The Awakening Ch. 05


Chapter 5. Jen trains Jo.

Jen looked at the small tight ass of Jo in front of her. Her small body with such a tight little ass was very intriguing to Jen. Jo was very still, trying to be good, but Jen could tell that she was impatient for something to happen. Finally, Jen took the marker and uncapped it. She bent over and wrote on Jo’s ass. Jo flinched at the initial contact, but then stayed still. Jen wrote “Cum Slut” on Jo’s ass, one word on each cheek.

“Are you ready for some training?” Jen asked her.

“Yes, Mistress” Jo answered.

Jen took the carrot and pushed it into Jo’s pussy. Jo jerked a little and gasped. It was still a little cold and she was not expecting it. It was not a large carrot and Jo was very wet, so it went in easily.

“Mmmm” said Jo. “That feels good Mistress.”

Jen decided to turn up the heat a little. She took the carrot out and slowly started pushing it into Jo’s ass. Jo just held steady and let her do it. It went in pretty far and Jo was now starting to moan a little and rotate her hips. Jen could tell that this was not the first time that Jo had something in her ass!

Next Jen took the cucumber, which was not a large one, but had a pretty good circumference. She placed it at the entrance to Jo’s cunt and held it there. Jo moaned and started rotating her hips. The carrot was moving a little back and forth. Jen watched it for a few moments and then started slowing pushing the cucumber into Jo’s cunt.

“Oh, god!” Jo moaned. “I love it. I love large things in both my holes, Mistress.”

Jen smiled. Jo really was a slut! They barely knew each other and here she was on her knees, her face on the floor, ass sticking up into the air, letting Jen shove a carrot into her ass and a cucumber into her pussy. Wow! Jen started moving the carrot in and out of Jo’s ass and the cucumber in and out of her pussy at the same time. Jo was moaning loudly and rocking back against the fucking vegetables.

“You cannot cum until I tell you.” Jen said.

“Yes, Mistress.” Jo answered, but not slowing down her fucking motion. She was moaning loudly, her pussy was leaking profusely, and she was increasing her tempo. Jen slowed her tempo down and stared down at what was happening. Jo’s asshole was easily swallowing the carrot up to about 6 inches. The little brown hole opened and closed around the carrot. Her pussy was so wet it was starting to dribble down her legs and stomach. The inner lips were bright pink and every time she withdrew the cucumber, she could see how they clung to it. While it was not a large cucumber, it also was going in very easily. Jen was pushing it in about 6 inches, but was sure Jo could take more. Not bad for such a tiny woman.

“You’ve fucked some large cocks, haven’t you Jo?” Jen asked.

“Yes… Mistress.” Jo said between thrusts of the veggies.

“How big?”

“Mistress… I’ve had… one guy… who was… nine inches… and big around.”

Jen’s eyes grew wide. Nine inches! Wow! There aren’t too many of those around.

Jen decided to let Jo cum so she said to her “I want you to cum in 10 seconds, Jo. You can rub your clit if you want to.”

Jo immediately went to her clit and Jen started slamming the vegetables into her and Jo went off.

“Oh, fuck. I’m cumming Mistress. Here I cum. Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck me!!!!” While yelling, her body jerked and spasmed. Jen could barely keep the cucumber in her pussy, but the carrot stayed in her ass pretty well. Jen noticed that she had cum running down both legs now and was starting to collapse. Jen removed the two vegetables and put them on the coffee table. Jo collapsed flat onto the floor.

“Jo, I want you to get dressed, but stay here to meet my husband, okay?” Jen had decided that she loved watching Jo get fucked like this and was going to offer her to Matt. She was surprised at that thought, but the recent events had made her make the decision to continue.

“Yes, Mistress” Jo said quietly, trying to recover.

“My husband may want to fuck somebody in the ass tonight, and I’m not ready, so I may make you take his cock in the ass. Okay, slut?”

Jo was recovering and turned to look at Jen. She smiled. “Of course, Mistress. Whatever you say. Are you sure you don’t want me to get you off before he gets home?” Jo licked her lips.

Jen flinched a little and stared at Jo. She was so fucking horny! But she was not sure she could do that right now. She was still a little unsure about having another woman eat her cunt. It was, however, very wet! Shit! She needed relief. Matt better be home soon!

Jo stood up, went to retrieve her clothes, and got dressed. Jen picked up the vegetables and put them on the kitchen counter. She tried to contain her horniness, but was having trouble. She and Jo sat at the kitchen table and nursed their drinks.

“That was wonderful, Jen.” Jo said.

