The Balcony


The sun was just starting to set on the shoreline of Carolina Beach. Jack looked out onto his balcony to see the sunlight reflected off of the clouds and onto the sea. Brilliant hues of orange, red and pink created an incredible view. He thought about it a moment and then got up and got an ice cold beer from the refrigerator and stepped out onto the open balcony.

He had just moved to the beach from New York and was still getting used to the slower pace of the South, and the even slower pace of a southern beach. As he took a long swallow of his beer, he looked out at the ocean. It was a calm day and waves rolled in sedately along the shore, fish occasionally jumped and seagulls cried out for food as he let the scene wash over him. A movement caught his eye. He turned and was frozen in place.

A woman had stepped out on the next balcony. A bottle of beer was held loosely in one delicately formed hand. The condensation on the bottle sending crystal?like drops of water trickling across her fingers. His gaze rose to see the rest of her. Auburn hair cascaded across her shoulders and a few stray strands just touched the top of her perfectly formed breasts. A long white shirt barely covered her athletic body, the occasional gust of wind lifting it just enough to see the lower curve of her firm rounded rear. Her long legs continued the pure form of her body. Almost sculpted lines formed her thighs and calves, down to a wonderfully turned ankle and delicate feet.

Jack’s heart came to a stop and then started again with a pounding thud, as he took in the vision that had just appeared. He wiped a hand across his eyes and checked to see if he had been imagining things or not. A gust of wind that flattened her shirt against upturned breasts assured him that he was not. After another long swallow of beer he turned back to see the ocean and noticed a dark cloud forming on the horizon. A freshening breeze began to blow. He glanced back over at the woman to see her auburn hair flared back with the wind like a flame attached to an angel.

He took a deep breath and then raised his beer to the vision and said. “Howdy neighbor!” She turned and smiled back at him. “Howdy back, friend!” He took a quick breath as he saw her face for the first time. Her features could have been painted by the greatest artists of all time. Jack took a quick sip from his beer and then asked, “Enjoying the sunset?”

The woman got a mischievous look in her eyes and answered, “Well, not as much as I could be.” Her hand moved to the top of her shirt and casually started toying with one of the buttons. The smooth front of the thin blouse was broken only by the tips of her dark nipples.

Jack assumed a look of mock horror. “Well then, what can I do to correct this disastrous situation?” He inquired. He could already feel his blood

flowing faster and his breathing starting to quicken.

She half turned from him, smiling as a breeze caught her shirt and lifted it to reveal a pair of white lace bikini panties sheer enough to reveal a hint of darkness beneath them. Her delicate hand lifted the bottle to her full lips as she slowly took a long swallow from the bottle. Her back was arched and her breasts strained against the thin fabric as a little more bottle than was necessary slipped between her lips. She turned back to face him. “I don’t know if you could do anything for me over there.” Came her reply.

Jack’s eyes filled with desire. His eyes locked in on her hand. The button that she had been toying with came undone and the softly curved line of her breast was revealed. He took another long swallow of beer to stall and put the empty bottle off to the side. He smiled at her and said, “In that case I guess I better get over there and do something about it then.”

Now it was her turn to fake terror. “I couldn’t let you into my home though! I hardly know you!” She smiled to show the joke and then deliberately undid another button. “My, it is hot out here, Escort Ankara isn’t it?” She asked, placing the beer bottle between her breasts and softly stroking it across her skin. Jack followed the path of each droplet of water as it ran across her bosom and down beneath the shirt.

He looked at her balcony and quickly judged the distance between his balcony and hers. A stronger gust of wind made him look at the quickly darkening sky. An occasional burst of thunder from a distance and the whitecaps on the ocean announced the coming storm. He backed away from her until he found the far end of the platform.

She smiled again, the pink tip of her tongue flashing out to moisten her lips. “You aren’t afraid of little ole me are you?” She laughed and then unfastened another button. A look of pleasure came over her face as the wind kissed her nipples. Jack looked back at her. “Afraid? No, just wanted a little distance for a moment. You did say you couldn’t let me in your house?” He inquired with an impish grin.

She shook her head and said, “No. I am a lady and ladies don’t invite strange men to come into their apartments!” The southern accent was emphasized as she fluttered her eyelashes. The last button on her shirt was slowly undone as she stared, challengingly, into his eyes. The wind caught the shirt and tried to pull it open. A tantalizingly brief glance at her nipple and wonderfully curved breast encouraged Jack.

