The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 05


This story is a further instalment in the series written for a sexy lady who is the star. The stories are based on her fantasies, ideas/ experiences and friends. As this is a fictional world safesex is not always mentioned.

Debbie sat opposite the client who was looking through the details of the deal. He seemed to be happy with the offer her company were making at what was a very competitive price. She was sure he was going to agree the deal when his telephone rang. He lifted his eyes and grinned at Debbie before he reached across and picked up the handset.

“Hello.” He said. “Dad….I am in a meeting.” He looked at Debbie and shrugged and mouthed ‘sorry’ to her. He smiled and listened to his father without making a comment.

After a few moments he stopped the conversation. “I understand Dad trust me, I must go but don’t worry about it. I will pick up the medicine and see you tonight I promise.” He put the receiver down and sighed.

“Families, hey what are they like!” Debbie said smiling.

“Oh God yes. He is making me pay for my teens.” Her client replied laughing. “He has a heavy cold and has been on the telephone all the time. I guess he is on his own so focuses on his ‘woes’ and kind of forgets I have so much to deal with.”

“I know but parents spent so long looking after us we have a debt to pay.” Said Debbie.

The client laughed “Yes….. but do you want to know the funniest part?”


“He is a real photography freak and since he retired he goes to a camera club and they even have competitions. This week he was unwell and he couldn’t go and he was devastated. You see this week was the nude model and let’s just say the model was not male”

“That’s kind of sweet.”

“Really, I thought women may not think a man in his late sixties enjoying photographing topless or naked women as “sweet” I guess.”

“No I am sure it is all harmless.” Debbie replied smiling. “Anyway it would be hypocritical if I were to be offended in any way.”

“Hypocritical?” The client asked.

“Well, to be honest I have posed for pictures before.” Debbie said winking.

“Really, I would never have guessed. I mean you look sexy but….”

“It’s alright stop making it worse.” Debbie said laughing as the client tried to recover his composure.

“Well my dad would love you as he is a sucker for ladies with full chests and curves.”

Debbie looked across at her client and smiled at him. “Sorry to be boring but do we

have a deal? Or do I need to make and ‘improved offer’?”

The client grinned. “The deal is very good and to be honest I am all set to sign on the dotted line. I am intrigued as to how you would improve this offer so I will make YOU a deal; I sign the contract and you then tell me what the improvement would have been as I am guessing it is not really connected to the document before me.” With that the client signed the contract with a flourish and passed it back to Debbie.

Debbie took the document with a smile before shaking the client’s hand. As she placed the paperwork into her case she heard the client clearing his throat. She looked across at him.

“So what was on offer, or does it remain on the table so to speak.”

“I was going to ask if your father lives local?” Debbie asked.

“He does indeed.” He replied.

“I am offering my services as a model for him as he has missed out now. This has to remain between the three of us though I must insist upon that.”

The client raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

Debbie laughed. “Yes of course. What I suggest is sort something out with your father and if you can get us a private location for a couple of hours then I will happily meet him and be his model. When you have done that email me at work and we can finalise a time and date. That’s if your father wants to of course.”

“I am sure he will. I certainly email you if you are certain you want to do this for him.”

“Of course. I look forward rokettube to hearing from you.” Debbie said as she stood up and made her way out of the office.


Debbie was sat at her workstation typing up a report when a message popped up on her screen saying she had received an email. She checked the inbox and opened the email. The email was giving the details of her client’s father and the fact he was happy to take photographs of Debbie and he had suggested a day and time. He put within the email the address of a property he had been able to use for a couple of hours.

Debbie emailed her client back to confirm the date and time was agreeable to her she asked in her reply if his father would like her to dress in any particular way. Within a few moments the message popped up once more. Her client had replied

quickly stating his father had a thing for black lace underwear. Debbie replied simply she would see what she could do and she would see his father as arranged.


Debbie rang the doorbell of the address she had been given. She adjusted her skirt as she waited and then was surprised when the door was opened by the client who had arranged everything.

“Oh” Debbie said. “I was expecting your father!”

“It’s ok. He asked me to come to introduce you to him. I will leave you both in peace don’t worry. I will however admit I would love to see the photos.” He replied grinning.

They walked through the hallway into the living area of the house. Debbie noted an older man who looked to be aged in his late sixties.

“Dad, this is Debbie.” The son said.

