Texan’s Scottish Lover Ch. 01


The blonde businesswoman dressed and acted professionally at all times. Today she had on a navy blue suit with matching short skirt. Her long blond hair was tied back in a ponytail and she was driving to her next appointment, business files neatly arranged on the back seat of the car. The only thing out of place in this picture was the tall, broad Scotsman beside her in the car who had made her raise her hips and was now busy pulling down her thong. He let her slow down in the car so he could reach across and retrieve her thong, now soaked with her juices.

‘I can’t believe I just did that’ she exclaimed, ‘I never behave like this, like some common slut’

Her companion fixed her in his gaze, his green blue eyes captivating her, ‘Well, milady, it’s high time you did. You might be married to some mean son of a bitch who’d rather play cards and drink than make you scream with pleasure but that doesn’t mean you have to act prim and proper around me. That’s why I just did what I did with your thong. No you’re not getting it back and yes you will remove your underwear before you meet me from now on.’

She trembled with excitement and she felt her juices leaking from inside her, coating her inner thighs. They were visiting Corpus Christi today; they were going to swim, eat and fuck like bunnies. Her lover had made love to her for the first time yesterday and she was still weak at the knees at the memory of the sight of his cock.

She had arranged to meet him at his hotel at 1 pm. As she was travelling up in the elevator a guy with a big bunch of fresh flowers asked her the time. She told him it was five to one. He was glad because he was meeting someone special and he hated being late. He had chatted with her for a couple of minutes and his voice had a distinctive accent but she couldn’t quite place it. They had got off at the same floor and walked in the same direction. She got to the room and took a deep breath. The guy had also stopped and was smiling at her.

‘Can I help you?’ she asked.

‘Of course you can Jenny. You can take these flowers and let me get my room key.’

She looked at him puzzled, wondering how he knew her name. She wasn’t wearing a name tag similar to the one she wore to the business seminars she gave.

Then she recognized the accent; it was well spoken Scottish and this was the man she had been emailing for years, the man who had come to see her, to allow her a brief window of pure happiness away from that shit she had married.

‘Aye blossom, it’s me.’ He smiled, ‘Now get that pretty arse of yours in here before you look any more confused’.

She had entered the room, sex izle giving him the flowers to put in the bathroom. She had stood there awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say or do next. He had come out and moved straight towards her and hugged her. She could feel his strength and his heat. He put one hand behind her head and brought her mouth to his and kissed her. She felt giddy and as she felt his tongue part her lips, she left her other life behind her and let him kiss her the way he had always promised to. He kissed her open-mouthed, his tongue twisting with hers, sucking at her upper lip then nibbling along her lower lip. Finally she came up for air.

He took her jacket off her and as she said, ‘Oh Eagle’, he grabbed her again and kissed her holding her firm in his grip. She looked into his eyes and could feel intense tingling shooting through her body. She could also feel the buttons of her blouse being undone and when she looked down she found him kissing all around her neck and throat.

‘Hmm, like this.’

Her lover carried on unbuttoning and kissing, exposing her bra. He licked between her exposed breasts making her melt internally. She could feel juices flowing.

‘Oh dear God, I can’t last much longer with him doing this’ she thought.

He suddenly stopped and stepped back, looking straight into her eyes, ‘ Storky, I am your Master and you are here to do as I say. Go into the bathroom and strip naked. Come back in and I will pleasure you like the whore you so badly need to be’.

She quickly complied and when she came back out, he was sitting in a chair. He was very broad shouldered, with a little hair on his chest and between his legs was a shaven cock. She walked over to him and pirouetted.

‘You like me my Master? I want to please you. Please treat me as your whoreslut. Use me, fuck my mouth, use my cunt for your pleasure. Take me in any fashion you want because I need your enormous cock filling me. I want you to make me gag on your cock and swallow your come. Please my Master, use me.’

‘Very well, kneel like the whore you are and take my cock in your mouth’ he ordered.

She knelt in front of him and gasped at the size of his engorged cock. ‘All that for me’ she thought as she kissed and licked the length of his cock. She circled her tongue around the tip of his cock and started to take it slowly into her mouth. She could hear the small sounds of pleasure coming from him as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. The more she used his tongue on him the more he moaned. When she slid his foreskin back and swallowed the entire head of his cock, he took her by the alt yazılı porno back of her head and forced her head up and down his cock until she understood the movement she was to make. She was instantly rewarded with more moans from him and she set about pleasing him. She looked up at him as she sucked his cock, delighted with the look of pleasure he was giving her.

