The Bar Scene


My job is not the least stressful thing in the world. I’ve spent five years playing the bad guy and doing others’ dirty work. I cannot even begin to think about how many times I’ve thought about quitting. So when my best friend, Angela, called me and invited me to go out for drinks with her at my local bar, I could not say no.

We arrive there around 9:00, a bit early, but if we want a good table, we need to beat the bigger rush that will start coming in shortly. We sit down and shortly after, a server comes over and takes our drink orders. Angela orders a vodka and cranberry, and I order a rum and Coke. The waiter returns shortly with our drinks. I sip mine slowly, letting the alcohol start to wash my stress away.

The music is thumping loudly, the base reverberating in my bones. It feels so good being out and social for the first time in a couple of weeks. Angela asks me if I want to go dance, and I decline. I just want a little bit of time to decompress and to check things out.

I look around the club, trying to see if anyone else I know is there. Every once in a while, we run into someone we know, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen tonight. As I look around the club, my gaze passes a man in the corner, bobbing his head to the beat. He is incredibly attractive. He is slender and muscular. He has dark hair and glasses. He is just my type.

I continue to stare at him. He meets my glance, gives me a thin smile, and returns his attention to the DJ and the people dancing. I blush, having been caught staring at him, and turn my attention back to Angela.

We start talking about the crowd and the music, when the guy from across the bar approaches the table. He is even more attractive up close than he was from across the room.

“Hi. My name is Jay.” He gives me a broad smile, and I blush.

“My name is Angela and this is my friend Nicole.” Thank goodness for Angela. I would have just sat there, staring at him like an idiot.

“Buy you ladies a drink?” he shouts over the music.

I smile at him and respond, “Sure. Rum and Coke and a vodka and cranberry.”

He smiles back and heads off to the bar. Angela looks at me and laughs. I had been watching him walk to the bar.

“What?!” I ask defensively.

“Oh, nothing,” she responds with a big grin.

He returns shortly after with our drinks. He sits down next to me, closely, and the three of us banter back and forth for a bit. He is shamelessly flirting with me, and unable to help myself, I flirt back.

As he gets bolder, he places one of his hands on my thigh, leaning in closely as we continue to chat. The music got louder, so I move so that my lips are practically brushing against his ear as I speak to him. He nuzzles into me occasionally as we chat. I can feel myself getting turned on by this man very quickly.

Angela excuses herself, no longer wanting to watch us shamelessly flirt and grope one another. I can’t blame her. If the situation was reversed, I’d leave too – give her some privacy. Shortly after she leaves, his hand moves to my inner thigh. I make a soft purring noise as his hand settles further up on my leg.

As we continue to talk, his fingers move back and forth along my inner leg, from knee to halfway up my thigh. I give a little shiver as his fingers move on me.

“Me feeling adventurous?” he asks slyly, his hand traveling a bit higher as he brushes between my legs.


He continues to slide his hand higher up my thigh and leans in to nibble my ear. “Perhaps as in keep going…” he asks as he slides his hand further up my thigh, to within a few inches of the part of my legs “…or perhaps as in not yet?” He gives me a broad smile.

I softly moaned as his hand Escort Ankara moves up my leg, encouraging him to continue. He reaches up further, his hand now under my skirt. His fingertip finds the small triangle of fabric that makes up the bulk of the thong I am wearing underneath. He gently presses against the swatch as he leans in and begins kissing my neck. I softly moan as I lean my head in. I place my hand on his thigh to steady myself.

He gently brushes his fingertips over my barely covered pussy in gentle, light strokes, from the crack of my ass to the apex of my slit, pressing just a bit when he passes my clit. My moans intensify as his hand moves over me. I place my free hand on his arm, encouraging his movements.

He hooks my thong to the side and presses a finger at my very moist opening and eases it in, crooking his finger over and over, hitting my g-spot with every movement. My breathing becomes more of a pant as his finger works me.

He leans in and kisses me fully. I kiss him back hungrily. He slides the finger deep and presses his thumb against my clit. My moans get louder and I kiss him more desperately.

After a few minutes of this play, he pulls his lips from mine, and smiles. He eases his fingers from my throbbing pussy and I whimper. He grabs my hand and leads me back over to the area where he had been sitting before he came to our table. He chooses a booth that is against the back wall. We both sit in the back, and this part of the club is slightly abandoned.