His father stood up and walked over to Debbie and he took her hand in his.

“Thank you for this.”

“It is my pleasure.” Debbie said smiling as she saw the glint in his eye.

“I will leave you guys to it.” The son said and without a further word he left the house.

“By the way my name is Alan. I have to say my son said you were pretty but you are far prettier than the models we have at my camera club.” He said as he delved in amongst his camera equipment.

“Thank you. How do you want to take the pictures?” Debbie asked.

“Can I take some normal snaps and see how it goes. I find that makes them appear more real and natural.”

Debbie looked around the room and saw it was devoid of any personal effects and the bland paintwork and furnishings made it look like the typical set of an adult movie. This realisation made Debbie smile as she slipped into her role as Alan’s model. She walked over to the fireplace and placing her hand on the marble mantelpiece she checked her makeup in the large mirror. In the reflection she saw Alan was almost ready as he had his camera out and was turning to her.

“You are a natural model I see!” Alan said.

“Sorry.” Debbie answered.

“I was going to suggest some dressed shots and you have to take advantage of the mirror.”

Debbie had dressed smartly and was in a tight dark sweater with a black knee length skirt. Her stockings were black to match her underwear and shiny black leather heels finished off her attire. Alan took a few shots of Debbie facing him from the fireplace and a number of her looking into the glass with her face and features reflected back into the picture.

After a while Alan suggested Debbie sit down on the large sofa which was covered in soft red material.

Moving towards Debbie Alan asked “Mind if I move your clothing and body into poses?”

“Sure.” She replied.

He moved her round until she was reclining. He took shots from above and then lowered the camera lower and lower.

“Mind if the shots become more sexual?”

“Not at all.”

Alan moved her skirt a little higher until her stocking tops were showing. Then he had Debbie leaning up on her elbows. He parted her legs and then he was taking pictures up Debbie’s skirt. Without being asked Debbie removed her sweater so Alan could see her large ample breasts asyalı porno which are held with her black lace bra.

Looking at Alan she could see his face colour a little and he moved closer to her. He reached forward to flick her hair back and she felt his hand brush her left breast. Her nipple stiffened slightly under the material.

“Beautiful.” Alan whispered under his breath.

With a number of pictures taken Debbie broke the silence. “Shall I take my skirt off now?”

Alan nodded “Then stand by the mirror again.”

Debbie stood up and unzipped her skirt and stepped out of the material. She walked slowly to the mirror making sure her curves swayed provocatively. With a number of pictures taken Debbie faced away from Alan and she reached around to the fastening of her bra and undid the clasps. She eased the material away but hid her chest with her arms.

Once she knew Alan was taking photos she allowed her arms to move so he could see her 34DD tits in the reflection and she saw him pause slightly. She turned towards him and walked towards him as he continued taking pictures.

She got closer and she asked “Shall I take off my knickers now?”

“Please.” He replied.

Debbie moved the material down her legs and then stood naked except for her stockings, suspenders and shoes. She placed her hand on Alan’s shoulder and moved him back and then Alan sat down on the sofa. Debbie lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the arm of the sofa so her exposed shaven pussy was in front of the camera lens. Alan took more shots then Debbie realised he had lowered the camera but his free hand was moving up her inner thigh.

“Do you like me Alan?”

“Oh yes.” He whispered. By now his fingers were touching her labia. Debbie liked the feel of his fingers and she caressed his face with her hands. Then Alan stated to finger the entrance of her pussy which was very damp.

Silently Alan leant forward and started to kiss Debbie’s pussy and her outer lips. She gently held his head, which was almost bald, as he tenderly licked her pussy. Looking down Debbie could see her breasts moving back and forth as her breathing increased and each orb capped with a hard erect nipple. Alan’s head moved slowly and delicately below as she started to shake and an orgasm passed through her body and Debbie very gently eased Alan away from her as she lowered her leg.

“Thank you.” She said as she lowered her face to his and kissed him. She could taste her juice on his lips.

“No I should thank you. It has been so long. My wife has been gone for nearly ten years now” Alan said with a hint of sorrow in his voice.

Debbie placed her hand on his shoulder. “Have you not been with anyone since then?” She asked and he simply shook his head. Debbie knelt in front of Alan and she could see he was in a state of excitement.

