The Accident by the Stream


The sun burnt white against the clear blue sky. The sweat soaked her skin making her blouse cling to her shoulders and breasts. The path ran alongside a creek, here the stream widened into a pool. She looked down wishing she could have a swim. So lost in thoughts about jumping into the cool dark pool she failed to hear the horse approaching on the path. The rider’s greeting startled her from her repose, she stumbled, slipping on the grass and toppling into the water.

The rider leapt from his horse, “Can I help you out?” He was tall and tanned, a wild blonde beard, a look of concern in his grey-blue eyes.

She laughed, “I should be fine thanks,” ducking her head under the water to feel it’s refreshing coolness flowing over her again.

She watched his eyes. Saw them lingering on her as she ran her hands through her long wet hair. The normally brilliant red darkened to larva by the water.

He looked away aware he was staring.

“You should come in. This is a decent sized pool there’s room enough for two us.” She watched him, his eyes looking over the water, once again slowing down as they passed her.

He removed his dust covered boots before peeling off his shirt. porno The contours of his muscles clearly visible in the bright sunshine. Her eyes lingered upon him as he eased himself into the pool. She saw his grey eyes widen as he felt the cold rush of the stream against his skin.

She pulled herself through the water towards the him. “Nice isn’t it?”

His gulped a quick yes, her proximity making him uncomfortable. “Must be nice to feel only water on your skin” she said, reaching her arms up to loosen the cord on the back of her top. She pulled the sodden shirt up and over her shoulders and threw it to the bank. Her pert pale breasts rested just above the water.

They moved together through the water, sinking in deeper as they kissed. Their tongues dancing together as they explored each other’s lips.

She brought him back to the shallows, to near the large grey granite boulders that emerged from the pool. She felt his powerful hands on her hips as he lifted her onto a rock. She squirmed out of her wet pants as fast as she could. He loosened his belt and his pants fell to his ankles, his throbbing cock was visible just below the water line.

He approached her once again. anime porno Placing his hands upon her thighs, running his fingers along the inside of her legs. She gasped as he lowered his head and brushed his lips against the soft white flesh of her upper thighs. She felt a shiver of ecstasy course through her veins as he ran his tongue through her pubes.

He parted her lips and sent a wave of delight through her body as his tongue traced patterns on her softest flesh.

An ooh of joy escaped her lips as she felt his thumb press against her dripping vagina. His tongue flicked the nub of her clitoris driving her wild. The cold hard stone under her butt, the warm sun caressing her breasts and his hot tongue lighting her body on fire was soon too much, she gasped and cried out as her body spasmed.

He took her release as a cue. Raising himself out of the water he rolled her onto her front. The hard rock brushing against her nipples made her gasp once more. She felt the head of his glistening cock rubbing against her vulva. She cooed with delight. The coo turn to gasps once more as she felt the warm head of his erection pushing though into her opening. arap porno He held it there, rocking slightly backwards and forward, she felt her blood pulsing through her body. She reached back seeking his body, trying to pull him in further. “Fuck me,” the only words that would come to her lips.

He pushed into her. Waves of sensation emanating from her vagina, filling her entire being. Over and over again, deep strong deliberate thrusts setting her nervous system on fire. She worked a hand under her hips and massaged the nib of clit in sync with his thrusts. It was building, a quivering in her very soul. His hands squeezed her arse cheeks tighter and tighter, she could sense the tension building within him, his cock swelling inside of her.

She relinquished control. The orgasm shot through her body like a tsunami, she screamed “Yes!” as she felt his cock release its load deep inside of her.

He pulled her back into the water, they floated kissing and caressing each other till the sun reddened in the west.

They climbed out and pulled their clothes back on.

“Shall I meet you again?”

“We shall see, we shall see.” A long kiss farewell before he mounted his horse and rode off in the direction he had come from.

She looked down the path, it was too late to visit Josie now, she hitched up her still damp pants and walked back to her home wondering what she would tell her friend the next time they met.

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