“Yes, you are quite the little slut. I enjoyed fucking your ass and pussy with vegetables.” Jo said, emphasizing her actions.

“I loved Escort Ankara it, too. Have you ever had sex with a woman.” Having seen Jen’s hesitation, Jo asked her straight out.

“No. I had a moment in college where there was a subtle attraction to a roommate, but nothing came of it. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now. I loved fucking you with the veggies, but it was more a control thing and watching you get off then wanting to have sex with you.”

Jo continued. “I’ve had sex with several women and I was their first each time. I’m very good. And I love your body. I bet you have great nipples and I could make your clit stand up and beg to be sucked.”

Jen stared at Jo. She knew that Jo was trying to get a rise out of her. She also knew that the way Jo said it made her nipples start to get hard and her pussy twitch.

Suddenly the kitchen door opened and Matt came in, startling the two women. They had been staring at each other so hard they both jumped. So did Matt, too, because of that.

“Whoa. Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you guys.” Matt said.

Jen smiled, “No problem. Honey, I want you to meet our neighbor from the townhouse down the street, Joanna. She goes by Jo.”

“Hi.” Matt said, crossing the kitchen and shaking Jo’s hand. “What have you guys been up to today?”

Jen and Jo looked at each other and grinned conspiratorially, “Girl stuff!” Jen said, grinning at her joke. Matt hesitated, but decided that they were just being silly.

Jen got another idea. “I was thinking of making a salad for dinner,” she said to Matt, “but those vegetables smell funny. What do you think?”

Jo stifled a laugh, almost choking on it, while Matt picked up the carrot first and smelled it.

“Whoa. That smells weird for a carrot. Where the hell has that thing been, eh? Smells like ass to me!” Matt smiled, thinking he was making a good joke, but Jo and Jen both started laughing hysterically. “Wasn’t that funny.” he said, puzzled by their reaction.

Jen stood up and went to Matt. “Honey, I have a confession to make.” She hesitated for a second, but had already made up her mind to bring Jo into their sex life. “That’s exactly where it’s been.” She stopped to see his reaction.

“What!? Ugh!” he said, dropping the carrot onto the counter quickly and staring at his hand. “What the hell is going on here?”

“I think you are going to be less upset about picking up that carrot once I show you.” Jen turned toward Jo. Jo smiled and nodded, agreeing once again to their plan. “Okay, my little ass slut,” Jen said to her, “stand up, strip, and bend over the kitchen table.” Jo started stripping.

“Wha…” began Matt, but Jo put her fingers up to his lips and said, “Relax, honey. I’ve found a submissive cum slut who has a well-used ass. I just finished fucking her ass with that carrot and I’m going to do it again. Once you are ready, I’m going to stick your dick into her and watch you cum in that little slut. How does that sound for satisfying your ass-fucking desires? Does that sound good?”

Matt stared at his wife like she had been taken over by aliens. Then he looked at Jo who was now undressed and bending over the table, putting her ass and pussy on display, and for some reason had the words “Cum Slut” written on her ass. He stared at the words for a second. He looked back to Jen and said in almost a whisper, “Jen, what the hell is going on? I don’t understand. I never said that I wanted to cheat on you. You don’t have to do this just because you don’t want to have anal sex.”

Jen shushed him up and gave him a hard kiss on the mouth. “Sweetheart, this is not cheating on me. You are not going behind my back to a woman because you have feelings for her or something like that. This is me offering you a cum receptacle that you can have whenever I offer it to you. Nothing else. Just take off your clothes and bring that hard dick over here to my slave’s ass.” Jen grabbed the carrot and started to move toward Jo.

Matt was still confused, but also a man. He looked over at Jo who was bent over the kitchen table, her tits smashed on the top, her pussy and ass pointed at him, the words calling for his dick. She did look out-fucking-standing. Then he watched as Jen moved over to the kitchen table, sat down, and without so much as a “here it comes” shoved the carrot into Jo’s ass.

“What do you say, slut?!” Jen said to Jo.

“Thank you, Mistress for fucking my ass with a carrot.”

Matt was now hard as a fucking iron bar. He started stripping off his clothes as Jen moved the carrot in and out of Jo’s ass. She turned and smiled at him and he felt like he could come just seeing that; his beautiful wife smiling at him as she fucked another woman’s ass with a carrot.

“Fuck, this is so hot!” Matt said as he moved towards them, now completely naked. “I don’t know how or why this is happening Jen, but this is the hottest, most shocking thing I’ve ever seen with you! It’s better than anything on that DVD.”

Jen smiled. “I thought Ankara Escort you might think so, now come closer so we can make use of that nice dick.”

