The American Stud Competition


Most will agree it was a ridiculous idea, and really shouldn’t have got any traction. But it did and changed my life forever in a way I never thought possible; or even dream of. It just goes to show that success can come from nothing. At the time all this started, I was on the other side of the country risking my life for the sake of making good money, but I’ll come back to that later. You’ll need to be patient with me while I tell my story, but it comes together in the end.

Marnie Bloomfield graduated from film school in the late nineties with all the hopes of making it big in the movie world. Reality soon set in, and with fierce competition and no experience, she struggled to get a foot in the door of any studio. She was offered work without pay just to get a little experience, but with a student loan to pay off and the cost of living made that impossible. To make ends meet, she continued working as a waitress, something she’d done while at film school. Marnie wasn’t exactly a beautiful girl, but a curvy figure, a friendly disposition and a big smile earned her good tips from customers.

She met Neville Swann for the first time while serving tables. It was a chance conversation really, it just came out that he was in the film industry, and Marnie commented that she was seeking work in that industry. It also just so happened that Neville; or Nev to his friends was looking for a camera man. So between mains and desserts, Nev handed over a business card to Marnie which was quickly pocketed into her jeans. Later that night, Marnie was disappointed when she took a good look at the card, Neville Swann, Director of Seduction Videos Ltd. The last thing she wanted was to get involved in was the porn industry. Marnie politely rang Nev to advise that she wasn’t really interested in furthering their discussions. But he convinced her to at least come and have a chat, and meet his wife Alice who partnered him in the business.

On a late Saturday afternoon, Marnie found Nev’s place of work with the aid of a local map book. She expected a dark seedy dive of a place, covered in graffiti and surrounded in low life. What she found was a large home in the best part of town, the long tree lined driveway, manicured lawns and gardens seemed to reduce her nervousness. Nev answered the door with a disarming smile and led her downstairs into modern office area. Marnie was promptly introduced Alice, a formidable sized well dressed woman with a friendly and confident disposition akin to her husband.

Over hot coffees, Nev and Alice spoke about their business, which was making and supplying quality adult movies to the market. Alice explained that they weren’t interested the wham bam porn market. Seduction Videos was about providing seductive and creative movies, with storyline, dialogue and good casting. With more and more women and couples watching adult movies, there was a growing niche audience to capture which Seduction intended to exploit. The more they talked about the business, the more Marnie relaxed.

Nev and Alice asked Marnie about herself, and she told them of her studies and her dream to become a successful film maker. On a whim, she’d brought along her certificates and a portfolio of some of the still work she’d put together over the years. Nev spoke of his own past, a few failures amongst a whole lot of successes. The only reason he got into the adult industry was the money, of which there was plenty to be had. Nev suggested that if Marnie indeed came to work for him, she would learn more about film work than she could imagine. It would be a good technical start to her career, even though some might consider it a questionable industry.

Nev spoke a little about the technical difficulty in filming adult movies, and Marnie quickly learnt that he knew what he was talking about. Over the years, he’d put together a good film team, but his chief camera man was about to move on in a few months time for family reasons. Nev suggested that he was more than happy to take on someone new and train him or her, rather than find an experienced camera man with all their usual bad habits and attitude.

As time passed by, Marnie found herself liking Nev and Alice. Nev, a big bellied bearded man was infectious with his humour and quick wit which was easily matched by his wife. They in turn were impressed with Marnie, and she was eventually asked to stay for an evening meal. Later that night just before Marnie left for home, Nev handed over two adult DVD’s, one was a low budget movie made by another production company; the other was the latest Seduction release. Take them home and look at them he suggested, and then you’ll see what Seduction was all about. They would talk later.

