The Birthday Present

Big Tits

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up. I wanted to get him something extra special. He had been doing sweet things for me lately, like leaving a flower in my underwear drawer or making me French toast with strawberries and whipped cream. I wanted to do something big for him. We had been dating for about a year, and we liked to keep our love life spicy. We loved to play, and we had a lot of fun coming up with new ways to please each other.

We were really into role play. Sometimes one of us would be the foreign exchange student, seducing the host-sibling right in the house. Language and cultural barriers could lead to smoldering, confusing sexual tension. Or I was the maid, who couldn’t keep from humping the furniture and gets caught by the man of the house. We were careful to script it before acting it out, to make sure it went the way we wanted it to.

I loved to blow him wherever. One time I sucked him off while he was driving through town, and he blew his load in my face right when we arrived at the store. I walked in proudly, working his sticky juice into my hair like it was fancy hair product.

And now his birthday was coming up. He had brought up the idea of having three-way play time with another girl. At first I didn’t even want to talk about it. I couldn’t imagine bringing someone else into our bedroom. Could he fall for another girl, just by fucking her? Would I lose him if we opened up our relationship in this way? Then I wanted to talk about it. I became curious, wondering about the possibilities. I told him that I was a little insecure but also intrigued. He told me that I had nothing to worry about, that he loved me the most and it was something that could bring us closer together.

Then I wanted it. I started thinking about pussy, and boobs in my face. What would another girl taste like? I wondered. Would I like it? Would she be respectful of our bond? We talked about our questions and hesitations. He reassured me that it would be for us, that he had no intention of leaving me, that no girl even came close. His words made me very wet, and I put his fingers down on my slippery clit and wrapped myself around him. I felt safe and protected in the sweetness of his arms.

He was such a hot, delicious man. He had let his buddy watch us fuck one night at the river. Actually, he had let him taste me briefly, then he gave it to me right in front of him while his buddy jacked off. It made me feel naughty and smoldering hot. I figured I owed him one.

We decided that I would choose the girl. I needed to be comfortable with her. He said he wasn’t picky and he trusted me. So I went on a quest to find the perfect girl. Not too hot, but not a dog. Single, adventurous, but not too skanky. I ended up at the local bar and I had barely finished my first drink when I looked around and spotted her: Lulu.

I had known Lulu for a while. She was a spunky cutie pie, with long, amber-colored hair. She had tried to get in my pants a few times in the past, but I always resisted. I thought she was hot but I never wanted to go down that road before. I noticed she had dipped the tips of her hair in red dye and it almost looked like she was on fire. “Lulu!” I said.

“Hey, love!” she cried and kissed me on the lips as a greeting. That was Lulu. I touched her hair and asked her how she was. She said she was smashing. She looked to be half-drunk already and was sipping off another one in her hand. I asked her if she had ever been in a threesome with another couple. That was me. Direct.

She said, “Hell yeah! You mean you haven’t? Honey! Are you guys…are you thinking…” and I told her yes, we were thinking, and that I thought she was a good candidate. She gulped her drink and said, “Your man is hot! I would tap that in a heartbeat. But only if you wanted me to! It’s whatever you want, girl.” She was forward, honest, and respectful with boundaries. I liked those qualities in a potential play buddy. I felt I could trust Lulu to keep it light.

She told me she was super flattered by my offer and down to pound. Or whatever I wanted. I knew Lulu went both ways. She was known to be a little loose, a little bit alcoholic and a little bit crazy. Perfect. My pulse increased at the thought of seeing her naked, letting her lick me. Did I want her to fuck my boyfriend? I wasn’t sure. It made me feel squeamish, but if he was going to fuck someone else, I’d rather be involved than not.

I told her if she was into it, then to meet us at the house tomorrow night at ten. She was into it. She said, “Baby girl, you are going to love it,” and I could tell by the way she looked at me while pressing against my breast that she was feeling some heat.

I told her it was my boyfriend’s birthday present, so it was about pleasing him, and that I’d give her a hundred bucks to donate to the cause. She squealed and kissed me on the lips again, squeezed my ass. “See you then!” she cried, and she was off, soliciting Escort Etimesgut a drink from whoever was nearby.