Matt stepped closer and now was just a couple of inches from Jo’s ass. He reached out and put his left hand on her ass and his right on Jen’s shoulder. She was sitting on Jo’s right, focusing on Matt’s dick, but not relenting on her assault on Jo’s ass. Jen leaned forward and took Matt’s dick into her mouth, sucking it hard, making him moan. She knew that all this visual stimulation was a lot for him and that he wouldn’t last long. She also knew that he would recover quickly in this environment. She took it out of her mouth and removed the carrot, putting it on the table next to Jo. Then she stood up, leaned over Jo until she was right next to her face and said, “What do you want now, you little fucking ass-whore?”

“I want my ass fucked, Mistress.”

Jen smacked Jo on the ass hard, surprising Matt at her forcefulness. “What do you want, slave?”

Jo knew Jen wanted more specifics and loved this game, too. “Mistress, I want your husband to stick his hard cock in my ass and fuck it until he fills me with his hot, fucking cum.”

Jen smiled. “Good girl.” She kissed Jo on the cheek, surprising everyone, including herself.

Jen rose up and sat back down in the chair. She looked up at Matt. He was looking at her with lust and a little questioningly. She smiled. “It’s okay, Matt.” She turned more towards Jo and grabbed his dick with her left hand. “We’re going to take your hard, fucking cock and stick it in this little bitch’s asshole.” She heard Matt and Jo both groan and she grinned. Wow! This was fucking great!

Jen pulled on Matt’s cock and he shuffled forward a few more inches so that he was almost pressing up against Jo. Jen looked up at him and said, “I think you need a little lubrication first” and guided his dick to Jo’s pussy. She missed the first time, so she reached down with her right hand and worked to spread Jo’s pussy apart. It gaped as soon as she pushed against the outer lips. Then she moved her right hand out of the way and guided Matt’s dick into Jo’s pussy. “Fuck her for a sec, hon.” She said. She knew that was not something she had to say twice. She lowered her head until she was very close to Jo’s ass, and watched as his dick sunk all the way in to Jo’s tiny pussy. She looked up and Matt was smiling and watching her very closely. She smiled and said, “Okay, that’s enough, let’s fuck that ass!” She pulled Matt’s dick out of Jo’s pussy and lined it up with her ass. “Spread your cheeks.” she said to Jo. She didn’t even ask Jo if she was ready. She knew that (1) Jo was ready and (2) as a fuck slave she had no choice. She again held Matt’s dick with her left hand and pushed it down against Jo’s asshole. Matt leaned as she guided him in and with a little push the head popped inside. Matt moaned and Jen said, “Wow, that looks so fucking cool! Okay, honey, pound that ass until you cum in it!”

“Oh, fuck!” Matt said, and he started fucking that ass, his dick going all the way in and back out. Jo just kept moaning.

Jen stayed in position and watched it closely. Matt’s dick was going into that asshole so easily. She was amazed at how it clung to his dick as it went in and out. She had never seen anything up this close and was really enjoying it. But she was going to send Matt over the edge quickly. She knew that with that tight ass and it being a new woman and the newness of this whole situation, he wouldn’t last long. She also had seen how he reacted to dirty talk. “That’s so fucking hot, Matt. Look at how your hard cock is disappearing into that strange woman’s ass. You don’t even know her and you are fucking the shit out of that tight little brown hole. Oh, baby, cum for me.” And Jen reached behind him and ran her fingers up under him and grabbed his balls. Matt went off.

“Oh, fuck yes. I’m going to cum… ugh… here I cum… cumming in that ass, baby…” and he unloaded what felt like a tremendous load of cum into that ass, gripping Jo’s left hip tightly with his left hand, and his right now resting on Jen’s head. He stayed there for a few seconds, savoring the feeling of having had his first anal sex, having it be with a strange woman, and doing it as his wife directed it and “fed” this woman to him. It was un-fucking-believable!

“Are you ready to pull out?” Jen asked Matt.

“Yeah, I think so.” Matt said. He slowly inched back and his dick popped out past Jo’s sphincter with a wet “Plop”. Some cum immediately ran out and down towards Jo’s pussy.

Jen was still in charge. “Okay, slut, there is cum running out of your ass and I don’t want cum on my clean kitchen floor, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. Mistress, may I eat your husband’s cum from my ass?”

“Yes, my pretty little slave. You are doing a good job. I want you to eat anything that comes out of your ass.”

Jo reached behind her and scooped up anything that she could feel was running down from Ankara Escort Bayan her ass and brought it around to her mouth. She licked and swallowed it. She repeated it until she could feel no more. Jen watched, enraptured, as she was still very fucking horny. She loved the way that Jo had no qualms about any of this. Jo was completely at home being a submissive fuck slave.