When Marnie got home, she made herself comfortable in her meagre one bedroom flat and began watching the DVD’s. She was no stranger to pornography, for one of her previous boyfriends liked to watch them, and the aroused sex afterwards always somehow seemed more intense. But Marnie had never watched them sex izle alone as she was now. She watched the low budget film first, but soon found herself fast forwarding through it. It was quickly replaced by the Seduction DVD, and the difference immeasurable. The lighting and filming was much better, but more importantly, was the situation and the seduction. The disk contained six scenes each with different attractive people. Marnie enjoyed the nervousness of the first touch and kiss, the wandering of hands and the exploring of fine bodies. She enjoyed the removing of clothes, the look of pleasure on the girl’s face as she was licked or entered for the first time. Their orgasms were later captured with strained faces associated with the ultimate gratification that the human body can provide.

Marnie found herself getting aroused, and placed a small blanket over her lap before raising her skirt and removing her panties. It had been some time since she had made love, and her restless frustration needed to be dealt to. She watched the rest of the movie while slowly fingering herself, but deliberately holding back her intense orgasm to the last scene. She later laughed at the few minutes of bloopers which could be found as an option on the main menu. The next morning she watched the disk again, this time taking in the technical aspects. It was kind of interesting, but she asked herself the big question, which was could she film people having sex? She couldn’t answer it. Marnie and Nev spoke a few days later. He listened to uncertainty, and suggested that she join them watch a shoot that was being filmed the next day. A nervous Marnie agreed.

Seduction had rented a palatial but secluded house in a rural area an hour from town. By the time Marnie arrived, there was a stream of people coming and going as the preparations were made. Nev quickly introduced her Joe, the camera man who was soon departing Seduction. Joe was friendly enough, but busy working out camera angles and lighting. He explained what he was trying to achieve, and Marnie listened with interest as problems were sorted and plans made. After half an hour or so, Nev clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention. He introduced Marnie as Joe’s potential replacement. She smiled at the black humour as the insults flew round the room, which suggested that anyone would be better than Joe, and the sooner he went the better. Joe’s reply was also generously humorous but unrepeatable. Then Nev got down to business; and everyone paid attention.

Marnie learnt it was to be a two person shoot; the scene was to be of a young man bringing home a girl he’d met at a bar. The seduction was to start in the lounge, and eventually end up in the bedroom. Marnie was surprised to learn that the good looking couple were actually boyfriend and girlfriend in real life. Alice explained that it was a good thing for the reason that and they were comfortable with each other, and knew what each other liked. Alice told Marnie that the couple had been practising this scene for a few weeks, and it should be a good shoot. Eventually, it was time to start.

Marnie and Alice made themselves comfortable at the back of the lounge, and then filming started. For the next hour, Marnie watched the scene unfold. The couple, Tricia and Brian were both dark haired and good looking. The clothes they were wearing were smart casual, she in a loose skirt and top, he in jeans and a casual shirt. Without direction from Nev, the couple commenced the seduction on the couch. The kissing and touching, Brian’s hand up Tricia’s skirt pushed away two or three times before it was allowed to stay and play. Eventually her skirt was lifted, and Brian kissed his way up her golden parted thighs. Panties were removed, and for the first time Marnie witnessed a pussy licked in real life, other than her own. She watched as Tricia undid his jeans, and freed his substantial uncircumcised erection before taking it into her mouth. She watched as he knelt between her now submissive thighs, and his cock slide into her pussy amongst her whimpers and grins of pleasure. And all the time, there were one or two cameras busily working to capture their pleasure.

The cameras rolled on and off for more than three hours. There were several breaks as positions were changed, discussions took place and lubrication added to worn parts. Marnie was impressed with both Tricia and Brian, who managed to maintain their good humour and continue their loving after each break. Several times she had to guide his overworked cock into an erection state before the cameras could roll again. It all ended when Tricia milked his cock to a sticky end, and then presented her cum filled mouth to the camera for a close up. It was the only time Marnie looked away from the shoot.