I went home, feeling slippery wet. I shed my clothes in the dark and slid in next to my boyfriend’s warm body, straddling his thigh, squeezing it tight. I went under the sheet and put my mouth on his sleeping member, and within a few moments he was hard. I sucked his balls and his beautiful cock until he was really stiff, and then I slid on top of him. He was half-asleep, eyes closed, but awake enough to stay rock hard inside of me. I pushed deep down onto him a few times, rubbing my clit against his pubic bone, and we both came easily, falling into each other’s warm embrace.

I whispered softly to him, “Baby I think I found someone for us. A hot girl who’s totally down.” He said he was happy, and that he didn’t want to know who it was. He liked surprises. We kissed for a little while, and then fell asleep, breathing each other’s air and nestling close.

The next day we carried on as usual. That evening I made him a wonderful dinner and we drank some wine. I started to get nervous, and he told me to relax, that this would be fun. We went into the bedroom and began fooling around, and shortly after ten we heard a knock at the door.

“That’s her! You wait here, I’ll get it!” I ran to the door, tousled and buzzed, and threw it open. My heart was thudding. There she was. “Lulu!” I cried. She looked like dynamite in a light blue tube top and tight orange pants. She was carrying a brown paper bag. “And you brought…”

Holy Shit. She brought Mia. Lulu leaned in and gave me a kiss and a hug, said, “You know Mia, right? I hope it’s ok I brought her. I just ran into her at the bar and I was so excited, and she was so into it, I just thought maybe we could bring her in…plus she could use the cash!”

“Hey Mia,” I said, and she leaned in and kissed my cheek, gave me her sultry gaze. She was petite, dark, but still had curves. She was quiet with sleepy-looking eyes, and she was known to be a kind of a partier. She looked smoking hot in a tight black mini dress and boots, her eyes had a little glow, and I thought, what the hell, bring Mia in.

My heart pounded harder, and my clit was twitching as I began to imagine the possibilities. I thought Mia was more into girls than guys, and I was curious to see how the night would go. I had never been with a girl, other than kissing, and I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. The night was young.

The girls came into the bedroom and I said, “Surprise, our girl brought a friend! This is Lulu and Mia, they are here at your service,” and I did a theatrical bow for my man, tilting my invisible hat.

He looked a little nervous, but he smiled big and said, “Welcome, ladies.” The girls giggled and took swigs off the bottle, followed by sips of root beer. They said we were a hot couple and that they were excited to be here. We passed around the drinks and then I lay down next to my boyfriend and we started making out. He told me the girls were cute, and that he hoped he could deliver. He put his long fingers inside me and stroked softly, pulling the wetness to the surface and rubbing it onto my clit.

“We’re here for you, baby,” I whispered. I was squeezing his silky hard dick, wanting to put it in my mouth, taste the salty fluid that was oozing out of the tip.

I looked up and the girls were making out too. They were moving their hands under each other’s clothing, sliding their fingers into each other’s undies. Mia put her hands under Lulu’s top and lifted it off. Lulu’s breasts were small and her nipples were pinky-orange, like tiny fruits. Mia squeezed them, then sucked, and I got a charge in my clit and pushed against my boy’s swollen cock.

Their clothes were slipping off, and soon we were all naked. My boyfriend lay on his back and closed his eyes. We all took turns sucking on him, crowding around his glistening hard cock, massaging his balls, trying to see if we could all get our mouths on there at the same time. He put his hands over his face and said, “Oh my god,” and then Lulu whispered that she was wanted to taste me. I felt a jolt of electricity straight to my crotch. Girl tongue in my puss, for the first time!

I was slippery wet by this point. I lay down next to my boy and we looked at each other, smiling. He bit my lip and told me he loved me, and I felt like the luckiest girl alive. He squeezed my hand and then I felt Lulu pushing my legs apart and diving into my throbbing crotch. I moaned deeply. She was saying “Mmmm” as she licked me everywhere. “Oh my god you taste good!” she cried, and I was flooded with heat. De-virginized, I was thinking, at least in that way. Her tongue was hot and she licked me deeply, over the length of my entire vulva. It felt amazing, causing ripples of heat to move through me, tingling my toes. It made me want something inside, pushing into me.

