satisfy him. He told me a few weeks ago he has asked for an international assignment. He believes it will be good for his career. He told me I don’t need to quit my job. That I should stay here. That he’ll be gone for three months at a time and it won’t be that big of a deal.”

“We talked. I tried to tell him that I needed him. That there was more I want to do – that we could do together, but he is not interested. He hasn’t touched me in months and that’s not likely to change. I struggled with a lot of personal questions and their implied consequences and I am convinced there is more to my life than just work and sitting alone in an empty home while my husband works his life away.”

“I believe people deserve to be happy. I want to do things. I want to try things that I haven’t tried before. I want to take a few risks because I can, now. I have reconciled my moral position and I am comfortable in my own skin. I feel confident. I feel balanced. I feel healthy. I love my renewed body.”

And then she paused and bit her bottom lip for a moment. Her eyes dropped away.

“I want to do and try things with this body, Jake. And very frankly, I would like to do them with you.”

And then she rejoined my gaze.

“You have been a perfect gentleman for many months. You are respectful and supportive and fun and understanding and I don’t know whether I want to thank you or scream at you. Since I reached my ‘moment of enlightenment’, I’ve been trying to flirt with you. Obviously I’m not the greatest seductress but I’ve been trying to get you talking about intimate things. You, damn you, have been my polite and well-mannered friend.”

“Today, for the first time, I think I got your attention with this outfit. I have been lying here feeling exposed and alive and thinking dirty thoughts and squirming and wondering what I would have to do to get you engaged.”

“So, Jake, yes. I am sure I want you to do this. I want to feel your hands on me. I have wanted you to do this for a while now. If this bikini didn’t do it, I was just going to assume you were gay and it was never going to happen. Is that clear enough for you, Jake?”

At that she dropped her arm and exposed her breasts to me. They were, quite simply, gorgeous. She had small, light-brown areolas and beautiful stiff nipples. She sat like that for a moment and let me stare. Then she rolled over to lie back down.

“Your move, Pool Boy.” was all she added.

“I… uh… lotion… right…” I stammered. She was all but laughing at me knowing the hopeless position she’d put me in.

I think you could have knocked me over with a feather at that point and my mind raced to catch up to the moment. This was the kind of situation young boys dream about. But it was not the kind of situation I ever expected to be part of. After Christine died, I was not in the habit of sitting and thinking about other women. But I was sure thinking about one now, a point to which the hardness in my swim trunks would attest!

It didn’t take long for me to consider and reconcile my philosophical position. As a proud member of The Resort staff, it was my duty to serve the clientele – or at least that is what I was going to write in my memoirs!

Back in character, I collected myself, picked up the bottle of lotion, and said, “Ma’am, it would give me great pleasure to accommodate your request.”

I squirted some of the lotion into the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together, and decided to start with her shoulders and back. He skin was smooth and warm as my hands glided back and forth. I worked down the middle of her back to her bikini bottom and then up her sides. I felt her tense as my fingers slid slowly along the outside of her boobs and I worked those curves a little longer, enjoying her reaction.

Now it was time to pay attention to her lovely legs. I got more lotion and applied it to her calves and ankles. Her legs, like the rest of her, were sleek and firm. In a not-so-subtle gesture, I raised her right foot from the lounger and brought it to my mouth. Gently, I kissed her from the heel and across the instep. Then I slid my tongue between her first two toes and gave a few playful licks, simulating what was to come.

Sarah groaned a little and squirmed.

“God, Jake, you are making me crazy here.”

I smiled a wry smile and told her she better strap in because there was more where that came from.

I lay her foot back down and grabbed some more lotion. I started above her calves and worked my way up her legs to her gorgeous ass. I massaged the sunscreen into each cheek and then moved my hands between her thighs. She spread her legs to give me easier access. I teased around her bikini bottom and let my hands brush lightly against her pussy. She groaned again. I could see her ass muscles clench and release and her hips began a rhythmic motion.

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