The next morning, Marnie was invited to Nev’s place for the editing. She watched as two hours of shooting and a further six hours of editing reduced the whole thing down to a twenty two minute scene. Nev and Alice chuckled when fransız porno Marnie pulled a face as Tricia received a mouthful of cum. An acquired taste, Alice suggested, but not in her book to which Marnie agreed. But in the end it looked pretty good, if you liked that sort of thing.

As for wanting to be part of that sort thing, Marnie still wasn’t sure. Afterwards, Nev and Alice suggested that Marnie join Seduction for three months, and if everything worked okay for both parties, then something a little more permanent could be worked out. The financial reward offered for the three month stint was well more than Marnie could have dreamed of, and she accepted.

What really helped things along was that Nev and Alice treated Marnie like a daughter, as they never had children of their own. Marnie too was drawn willingly into the relationship, for her own family had been lost many years before. Her mother had passed away at an early age, and her father remarried a few years later. Marnie and her new stepmother never got on, and no matter what bridges her father tried to mend, things would never be good. Marnie left home at the age of seventeen, and never once returned to the family home.

The three month trial at Seduction came and went, and years were soon clocked up. Marnie brought new aspects to the company. Most adult movies are about cool, confident and sexually experienced people who wanted to have sex. But Marnie introduced a little shyness and innocence to their movies, the implied amateur scenarios proved to be a hit with their viewers. People wanted to see a shy and innocent young man or woman seduced in the back of a car, or on a sandy beach. Or how two good looking men might seduce a young lady into her first threesome, or maybe how two mature women might stalk a hunky young man into their lecherous grip. Marnie had the ability to write good scripts, introduce interesting choreography to the cast, and then capture it competently on film. The company reputation continued to rise, and those wanting to star in their movies came flocking to their doors. The result was that Seduction claimed reward after reward in the adult movie industry, and with it come the financial returns.

It took some time for Marnie to come to terms with her pornographer label, and she kept her profession confidential where she could. But her lifestyle changed dramatically as her income rose. Nev and Alice recognised her valuable contribution and gave her a cut of the profits. Her income hit six figures, and she wanted for nothing. She invested wisely in her first home, small and modest it was, but in a good part of own. She liked the nice clothes and the low elegant sports car she could now afford.

But there was a price to pay for her work, for Marnie found that she became desensitised to sex. Continually thinking about and filming sexual encounters began to take a personal toll, and the few times she allowed a man between her legs proved less than satisfying. She constantly imagined cameras hovering close by watching her every move, and it took away any enjoyment of her love making. She soon avoided sexual encounters, and made do with fingers or battery operated toys to keep her satisfied. Marnie knew full well that one day that she would have to face her demons, but she was too driven by her questionable career to consider it any time soon. Life was just too good.

It was after the wrap up of a film shoot that the contest thing came up. The cast and crew were sitting next to an outdoor swimming pool around enjoying a cold beer or a chilled wine. The discussion turned to the American Idol contest which was heading towards the semi-finals. There was some debate regarding which contestant was the best singer and who would win the contest. The discussion went on for sometime when some bright spark suggested that there should be an American stud contest. It seemed to generate some interest within the group, and suggestions were soon flying around the room on the required attributes of the best stud in the country.

It had to be an amateur they all agreed, no one who was already in the industry. Young, good looking, a hunky body, and well hung were the most common suggestions. Then it came down to dick size, bigger the better one of the female cast cried hopefully. What was better, long or thick? Horizontal standing was then thrown in. What use was a big dick if it pointed to the floor someone suggested; it had to stand up or out, but not down. Then it came down to sexual prowess, a big dick didn’t necessarily guarantee a good romp between the sheets, another of the female cast offered. Someone pointed out that she was indeed qualified to make that statement, for she’d had enough dicks inside her to make her somewhat of an expert on the subject.