He begins to kiss down my neck again, and slides his finger entirely back into me. I moan louder as my hand slides up his leg and begins to massage his cock over his pants.

He looks around briefly, then once pleased with his surroundings, gives me a wink and a smile, and quickly slides under the table. He parts my legs at the knees with his hands and begins kissing up my thigh.

I look around, startled. When I see no one is around, I relax. My hands grip into the fabric of the booth as he moves his mouth.

He reaches my slit, yanks my thong to the side, and begins to circle and lick my swollen clit over and over. He holds one leg under the knee, and the other is spreading my lips open as it holds back the thong.

The sensations feel so good. I let my head roll back, moaning and breathing heavily. He runs his tongue greedily over my entire pussy, sucking my clit into his mouth occasionally as well as sucking on the lips of my pussy.

As he slowly devours me, I see Angela heading my way. She sits at the chair opposite the booth where we are. She’s obviously drunk and slurring her speech a little.

“Heyyyyy… Where that guy go,” she says drunkenly, only half interested in the question.

I feel him laugh with my clit in his mouth, the vibration shooting through me. It takes all of my will power to keep from crying out. “I… I don’t know…” I stammer out, trying to remain composed.

“I… I’mma get outta here,” she says, wavering a little…. “Me cummin?” she asks without looking at me.

“In… a minute….” I grin.

He pats my leg upon hearing that to get my attention. I glance down at him and he mouths the words “I’ll take you home” at me before returning to work my pussy with his tongue.

“Go… ahead… I’ll get home,” I quickly say to her, wanting her to leave so I can focus back on his tongue.

She waves lazily to me as she stumbles off. He begins sucking my clit again as he slides a finger back into me. My moans intensify as his finger enters me. He strokes his finger in and out a few times before bringing a second finger to the opening, slowly easing it in. His tongue viciously laps at my clit in rapid, firm lashes.

I bite my lip hard as he Ankara Escort expertly works my pussy. He works both fingers up to the knuckle, and as he draws them out he angles up, glancing over my g-spot with every thrust… in and out… slowly… gently…

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I whisper loudly.

His tongue circles my clit rapidly as he quickens his fingers. His hand squeezes my leg as he spreads my lips wider. He presses a third finger at the opening and just flicks the per-anal region just below my opening. His firm strokes increase as I squirm more.

My body tenses up and I give a little shriek as I cum hard on his hand. He drives his hand deep and wiggles the fingertips against my cervix as my pussy clamps down on his fingers. He continues to lap at my clit furiously. I pant and moan as he works me through my climax.

As my orgasm subsides he slows, then stops, and climbs back into the booth next to me, rubbing my clit with his wet hand, and kisses me deeply, sharing my taste with me. I moan into his mouth as I taste myself on his lips.

“Want to get out of here?” he asks as he rubs my clit some more.

“Yes,” I manage to choke out between pants.

He smiles, takes me by the hand, and leads me out of the club. We hurry to his car. He opens the door for me, helps me in, and then gets in himself. He pulls out of the busy lot and out onto the barren streets.

“My place alright?” He asks as he rubs his crotch, giving me an intense glance….

“Yes,” I respond, my gaze burning into him.

The streets are nearly empty. He drives carefully anyway. He reaches over, takes my hand, and places it on the bulge in his pants. I massage his cock through his pants. I get a sly grin on my face as I look around. Satisfied that there is no one around, I unzip his pants.

I remove his cock from his pants and lower myself to take it in my mouth. I moan as I take his length into my mouth. The head is incredibly swollen and is dripping precum. I place one hand on the base of his cock and stroke him there while my mouth works his head.

He places a hand at the back of my head as I bob up and down on his shaft. His body stiffens slightly as the sensation of my mouth on his cock washes over him. I moan as I greedily suck his cock, wanting to give him the pleasure he gave me at the club. His hand grips my hair as I slide my mouth up and down on him. He raises his hips slightly, trying to get more of his cock in my mouth. I bury my face in him, taking his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat.

“MMMM’ he moans loudly as he begins to buck more…. “Shit…. I’m going to fucking cum….” he calls out. This only makes me suck him harder.