He put one of her hands around his balls and told her to start squeeze gently and showed her how to use her other hand on him. He started to pull her mouth down deeper on his cock and told her to breathe through her nose as his cock filled her mouth. He started to force his cock down her throat and she suddenly discovered she loved this. She could feel his body trembling and knew he was about to come. She jerked her hand faster and felt his cock inch deeper down her throat when a torrent of sweetish juice shot down her throat. One, two, three spurts and she obeyed his command to swallow it as he withdrew his cock from his mouth. He ran the tip of his cock along her lips and her cheeks leaving a minute residue of juice.

He pulled her to her feet, kissed her and lifted her into his arms and walking over to the bed. The next three hours were a blur to her, even now. He had kissed her breasts gently, making her nipples tingle with anticipation so when he sucked them into his mouth, softly at first, then hard, soft again before moving down between her legs. He ran his tongue straight between her lips, making her shiver. He pressed his tongue forward and she could feel herself opening herself to him, giving herself to him completely. Her body raised off the bed when his tongue actually entered her and when she felt his tongue lapping up her juices she nearly took off. As his tongue moved deeper he used his tongue in an in and out movement before sucking her clit into his mouth. As he sucked on her clit she could feel her orgasm approaching and she was aware of her inner thighs slick with love juice. All the while his warm hands were running along her legs from her feet to her cunt, before reaching up and gently rubbing her nipples and breasts in a circular motion. She could feel herself build and build as his tongue movements got faster and faster when she screamed with pleasure. Her body was wrung out by an enormous force and she flopped out. He wasn’t prepared to let it go at that His tongue returned to her clit and moving up and down her lips and she quickly felt orgasm build again and seconds later she squealed.

She lay gasping as he moved between her legs and without warning lifted her legs in his hands and slid deeply into altyazılı sex izle her.

‘Oh darling, you’re enormous’ she cried out.

Her lover moved deeper into her reaching down to kiss her hardened pink nipples as he moved back and forth inside her. She was completely lost in the rapture as he took her breath away. First he would kiss her open-mouthed, then kiss her nipples then reach under with both of his hands around her ass, feeling all the juices between her cheeks and pulling him closer to her before starting all over again.

She thought she wouldn’t feel better until he changed position which made his cock rub against her clit with every penetrating stroke, sending a large tingle through her each time. She could feel the start of a big orgasm coming and she started to gasp for breath but her lover’s green eyes never wavered for a second as he steadily continued to enjoy her pleasure. He could see it in her eyes that she had never been treated like this. He reached under her and using a finger to collect her juices between her cheeks, slid a finger gently but insistently into her anus. Her eyes widened but he had done nothing but pleasure her so she let him carry on. Soon she could feel his finger and cock moving together in and out of her and this sent her over the edge because he suddenly quickened his pace and began to ram his cock into her. The quick short movements against her clit had the desired effect and as she screamed he kissed her ferociously looking into her eyes as her body shook within his gasp.

As the tremors subsided and he let her loose, she cried uncontrollably. He knew she was crying with joy and it was part of her body’s reaction to dealing with multiple orgasms. He went to the bathroom and returned with a damp facecloth and gently wiped her face before wiping her between her legs, very slowly and gently. He lay with her in the crook of his arms gently kissing her face and let her fall asleep. She had slept very contentedly, snoring, which amused him greatly.

He left her for thirty minutes while he read a novel. Then he started to kiss her back and neck, feeling her respond. He reached down to gently stroke her clit and felt her wetness. She woke up and he pulled her onto her hands and knees and proceeded to fuck her brains out. When she had had four orgasms, he pulled his cock from her and made her suck him until he exploded into her mouth. After that she had had to sleep for three hours and ended up returning home late for the shit and his buddies’ card game. All the fucking Neanderthal cared about was goddamn poker.

She smiled when she thought of her day trip to Corpus Christi.

She turned and smiled as he photographed her smiling in the sunlight. They were thirty minutes away from the lake and, she hoped, slipping his cock out of his swim shorts while nobody else suspected and riding the monster.

To be continued…

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