The Big Girl Ch. 01


I usually don’t write in the first person, but I’ve been experimenting with it recently. I prefer playing in god mode, or third person, so I can tell the whole story, not just one characters perspective.

I’ve been having a good time with this story, so I hope you have fun reading it.

I believe in love at first sight. Instant love that grows on itself like a virus multiplying out of control. I like to let my characters be in love, and let the world worry about itself.

To open this chapter, our hero and heroine Brent and Sarah, meet by accident. They form an almost instant attachment, and things grow from there.


This is the story of how I met the love of my life. She’s the reason I live now, and I don’t want to even think about what I would do without her.

I was going over to my buddy Steve’s house to pick up some weed when I walked into a wall.

No, that’s not right. The wall walked…no, it sort of half ran…no, that’s not right either…what it actually did was plow into me like an out of control freight train.

Still doesn’t make any sense, huh? Okay, let me tell you what happened.

The wall was actually a girl, and I mean one big assed girl, (and she is so gonna kick my ass when she reads this). She stands six-four in her bare feet, weighs in at around two-ten, maybe two-fifteen, and every inch of her is packed with big bouncy curves.

She measures out at 42FF-30-37. She’s not fat, she’s in great shape, but she has this delightfully delicious layer of fat over a well toned layer of muscle. Her belly is smooth and nicely rounded, her ass is big and bouncy, and her thighs are thick and creamy. Her tits are lush, low hanging globes, true heavy hangers, capped with palm sized areoles and thick, spiky nipples.

Her name is Sarah Burke. She’s a fucking amazon goddess, and she almost killed me the first time I met her.

The reason she ran into me is her roommate was chasing her with a water gun, one of those big, shotgun style pump action things that can soak you with one burst. Sarah’s own water blaster was empty, and she was running to keep from getting completely drenched.

Here’s where I come in. I was looking down at my phone as I turned the corner of the building, so I didn’t see her coming, and she was looking back over her shoulder to see how close her friend was, and she just barreled right into me, knocking me to the ground. Then she came down on top of me.

I felt the initial impact and felt myself going over backwards. I pin wheeled my arms furiously trying to stay on my feet, but then I realized that my feet were no longer touching the ground, and a second later, I was flat on my back on the ground.

It wouldn’t have been that big a deal if she hadn’t come down on top of me.

Did I mention that she weighs two hundred plus pounds?

I’m not sure when the wind got knocked out of me, when she ran into me, or when I hit the ground, but as I started to gasp for a breath, this fleshy mountain flattened itself on top of me, crushing me between it and the hard Georgia clay I was laying on.

What little air that was left in me exited in a loud whoosh, and the mountain just kept pressing me harder into the ground. I felt the world going black around me.


I could hear voices, and as I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, pain shot through my head and upper body, I quit trying to get up, and as I took in all the sensory input, I realized I was laying on a really soft couch with a pillow under my head. I managed to turn my head, and saw two women across the room in a heated discussion.

“Goddammit Sarah, we need to call an ambulance, or at least take him to the emergency room!” The muscular brunette was saying. “He’s got some broken ribs, and he may have a concussion! Jesus, I don’t know what you were thinking bringing him in here! You shouldn’t have moved him!”

“You may be right, but let’s give him a few more minutes and see if he wakes up on his own.” Her redheaded friend said. She was easily a head taller than the brunette. “I mean, what if he doesn’t have insurance? I can’t afford to pay hi…”

“I’m awake.” I mumbled, letting my eyes close. “And I have insurance. But what I’d like to know, in no particular order, is, who are you, where am I, and what the fuck happened?”

When I opened my eyes again, they were both staring at me. I managed to raise up on one elbow, then winced and groaned as a sharp stabbing pain shot through my chest. I gasped as colors swirled before my eyes, and fell back onto the couch as the world went black again.


It was quiet the next time I woke up. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a dimly lit room, and as I looked around, saw that I was now laying on a bed. There was a sheet drawn up over my waist, and my chest was wrapped tightly with tape from just under my armpits to the bottom of my ribs. None of that mattered at the moment. The only thing I could focus on was the large, shapely arm draped across my mid-section.

Turning my head, Escort Eryaman I was confronted by a vision of beauty laying beside me. She was stretched out on her stomach, one arm laying limply across me. Her head was turned toward me, so I could see her face.