The good humour increased in proportion to the alcohol consumed, and once the physical attributes were put to rest, then came the audition process. Who was going to run the auditions, and what about teen porno the judges, there were plenty of takers for those jobs. Over the following weeks, the contest thing became more and more of a joke, and the humour flowed as much as the ideas. Over time, the contest idea would’ve died a natural death and have been forgotten about, but it wasn’t to be.

Pornography will always be a controversial subject as everyone has their own opinion on it. Most either like it, or are willing to accept it as part of today’s scene, even though they might not actually watch it themselves. Other moralistic and feminist campaigners are against it for all the obvious reasons. When Alice was asked for an interview by a woman’s magazine, she readily accepted. It was a chance for woman who actually worked in the adult industry to put her view across. It was a good informative interview with a correspondent who asked some pretty searching and personal questions. Alice answered those questions in her typical good humoured manner, and somehow within the interview, the American stud contest was mentioned. It was a well balanced article most would agree, except the part about the stud contest. When the magazine hit the streets, there was a human outcry from every moral and feminist group in the country. New groups sprung up as the subject was discussed on talkback radio on every station from coast to coast.

But there’s always another side to the argument, and there just as many people who wished the thing to go ahead. For weeks the argument grew and boiled, liberal groups joined in suggesting that the American people should have the freedom to do what they pleased. And so long as the contest was only for the eyes of those wanted to see it, where was the harm. Nev and Alice were interviewed on a late TV news programme, and the station then ran a poll over a few days. By this time, the argument had been distorted from pro and anti-pornography to one of human rights, and the freedom to do what one wanted. Many millions replied, the result was a close run thing, nearly a fifty percent split which only further infuriated and riled the protest groups who had hoped for a better result.

The problem that Nev and Alice were now confronted with, was that they had no option but to go ahead with the contest or lose face; and it was becoming all too hard. Millions of people were now waiting with baited breath for contest to commence. Then a new problem arose, if there was a contest for men, why not for women? And the groundswell for a women’s contest began to mount. If it was good enough for men, then it was good enough for women they argued. Nev hid his head in hands and nearly wept, Alice laughed her head off.

Many hours of time were wasted trying to come up with a format for the contest. Nev just wanted to make a token effort and do a quick contest to get it out his life. But the animal was now far bigger than that, which Alice and Marnie continuously hammered into him. It took some time before he agreed. Eventually they came up with format that might work, if luck was on their side.

This is what they decided. Advertisements for single male and females over the age of eighteen would be placed on the Seduction website. Those married would not be considered. Applicants would be required to e-mail their application along with personal details and photo’s of any attributes they might wish to be considered. Seduction would then whittle the applicants down to three males and three females. They would be then matched up into couples. Their first meeting would be filmed, and then continue as they got to know each other. The finale would be the filming of their sexual encounter. The three males and females would then be matched up with the others and again be filmed. When it came down to the judging, it was decided that the viewers could vote on the website, the male and female with the most votes were the winners.

There were to be rules, straight one on one sex only, no anal. The six finalists had to undergo a health check and then sign a contract to refrain any from sexual interactions other than with the contestants until the whole thing was over. The film shoots would then be placed on DVD and video and released to the market. Once everyone was in agreed with the format, Nev placed the competition details on the Seduction website and we all sat back with the rest of us to see what happened. The rest was out of our hands.

By now, you’ve got the gist of the story, and I’d better introduce myself. My name is Danny John Rogers; I’m twenty eight years old and hail from the west coast. I’m six feet tall, blonde and blue eyed. Physique wise, I’ve always been lean and muscled just like my father and brothers. Girls tell me that I’m an okay looking guy, but as I’ve never dated stunningly beautiful girls, I’m guessing that I’ve found my niche market. But what god didn’t gift me in good looks, he certainly made up for by providing me with a substantial endowment in the dick area. When erect, it was two good handfuls and a bit to spare if you catch my drift, and long fingers were needed to encircle the considerable girth. Luckily it didn’t appear large when flaccid, and I escaped any changing room scrutiny in my old school and sporting days

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