Mia Etimesgut Escort was sucking on my boyfriend’s dick, and then she came up for air and said, “Switch.” Her and Lulu switched places, and I scooted closer to my boy and kissed him deeply. Mia told me that she had been dying to lick me for ages. Really? Did I know her that long? I was trying to remember when I met her, and then her soft, warm tongue was pressing my clit, licking my vulva, while her hands stroked my thighs and ass. She seemed to know all the right ways to touch me down there, sliding her tongue over me with ease and lust. I opened wider for her and pushed my hips into her face. I started to feel hot with need. I had never been brought to orgasm by a girl before, and part of me was afraid I wouldn’t be able to.

Lulu seemed to be doing a good job devouring my boy’s beautiful cock because he was losing his self-control. She was sucking furiously, wrapping her hands around him and twisting them in opposite directions. She massaged his balls, pulling them away from his cock, and I think she was trying to finger his ass. I looked away, enjoying the look on my man’s face when he seemed to melt, morph into a wolf-like creature as his ecstasy rose.

He started saying, “Oh god, oh god, baby,” and then he reached for me. We scooted closer together and found each other’s mouths, kissing sloppily, squeezing our hands together. I told Lulu to go deep, take it all in baby.

Mia was using her entire tongue, her lips, her hands, and it felt like I was being licked everywhere. At one point it felt like she had three hands and two mouths, and I felt a tremendous pressure building in my clit and radiating outward into the rest of my body. I knew I was going to come and I started moaning, reaching for my boyfriend.

“Oh damn!” I called out and the girls increased their pace. We were all wiggling around and when I felt my boyfriend squeeze my hand tightly, I knew he was about to come. I pushed my hips into Mia’s face and she licked my clit hard while sliding her fingers in and out of me. I couldn’t hold back and I came with a shuddering moan, feeling the waves of heat move through my body.

My boy was making noises in his throat and I knew he was letting it go as well. “Oh fuck!” he cried, and then his entire body started shaking as he released his load. Lulu stayed glued to him like a champion, taking in his warm juice, letting most of it dribble down her face, saying, “Ummmm.” He was breathing hard, eyes closed. I think he was smiling, but it was hard to tell because I was smooching his entire face.

The girls asked us if we liked it, and we said yes. They said they liked it too. They went in the bathroom to rinse off. “That was fucking amazing,” I said, and my boyfriend murmured agreement, pulling me closer. “Babe,” I said, “do you want to fuck those girls?” He looked me in the eyes, brushed some hair off my face, and kissed me deeply.

“I don’t know,” he said. He told me he was definitely enjoying himself, but he wasn’t feeling the need to get all up inside the girls. He didn’t want to think about who else they’d been with, and imagining being inside them made him feel a little strange.

The girls came out of the bathroom, shiny damp and naked. Fire and milk chocolate. They took a few drinks from the bottle and asked who was up for round two. Mia said she had a toy and to our amusement, she pulled out a nice big black strap-on, the dick part arising from a little red heart-shaped pillow. Adorable.

I said, “Wow, who’s gonna use that on who?” My mind spun with the possibilities and I felt warmth flood into my clit.

The girls laughed and said however we wanted it. My boyfriend asked if I wanted to ride on top of it. “Kind of,” I said. “What do you want, baby?” He said he wanted to watch me ride the strap-on while he fucked my ass. We had talked about doing that in the past, except with my vibrator, but this could be even better.

Lulu wanted to wear the strap-on while Mia sat on her face. We moved around until we got the best position. Lulu was on her back, legs open, stroking herself. Mia sat down on her gently, facing towards me. She was on her knees, suspended over Lulu’s waiting tongue. She sat down lightly, moving back and forth and I noticed her mouth fall open and some drool forming on her lips. “Oh god,” she said, “that feels fucking good, Lu.”

The strap-on was kind of big and I wasn’t sure if it would fit. Lulu pushed her fingers inside of me, going in deep and stretching me out. I was juicy wet and with some help, I managed to slide down on it, inch by inch. I had fucked plenty of vibrators, but never a big strap-on, especially one that was attached to a sexy, petite girl. It made me giggle, but it also felt good to feel the hard inside, while stroking the silky softness of her breasts. She looked like a little fairy, and the fact that she was fucking me with a huge black dick Etimesgut Escort Bayan added to the delicious naughtiness of the moment.

Mia leaned forward and licked my clit. Her tongue sent a jolt through me and I shivered. I sat back to give her a better angle. Then she sat up and I leaned over and licked her clit, enjoying my first taste of sweet-salty girl mystery.