She wasn’t supermodel beautiful, but she was pretty. When I picture her face, the word comely comes to mind. She was pleasant to look at, without being intimidating.

Her body took care of that.

Even stretched out on the bed, she was huge. She filled her side of the bed. Her head was on a pillow at the top of the bed, and her feet almost hung over the bottom. Her broad shoulders tapered down into a thick waist, and her hips swelled out over the long thick columns of her legs.

Trying not to disturb her, I turned my head toward her, letting my eyes run up and down over her. She was wearing an old football jersey that had been cut off a couple of inches above her hips and a pair of plain white cotton panties.

She must have felt me move, because her eyes opened, and she smiled at me.

“Hi.” She said softly, moving her hand lightly up and down over my stomach. “How you feeling?”

“Sore.” I croaked. I looked down over my body, and it hit me that I was naked under the sheet. “I…uh…am I…you know…naked under this sheet?”

“Yeah. One of our friends is a nurse, so we called her.” She said, moving her hand off of my stomach and raising up on her forearms. “She checked you out. She said that you have a few broken ribs on one side, but no internal injuries, and she doesn’t think you have a concussion.”

“So uh…what happened?” I asked, easing back onto the bed. “Was I in an accident? I was going to my frie…”

She blushed furiously, and buried her face in her hands, then pulled a pillow over her head. Her body shook, and at first I thought she was crying. But when she peeked out from under the pillow, her face was flushed, and she was gasping for breath. It took me a moment to figure out that she hadn’t been crying, but laughing.

“I’m sorry.” She said, sliding over next to me and laying her hand on my stomach again. “I uh…I ran into you, and we kind of…Oh my god, I am so sorry…”

“It’s okay.” I said softly, reaching down and laying my hand over hers. I felt her fingers slipping into mine as I drifted out again.


The next time I woke up, I was laying on my side, and I was spooning up against her. My hand felt full and warm, and it took me a minute to realize that I was cupping her breast. I started to move my hand away, but she groaned, muttering in her sleep.

“Mmmmmmm, don’t.” She said softly, bringing her hand up and putting it over mine. “That feels good.”

“Okay.” I said into her back. I pressed against her a little harder, hoping she didn’t notice that my cock was starting to stiffen.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice too.” She purred, hunching back at me and lifting one leg, letting my cock slip between them.

I smiled, inhaling her scent and enjoying the warmth of her body as I drifted off to sleep again.


“You’re a nice looking little guy, can I keep you?” She asked softly.

“Mmmm hmm, but only if you keep that up.” I grunted, not opening my eyes as I arched my hips up at her gently stroking hand.

“I didn’t think you’d mind me waking you up like this.” She laughed, her hand keeping up her lazy stroking on my stone hard cock. “It was hard when I woke up, and I just couldn’t resist.”

Turning my head, I squeezed one eye open and looked at her. She was grinning at me as she kept up her gentle stroking on my cock.

“So, would you mind telling me what happened?” I said, grinning back at her. “I was headed to my buddies house to get some weed, and the next thing I know, I’m in bed with a seriously hot amazon giving me an incredible handjob.”

“You uh…we…I…shit, the only way to tell you is to just tell you.” She said, letting her hand come to a stop on my cock.

I sighed with relief when she didn’t take her hand off of it.

“Me and Tracy my roommate were playing, and my super soaker was out of water, so she started chasing me, and I ran toward the end of the breezeway. As I got there, you came around the corner, and BAMMMM, we collided.” She said quietly, looking at me steadily. “You went down, then I fell on top of you, and when Tracy got me off of you, you were out of it, so we brought you home, and you’ve been in and out ever since.”

I nodded, glancing down at where her hand was under the sheet, then back at her face.

“You stopped.” I said, trying not to smile.

“What? No, I ran…” She stopped speaking and started to smile when I humped my hips up at her hand. “Oh, I did, didn’t I? And you said you didn’t want me to stop.”

“Oh god that’s good.” I muttered as she resumed her lazy up and down motions over the length of my cock.

“It’s the least I can do.” She giggled, raising up on one elbow and looking down at me. “We thought I had really hurt you for a while, but we got our Eryaman Escort friend Darlene to come over and check you out. Darlene’s a nurse.”

“Is she the one that took my clothes off and taped me up?” I asked.