He braced himself and then said, “Well, in that case.” He took a running leap for the railing on his balcony. One foot landed squarely on it and he jumped again from there. She screamed and jumped back against her door. A jarring sensation and a terrifying sense of falling accompanied his landing on her balcony rail. One last jump landed him on both feet before her. “I guess I’ll just have to let myself in.” He said as he reached out to her.

“Oh my . . . ,” was the woman’s only reply as she studied him closely. She looked into his deep blue eyes that almost perfectly reflected the color of the darkening sea and then looked lower to his curved full lips. His T-shirt was stretched across his taut body as her eyes moved lower. The bulge in his shorts obviously contained a rock hard cock as his strong hands touched the side of her face. She reached out to put her arms on his waist as she lifted her lips to kiss him.

He slowly leaned forward, giving her plenty of time to draw back, then softly touched his lips to hers. The sensation was incredible. A thousand small electric shocks seemed to pulse through his body as the kiss intensified. Jack felt her lips open under his and slowly reached out with his tongue. Their tongues mingled as they moved closer to each other. The woman’s hold on him tightened as a small cry of pleasure escaped her throat. She pulled him toward her, gasping as she felt his cock press against her thin panties.

He pulled back for a moment and looked into her eyes. “What is your name?” He gasped. “Kathryn.” She replied. Her hand cupped the back of Jack’s head and pulled him back down to kiss her. Their bodies pressed close together. The firm softness of her breasts against his chest created a spark of electricity that seemed to shoot straight down to his genitals. She pulled away from him and whispered, “Now.”

Jack moved her away from the balcony and slowly knelt before her. He looked into her perfect eyes and smiled. His fingers hooked under her thin panties and, with one hard tug, ripped them from her body. Kathryn gasped with startled pleasure as he quickly buried his face into her wet pussy, sucking and licking at her lips and clit. He moved his tongue faster around her rapidly swelling bud, listening to her gasps of surprise, ecstasy and pleasure as a cool drop of rain fell on his leg. He looked up at Kathryn standing above him, leaning on the rail for support as he thrust his tongue as far into her dripping hole as possible. Gathering himself, Jack slowed his pace Ankara Escort and began to take his time with her. His tongue slowly sliding up one side of her pussy and then down the other, savoring the sweet taste of her juices. She gasped and moaned as he worked on her pussy, her hips moving against his face. The sky darkened and the wind picked up as the sun disappeared below the horizon.

Eagerly, he moved his mouth faster against her slit, sucking her button into his mouth and moaning around it. The quickness and passion of the situation brought Kathryn to climax rapidly, her cries of pleasure ripped away by the growing wind as her hot fluids dripped over his lips. Her hand came down to his head and grabbed his hair, pulling him up to kiss her. She could taste her moisture on his lips. She spun him around and leaned him back against the rail. Jack looked down into her eyes, seeing the desire and excitement etched in them. Kathryn pulled his shorts down his body revealing his throbbing cock. It sprung forward proudly seeming to beg for her attentions.

She lowered herself to her knees, smiling up at him. Her mouth moved to

softly kiss the tip of his dick. She took her time for a moment to explore her new found object of pleasure. Her hands caressed it feeling the silk smooth skin over wrought iron. The veins throbbing and pulsing throughout the eight inch shaft. Jack’s breath hitched in his chest and he lifted his hips in encouragement. The pink tip of her tongue reached out and lovingly caressed the pulsing head of his cock. Jack threw his head back and cried out as she quickly lowered her mouth over his manhood, taking half of it in with one motion. The fullness of his rod filled her mouth. She moaned softly at the faintly salty taste of his flesh. He looked down at her, watching as she moved her mouth up and down on his cock. The pleasure was enormous. Rain fell harder now, soaking them both completely and the ominous sound of thunder rumbled in the background.

She adjusted her angle a bit and looked up into his dark blue eyes. He cried out again as he felt his shaft catch on her gag reflex as she took him into her throat. Their eyes locked on each other as she slowly swallowed him entirely. His hands curled in her hair, pulling her onto his cock, as his hips moved against her face. A strong flash of lighting illuminated her face so he could see the look of ecstasy in her features. Kathryn pulled away from him for a moment to catch her breath and he fell in love as she smiled up at him. She could feel the moment pass between them and when he lifted her in his arms and kissed her so tenderly, she felt her heart give way as well. The summer rain fell even harder. The cool water ran down their bodies, inflaming them further instead of quenching their ardor.