“Uhhhh…. UHHHHH!” He calls out as his cock swells and he begins to shoot jet after jet of hot cum into my mouth, his whole body spasming as he empties himself in my mouth. I eagerly swallow his cum. When his spasms cease, I lick his cock clean.

He composes himself shortly before pulling into his condo. He parks, leans over and kisses me sloppily and steps out of the car, motioning me to follow him. I get out of the car and follow quickly behind.

He leads me up a flight of stairs and opens the door to a sparse condo. As soon as we are both in, he slams the door and presses me against it, kissing me passionately, hands exploring my body. I kiss him back with the same intensity, my hands moving quickly to remove his shirt. My hands move over his well-defined chest and stomach. Now that his shirt is off, I see he has tattoos on his shoulders.

After his shirt is off he grabs my slinky dress and yanks it up over my head. He kisses my neck and bites my shoulder playfully. One hand slides beneath my thong, strumming my Ankara Escort Bayan clit again, while the other quickly removes my bra. I moan deeply into his mouth, my hands fumble with the button on his pants. I undo them and slide his pants and underwear to the floor.

He swings me around and bends me over the dining room table. He yanks my thong off entirely and buries his face in my pussy from behind. His hands grip my ass powerfully, pulling them apart slightly to give him unfettered access to my glistening pussy.

He stands behind me and presses the head of his cock against my aching cunt. He pushes his hips, and the head of his cock penetrates me, stretching me deliciously. He eases in, going deeper with each stroke. Once he’s buried to the hilt, he begins to slide in and out of my sopping pussy in easy, long strokes.

He reaches up and takes a handful of my hair and pulls playfully as he takes me from behind. I moan deeper as he grabs my hair, thrusting back against him as best I can. His pace quickens, driving himself deep inside my womb. He grabs my hips and starts pushing deeper inside me. His fingertips dig into my ass slightly, and I moan deeper.

I cry out as he fills me, my orgasm approaching rapidly. He starts slamming fully into me, his abs slapping my ass loudly as he fucks me. I feel a finger press against my asshole as he fucks me feverishly. He wiggles there, testing the waters. I cry out louder as his finger presses against me. He eases it further in, popping it in to the first knuckle.

“Oh fuck!” I yell out as his finger enters me.

He reaches under me with the other hand and grinds my clit. Sweat drips from his chest to my ass as he pushes his finger in deeper and deeper. The triple stimulation is too much, I cum hard, screaming as I do. He slams my pussy harder than ever and begins to finger fuck my asshole as well. He eases a finger into my pussy along with his cock and pulls up on the rim, against my ass.


He takes the finger, wet with my juices, and slides it into my ass with the other. He finger fucks my tight ass as he fucks the shit out of me. Another orgasm builds quickly as he tears my ass and pussy apart. He slows down, and then removes both his cock and his fingers. I feel the bulbous head of his cock press against my asshole.

“Yes… yesss….” I scream out in pure pleasure.

He slowly presses at it, until my hungry ass swallows his cock head. He grips my hips tightly as he eases it deeper in my tight ass. My body shakes as he pushes his cock into me.

“Baby, spread your cheeks for me,” he commands. I reach back and do as he says. He presses until his cock is buried all the way in my tight ass. He slowly pulls it out, and then presses it back in. Once he finds his rhythm he begins to easily slide in and out of my ass. He reaches down and fills my pussy with two fingers as he slowly and carefully fucks my ass.

I am only able to make sounds, as words have completely left me. His cock and fingers feel so good. I cry out again as another orgasm rips through me, my whole body shaking hard, breathing heavily.

As my orgasm takes me, the tightness of my ass around his cock, and the spasms of my pussy on his fingers is too much, and he can hold back no longer. “Fuuuuucckkkkk!” he cries out as his cock twitches and he spurts hot cum deep in my ass. He pumps deep with each little blast, shivers, then collapses on top of me. I moan deeply as his cum floods into me.

As he begins to soften my asshole slowly squeezes him out. As it pops out, his hot cum leaks out of my ass and dribbles down my pussy. I give a little shudder as I feel his cum drip over my pussy.

“That was amazing,” he gets out between breaths. I just smile in response.

He wraps his arms under me, gives me a squeeze, then takes me by the hand, leads me to the bedroom, and lays me down beside him. He holds me in powerful arms and his hypnotic breathing quickly sends me to sleep, sated and fulfilled.

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