That’s My Good Girl


I walked in the door, I felt so excited to see him, my heart raced so hard I thought it might beat straight out of my chest as I stood in his foyer and took off my shoes. I tried to slow my breathing down with a few deep breaths before I stepped around the entrance corner, I knew he would be sitting on the couch waiting for me – naked.

I couldn’t hide the smile on my face as I bit my lower lip, our eyes locked on each other, his face burst into light as he smiled back…

“Mmm, come here you! I missed you!” He said, as he looked up at me from the couch with his arms raised in the air.

I lift my skirt a little bit as I straddled his naked lap and wrapped my arms around his neck, his arms wrapped tight around my waist, his head pressed between my breasts as he took a deep breath and squeezed my body tight.

“Did you really?” I asked, as I kissed his forehead.

His grip loosened as he looked up at me and I settled down onto his lap, he grabbed my face with both hands and kissed my lips hard and deep.

I’m sure minutes passed before he said, “Never doubt it.”

His hands moved under my shirt, my bra quickly came undone, his hungered grip on my breasts took my breath away as his warm mouth assaulted each of my nipples with licks that turned into sucks, and sucks that became bites. I took my shirt off and slipped my bra off and threw them both on the floor next to the couch before my fingers roamed each and every inch of his back, neck and head; my lips kissed every inch of his head as he continued to devour my breasts, his mouth felt so good that my hips instinctively started to roll in his lap, the head of his cock pressed hard against my already moistened panties.

Suddenly, he grabbed sikiş izle my ass and waist, picked me up and put me on my back on the couch, he knelt on the floor in front of me. His hands wasted no time as he pushed my skirt up to my hips grabbed my beige lace panties and pulled them off, tossing them aside. The look in his eyes as they locked with mine were of pure love and lust as he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. One hand clawed at my breast as the other parted my hot, wet slit. He pushed two fingers easily inside of me and began to softly and slowly rub the upper side of my velvet cave.

“Geez, well I guess I don’t have to ask if you missed me, you naughty girl.”

“You know I always do.” I said between broken breaths.

His lips found the innermost parts of my thighs, he left a kiss on each place they found before his hot breath hovered over my clit. He pressed his mouth against my already twitching pussy, a very loud gasp escaped my lips as he held one of my legs out of the way and started to part my lips with his tongue. His fingers prodding my insides faster now coaxing my wetness out as he pulled his fingers out and spread my slick juices around my pussy lips. I stared down at his face as he looked up at me with a huge grin…

“Such a good girl, aren’t you?” He asked, before his mouth clasped against my swollen clit.

“Yes, you know perfectly well I will always be your good girl.” I said.

He kissed my thighs again as his fingers worked the inside of my pussy more, one hand now under my ass as he squeezed it tight. His tongue moved quickly around my clit, flicked hard and fast against it, as I moaned, my hands pulled his face into me harder, my hips began to brazzers flip and thrash. Both of his hands now held me down by my hips as I tried desperately to wiggle free, I knew any second I would break against his wonderful mouth. I could feel my orgasm as it welled up inside of me and began to wash over my vision and turned everything into a blurry haze.

“Oh my God, Oh Fuck Mark… Mmmmm… yyeess!” I cried out as my body trembled and quaked beneath him.

He spread my thighs wider apart as he lapped up all the wetness that had just poured out against his mouth. He released my legs and kissed up my chest until our mouths collided and hands fought to grab each other. I adjusted my position on the couch so we both could lay on it, his body on top of mine, our lips still connected as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. He used a thigh to push mine aside and rubbed his cock against my wet, swollen pussy. Each time the head of his cock passed over my clit I shook until he finally entered me.

His hips pressed hard against mine as he held himself deep inside. He looked down at me as his fingers ran through my hair.

“She never stops twitching, does she? Fuck you make it so hard to not cum.” He said in between pecks on my lips.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it, she wanted him badly.” I said as my hands grabbed his ass.

A few very slow, very deep thrusts later he stopped again.

“Fuck me Jules, I don’t know what you’re doing to me.” He said as his hands moved to my breasts.

I grabbed his face and kissed him passionately, I didn’t want the feeling to end, so I lost myself in his mouth. Groans and grunts poured from his mouth as he thrust faster between my thighs. fake taxi porno His thumb brushed over my nipple, only to be followed by his mouth. He wrapped his arms under my shoulders and his hands gripped them tight, his teeth bit into my neck softly as he kissed between there and my shoulder. I gripped his shoulders equally tight and nibbled his earlobe, I moaned softly between sucks and bites. Our bodies in sync, we crashed faster into one another, his breath got heavier as my grip on his fantastic cock got tighter.

“I am going to cum…Mark… Please don’t stop,” I cried out, “oh, oh, Fuuucck!”

“That’s it, Mmm, yes, that’s my good girl, Mmm, yes… Fuck!!” He said as he held my body tighter to him, his cock pumped deeper and deeper inside of me until my body stopped shaking under him.

He whispered in my ear, “In or out.”

I took his face in my hands and looked him in the eyes, “My mouth… Now.”

He pulled out of me, my juices leaked on the blanket that was under us as I sat up on the couch. He planted his feet on the floor in front of me, took my hair and pulled it away from my face as I took his cock to my lips, I grabbed his ass and pulled him into my throat. He pulled and pushed my head as he thrust his hips against my face. I moaned hard on his cock as I stared up at him, I knew he was ready to cum down my throat any second. His hips stopped pushing against my face and he held my head to him, his cock pulsed and throbbed hard as his hot load hit my throat. I pushed his hips back and began to stroke his cock with my mouth slowly as I swallowed him until I was sure he was completely spent.

He collapsed on the couch next to me, I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him. His heart pounded against my cheek, he kissed my forehead and sighed deeply.

“Damnit girl, I don’t know how she does this to me every time.” He said to me.

I laughed at him and said, “It’s because she missed you. A lot. Always!”

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