“She taped you up, but uh…I uh…I’m the one that took your clothes off.” She said, blushing slightly. “It wasn’t that hard, all you had on was a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. You always go commando like that?”

“Yeah.” I laughed. “I don’t own any underwear.”

“I think I know why.” She giggled, giving my cock a squeeze. “This thing probably needs all the room it can get. I swear, it was hanging halfway to your knees when I pulled your pants off.”

“That’s not because it’s that big, it’s because my legs are so short.” I laughed.

“No, this bad boy is pretty big, but the rest of you is pretty compact.” She laughed. “How tall are you anyway?”

“Five-six, a hundred and thirty-five pounds.” I said, looking at her.

“Nice.” she said softly, moving her hand off my cock and running it slowly up over my body. Her fingertips trailed though the close cropped hairs of my pubes, then up over my stomach. “You’re pretty buff for a little guy, but it’s lean muscle from working, not working out.”

She stared at me as her fingers moved along the edge of the tape at the bottom of my ribs.

“So, you uh…you ever been with a big girl? I mean, do you like…”

“No, I haven’t. But not because I don’t like them.” I said seriously. “None of the big girls I was interested in were interested in me. They wanted to go out with the big guys.”

She nodded, glancing down at my crotch, then back up at my face. A slow smile crept across her face.

“Well, there’s big guys, then there are guys who are big where it counts.” She grinned. “And that cock you caught me playing with is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I hope you give me a chance to try it out sometime.”

She grinned again as she sat up then slid over to the side of the bed.

“But that’s going to have to wait till those ribs heal.” She said, shaking her head as she walked over to her dresser and picked up a pile of clothes. She came around to my side of the bed and sat the clothes down beside me. “For now, how about we get you dressed and get some food in you. How’s that sound?”


Her idea of a little food was four eggs, scrambled with cheese, six pieces of bacon, four biscuits smothered in gravy, and four pieces of wheat toast slathered in butter and grape jelly.

That’s what she ate. I had one egg, a couple pieces of bacon, and a biscuit.

I sat sipping a cup of coffee watching her eat. She ate steadily and methodically, talking the whole time.

“So, is there anybody you need to call…you know, to let them know you’re okay? I mean, you didn’t go home last night. Somebody is probably worr…”

“No.” I laughed, reaching over and grabbing the coffee pot to top off my cup. “No wife, no girlfriend, or parents…I guess I should call Steve and make sure he didn’t sell that weed out from under me.”

“Your phone is on the coffee table.” She said, blushing furiously. “It rang like every ten minutes for a couple of hours, then stopped around eight or so.” She paused, and it was obvious that she didn’t want to go on.

I didn’t say anything, I just nodded and waited for her to continue.

“The uh…the screen is broken.” She said in a rush. “I mean, it must have hit the sidewalk face down or something. But the screen is dark, and I don’t know if it died, or if whoever was calling just stopped, or if…”

“It’s okay, really.” I laughed, reaching out and laying my hand on her arm. “I was gonna get a new one anyway, and this just gives me an excuse.”

She nodded, pushing her plate away as she leaned back in her chair. She stretched lazily, her arms reaching well passed where my head would be if I was standing behind her. Her tits stood up under her jersey, and the soft swell of her belly came into view as it rose higher.

“Oh my fucking god.” I muttered as I stared at her, my cock hardening in my jeans.

“What?” She asked, looking over at me.

“You.” I said, getting to my feet. I held out my hand and she put hers in mine and let me pull her to her feet.

I pulled her into an open space away from the table and moved around her slowly, looking her up and down. She started to turn with me, but I put my hand on her hip, stopping her.

“Don’t move, I want to look at you.” I said quietly as I stepped behind her.

“So, you wanted to know if I’ve ever been with a big girl.” I said, leaning in close and inhaling her scent. “What about you? Have you ever been with a small guy, or would you be interested?”

She stood still, and she shivered as my fingers dragged across her lower back, just over her panties. “I haven’t been, but that’s because they haven’t asked.”

I nodded and stepped around in front of her.

“Wh…what are you doing?” She asked, then gasped and took a step back when my hands started moving up Eryaman Escort Bayan under her jersey toward her tits.

“Hey! What the fu…”

“Shut up.” I laughed, grabbing the front of the jersey and pulling her closer. “You stripped me naked, then woke me up with a handjob. Now I want to see you. That’s only fair.”