She put her hand in my hair and moved my head so that I could get a better angle, rising upwards, and I licked her deeply. She tasted sweeter than I expected, and she told me that it felt soo good. I circled around her clit, and then I pressed my tongue against it, while she tilted her pelvis into my face. I licked her smooth, wet silkiness, then kissed her dark fur and eased her back onto Lulu’s face. I told her she was yummy. She said it felt amazing, that I could lick her anytime I wanted to.

I sat up and leaned towards her, taking her red lips into my mouth and we started making out while I bounced up and down on the black dildo. I was opening up and I felt it going a little deeper, massaging my insides. Mia’s mouth was super soft and sweet-tasting, like root beer. The wetness of her mouth made me wetter in the crotch, and I felt myself getting slippery. Mia was making little mewing noises while she pushed her hips around on Lulu’s face, her eyes rolling back in her head. “Oh my GOD!” she said, and reached for my hands to steady herself.

I felt my boyfriend coming up behind me. He put him arms around me and told me I was sexy. He said, “You girls are too, but this one…she’s something else,” and then he squeezed my breasts in his big warm hands while he sucked on my neck. I turned my head and kissed him deeply. He was such a babe.

He massaged my ass with a little oil, rubbing it all over, and I took his cock in my hand and stroked it lightly with some of the oil. I leaned forward to give him easier access, and he said I looked good. He was loving the show, loving that it wasn’t all about his performance, but more about everyone having fun with each other.

I felt him enter me slowly, hands on my hips, then arms around me, squeezing my breasts and biting my neck. It felt a little tight, but I started to loosen up, and soon he was sliding in and out with ease and we all had a good rhythm going.

It wasn’t always my favorite, but with him, sometimes it was. Maybe it was the way he held me so gently, kissing my neck lightly while he pushed it in hard. Maybe it was because I knew he loved it. Whatever it was, he was good at it and I wanted to please him. He held my hips and shoved into my ass while I pushed down on the strap-on. Lulu was thrusting her hips up, pushing the dildo into me and soon I felt like I was floating on air and didn’t have to do a thing. My body was flooded with heat and I felt the tension increase, causing us all to squirm around.

I had never been fully penetrated in both holes, although I had thought about it a lot. It was more incredible than I could have imagined. I felt so full, all of me was being massaged on the inside, while my nerve endings buzzed and my skin became ultra-sensitive. My boy touched my clit and I gave a little cry.

I never felt dirty with my boyfriend. If I ever got squeamish about anything, he would just whisper, “Baby it’s all love. It’s just love. Everything in love is natural, and we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” I thought of his sweet words and was flooded with gratitude that such a beautiful man existed, and that I had the pleasure and honor of ravaging him.

Mia was riding Lulu’s face like a pony, and we held hands for balance, leaning in to kiss or touch each other’s bodies. Her firm, light brown breasts were bouncing all around, and I reached out and squeezed her nipples. She said she was going to come hard.

We all started making very loud moaning noises, and I imagine the neighbors loved it. I could tell by the swollen thickness of my boyfriend’s cock that he was close to exploding. I cried out and Mia put her hands on my breasts, and then my clit. I rubbed myself over her soft, wet fingers, feeling the thickness inside of me, everywhere, and soon I was exploding in an ecstatic, slippery mess of fluid and sweaty skin. All of our bodies rocked together hard, and then crumpled down onto the bunched-up sheets.

My boyfriend pulled out and said, “Oh damn.” He rubbed his trickling juice into my thighs and then smacked my booty. “Baby you’re the best,” he said, and then flopped onto the bed. He was incredibly spent, and totally satisfied.

I got off the big black dildo and Mia fell over sideways onto the bed. Lulu looked pretty worked over, her hair forming a big bright halo around her sticky face. She pulled off the strap-on, and said she got off from fucking me and Mia at the same time. Girlfriend’s got skills, I was thinking, as I noticed a trickle of juice running down her crack and pooling between her thighs.

We all lay there for a while, panting and saying “Mmm.” My boyfriend crawled over and spooned me, squeezing me tight and pulling the blanket over us. He told the girls that they were truly amazing, unforgettable night, and they could pass out in the guest bedroom, if they wanted to.

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