Without a word Debbie unzipped his trousers and her hand moved into the material and she pulled his erect penis clear. His erection was about six inches and his exposed head looked a very deep colour and Debbie started to stroke the shaft of his penis. She leant forward and encased his penis in her mouth and sucked and licked the head of his circumcised penis.

Debbie could tell Alan was really enjoying the blow job and she released his cock from her mouth. She rubbed him before letting go of his cock and moving her body towards him. Cupping a breast in each of her hands Debbie encased Alan’s shaft with her ample tit flesh and slowly she jiggled her cleavage up and down on his shaft.

After providing him with some breast relief she recommenced applying her usual oral skills. After a few moments Alan tried to push her head forward and away. “I am going to cum.” He said and Debbie looked into his eyes and winked as she sucked harder and licked the underside of his penis. Alan closed his eyes and his hips bucked and his penis sprayed spurts of hot semen into Debbie’s waiting azeri porno mouth. As Debbie sucked and licked him she made sure all of the seminal fluid was removed from him and she released his penis from her mouth and put his penis back into his clothing.

“I am sorry.” Alan said.

“Why. I thought you enjoyed that?” Debbie replied.

“For how quick I was.”

“It was fine. No man takes very long and I think that is a compliment because it means I give good head.” Debbie replied.

“Thank you. My wife rarely did that and she never took my sperm in her mouth.”

Debbie smiled “That makes it even more special for me to give that to you then. Still want to take some pictures?” She asked.

“Yes.” Alan replied.


Eventually Debbie removed all the remaining clothing until she was totally nude and then Alan took more photographs. She took her titties in her hands and lifting her flesh she flicked her tongue over her nipples until they were solid and erect. Alan took lots of pictures as she teased her own areolas which ridged and pushed her nipples forward. Debbie opened her legs wide so Alan could see her shaved pussy which was glistening with Debbie’s juices. She reached down with her painted nails and she looked into the camera lens and brazenly masturbated her aroused clitoris.

They moved across the room and onto the open plan staircase. Debbie knelt on the beige carpet on the steps allowing Alan access to take pictures of her naked from behind. She took her middle finger which had been flicking her clit and outer lips and she started t fuck her pussy with this finger. She could hear the lens clicking as Alan continued taking pictures as she imagined herself as a porn star. Her finger slipped out of her cunt and Debbie inserted it into her anus and moaned loudly as she fingered her anus.

After a while Debbie found herself laid back naked on the landing with Alan on the stairs taking her photograph.

“I can see you are getting excited again! Why don’t you strip off Alan and join me?”

Without a word Alan joined her and having placed his camera safely out of the way he took his clothes off and after folding them away he came over to Debbie. His penis was once again solid and it swayed from side to side as he walked. Debbie stretched her arms out to him and they embraced. Her hand found his penis and she guided him gently until he had mounted her body and his penis was pointing at he exposed vagina. Alan moved forward and his penis penetrated Debbie and they hugged and kissed.

“How does that feel?” Debbie asked.

“Beautiful.” Alan replied and he started you thrust backwards and forwards.

After a couple of moments Debbie moved her hands up onto Alan’s chest. “There is one thing. You cannot cum inside of my pussy as I am not on the pill. I was wondering if your wife ever allowed you to fuck her anally?”

Alan’s face flushed slightly. “No that was never done.”

“Did you want to? I would love to be your first Alan.” Debbie said smiling.

“Are you sure?” Alan said.

Debbie did not speak but moved her hands to push him away from her. She lifted her legs up so her hands were drawing her thighs towards her.

“Go slowly at first.” She said.

Alan moved the tip of his penis to push it against Debbie’s anus. He slowly pushed and she felt her anal muscles relent as Alan’s cock entered her arse. Debbie looked at Alan and smiled to encourage him. He leant forward and started to move backwards and forwards. His hands moved up to grab and maul Debbie’s large tits as he started to get carried away. He toyed with her nipples and fucked her and leaning forward he kissed

Debbie as she took his ‘virginity’. After a few moments Alan grunted and Debbie felt the hot rush of his sperm as it shot up her anal passage.

Debbie took his face and kissed him passionately as she felt his wilting penis slide out of her anus.

“Thank you.” Alan said his voice almost breaking. Debbie spotted a tiny tear escape from his eye. “I had always wanted that and had assumed it would never happen for me.”

Debbie kissed the tear and then kissed Alan once more.

“It was a privilege to do that for you.” She whispered.

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