Jack reached down and lifted her off the ground, her legs moving naturally around his waist. She felt the tip of his hard cock press against her tight hole and then slowly enter it. Jack firmly lowered her onto his shaft, not stopping until he was buried deep inside of her. Kathryn cried out and leaned forward to suck and bite at his shoulder. His hands gripped her ass securely as he moved in and out of her faster and faster, the rain beating against their skin and taking them to new heights of pleasure. She could feel another orgasm building deep inside of her as he moved her around on his cock, always finding another angle to press against. He moved faster and faster against her firm body, feeling her pussy tighten around him as her climax came closer. Kathryn’s breasts pressed against his hard chest as she tightened her thighs around his waist. Her teeth sunk into his shoulder bringing a delicious pain. Jack growled and lifted her up and slammed her down even harder onto his rod. The muscles in his arms and chest sliding under slightly tanned skin. Kathryn screamed out her pleasure as the sound of the waves pounding against the beach almost muffling her cries.

Kathryn Ankara Escort Bayan tensed her muscles, milking his rod, as he lowered his body to the

floor. He looked into her eyes as she began to wail her pleasure to the sea, her body spasming as she started to cum over and over again. Jack moaned with the pleasure of the rain on his body and the trickle of her moisture trickling across his balls. He rose up into her, holding himself deep inside of her, letting her ride out her orgasm. The muscles inside of her fluttering against his almost painfully hard shaft. It slowly passed and they sunk into the rhythm of the storm and the raging sea. His hands moving to hold her breasts, cupping and kneading them, pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers. She groaned with the renewed pleasure and began to grind her hips against his. A pleasant soreness started to form deep inside of her with the renewed pounding of his thick shaft. Her eyes locked on his as he slowly lifted his hips from the floor, raising her higher into the air with his dick firmly inside of her, stretching and pleasing every inch of her body. Jack arched his back completely, lifting her legs free of the floor, lifting her body into the sky and then lowering her back down.

She lowered herself so that her breasts touched his chest, the cool rain feeling like a thousand touches. Thunder crashed around them as the rain poured down even harder. His strong arms circled her body, holding her close and falling deeper and deeper in love with each passing second. She kissed him hard, her tongue probing his mouth and then raising up to look into his dark eyes again. “I want you to fuck me from behind. Please, do it now!” She pleaded. Jack just smiled and lifted her off of him. He rose and helped her to her feet and then firmly turned her and leaned her over the balcony. She could see the size of the waves falling and crashing against the sand. Jack opened his mouth to let some of the rain refresh him and then moved closer behind her, taking her hair in one strong hand. He curled his hand, pulling tightly at her hair and driving deep inside of her with one motion. Kathryn cried out in absolute pleasure as she watched a forked bolt of lightning strike the sea no more than a hundred feet away. The deafening blast of sound shook their bodies as Jack found his timing and pace again.

He started timing his strokes with the waves, slowly but firmly driving inside of her. She responded, forcing her hips back to meet every hard thrust of Jack’s throbbing cock. The pressure of his hand tight in her hair, the cool metal of the railing pressed against her naked skin and the rain falling on her back combined inside of her to produce another explosive orgasm as the moment overtook her. The lightning strikes grew in intensity, illuminating their bodies. The pleasure of her body and her cries of intense satisfaction took their toll on Jack. He could feel his balls start to tighten and that growing feeling of bliss. She could feel his cock growing even larger inside of her as a surprise orgasm rushed through her. A barrage of lightning bolts struck the ocean in front of them as she thrust her pussy down onto his cock. Jack screamed out his joy as buried himself inside of her. As pulse after pulse of cum splashing inside of her, Kathryn felt her body twitch with the after effects of her last climax.

Jack leaned against her, holding her and pulling her down to lay half on top of him. The storm passed as quickly as it arrived, revealing a full moon. Luna’s comforting rays surrounded them as they lay exhausted from their pleasures. Kathryn was about to succumb to sleep when she heard Jack whisper. “I love you, Kathryn.” She opened her eyes and realized that she had fallen under his spell. “I love you too, Jack.” She snuggled closer and let

herself fall asleep, safe in his arms. He looked down at her sleeping form as he snugged an arm behind his head for a pillow. He let himself imagine the days and nights to come and realized that he did truly love her, as impossible as it sounded. As sleep slowly overcame him, Jack decided that he would do everything he could to make sure they stayed in this blissful state of love.

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