I pushed her jersey up slowly, stopping when the undersides of her tits peeked out.

I looked up at her, and she looked back at me for a moment, then nodded. Her hands came down and grasped the bottom of her jersey and drew it slowly up over her body, then off over her head.

“Incredible.” I whispered, staring at the soft, fluffy mounds of her tits.

She seemed surprised when I didn’t grab them immediately.

“You’re fucking incredible.” I said softly as I moved around behind her. My hands moved over her, starting at her shoulders, over the broad expanse of her back to her hips, then sliding around onto the soft, smooth expanse of her tummy.

She gasped as I moved my hands back to her hips and started pushing her panties down, but she didn’t resist. Easing her panties down over her hips, I dropped to my knees as I slid them down her legs, and she kicked them off.

I continued exploring her, my hands caressing the delicious curves of her ass, then moving down over the outsides of her firm, well muscled thighs.

I grinned as I got to my feet and came back around in front of her, looking down at the lush growth of hair over her pussy.

“This has got to go.” I said casually, reaching down and tugging on the crisp, curly hairs. “At least if you want me to eat you out. There’s no way I’m sticking my face in that jungle.”

“Not on a regular basis, that is.” I said, dropping to my knees in front of her, my hands resting lightly on her hips. My head barely came up to the tops of her thighs, and I had to look up to see her crotch.

Her feet moved apart, and I could see the fleshy inner lips of her pussy through the dense growth of hair covering them. Her hands came down, her fingers running through my hair, then coming to rest on the back of my head.

“Ar…are you going to…”

“Do you want me to?” I asked, looking up at her.

Her face was flushed, and her breasts bounced up and down on her chest from her heavy breathing. She nodded slowly, watching me closely.

“Make me.” I said, keeping my eyes on hers. “Show me what you want me to do.”

“Oh god.” She whispered, and I felt her hands drawing me forward. I looked down between her legs again, and saw that she was spreading her legs wider, bending her knees at the same time.

Her pussy blossomed open in front of me, the swollen, fleshy inner lips darker than the moist pink flesh inside her. I let her guide me, and as she drew me closer, I began kissing her gently.

She shuddered at the first contact, then whimpered as I sucked one puffy pussylip into my mouth, nibbling on it lightly.

“Oh fuck…oh god…that’s…oh my god.” She grunted, pulling me harder against her.

Her hips started working in slow circles as she tilted my head back, guiding my mouth onto her.

“To…tongue…us…use your ton…tongue.” She groaned, flexing and relaxing her legs, scrubbing her pussy up and down over my face. “Ungh…n…no…hi…higher…oh god, yes…right there…li…lick it there.”

Following her lead, I lashed my tongue around between the lips of her pussy. I alternated strokes, finally settling into an up and down, side to side combination right under her clit. She shivered, and drew me up higher, so my tongue could actually touch the stiff button of her clit.

“Oh my god.” She panted, her hips working faster as she slid her now dripping pussy up and down over my face. I felt her shudder, then she was moving away from me, bending down, her hands gripping me under my arms and pulling me to my feet.

I was surprised when she scooped me up in her arms and walked quickly to her bedroom. I tightened my arms around her neck as I felt her start to lift me, preparing to toss me onto the bed.

“Don’t!” I grunted in her ear. “Ribs, remember?”

“Oh yeah…sorry.” She said, then knelt on the side of the bed and gently laid me out on it. Her hands tore at my jeans, getting them open then jerking them down my legs and off over my feet.

I scooted up higher on the bed, putting my hand on her shoulder as she started to slide up over me.

“Let me get on top.” I said.

She nodded and flopped onto her back, her legs opening as she reached for me.

“Put it in…oh god, I need to feel it in me.” She panted, staring up at me.

“Had enough foreplay, huh?” I laughed as I slid up between her legs.

“The way you were touching me…then what you did with your mouth…you made me cum twice.” She grunted, reaching down and wrapping her hand around my cock. “I wanna feel it in me. Oh god, please…stick it in me!”

“You do it. Put my cock in your pussy.” I said softly, leaning down over her and resting my forearms on either side of her body.

She groaned, raising her legs and putting them behind me, her heels hooking under my asscheeks. She drew me in slowly, and her head rocked back, her eyes rolling up in her head as my cock slid slowly into the warm, wet depths of her pussy.

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