Jen looked over at Matt’s dick and realized that it was also dripping cum. She smacked Jo on the ass and said “Hey slut, you also need to clean up my husband’s dick and the floor where he dripped a little.”

Jo rose up, turned around, and kneeled down before Matt. She immediately took his dick into her mouth and sucked on it. Then she took it out and licked all around it, down to his balls to ensure there was no more mess. Jen watched closely. Then she pointed at the floor with her foot and Jo lowered herself to the floor and licked up the small drip of cum there. When she sat back, she looked at Jo and said “Thank you, Mistress, for letting your husband fuck my tight little ass, cum in it, and let me clean up all the cum.”

Jen smiled, watching this sexy little minx play this game up. “You’re welcome. Now go into the bathroom and clean yourself up.”

Jo left the room and Jen said to Matt, “Well, how was your first ass?”

“It was fantastic, but I’m still in shock over this, Jen. Until yesterday, we had never even tried something like this, and now you let me dominate you a little yesterday and I come home to find you dominating a woman whose ass you offer to me. Holy fuck!”

Jen stood up and started undressing. “Well, you better still be able to perform for your wife, because after what’s been going on around here, I’m so horny I’m going to fuck that cucumber if you don’t get it up in a few minutes!”

Just then Jo returned and Jen looked at her beautiful naked body. Maybe she could have sex with Jo at some point. She was not disgusted by it, in fact she was a little turned on by the thought, just not right now. She needed some time to think about it. And mostly she needed a dick in her pussy right now!

Once she was undressed, Jen sat up on the kitchen table where Jo had just been and spread her legs. She started playing with her pussy, which was so wet, it needed no further stimulation for sex. “Jo, you are such a fantastic little ass-fucker, now show me what you can do with your mouth and get my husband’s dick hard again.”

“Yes, Mistress.” said Jo. Matt was in heaven. His wife, who was drop dead gorgeous, was laying back on her left elbow on the kitchen table, putting two fingers of her right hand into her cunt and finger-fucking herself. Meanwhile, a beautiful little babe named Joanna was on her knees sucking his cock back to life. And she was damn good! “Oh, yes. Suck my cock, baby” he said.

“Worship that cock!” Jen suddenly yelled. “I want that cock hard now, you little bitch, or you get paddled!”

Matt had never heard his wife talk like that and in combination with the little bitch sucking his rod, he was hard in no time.

“That’s enough.” Jen said. “I need that cock in my pussy now. Slave, bring his cock over here and put it in my cunt.” Jo complied, leading Matt by his dick over to Jen. She guided it towards Jen’s pussy and watched as he buried it all the way in on one stroke. Matt groaned. Jen immediately threw her head back, fell back flat on the table and said “Oh, fuck, Matt. I’m going to cum so fast. I’ve been horny all day and I need it now. Rub my clit!” Jo smiled as she stood on the left watching.

Matt looked down at his dick going in and out of Jen’s pussy. He started to put his hand down on her clit, but Jo stopped him by grabbing his hand. She winked and put her hand down on Jen’s clit and started rubbing. Jen moaned.

Suddenly, as if she could finally tell that it was a woman’s soft hands massaging her clit, she looked up and stared at Jo. “You little pussy lover. You just couldn’t wait to get your hands on me, could you! You little fucking tramp, if you are going to do it, then do it! Rub that clit, pinch it! Take your other hand and rub my tits. Come on, slut. Be the fucking bi-sexual fuck toy that you are. Make me cum!” She stared at Jo wild-eyed.

Matt was flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe this was the woman he had known since the 7th grade. It also made him hard as a rock and he started pounding Jen with his dick. His pounding met Jo’s hand as she worked on Jen’s clit. He watched as he pounded his dick into her and Jo rubbed Jen’s clit and tits. Jo started pinching the nipples and Jen moaned and started thrashing even more. She was ready to explode any minute and Matt knew he could cum soon, too.

Suddenly, Jo was there. “Oh, fuck… fuck me… rub my clit you fucking whore… pinch my nipples… oh, fuck… I’m cumming… ugh… I’m cumming… fuck… fuck… OH, FUCK!!” She came so hard that she arched her back at least a foot off the table. Jo slowed down rubbing her clit and nipple stimulation and Matt let her finish cumming and finally collapse back on the table. When she did, Matt looked up at her. She was panting heavily, her eyes closed. Her entire chest was red, with a light shimmer of perspiration. She looked more beautiful than he could ever remember.

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