The Best I’ve Ever Had


One night I am laying in bed, almost asleep, when I get a text. It was from my crush, Jack. It wasn’t that late so I figured he was just asking me a question or something. But no. He said, “You awake? I’m right around the corner from your apartment and I thought I would stop by.” Holy Shit it’s happening!! He wants to fuck!!

We had made out a few times and I had maybe played around with his dick but we had never made it this far. Of course I said yes, but I said, “That’s fine but I’m feeling a little hot and bothered if you know what I mean.” He responded with, “??,” and I knew exactly what to do. I went into my closet and grabbed the sexiest lingerie I own and put it on. I had the condoms and plenty of lube at the ready and I even made sure I knew where my toys are because I’m super into that. That’s when I hear a knock on the door.

When I answer the door and he sees me in my outfit I think his jaw may have dropped because he wasn’t ready. But the first thing I notice is that little bulge in his pants, it’s gonna be a good night. As soon as he comes in he starts kissing me, barely even Escort Sincan saying hello. We make out of the couch forever, me sitting in his lap feeling that bulge grow harder and harder. That’s when I start to undo his belt and slide off his pants. His underwear is still completely on which I think is really hot because I like to tease my men. He starts pulling at my bra and I begin to take it off.

I’m pretty curvy and my 38G tits come flopping out of the bra and he grabs them with both hands. I rub my chest against his underwear and I can feel his hard cock. I’m so wet I’ve totally soaked through my panties but I keep them on a little longer. I slowly put my hand down his underwear and feel that hard dick throbbing. All 8 inches of him burst out of his underwear and I start to jerk him off. That makes him feel so good and he loves it when I make him so hard.

Then I lick the tip of his hard red dick and start to suck it so softly. He is so thick that it is hard for me to fit the entire thing in my mouth, but I make it work. I suck him off forever until he is almost ready Sincan Escort to cum. That’s when he tells me to lie on my back. He slowly pulls my panties off my thick curvy hips and reveals my dripping wet pussy. The wetness that got on my panties gets all over my legs and all over the stockings I was wearing, so he takes those off for me too. That’s when he puts his face up against my slit and starts to suck on my clit.

Uhhhhhh it felt so good I thought I would cum all over him right then. My entire pussy throbbed as he ate me out for what felt like hours. I was getting so wet. That’s when I thought about my toys. I had a wand vibrator that I thought would be super hot to do edge play with. I grabbed it and turned it on. He rubbed it against my clit so hard and even slide it inside of me. I squirted everywhere, ejaculating all over the couch and all over his chest. That’s when we decided to move to the bedroom, he was going to fuck me, hard. I grabbed a ribbed condom and slide it on his hard dick for him and then poured lube all over his cock. Then I lied on my back and he slowly Sincan Escort Bayan guided his penis inside of me.

He’s so thick and so hard that at first it wouldn’t go in but with lube and some thrusting he was hitting my gspot hard. I was moaning and screaming for more because it felt so good. He continued to fuck me until I came again and he came too. He pulled out and came all over my tits which had been bouncing all night long. For a few minutes we just laid there and took a breather, until he said, “do you have any toys for me?”

I knew exactly what he was talking about and I did. Jack was super into butt stuff and I had the perfect toy for him. I went into my closet and climbed up to the top shelf were I keep my strap on. I was really excited to fuck him this time, especially from behind. I put it on and Jack flipped over on the bed. But first I ate out his ass and jerked him off from behind. His cock was so hard I had never see one like that. That’s when I poured some lube on his asshole and the dildo and began to fuck him, hard. He moaning and screamed for more and I fucked him even harder. That’s when he came all over the bed. Then, we did the same thing but he fucked me in the ass. We continued to jerk each other off and fondle each other until we fell asleep. Jack and I never dated but he will forever be the best I’ve ever had.

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